Foreign Press Says What America’s Won’t: Sarah Palin is a Traitor

The GOP's Tabloid Patriot is an International Embarrassment
The GOP's Tabloid Patriot is an International Embarrassment

Sarah Palin has made it to the big time; she’s now being called out by international media. Yesterday, the Russian newspaper Pravda (this same paper has been quoted in numerous Right Wing publications when it criticized President Obama, and was considered a paper of merit at such time) eviscerated Sarah Palin for her unrelenting attacks upon the democratically elected President, at a time when America needs to stand together, united. When members of the International Press call Sarah Palin out for her lack of American patriotism, it’s time for the American Press to pay attention. It’s about time someone did.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey writes in Pravda:

“By attacking the democratically elected President of the United States of America at a sensitive time in her country’s history, she shows the tact of a boorish drunkard bawling obscenities at a funeral….

And now she turns not only against the fibre and backbone of her country, but against its democratically elected President, accusing him of being incompetent for not stopping Wikileaks. Where was she and where was her GOP before and during the 9/11 attacks? She accuses President Obama of not taking “steps” to assure the leaks were not published. What “steps”?……

If anything is a threat to the national security of the United States of America, it is this screaming, unrefined oaf with as much class as a searing release of flatulence followed by hysterical giggling at a state banquet. Is this what the people of the USA deserve?

To attack the President of the country at a time when the USA needs to close ranks and stand together to consolidate the enormous strides his (President Obama’s) intelligent and respectful approach has achieved in building bridges, when her party’s period in government bombed them, Spankin’ Sarah Palin comes across as a pitifully inadequate anachronism from the times of the Far West.”

The American Press won’t say what the International Press will for a variety of reasons, but suffice it to say that there are many agendas at play here, causing truth to take a back-seat to dollars. As a noted US media critic once said, “everything to sell and nothing to tell.” And what a shame, because this isn’t about partisanship or even elitism; it’s about patriotism and who better to cover this issue than our domestic press?

Ms Palin cloaks her myth in her flag, but one has to question just what that symbol represents to Ms Palin, given that she won’t stop attacking this country’s sitting President during each crisis that presents itself. The word patriotism derives from the Greek patriōtēs meaning “fellow countryman”; that would include all of us, even President Obama. I’m afraid Ms Palin and her followers conflate their false community of nationalism with patriotism, and under the guise of said nationalism, justify harming America’s standing in the world along with the very unity of our nation. One can’t help but question Ms Palin’s true motives, along with her jingoistic, tabloid-driven patriotism, since she beats this drum of division in each public appearance she makes.

One wonders, can Sarah Palin can see what the Russians see: a shrill, desperate demagogue more interested in making money and getting famous than in the best interests of her country; a woman so jealous of a sitting President that she takes every blow her country faces and exploits it, turning it into an even more negative, frightening moment while distracting from the real work – never once stepping into the debate to lead, to soothe, to unite.

Never once has Ms Palin shown her love for this great country by standing by it and her President in a time of need. Instead, she views each crisis as a cynical opportunity to sow the seeds of division among fellow countrymen. During the oil spill crisis, she took to Fox News to spew nonsense about the Dutch not getting their phone calls received, claiming she knew how to fix the leak if only the President had called on her. Of course, since she was on Fox News, no one bothered to ask her why, then, she did nothing to stop the oil spills that took place during her brief tenure as Governor of Alaska.

When she went to Hong Kong for a speaking engagement, Ms. Palin attacked her President on foreign soil during a time of war. On her first book tour, Palin and her entourage of hit men (aka, her father, et al) attacked the Commander in Chief on military bases. In times of major decisions regarding the war in Afghanistan, Palin has mocked the President when he followed the course of action recommended by his Generals. On 9/11, Palin bashed the President. In her speeches, Ms Palin is sure to remind her followers that Obama’s foreign policy is weakening America while she accuses the President of not loving his country. During the WikiLeaks crisis, Palin blamed the President instead of calling for a united front for our country.

Ms Palin and her followers justify this unpatriotic behavior by claiming the President is “un-American”. We all know what that’s about but if we’re left with any doubt, we have only to listen to Ms Palin assure her listeners that they have every right to ask for the President’s birth certificate:

And here she is just weeks ago suggesting that the failure to vet the President and his associations has harmed our democracy. Talk about projection.

Ms Palin’s heavily moderated Facebook page was just months ago full of comments calling for the death of our President, sedition, and the overthrowing of the Obama administration as being God’s will. Those comments were left standing while comments questioning Ms Palin in any way were scrubbed. Ms Palin stands for a level of vitriolic, simmering revulsion so steeped in delusions of self-righteousness, it’s tough to swim to sanity once you’ve been washed in the blood of her particular lamb.

