Sarah Palin’s Heartland Delusions Go Down in Flames

Celebrity Climber Sarah Palin Doesn't Represent Middle Class
Celebrity Climber Sarah Palin Doesn't Represent Middle Class

Sarah Palin’s Heartland Delusions Go Down in Flames

Yesterday our country suffered the breath-taking blow of hearing Sarah Palin announce that she thinks she can beat President Obama when she runs for President. Today, new polling data from NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey shows that the majority of Americans do not think Sarah Palin represents the middle class. That would be those “real Americans” Palin is always dropping her “g”s to ingratiate herself with. Apparently they are not as gullible as Palin hoped. So, that would be a “No, you can’t, Ms Palin,” regarding beating President Obama.

The NBC/WSJ poll listed a series of names and asked people to tell them how well each one represents the values of the middle class–“very well, fairly well, just somewhat well, or not very well.” 44% say Sarah Palin does NOT represent the values of the middle class, whereas 16% say she does. So your country is not as insane as the midterms led you to believe.

Still, the notion that we have no laws to stop an Alvin Greene or Sarah Palin for running for the highest office in the land is rather disconcerting. Small comfort can be taken in the fact that Palin is making several errors in judgment regarding 2012, but here they are should you need any spine-stiffening courtesy of reality.

Palin is running a general election campaign against Barack Obama right now, but her largest challenges will come from the Republican establishment and their front-runners. How will she fight Romney, Huckabee et al? Will they all be smeared as pedophiles or impotents, as is her wont? I highly doubt those boys will lie down for Palin like the press has.

Palin is carefully weaving an image of herself and her family, which will be the basis of her run. She can’t run on her record, no matter what she tells you, because her record does not reflect the things she claims to stand for. And anyway, Palin has never run on ideas. She runs a contest of popularity, which is why she believes that Bristol winning “Dancing with the Stars” matters politically.

There is literally no difference in Palin’s mind between “Dancing with the Stars”, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska’s” ratings, and running for President. If you haven’t clued in yet, Palin is running for Prom Queen of America and she’s more than willing to give out free cookies (literally) to bribe the feel-good vote.

However, Palin can’t seem to control herself or her family, which is why she chose a reality TV show where she has full edit control, to sell this myth. When it comes to real reality, both her family and she suffer from a profound lack of grace and humility. They are quite simply a public relations nightmare.

For now, Palin is able to contain this with accusations of liberal bias over each and every “attack” (also known as the consequences of Palin’s choices). But the Republicans won’t let her get away with this tactic. And it’s always the Republicans coming after Palin, never the Democrats, and yet she sells this blatantly false idea that Democrats are after her; another moment when discussing her real record would be of great help.

Palin’s last mistake is her over-satuaration. I’m not sure if this will reach peak disgust level by 2012, but she stands a very real risk of destroying the good will she created via the public not knowing her well enough to hate her. The more Palin exposes herself to the public, the lower her approval ratings go.

Palin’s reality TV show could change that; I think she does an excellent job exploiting this weakness in the American press by using another method of communication with the public in which she has total control over her image. I personally am not drawn to blood, guts and over-sexualized teenagers, but I can appreciate that many people will find this charming. When I hear people excuse the Palins with the rather distressing lament that all families are like this, it offers discomforting insight into the American public’s lowering standards. I can’t imagine my parents allowing me to call another child “fat”, let alone “faggot”. To this end, the Palins’ fame represents the exaltation of mediocrity in America.

As for the tired claim that elitists look down on her, let me put that to rest by assuring her that yes, we can and yes, we do. But we do not look down upon her for the false salve of her self-inflicted Nixonian martyrdom, which is her sole appeal.

It’s insulting that Palin takes refuge in this most insidious of lies. It’s not her commonness or her “heartlandishness” that offends. No, sister Palin. I am from the heartland of this great country and I can assure you, it’s not that. It’s not the hunting or the fishing (which you do not do anyway), it’s the utter contempt you have for others and your sense of entitlement and self-aggrandizement that offends.

And since I’m from the heartland, let me take this moment to put Palin’s querulous dog whistle to death once and for all. Sarah Palin doesn’t stand for the work ethic of a heartlander, the tough constitution of a heartlander or the stiff upper lip of a heartlander. And she certainly doesn’t stand for the bedrock faith of a heartlander.

