The Tea Party is Sleeping With the Enemy

Jim DeMint, a Wholly-Owned Product of BP

It’s fairly obvious to most thinking Americans that the philosophy of the Tea Party is inimical to American interests. Bill Maher demonstrated the other day for anyone who retains an open mind why the Tea Party does not represent us or our values. And while the Tea Party claims to BE us, and some of its candidates claim to BE us, to in some way represent real Americans who want their country back, the polls demonstrate the complete opposite.

Most Americans, for example, are outraged with BP. Even some Republicans look at the petroleum giant with abhorrence. What they did to the Gulf Coast waters, ecology, environment, and tourism, is beyond the pale, and they did it with such casual indifference, and then tried to act like the fund President Obama forced them to put aside was their idea.

But if Americans detest BP and what it has done, why is Jim DeMint, Tea Party favorite, sleeping with them?

Yes, Jim DeMint. According to a report published today in the Guardian,

An analysis of campaign finance by Climate Action Network Europe (Cane) found nearly 80% of campaign donations from a number of major European firms were directed toward senators who blocked action on climate change. These included incumbents who have been embraced by the Tea Party such as Jim DeMint, a Republican from South Carolina, and the notorious climate change denier James Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma.

Most Americans, I think, do not like the idea of corporate money influencing American elections, but the Tea Party exists on corporate money. Corporate money got the Tea Party off the ground. And foreign money is beyond the pale. Yet the Tea Party embraces foreign money as well:

The report, released tomorrow, used information on the Open database to track what it called a co-ordinated attempt by some of Europe’s biggest polluters to influence the US midterms. It said: “The European companies are funding almost exclusively Senate candidates who have been outspoken in their opposition to comprehensive climate policy in the US and candidates who actively deny the scientific consensus that climate change is happening and is caused by people.”

We know this is going on. President Obama said in California on Friday night, “Oil companies and the other special interests are spending millions on a campaign to gut clean-air standards and clean-energy standards, jeopardizing the health and prosperity of this state.”

Of course, the Republican response to Democratic whistle-blowing (call it just plain telling the truth) is, “How dare you?” Yes, how dare you tell the truth? How dare you?

Think about that while you sip your morning coffee.

Politics are not known for their honesty, but seriously…is this what we want to hear from a major political party for a campaign slogan? “How dare you tell the truth?”

The Koch Brothers, Proud Owners of the Tea Party

It’s a disturbing situation as the Guardian goes on to report. We are all familiar with the Koch brothers, of course:

The Cane report said the companies, including BP, BASF, Bayer and Solvay, which are some of Europe’s biggest emitters, had collectively donated $240,200 to senators who blocked action on global warming – more even than the $217,000 the oil billionaires and Tea Party bankrollers, David and Charles Koch, have donated to Senate campaigns.

The threat here to American democracy is real and cannot be overstated. The only people who should be saying “How dare you?” are Democrats and Independents, who are preparing to go to their voting places facing the specter of a foreign takeover, the destruction of the nation our ancestors spilled so much blood to build. The Republicans and the Tea Party are treating our government like a corporation folks, and they are preparing for a corporate takeover. And don’t think for a minute while they’re taking away your pensions and your social security that they won’t have golden parachutes of their own.

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8 Replies to “The Tea Party is Sleeping With the Enemy”

  1. one has to wonder if the Republicans aren’t against climate change simply for the amount of money that it brings them. And on top of that you have to wonder if the Democrats are telling the truth about climate change and naïvely missing out on all that money.

    Let’s face it, as far as I’m concerned a total removal of every congressman is required here. 100% replacement. The Republicans intend on destroying this country from net neutrality all through and including the air that we breathe. It’s called profit.

    Far too many people are buying us. We don’t think we’re for sale, but we have been on the block for a long time. I try not to be a conspiracy nut even though I fail many times, but this is just one area and one example of how corporations own us. I don’t think it’s the only one

  2. Americans have been so dumbed down by the main stream media that they can’t even see how the recent ruling of the majority conservative supreme court has put our country up for the highest bid. I question Supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas
    on a conflict of interest notion when his wife heads up a major Tea Party organization
    that receives large corporate funding and possible secret foreign funding while it’s leader’s like GOP senate nominee, Sharron Angle speak of government revolution
    and takeover using the 2nd amendment. The whack jobs are instruments of the greed and power that fund and control them and they are destroying our democracy. And on another note, some of these wealthy governor candidates who want to buy their states such as Whitman in California, wouldn’t it be nice if she had put that 100 plus million dollars of her own campaign funding into education reform or climate change and certainly job creation? That is if she truly loved the state of California.

  3. Other than love of money, I don’t see much love for anything in the Tea Party. And while they’re all shoveling that corporate money into their pockets, getting set to make like Bush and plunder America in the name of God, they’re accusing liberals and progressives of being the elitists.

  4. And I don’t think it makes you a conspiracy nut. We all know where the money is coming from and what it’s purpose is.

  5. “The threat here to American democracy is real and cannot be overstated. The only people who should be saying “How dare you?” are Democrats and Independents, who are preparing to go to their voting places facing the specter of a foreign takeover, the destruction of the nation our ancestors spilled so much blood to build. ”

    WOW. Great post, Hraf. You chilled me to the core. This is even worse than we suspected and the climate change denial money makes that entire stance suddenly make sense. But as you know, facts don’t matter with these folks.

  6. Thanks, Sarah. We’ve been sold out and betrayed, all of us have. And this is no myth, but documented and undeniable. How can anyone at all vote Tea Party or Republican and still call themselves Americans?

  7. Sarah – while I agree with both you and Hraf – the TBigots are trundling along (or hovering along) believing that they are taking charge and will rule. The fact is, they have been used and very abused by Corporate Interests who are literally drooling at the thought of being able to “off” every single safety net the Hoverers enjoy. Social Security – check. Medicare – check. Education -check.
    FREE Hoverchairs – check.

    I believe that some members of the Supreme Court should be investigate and impeached. John Roberts lied to Congress when he was at his confirmation hearing. Justice Thomas has been a pig forever – not only that but his wife is overstepping and there are huge conflicts of interest going on here. Alito? Why the smartass face all the time? I’d like to see his financials.

    The T-Bigots will be yesterdays garbage when the right wing nutjobs get control. They are just too stupid to realize how badly they are being used.

  8. Yes, they’ll all get what they deserve. I just worry about the collateral damage (us). I am not going to feel any pity for them, to be honest. Nobody is forcing them to be stupid or gullible and we’re all ultimately responsible for our own actions. If they’re lucky, they’ll learn from their mistakes and join the human race.

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