We are at war, facing a global economic crisis, still reeling from a devastating oil spill and now facing the challenges brought on by the WikiLeaks dump. Yet, on every issue of importance, Palin has inserted herself with jarring accusations against the President, offering nothing but malicious hate fueled by a failure to understand what she doesn’t understand.

Ms Palin’s particular brand of tabloid patriotism leaves out anyone who disagrees with her, beats her in a contest, dares to question her, or has the temerity to actually read and debate important issues. She’s become an international embarrassment:

“If Sarah Palin is not some kind of a massive political joke in the USA, wheeled out to liven up the political scene from time to time with nonsensical and pastiche (one hopes) displays of sheer and utter ignorance, then it is worrying.”

Sarah Palin is the figurehead for an unpatriotic movement here in the United States of America. A movement so bereft of love for this country that they would go to any means to see it fail, in order to elevate themselves into power. A movement which just yesterday met with the democratically elected President of this fine country and then immediately stabbed him in the back in their post-game press conference.

And nestled into this web of traitors is one particularly odious senator, Senator John McCain, upon whose shoulders the blame for this national embarrassment rests. Ms Palin is the front-runner of this group for Presidential candidate in 2012 according to polls. This makes sense, given the Republican Party’s current gamesmanship of our political system, wherein their only goal is to destroy the President – not to lead, not to govern – but to destroy. At any cost necessary.

When the Russians are calling you out for failing to support your country in a time of need, for attempting to bring her to her knees with petty attacks on the President, you have seriously jumped the patriotism shark. Sarah Palin is the traitorous figurehead of the GOP, whose only purpose seems to be to assist them in their goal to bring down President Barack Obama.

So while a scant few of them (Rove, Scarborough, and a few of the “elites” who are not elected officials; the elected officials are quivering in the corner rather than standing up to the myth of Palin lest they alienate what little remains of the Republican Party base) make the rounds distancing themselves from her now, do not forget how they set her into motion in 2008 to do exactly what she’s doing now. And do not forget that even as they take a slight step away from the noxious whiff of disgust that follows in Ms Palin’s wake, they’re not silencing her; they’re not calling her out for her attacks on the President. No, the most they can muster from their cowardly bunkers of fear from which they wage their war on America is mild outrage that she would insult the Bushes or Reagan.

Nary a word about her outrageously destructive actions toward our current President. And why is that? Because Ms Palin is doing the dirty work for the Republican weaklings; sowing seeds of division, suspicion, hatred, and rage against a sitting President.

And those, my friends, are not the actions of a patriot. True Glasnost has arrived when the International Press says what the American Press will not. Sarah Palin is no patriot.

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  1. I have said all along that Palin’s destructive stupidity amounts to sedition. If she had an ounce of class, not to mention integrity, she would realize that during a crisis the country needs to come together. I have also long felt that the international community is appalled at her ascendancy, and now it’s obvious that other nations are not afraid to correctly label her actions and words as treasonous.

    Every day, she provides us with reasons why it would be the height of folly to elect her to any national office, especially that of president. However, in all fairness, she works in conjunction with the Congressional Republicans and others in order to discredit this presidency. She is a symptom of how horribly wrong the political system has gone in this country. In addition to her pettiness, immaturity, shallowness, and shameless opportunism, we now add traitorous ignorance and arrogance. If she were living in almost any other country, she would be thrown in jail or worse.

  2. A commenter, “Sickntiredofpalin”, over on Palingates had posted another link in the thread that that refers to the same comments by your Author, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey.
    However, It was just posted in another online publication. So more readers will see his comments as well or get wider distribution.

    ” LOVED ” your post. Summed up nicely. Tweeting it out now.

  3. I love it that you lefties are going to use Pravda, to attack Palin….LOL

    You people are dumber that I thought! Please keep it up……..

  4. As I pointed out in the article, Pravda (and now Top Moscow News) ran this. Pravda has been quoted as source of great merit by American Thinker and many Right Wing blogs. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. In a true democratic society and with the power of freedom of speech we are all allowed our views and beliefs to be heard. To call someone a traitor for speaking against someone, who you don’t believe is doing a good job, is far from treason. That kind of mind set reminds me of the Bush Jr. regime. If anyone was against the war in Iraq they were traitors too, and many people were bullied in to silence. To squelch Sara Palin would be the same as not allowing anyone else to voice their views. In Russia this may be a common place practice but thank goodness it is not in the U.S.A.

  6. BRAVO.

    Her mean-spirited divisiveness is what we should be focusing on because that cuts across ideologies. No one likes constant negativity, Americans will tire of it and pointing out that this IS WHO SHE IS will go a long way to discredit her.