Sarah Palin doesn’t stand for the grace and civility of a southerner or the wild possibility of the west. Ironically, the only part of America Palin stands for is the worst of Los Angeles, where anyone whose ego is large enough and whose personal morals will not get in the way of foisting themselves onto an unwilling public at any cost to their soul can succeed (I love you, LA, but you know of what I speak).

Sarah Palin is the worst of Hollywood; the cheap shot of out of touch elite who run the business and cater to what they perceive to be as fly-over country. Much like Bush, they find fly-over country charming so long as it stays where it is and continues to buy (literally) their notion of how fabulous it is to be average, and so long as it isn’t them that has to be average. Palin is the largest insult to fly-over country this country has ever generated.

Palin thinks fly-over country is this stupid. They aren’t. Palin thinks that she can drop her “g”s and talk like a Nascar fan and the people will love her. Inherent in this cheap shot is the belief that all Nascar fans are stupid. They aren’t. They are also not all conservatives (I happen to be one).

The people who believe in Sarah now (not the rabid fans, but the side liners) are often good people, with generous hearts, who like the image she presents. Who wouldn’t? They feel represented finally and if only that were true, this country could be having a real debate and challenge of ideas.

There’s something fundamentally American about the notion of Mr Smith going to Washington. But Mr Smith was a good, decent man who wasn’t afraid to learn things and hadn’t left a state of abused people behind him in his climb to ultimate power. Mr Smith also did not believe he was better than the rest of America. Mr Smith did not think God had mantled him to be President.

Palin is using the fly-over middle class just like she used Alaskans. Palin is a climber, someone who looks down upon and despises the little people because she used to be one. She couldn’t wash the dirt of ordinariness off of her soon enough.

While Palin makes a big show of hating the media and Hollywood, what has she done since quitting on her oath to serve Alaska? She has joined the media and pushed herself upon Hollywood, demanding to be a part of it. Palin descended upon the life of fame and glamor like a starved beast upon an almost depleted carcass in the desert; hairdressers, make up artists, stylists, and jets, oh my! This was her destiny and she didn’t care what it cost to get there.

From Palin’s vantage point, the working class is something to look down upon. She makes this abundantly clear, as do her children, with their spiteful crowing about having achieved success, fame and money and believing everyone is jealous of them because of it. This is called projection; For them, wealth and celebrity are proof of God’s love. Labels tend to mean a lot to those who lack the personal sincerity and depth of soul to understand what really matters.

Palin can’t fathom the very essence of the real Americans she claims to represent. And it seems as if real Americans are starting to clue in to this rather significant fact.

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  1. “I can’t imagine my parents allowing me to call another child ‘fat’ ”.

    What’s most appalling about that Facebook insult is that the recipient of the insult suffers from a serious gastrointestinal disorder called Crohn’s disease, and must take steroids to keep it under control (difficult at best). Steroids often cause a “fat” look, although the sufferer is anything but fat.

    The Palins, parents and children alike, are so ignorant that it hurts. Literally. Just ask the kid with Crohn’s disease.

  2. I had read that as well. It ‘s truly appalling. They learned this from Sarah, who laughs as someone calls a cancer survivor “fat”. That is the real problem. She is not a good role model for our children.

  3. Sarah,

    Great piece. I enjoyed it very much. It is time for the “lamestream media” (as Palin calls it) to stop covering this woman. Enough is enough. She is a joke of a politician and public figure. She and the rest of the GOP do not contribute or bring any fresh ideas to the national discourse.

  4. can you imagine Sarah trying to talk with that voice in a southern drawl? Oh my God!

    I still think right now down deep in Pres. Cheney’s bunker that a planning committee is planning Sarah Palin’s demise. I don’t know what it is they are planning but I think we can be sure that it will be extraordinary in its finality.

    they cannot afford to let her get to the debates or even the full candidacy stage. Hopefully they learned their lesson with that fruitcake O’Donnell. I take that back hopefully they didn’t learn their lesson because Sarah Palen has absolutely no chance of being elected president no matter how many times she says she’s studying the lay of the land. She hasn’t even studied the Constitution or the stuff that John McCain’s people gave her to read yet


  5. when I went to Huffington Post this morning for my daily slap down, there were seven articles on the front page that had something to do with a certain family that starts with a P.


  6. You have a way to describe exactly what I am feeling, Sarah. Thank you. I share all of your pieces on my FB wall and my peeps LOVE you. Keep up the excellent work so that we may educate the slow learners about the real Sarah Palin.

