Netanyahu Admits He Is Helping Treasonous Republicans Try To Sabotage Obama Iran Deal

Netanyahu Admits He Is Helping Treasonous Republicans Try To Sabotage Obama Iran Deal


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu indirectly admitted that he is working with Republicans in Congress to kill President Obama’s Iran deal.


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DICKERSON: I know you’re talking to lots of people. You’re talking to us, obviously. Will you lobbying members of Congress against this deal? NETANYAHU: Look, I feel it’s my obligation as the prime minister of Israel to speak out against something that endangers the survival of my country, the security of the region, the security of the world.

And I obviously make my case. I think that is important. It’s not only important for us. I think it’s important for the entire world.

DICKERSON: You have said that this is a catastrophic and historic mistake. President Obama once said that he had Israel’s back. Do you think that he’s betrayed you here with this deal?

NETANYAHU: Look, I appreciate President Obama and the United States’ ongoing commitment to Israel’s security.

That’s always something that’s important. But this deal, on this, we have a disagreement, an honest disagreement, a respectful disagreement among friends. I think that people say, well, everybody agrees with this deal except Israel. Not true.

Netanyahu’s behavior is a continuation of his treasonous relationship with Congressional Republicans. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell aren’t acting in the best interests of the American people by opposing this deal. Boehner and McConnell are pushing the pro-war agenda of Netanyahu.

The Republican Party is actively working with a foreign agent against the foreign policy of the President Of The United States. Republicans have no alternative plan to keep Iran from developing their own nuclear weapon that does not involve war.

Netanyahu admitted that he is “lobbying” members of Congress, and by lobbying he meant conspiring. For a Republican Party that many though could go no lower, this is a new low.

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