  7. idesign, The fact that you could read this article and still drool over palin shows us just how low your IQ is. Your punctuation butchering really seals the deal. FYI, I never capitalize the p in palin’s name. She is unworthy of any sign of respect. You should seriously consider finding another icon.

  8. Sarah Jones: feminism, social justice. I understand your Leftist principles, but it looks like your defense of free speech and open dialogue falls flat when it comes to Sarah Palin….

    Can you say hypocrisy?

  9. And staunch support for SP’s traitorous attacks on America/Obama just keeps on comin’ from the right and fox noise. I’ve always thought that the repubs would keep her afloat as long as she’s useful to them, and then under the bus she goes. Now it’s starting to look like she might simply implode of her own volition before the bus even gets here. A race to the finish, so to speak.

  10. Freedom of speech does not exempt one from criticism or consequences of her actions. Why aren’t you supporting my freedom of speech to say whatever the heck I want (and I backed it up with proof) about Sarah Palin?

    Your logic is that it’s OK for her to make up things about the President, but no one should say anything about her. She can call him unAmerican but I can’t call her a traitor and then you use freedom of speech to back this up? That’s some sloppy, failed logic. I don’t even bear the burden of being a public figure, so I have more freedom to say what I believe to be true, given that I’m not going to lead a charge of fire in the theatre. We note Ms Palin’s inability to handle her power well in this regard with false accusations of death panels and Muslim legislators she claims are going to kill American children (100% lie). She has the right to defame them because of her freedom of speech but no one can write the truth about her? Is this America?

    Lastly, my dear, contrary to what the Palin followers believe, freedom of the press is freedom from the government’s silencing and censorship. Sarah Palin is a political figure who has held office and is running for highest office in the land (hint: if anyone is the government here, it’s her, not me). I’ll write whatever I chose to about her, so long as it’s true and verifiable, and there’s not anything you or she can do about it, though I know she longs to get into the WH so she can have the “Department of Law” shut down evil American citizens who don’t take kindly to her many falsehoods.

    This is still America and I’ll thank you to learn a bit about “freedom of speech” before you use it as a weapon to silence speech you don’t like.

  11. Sarah’s like a crucifix to a vampire, their little jaws start flapping nonsense, and eventually their pointy heads explode, in a blind raging fear. Great fun!

  12. I am not a follower of anyone but a believer in the power of freedom of speech. I don’t believe in stopping anyone, including you, from voicing their opinion. But you cant have it both ways. You can’t say what ever you like and then not allow the other person their say on the matter. If you don’t like what she has to say then don’t listen, but there are people who do listen to her and do like what she has to say. To each their own.

  13. Dear Sarah Jones
    I am not a follower of anyone but a believer in the power of freedom of speech. I don’t believe in stopping anyone, including you, from voicing their opinion. But you cant have it both ways. You can’t say what ever you like and then not allow the other person their say on the matter. If you don’t like what she has to say then don’t listen, but there are people who do listen to her and do like what she has to say. To each their own.

  14. OH I GET IT!!!

    When did “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” get cancelled out? When a Democrat became President of the United States?

    The one thing you can always tell about the Left is that, sooner or later, their authoritarian, intolerant, fascist streak comes out. You people don’t believe in dissent, you never did. That was simply an excuse to attack Bush and the Republicans.

    Once you have power, you start screaming “TREASON” at your opponents so you can maintain power.

    The mark of the Tyrant. The password of the fascist.

    Live with it. You own it. I will say this for Palin. She believes in the Constitution. You obviously find it a hindrance and an inconvenience.

    “Treason” indeed!

  15. Don’t listen? The entire world is listening to Sarah Palin. You don’t think she bears a responsibility to at least quite lying and being so ignorant? Yeah. OK.

  16. Changing the subject much? Or did I miss when Krugman was elected. Speaking of death panels, those are nice ones Brewer got going on AZ, huh? The real ones, I mean.

    You’re still pushing that death panels in healthare are real but you want us to take you seriously? Get out much?

  17. Keep the faith and God bless you,” Palin said. “Keep smiling, Tea Party Americans, may we always be happy and our enemies know it.”

  18. You’ve missed the point and you’ve missed what the entire world can see. Sarah Palin is not doing this country one bit of good when she attacks the President over things she knows nothing about and is wrong about 90 percent of the time. You still haven’t addressed the inherent hypocrisy of your calling me out for calling her a traitor and using free speech to do it. Sarah Palin is a political leader. Believe it or not, that comes with some responsibility to speak with some caution (or it used to) for a reason. Riots, secession, civil unrest– these are the things Palin incites with her lies. I’ll not sit by while she does so. She’s a public figure and she needs to be held accountable for her words. Accountable is not the same thing as saying she can’t speak. I never said that, did I.