  7. It’s obvious that Palin is able to fool fewer and fewer people into believing the facade that she likes to present to America, most recently in the format of her new show. She publicly touts her monumental ignorance as something that shows she is “authentic,” like other people she thinks of as “real ‘merikans.” Her neediness for attention drives her to overexpose herself to the point of being nauseating, and as a consequence her unfavorable ratings go up. Her most rabid followers like to attribute distaste of her to “libs” and the “lamestream media,” apparently choosing to overlook the fact that there are conservatives who are equally turned off. In fact, many of those conservatives turned out in Alaska to hand Palin a stinging rebuke in the form of a defeat for her lunchbox of an endorsee, AKA Joe Miller. He will always be linked to her, and the fact that he is still unwilling to concede that he has been decisively trounced does even more to discredit her claim to “common sense conservativism.”
    As much as I wish Scott McAdams had won, the fact that Murkowski triumphed with a write-in campaign speaks volumes about how many Alaskans feel about Palin.

    Palin is part of the “lamestream media,” since she is with FOX Noise, and she wants very much to be part of the elite she claims to despise. Her claim as a populist is as phony as a $3 bill, and she shows it through the divatude that demands she be paid high fees for her screechfests as well as flying to events while pretending to be on a bus. Her bid to make her family a selling point in her favor is also an epic failure, as
    she continues to put them out there and present them as something they are not.
    If she didn’t tout herself as an example of “family values,” her kids would not undergo the unwelcome scrutiny they receive. Like her, they seem not to understand that bad choices reap bad consequences, and she is doing Bristol a disservice by propping her up in DWTS in spite of Bristol’s low scores. But we all know that everything Palin says and does is about Sarah Palin. Everyone else is a distant second or third, whatever the case might be.

  8. I agree with you that even HP has that lady front and center sometimes. Enough is enough. I am tired of having to hear this vindictive, bigoted, intolerant lady.

  9. The media couldn’t get enough of Sarah Palin. Now they are getting more and more of the Palin girls.

    They reflect Sarah Palins values, ways of speaking , and in general are any candidates worst nitemare, because she can weasel her way out of a lot of her mistakes, brush them off, try and turn them into cute quirks, but Willow and Bristol don’t have that ability. The come off as what they are. Badly brought up copies of Mommie Dearest.

  10. Sarah distastes “liberals” but has no issue visiting “liberal” states to take our “liberal” money.

  11. Willow and Bristol will be her downfall.

    They are copies, little me copies of Sarah Palin in her outward attractiveness and inner ugliness.

    None of them seem to learn from their mistakes.

    Sarah turns her flubs into cute repeats for her fans, and they eat it up.

    Write on your hand, oh Hi Mom.

    Mangle the language, Oh, I’m a great intellect like Shakespeare and can make up new words. (Or is she a numbskull?)

    Refuse to meet the media. Oh, they are lamestream. (Yes they are for giving her a pass.)

    Fake in every way. a shooter of big game, outdoorswoman. Well look at me now folks. I’m fishing, cutting down trees, jumping over crevasses, climbing mountains, forging every salmon stream in my outdoor jitney with a child and no helmet. (against the law in Alaska.) I dip my fingernails in caribou blood. (without a special caribou permit???) Everything staged for the Frontierswoman image. It is HER Alaska, not Alaskans Alaska.

    If she moves to Arizona , she’ll do the same for Arizona. It will be HER Arizona.

    She says her family is HER. And she is right, they are. Accurate copies of a stupid and stunted outlook on life in all aspects, except raking in money.

    She lies. They lie.

    She rants in an ugly fashion and blames everyone but herself.

    They do too.

    The apples havn’t fallen far from the tree in this family

  12. Great article Sarah. Palin has always been her own worst enemy. The more you see of her and her family, the more you recognize her for what she is.
    With the allegations of massive vote cheating for Bristol on DWTS, now the media is being drawn into her nightmare. But this once again exposes the Palins to the scrutiny of the public – and they don’t like it.
    Many of us suffer from Palin fatigue. I think that is generally true in Alaska as well. The more she pushes her face into the camera, the less people tolerate her folksy little Beverly Hillbillies impression.
    She is a nasty piece of work. She lies and she whores her family out to the media for attention. She is also unfortunately, a very very stupid woman.
    Maybe eventually she will shut up and go away. But we know she will try and run for President – and with luck, the GOP will squash her like the bug they believe she is. She may have the Baggers convinced but the GOP won’t let it happen. They are terrified of her – she is uncontrollable and intellectually dense. She is truly the GOP’s worst nightmare.

  13. Thank you so much. It is so encouraging and inspiring to hear things like that from readers. That’s what we do this for!

  14. Believe me, I despise having to write about Sarah Palin. The only reason I do is because no one in the media, even the liberal media, seems to understand what she’s about. I am still waiting for someone to call her out on her actual record. Anyone? It is with a heavy heart that I take to the keyboard to keep readers informed of the latest debacle, and every day I reject a million stories about her as simply being too much. I can only take so much myself. But she is running for President. So there we are. I steel myself for another foray into Palin world. Sure, she’s entertaining, but at what cost to our country? I am not amused.

  15. Brilliant! Spot on. I am so surprised Palin has not come out and twittered that it’s Obama’s fault her kids called people horrible names. What? No comment from the twit? I believe she is incapable of apologizing for herself and/or her children. This is a no-brainer. You come out loud and clear that you DO NOT approve of your kids antics and they will have a stern talking-to. But no, she sees herself as perfect and will never admit mistakes. I think this is her biggest problem. People loooove to forgive and she could have used this to her advantage. That is what her narcissisim has done to her, taken away any real thought process.

    She has come out and blasted Levi for pushing himself into the Hollywood spotlight and using up his 15 minutes. I thought I’d fall off my chair at the utter hypocrisy of that statement. She really can’t see what her and her family have done is exactly the same thing times 100.

    I don’t feel jealousy for those Palin kids, I feel pity that they think money will ever buy them class or happiness. I see most of them ending up in rehab or abusive relationships with no hope for a better future. It’s absolutely heart-breaking. But I guess we get what we settle for don’t we Palin dear.

  16. ::Shudders::

    My first time reading this blog, so I didn’t know the name of the author, and thought you were talking about Sarah Palin. It reads just like one of the comments on her facebook page… so glad I figured that one out!

  17. As someone who really wants President Obama to win a 2nd term… I really REALLY hope Sarah Palin runs for President.

    I may even register as a Republican to vote for her in the primaries.

  18. That Palin creature is something like a horror movie, and why there are so many ignorant and stupid people who are being eaten alive with her BS is beyond a sane persons ability to have compassion for such idiots. Sarah Palin is an evil joke that must be called out for what she is….a destructive force for this country.

  19. Hahaha! This is exactly what I’ve been saying to my boyfriend(a constitutional conservative who hates Sarah Palin) every night! And he agrees!

  20. Sarah, once again you strike the nail firmly with the right-weighted hammer and it sinks to its bed in precise blows.

    The quitter Palin or her ghostwriter arrogantly attempts to impart commonsense wisdom to the adoring masses – witness her “gift” to us with the latest book. Yet in no instance I can think of does she actually represent the wisdom she touts. She simply does not practice any of that preachiness. From children not being told they are okay even if they suck (think Bristol on DWTS) to herself not taking this maxim to heart, “It’s not about you.”

    That there are truly thousands who inhale any word she breathes, any picture she poses for, or any screech she delivers disheartens me immensely. But I do think shining light, as often as possible, on the ironies and hypocrisies of this disgraceful grifter must, eventually, shatter the illusion she so wholeheartedly personifies. Thank you for your part in it.

  21. Sarah…THANK YOU for that article. I normally read all the comments to an article to see the any other perspectives, but no need on this one. You hit the nail right on the head and I commend you for it. I thank John McCain everyday for choosing her for his running mate because that move caused me to fall off the fence to the left in 2008 and my decision has been confirmed as the right (or left) choice everyday since then.

  22. Let us be happy the Palins are getting all that glitz and glamour. It is all that can ever be good enough for them anyway; they can never achieve class any other way. Wish they would disappear so that I would never have to look at their mugs again.

  23. Ms. Jones I think she is just toying with us to amp up her moment of fame. I am confident that if she did formally declare the MSM would finally do their due diligence and discover what a total fraud the entire family is. Beginning with the birth of Track whose father is obviously NOT Todd to Willow’s criminal antics to the near certainty that Trig did not emerge from her womb the national media will be forced to report the facts of her personal life.