    You are entitled to your opinion of my writing, but what I choose to write is not up to you.

  19. I didn’t mean to break up the love feast going on over your blog. But using anything coming from Russia as proof to your views just leaves me wondering. Basic human rights have never been the strong point.

  20. Wow, you’re so frigging desperate to discredit this article that you keep changing your point, now you’re saying it’s the Russians? Newsflash: You are a Palinbot, your failure to read and comprehend shows us all that. You try to discredit Pravda, same publication that the right cites when they want to attack POTUS. And notice you can’t “refudiate” one example of Palin’s hateful anti american rhetoric so you just keep changing the subject. This isn’t a love fest, it’s a truth fest, and you don’t belong.

  21. You do not have free speech. You only have the protection from the governmental NOT suppressing your right to speak. Away from the government you do not have free speech and you are open to slander, libel and a whole platitude of laws including character assassination.

    But thanks for admitting the “rightists” to not believe in womens rights as a female

  22. ” If you don’t like what she has to say then don’t listen, ”

    I like how you do your best to shut off Sarah Jones right to Free Speech by try to stop her from talking about Sarah palin.

  23. You haven’t show us any of her lies and you wont of course.

    The article is about Palin and the best you can do is post BS? Great stuff!

  24. Actually you THINK she believes in the constitution. She doesnt. She has already proven she has no idea whats in it.

  25. Nothing has changed my whole point on the matter is we don’t need to be stopping anyone from voicing their opinions, least our opinions will be stopped too.

  26. Which lies of Sarah Jones are you calling out? She made statements backed by example/fact.

    It is your opinion that Obama was a mistake – but by saying so does not make it so.

  27. Then keep her off the national stage. I too am a private citizen with political views, but I am not given a platform daily on Fox News; my every Facebook entry is not talked about on every major network, and I am not making rumblings (threats in my estimation), cutesy little “will I or won’t I” remarks about running for President of this country while insulting and undermining the sitting President.

  28. “You people don’t believe in dissent, you never did. ”

    LOL, and yet the real righties blame us dissenters for the end of your precious killing war in Vietnam. Remember? Leftists, hippies, war protests? Dissent?

    God I love this!

  29. I disagree … this “one” (and yes, I mean that in the most hateful of ways, after all that is how some of the racist, repugs who claim to be Christian refer to our President) … this one needs to be stopped, must be stopped, and if I ever get half a chance to do anything beyond what I have done through communication about it … I most certainly will. Treason is a crime not to be taken lightly. I am so happy that other countries are starting to call attention to this media whore in the United States. She is undermining our whole country, not by what she is doing, but by the fact that it is being accepted, courted, ignored, worshipped by various factions – what is left of the Republican party, the media. I think it ultimately if left unchecked will started a real beginning of the demise of the United States as we know it if it has not already. We will be more vulnerable to attack. Well, fine. We are allowing it. She is a catalyst for this demise.

  30. Don’t worry, Sarah. This was all over his/her head.

    How’s that delusional thingy workin’ out for ya, idesign?

  31. Ignorance is bliss, I guess that’s why the Palin-zombies are so happy.

    Seriously, this is not left wing vs. right wing, it’s not liberal vs. conservative, it’s intelligent vs. stupid. The woman puts her foot in her mouth every time she opens it. She is a national embarrassment. But I guess to someone like you, every gaff is fine as long as you throw in a few “do ya love yer freedoms” and an “I love America” for good measure.

    Talk about easy to manipulate. Does being right wing require the removal of the part of the brain that regulates critical thought?

    Please, grow some standards, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

    The idea that anyone would defend a person so stupid that they actually suggested calling the Dutch to solve the oil spill with their “world famous dike building skills” is simply mind boggling. If Obama had said something that idiotic, the right would’ve suffocated to death from laughter…

  32. Sarah, I have responded to some commenters above because they have pushed my buttons. All I have to say to you in response to your post is WOW. This says what I have been thinking so much more eloquently and thoroughly than I ever could. Thank you so much. I have been thinking I would have to move to Ireland, Canada (might be too close) or somewhere if Palin(s) continue, but maybe I will just move to Russia. After all, they can see a traitorous idiot from there.

  33. Replace Democrat with Republican and Left for Right and remember the Dixie Chicks – they still suffer today for what the slight they made against Texas.

    You are a hypocrite.

    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism or freedom from an opposing point of view.

    Sarah Palin is quite aware of the hatred she inspires, she likes it, she gets off on it and she must be called out on it for the very reasons expalined by Sarah Jones in the article.

  34. One more thing, thanks for not just telling it like it is regarding Sarah Palin’s actions, but also calling out John McCain and the Republican Party, etc. The truth about what they have done and are doing needs to be broadcast worldwide.

  35. Great piece, Sarah.

    “And why is that? Because Ms Palin is doing the dirty work for the Republican weaklings; sowing seeds of division, suspicion, hatred, and rage against a sitting President.”

    I don’t see them as Republican weaklings. I see them more as calculating strategists. They will “allow” her to do this work until she is no longer necessary, which is fast approaching. Joe Scarborough has already thrown down the gauntlet with his piece in Politico and I suspect more Republicans will be following suit in the coming weeks. They are going to rake her over the coals and actually say what they have been thinking all this time. It ain’t going to be pretty for Sarah. My prediction is that this will happen well ahead of the 2012 primaries. They’ll need time to clean up after the mess they make of her.

  36. Oh BTW, attacking Bush? 4000 + Americans, thousands of US contractors, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead and you whine about attacking Bush?

    Its true. Republicans and tea partiers do not believe in education

  37. Oh so because you believe it, so be it. Well others who do not share your beliefs have the right to voice their opinions too. I think you are giving Ms Palin more credit in the all evil and powerful department then deserved. I don’t believe she will be the down fall of the U.S.A. But that is just my opinion.

  38. Who’s stopping her you clown? WHO? She spoke and now someone else is speaking. Welcome to America.

  39. Lies huh? I dare you to find one. Not only did Sarah Jones verify every piece of information, but I did as well, so when you call her a liar you are calling this site a liar, and I am calling you out.

    Please point to one fact in the article that is a lie, and after that, please link to a credible third party source to back up your point. (Hint: Fox News and Palin’s books are not credible sources of independent fact.)


  40. LOL

    You haven’t a clue what fascism is. Stop using the word.

    You are simply posting the same old tired talking points, none of which is true. But, I do want to thank you for being hilarious

  41. ” it’s intelligent vs. stupid”

    Exactly! There are plenty of intelligent, worthy, committed Republicans out there that Sarah doesn’t even hold a candle to. She has succeeded at branding herself to people who can’t seem to get past the ultra socially conservative, Christian facade she presents.

  42. She wont be the downfall of the US, just herself and her followers. The Republicans will drop her when they no longer need her. Do you think real politicians put any faith in her?

  43. Yes, idesign, it’s great fun when her party, with her blessing, denies unemployment benefits at the holidays, but is hellbent on extending tax cuts for her bracket. great fun…let’s dump all that unpaid tax cut debt on our great-grandchilren, isn’t that the reason given for not supporting the stimulus plans that are creating jobs? I certainly hope that the Republicans who gave this do-nothing party a little power for 2011 is having buyer’s remorse already. They are a bunch of partisan hacks only interested in making the news…just like dear sweet cobra Sarah.

  44. It’s so odd that people like Palin — who relentlessly profess vehement disdain for the government — campaign so vigorously to get elected. She doesn’t stand for anything other than greed, egotism and narrow-mindedness. She unelectable (and she probably knows it) but she’s raising tons of cash for other shallow, short-term thinkers. She’s scary, dangerous and divisive. We need her – to go away.

  45. When you folks push her into a position of power you will very soon find yourselves having to learn to speak Chinese, and I doubt that will be something that you can undertake successfully, even with Rosetta Stone. So, put your Palin in power and your America becomes a third world country under Chinese rule or any other country that sees that we now have a leader that is ineffectual. Many other nations have been waiting for just this; a scenario where America has a leader that is so weak that they can take over without a fight. Be careful what you wish for.

  46. Dear Trig AKA Shellena,

    Sarah Palin is in fact not a private citizen. Her paying jobs at FOX NEWS and HER TLC reality show mean that she is in fact a celebrity and thus according to the US Supreme Court is not entitled to all of all of the protections that a private citizen enjoys. As a public figure her statements are part of the public domain and are thus part of the public dialogue, which Palin happily profits from to the tune of millions of dollars.

    Private citizens also don’t have political action committees, so your Palin is a private citizen babble does not fly. Her standing as a former public official means that she is and always will be a political figure. Please shut up until you have learned the meanings of the words that you type, or I will have to waste my evening correcting your incoherant nonsense.

  47. You need to go back to school. Fascism is on the RIGHT of the political spectrum. We liberals are on the LEFT.

  48. How is she being stopped? Has anyone called for her to be censored? You are a babbling idiot. Watching Schoolhouse Rock does not make you and expert on citizenship and free speech. Please stop embarassing yourself. This is getting painful for others to watch your sad non-intellectual attempt at logic.

  49. He was using irony, a rhetorical device apparently beyond your understanding, though you seem astute, literate, and charming.