    Add the scrutiny that needs to be focused upon how they afforded the lake front home built with the exact same brand of materials at those that built the community center she put Wasilla deeply into debt to build to the use of the General Contractor who was building the community center laborers to the real stories of her brief two years of governing I doubt she would survive until the Iowa caucuses.
    If you have doubts and need “proof” of these accounts of her life visit

  24. Not That Sarah – You have nailed it again. I shudder to think that anyone in the heartland thinks the witch represents their values. As a US citzen, a female, a veteran, an Alaskan, AND a Wasillan, I am horrified at the image the witch projects. The thing that calms me down is the knowledge (hope?) that the majority sees through her BS and it’s all some crazy media hyped anomaly. When she goes down in flames, maybe then it will be a wakeup call to the “lamestream media” to do their effing job. I have to believe that, lest I go over the edge.

  25. Housegate will go down in infamy one day- those banisters and windows are the EXACT same! But where will the media start, that’s the question? As for Trig, I personally am very suspect because it doesn’t add up. That or she tried to have a fundie abortion. Which is it?

  26. Enjoyed your article very much. The more truth that gets out re Palin the better. Sometimes I feel like we are watching a runaway truck that we cannot stop. Hope I am wrong. Keep up the good work.

  27. After reading HP’s article on Sarah’s attempt to “race bait” by rehashing Rev. Wright and Mrs. Obama remarks on she if proud of this country for the “first time” blah, blah.
    I thought with each new outrageous actions, comment etc. Sarah’s poll numbers drop by at least 1 pt. I thought it was just my perception. But you are correct. She has begun a general war against the Pres. Yes, the GOP is attacking her. And…she is over exposed and it’s all surrounded in “controversy” because Controversy sells. The election in AK says a great deal about how people who endure Sarah for a length of time really feel about her. To write in Lisa Murkowski’s name over 100,000 times is a direct “slap” in the face of Sarah Palin. Who knew Alaskans were that smart. But it speaks volumes about Sarah Palin’s ability to sell her “crap” forever…














    1. Sarah’s political enemies began to harass her. They were quite effective to….on 2 fronts…

    they succeeded in

    # 1. Freezing the Governor’s office in a cycle of answering endless and baseless ethics charges


    #2. Forced SARAH’S family into poverty to the tune of $500,000

    2. 19 (NINETEEN!) ethics complaints were filed against her; most begining just days after she was named John McCain’s running mate.





    6. There was no limit on the number of ethic complaints these harassers could file against the Governor and SHE had to pay for her own defense until they broke the family bank.
    Her staff had to direct vast amounts of time and attention to defend against these complaints.


    8. INTELLIGENT PERSON THAT SHE IS: SARAH understood her being in office was





  29. And yet again you are giving her more media coverage. If she is all the GOP has then they don’t stand chance in 2012 and another thing, she’s never said that she was running in 2012 she always says “you never know” so why is the Media putting her in the White House?? She’s just a hillbilly that wants to raise her income. ALL she is doing is trying to get enough attention to keep her income at the celebrity level. The media are turning her into a celebrity, if you don’t like it then stop writing about her.

  30. No need to yell Dave. The truth will reveal itself in due time. The problem I have with Mrs. Palin is her direct, false and misleading attacks on our government. I’m sure she’s done some wonderful things as far as you’re concerned, but not so much now. It’s pretty scary really and it says something when her own political party starts rejecting her. If she was harrassed out of office as Governor, then that doesn’t say much for her grit now does it. I thought she was up for any challenge. If she can’t handle harrassment as Governor, then how do you think she will be able to withstand the scrutiny all Presidents have to endure? Get a grip now. Idolizing is not healthy.

  31. “There is literally no difference in Palin’s mind between “Dancing with the Stars”, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska’s” ratings, and running for President. If you haven’t clued in yet, Palin is running for Prom Queen of America and she’s more than willing to give out free cookies (literally) to bribe the feel-good vote. ”

    The shortest, most accurate biography ever written of the Grifter Queen. Brilliant, Sarah. Simply brilliant.

  32. Thank you for putting my thoughts in writing. I wonder if the liberals aren’t saying much because they want and know the GOP will take her down and they will if she runs for POTUS. They don’t want someone in the White House that will say and do stupid things and fight the Congress for what she wants. They don’t want some Wasilla hillbillies (her friends) making decisions that affect our great country. They don’t want children running in the great halls of the nation’s house and using vulgarity when someone says something they don’t like. And they certainly don’t want Todd’s AIP organization involved in our government.