  50. Nice reply, but you’re on a slippery slope here. Shellena didn’t say that you don’t have the right to say what you want about Sarah Palin, she’s simply pointing out her own personal belief that someone exercising their free right to speech cannot be labeled a traitor for doing so. Palin is no longer Governor of Alaska and she is not an elected official, so her words, while annoying and counter-productive, cannot clearly be classified as treasonous.

    That said, I really enjoyed your article and reporting.
    A few spelling and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout, but I guess these blogs don’t have editors so that is to be expected.

    Nice work.

  51. Surely you jest! Fascism? Russia? Go directly to school. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

  52. What is wrong with you Shellena? Please stop posting, or I will have to ban you for your own good. I am asking you nicely to make your self humiliation stop. Please seek out a therapist or some good meds. You are not smart, nor do you have any idea what you are talking about. Sarah Palin would be proud of your Real American comments. All dogs may go to heaven, but idiots like you will go to hell.

  53. Sarah, excellent writing once again. In fact, all of this is true. It is beyond absurd to wrap oneself in a symbol of patriotism and them to undermine that very patriotism with unpatriotic acts.

    In everything that she has done, she has shown herself to be more interested in personal glory, wealth and power than to be a representative to those who are most in need. That is a betrayal of the core values which she proclaims to hold so dear.

    There will never be a day in my life, where I will blindly follow a politician, rock star, reality star or any other without being able to question their actions, especially when those actions are said to be on my behalf.

  54. Shellena dear, we are speaking about the verifiable lies and hate speech this woman spews from her mouth. Sarah Palin verifiable lies vs Sarah Jones verifiable truth.

  55. I’m all for dissent! Dissent is a lovely thing, it brings ideas to the table, it can actually be quite productive. It’s woven into the fabric of this nation’s history. It was “dissent” to say “let’s let diplomacy do the job” when Bush was speaking of invading Iraq. It was a dissenting opinion. It did not question his morals, his background, his (probably) sincere desire to do the right thing. It merely questioned if it was the right thing to do.

    palin, on the other hand, uses words to create suspicion, to claim the worst possible things for a sitting President, claims created out of thin air – death panels? They’re in Arizona right now! They were in Alaska when over 200 people died while waiting to be assessed by an inept social services under her governorship. (One thing I’ve noticed in a lot of the rhetoric she brays is that there is likely a kernel of truth to them if applied to her own record!!)

    Dissent, fine. Just don’t use lies and expect not to be called to task for it. That’s not dissent, that’s the basest of attacks.

    The end does not justify the means.

  56. And retardation is yours, Shellena. Here’s one for you. Yellow and blue make green. Holy Black Jesus are you stupid.

  57. Yes, I do. She poisons the minds of weak minded people with unadulterated lies. And many fall for those lies. Its important that American is not filled with weak minded people so we can move on with the governing of this country.

    I feel for those who buy into her garbage. Does she have a prayer of becoming president? No, but she is poison until then.

  58. Please stop. Read Jason’s comment below if you need civics explained to you yet again. My god do they bleed the knowledge out of Palin bots before letting them out in the world?

    As for errors, is that your attempt to smear content you can’t refute? Point them out why don’t you. We’re all on pins and needles.

  59. Rock on Brother Shiva. Rock on. Shellana is reached the rare air of most retarded PoliticusUSA commenters ever!!! Everyone give it a nice golf clap.

  60. Actually…I do know what fascism is, and these aren’t talking points – they are bonafide opinions. We’re allowed to have differing opinions…but since High Schools don’t teach basic civics classes anymore, I wouldn’t expect you to know that.

    By the way…how exactly doesn’t the Healthcare debacle even remotely remind you of a facist state? The American people, for the most part, said “NO!” to what has become known as Obamacare, yet we’re still saddled with the untold debt it will surely bring.

    Here…read the definition of fascism: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

    Sounds pretty dead on to me, with the exception of “nationalism” of course…thus my comment that fascism is “on the rise”. Then again – I’m thinking with my head…not that place where all your warm and fuzzy feelings come from when Mr. Obama speaks.

  61. Great point, Shiva. They gotta throw in the feminist part of Jones’ byline. Drives them nuts.

  62. Jesus H Christ are these people stupid. I’m scared for this country. I read the polls that Palin fans were old and uneducated, but holy cripes. This is just like bathing in the dumb.

  63. @falkun You are working under the false assumption that Palin is speaking as a private citizen and not as either the leader of the Tea Party, or as a former VP candidate/potential 2012 candidate. If there are errors our two proofreaders would love to see them. Please be specific. Thanks.

  64. I am certainly not desperate at all. Why would I be? I have not changed my point. l just want to voice my view on the matter. I also find that some of the responses regarding Sarah Palin are truly outlandish and unbelievable . Reading a Russian news article is not a having something written in stone to me. Russia is world famous for suppressing the truth and do not like anyone going out side of the government point of view.. I don’t care if the republicans have used their articles ( the russian news agency’s), in context before. I am not a republican, or democrat, or American. But I do have an opinion on this matter.

  65. We don’t have to rely on a report from Pravda to expose Sarah Palin’s brand of patriotism. During the 2008 campaign, when Sarah spoke at rallies, unleashing all of her hatred for Obama, the Secret Service reported increased death threats against the Democratic candidate for President. Sarah has continued speaking in that vein, launching personal attacks and failing to base her arguments on real facts. What is clear is that Sarah remains an emotionally immature mean girl who still hasn’t gotten over losing the election. She is clearly unqualified, unlearned, unread so she resorts to emotional arguments which appeal to her following, aptly called The Hounds of Hell (with a nod to Joe McGinniss). Pravda had the nerve to say it. So do some on-line blogs, such as Palingates. It is time to stop being dazzled by Sarah’s wink and short skirt and judge her on her qualifications instead of her celebrity. Sarah has not contributed anything meaningful to the discussion; she is the professional heckler in the stadium seats shouting insults at the opposing team. Traitor? No, she hasn’t disclosed any state secrets or outed any secret agents. Patriotic? Hardly. Sarah can deck her jacket with flag pins, but her rhetoric remains hollow, and she brings nothing to the table. It takes more than just being a cheerleader who screams “Do you love your freedoms?” or “Support the troops.” Those are slogans. Sarah can start by allowing the freedom of the press to cover her her, so that we don’t have to rely on a foreign reporter, who does not fear retribution, to speak honestly. Our media is so enchanted with the ratings that Palin brings that they dare not criticize her. She has been getting away with that stunt for more than two years. There are only friendly controlled interviews. It is time for Pravda, The Truth.

  66. I was correcting the statement that she was a politician. She is not and she is a private citizen as are we all.

  67. Shellena opinions are vastly different from facts my dear and the fact is SP is a verifiable liar. Good night all.

  68. Not a politician? OMG! Too rich! Wait, you may be right. She did quit didnt she, just when the going got rough and she had no more socialist programs to put in place

  69. Mark says:

    “I scarcely know where to begin…and after reading your article I can only come to the conclusion that something is amiss with your critical thinking skills (and that I need to wash).”

    You have an idea or else you would have read this and been on your way, but it got under your skin because you acknowledge that everything printed here is true. Better scrub hard.

    Mark says:

    “Where was this call for a presidential love fest when George Bush was in office? Where was the call to support the president, circumstances be damned? I must have missed the part where you were the only “voice of reason” on the left. Are you seriously suggesting that we are to take criticism from “journalists” that aren’t allowed to point their pens and cameras at their own leaders?”

    For someone who claims to be able to identify critical thinking skills, why the apparent lack of them here? The recurring issue with Sarah Palin is her complete lack of knowledge about the issues she attempts to address. “In what respect, Charlie?” Because palin is so ignorant, she flat out lies to cover for it. And like it or not, people who put themselves in her position must be responsible for their words. Bush was responsible for his. Where he failed, he was called out. Beyond that her words rise to a level that other countries are now acknowledging as detrimental to the US.

    Mark says:

    “You are a deluded fool if you really think Ms. Palin is a traitor. Beg pardon, but as an American, I have the right to acknowledge my belief that the current sitting president hates the very country that elected him, the right to call him out when he bows down to world leaders, or turns a partially blind eye to our military generals that had asked – almost begged – for a troop increase (that worked by the way)….”

    You absolutely have a right to repeat lies, talking points or whatever else you want to believe carte blanche. Bottom line is you are “Mark on the internet” to me (and everyone else here reading this comment section.) Your words mean very little in the big scheme of things. With popularity comes responsibility. Athletes, actors, actresses, etc. all hate it too, because their mistakes are out there for the whole world to see, criticize and emulate. And they are held to a standard that says, you can’t make up shit to suit your purse. So, we absolutely have the right to call the half-term governor out for what she is, what she is doing, and what she has said. The fact that, the international community is starting to comment on palin’s ridiculous commentary only strengthens the argument.

    May says:

    “Don’t look now, your agenda is showing… and while I’m not quite as eloquent with my vitriol as you, your agenda is an ugly sign that facism is on the rise!”

    Please look up fascism.

  70. Hi Jason,

    Good Job! BTW I stole your “Holy Black Jesus are you stupid” for a tweet. I gave you credit so I didn’t totally steal it. LOL

  71. Jason personal attacks seem to be your specialty. But I think you could do a little better than this.

  72. You cant be for real.

    “regimenting all industry, commerce,”

    Examples please.