  33. This what American is coming too. Sarah Palin is as all men/Human. America America America who do you love? The Road to Destruction is always paved with humans good intentions. Fear not, God is still in charge. Satan is running the show but only for a little while.

  34. Please do not eat her cookies, no matter what she says – she is against any kind of regulation of sugar, fat, etc for children and god knows what she wants to feed adults:-) She’s sort of the anti-Michelle when it comes to food.

  35. Dave,

    Please don’t yell at people. Your feelings about Palin are not facts, and she is not the most beloved governor of Alaska. She was, at one time, due to her socialist governing style, very popular– as would anyone who handed out thousand dollar checks to people be, and granted, she was charming as she did it. But she is no longer beloved and the polls prove this.

    As for the people who hounded her out of office by asking her to be accountable and ethical, the majority of those were Republicans and this is a matter of record in your own paper, so I am shocked that you are unaware of this as most Alaskans are aware of it. It is the lower 48 who are unaware of this because they only hear Palin’s side of it, which is sadly a distortion on reality much like her announcement that she was found innocent in Troopergate and that she and Todd didn’t have had health insurance for a while (a lie, they get free health insurance for life), and that Todd was never a secessionist, when in fact, he was a registered member of a party whose sole point is to secede from this nation.

  36. To be honest, I think the media didn’t cover her honestly in 2008 because she was such a rabid victim and there was not time to expose her, so all people got was her outrage.

    However, the last two years have shown that the press doesn’t know how to cover her. This is the first time someone has refused to answer questions for the press, so they’re playing old school and she’s running end games. Can they man up? I doubt it.

    As for the “liberal media” (I shouldn’t have used that word since I don’t believe it exists, but I suppose I was thinking of a few specific sites) they spent time thinking they were above her and she wouldn’t go anywhere and now they’re looking around confused. Do they know who she is yet? No. Too many of the pseudo intellectual liberals posing as open minded are actually smugsters who never get out much and are so immersed in their own bubbles that they never bothered to look. As I keep saying, the woman is not stupid. She’s dangerous, not stupid. Yes, she is willfully ignorant, but the two are not the same.

    I cringe every time some liberal derides anyone for even discussing her. They should get down in the mud and talk to Alaskans about that. Not discussing Palin is how she won governor. The day anyone reports on her actual record, or one of the many outrageous abuses she perpetrated on personal liberties and ethics in AK, I will toast you!

  37. You know, I don’t go trolling around your right-wing, nut-job, tea-bagging blogs to pee in your Cherios, why you gotta come pee in ours? Believe me, all the people here who express their opinion about your annointed one, SP, have done their homework and know that your re-cap of her “accomplishments” are completely over-reaching.

    If you’re not a Palin, how do you know all of their financial problems? Did she tell you this personally? Or do you just believe everything you hear? We here at this site, actually research our information and base our opinions on fact and reality.

    I’m sure it’s time to go worship at the alter of Palin. We’ll certainly miss you and your yelling.

  38. Yep. Andie McDowell, a republican, has dogged Palin every step of the way, questioning her ethics and filing ethics violations against her. Palin is such a low class person that when she went onto Eddie Burke’s radio show and he criticized Lida Green, a cancer survivor, Palin laughed heartily instead of chastising him for the attack. Dave has no idea who/what Palin really is. Like many men, he may be most attracted to her physical attributes, a sorry reason to put an unqualified person into a position of power. Lisa Murkowski said earlier this week that Palin has no intellectual curiosity. This was also an apt description of George W. Bush, and we all know how that turned out.

  39. Evidently Dave doesn’t realize that the state of Alaska was paying to defend the ethics violations, or that the PAC created to fund these ethics violations was recently found to be illegal. He’s a bot, and there’s nothing anyone could show/tell him about Palin that would change his mind about her. He’s a typical low information, personality-focused voter. Facts don’t matter to these types of people. That’s how we ended up with GWB in office for 8 years, two wars, tax cuts for the rich, an exploding deficit, a runaway financial sector, nothing done on either immigration reform or climate change, etc. People like Dave will vote for devastation, and then blame it on someone else, which is what the “conservatives” have been doing since January 20, 2009 @ 12 Noon. They preach personal responsibility, but never practice it. Palin is their perfect candidate for POTUS in 2012 since she never accepts personal responsibility for any of the problems she creates.

  40. This is one of the most succinct articles I’ve read describing the type of resentment that Palin represents. It’s not her faith, intelligence, or rural upbringing that bugs me about Palin. It’s that she thinks her prayers are better than mine, that she knows better than me, and that anyone from cities or near suburbs are lesser people who need to be put in our place. The people who she is insulting most are rural Evangelicals. I’ve lived in small towns, and the people are not the torch and pitchfork grievance brigade who want to use government as a means to punish the “godless city folk.” The only people who believe that are coastal conservative elites.

    For all her talk about “elitism” – that’s exactly what Palin is.

  41. I totally agree, and I cannot understand why her followers can’t see what is staring them pointblank in their faces. She wants very much to be part of the elite, and she has the champagne tastes to prove it.

  42. Sarah: the best part of this post is: “She’s da gerous, not stupid. Yes, she is willfully ignorant, but the two are not, the same”

  43. My facebook Status Message just recently:

    A true Conservative’s perfect weekend: To go ParaSailin’ with Sarah Palin! :^D

  44. YEP……….RICH, the LIBSPEW…is mighty thick around these parts… of the participants here is interested in oats and pee pee for breakfast…oh my god………

    I’m tryin to get SARAH to send these LOADs a load of her laundry so that after they’ve washed and starched it…hhaaha ..they will at least be able to say they, did something of value for their country…i see sarah her majored in psy. and LATIN…
    OH MY GOD …will there be FRIES WITH THAT?

  45. Is that why the GOP establishment is trying to derail her chances of even being their nominee in 2012? That statement about doing Palin’s laundry is one of the most laughable and ridiculous ones I’ve seen on this forum. The more she overexposes herself and her family, the higher her negative ratings go. She’s already a laughingstock around the world, and this country’s image would be irreparably tarnished if she ever did become president.

  46. Davie:

    I read some of their posts here and the Libs make the media out to be GIVING SARAH COVER?!?!??! Like the media LOVES Sarah Palin???


    The media is cr@pping all over her is what I see. BDS is being replaced with PDS (Bush/Palin Derangement Syndrome – hence BDS/PDS). What a load! I thought the Lamestream Media was bad enough when Bush was President, but they are FAR WORSE in their treatment of Palin it seems to me…

  47. majii:

    re: **tax cuts for the rich**

    That should read: across the board tax cuts.

    The Bush tax cuts were for ALL income levels from the lowest to the top income brackets.

    I notice that “the Annointed One” Obama mentioned EXEMPTING the top brackets if they extend the Bush tax cuts???? Good grief! He really doesn’t care if no jobs are created for the American people.

    And “no”, I am NOT in the top bracket. I am FAR, FAR from it.

    But I am quite concerned that if the Obama/Democrat tax hike goes through on January 1st, the economy will not be able to sustain that. The straw that broke the Camel’s back.

    What “Obama/Democrat tax hike?”. Yes, failing to EXTEND or to MAKE PERMANENT the Bush tax cuts will be on the Democrats back. It was the Democrats that inserted the sunset provision on the tax cuts.

  48. You should be concerned at why people in the Republican Party are now rejecting her, including the powers that be within it that want to derail her presidential aspirations. What do you have to say about that fact?

  49. You are one sad little dude. We know men vote with their little brain but do you have to prove it so easily?

    By the way, Sarah Palin does not really do outdoorsy stuff. That’s just something like what you would read in her Playboy bio and fools like you eat it up.

  50. Even though it refers to a place, and not a person, I think that Gertrude Stein’s quote, “There is no ‘there’ there” pretty much sums up Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in general. This complete lack of any substance is the biggest indictment of the whole mindset, but one which, up until now, the media has had difficulty in communicating convincingly.

  51. LOL — I’m amazed at the amount of time y’all spend worrying about somebody you claim you don’t have to worry about at all.

    Face it — She scares the daylights out of liberals, just because she connects with the average American. The hatred and vitriol y’all spew really doesn’t reflect very well on you.

    Shame, shame.

  52. So, tell me again why no less a conservative than Barbara Bush wants her to stay in Alaska, and why Alan Keys accuses her of being affiliated with George Soros. You might also explain why a conservative columnist named Monica
    Charen, who used to be Nancy Reagan’s speechwriter, has expressed extreme disapproval of Palin. What IS scary is that people are so willing to fall for Palin’s toxic nonsense, or that anyone anywhere in this country would ever consider her as presidential material. It’s obvious that many Republicans in Alaska are less than enthusiastic about her, since they rejected the very man she invested the most time and money in endorsing–Joe Miller.

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