    “having complete power”

    We still have 3 branches of power. You just get here? Obama has no more power than the prior president

    “forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism”


    No, you dont know what facism is. All you have is tired old talking points.

  73. “how exactly doesn’t the Healthcare debacle even remotely remind you of a facist state? ”

    Fascism? LOL!
    Nothing funnier than when they send kids in that havent a clue. Lets see, Healthcare drops the deficit, and, get this Mark, and ALLOWS the healthcare industry to make even more money! The gubberment never took over healthcare, the corrupt company’s still are in business and you are still hilarious.

  74. she’ssssss baaaaaaack

    I am reminded of the cult of Ramtha and the lizard people who will prey on humans, and must be traded with in gold. Has J.Z. Knight just had another incarnation in the form of Palin?

  75. You guys are funny in a sad kind of way. Yes your personal attacks against me are true rocket science. You’re so cleaver :-)..

  76. These people support a dictator and then come here to claim that people (both republican and democrat!) are “fascist commies”. God what happened to our education system? Palin cult: FAIL.

  77. Pravda isn’t allowed to publish opinion pieces and other journalism? What do you consider acceptable sources? Weekly Standard? Moonie Times?

  78. No, you don’t get it. She may believe in the constitution but, she has absolutely no clue what’s in it.

  79. Ohh I guess I am annoying this enlighten group of political scholars. Chow Bellas it has been a slice.

  80. OMG Seriously “The American people, for the most part, said “NO!” to what has become known as Obamacare, yet we’re still saddled with the untold debt it will surely bring” Prove it.
    You can’t because your statement is untrue. The majority of Americans wanted HealthCare Reform- they wanted a Single Payer System. Along w/ Insurance Company Regulation.
    Anyone who uses the term “ObamaCare” instantly shows they have a closed mind and must only listen to Fox News.

  81. is my favorite site. As you grow by leaps and bounds, please don’t change a thing.

  82. Given your reasoning, why should The Quittah(or any other Teahadist like Jonah Goldberg aka “Doughbob Loadpants”) be allowed to call Julian Assange a traitor, or treasonous, or call for his murder? It doesn’t matter whether I agree with him or not. I am using your logic.

  83. Nice work, Dee. I can’t understand what Obama has to do with a post on Palin except that they always have to change the subject. Who isn’t allowed to report on Obama? Wikileaks? hahaha. Yeah, he’s the fascist. What a sad joke.

  84. But that’s OK for her to do just like she threatened the bloggers in Alaska. Because she’s GOD! (Don’t you love how Idesign quoted Palin praying? How touching. I keep forgetting they own god and the flag.)

  85. Guess someone hit a nerve. Palin doesn’t like being called unpatriotic. Maybe she ought to try doing something good for this country for once instead of getting rich on the back of the USA.

  86. Shellena,

    I am so sorry but self righteous stupidity brings this kind of response out of me. Your position seems simply based on the fact that you think so, but that is not good enough for me. I can’t do anything about the fact that you are a self-righteous fool who has no true knowledge, but I refuse to let you parade around in your blissful ignorance polluting this website.

    You seem to be coping well with your obvious emotional and mental disabilities. I wish you and your caregiver nothing but the happiest of holidays and the brightest of futures.

  87. They can’t have a discussion on the merits. Well, they can, but they understand it’s an exercise in futility so they chose to muddy the waters instead. What is irritating to me is the hypocrisy. Take this Mark poster for instance. He brings up Bush. Anyone that dared comment on the validity of the intelligence reports concerning WMDs was immediately labeled as a traitor. Considering that the whole debacle unfolded in the manner it did is proof enough that the investigations into the subject matter was warranted. Contrast that with the ridiculous arguments concerning Obama’s birth certificate. I’ve heard tea partiers attempt to draw correlations. When there aren’t any they start the name-calling–Kenyan, Nazi and….fascist. It’s a disturbing trend.

  88. “cleaver”? Oh, ok. Well, I don’t care how you spell but your arguments are for crap. You just want attention.

    Back to the issue at hand: Sarah Palin is a traitor of the USA. But we already knew that because she’s married to a registered secessonist and gave a nie speech in 2008 to the AIP telling them how much she supported them, so this is just icing on the cake.

    USA! USA! Down with Paylin! Stand up for Liberty!

  89. SP calls herself a “Christian” and yet she promulgates hate. No real Christian would ever speak of others in such a manner as she has done. But to her fans the smile on her face softens the words she speaks, and to them it’s not hate. Its just freedom of speech. They see no difference.

  90. It seems to me, when even a foreign reporter can recognize the division this woman has created, and continues to create, within our great Country …. someone needs to sit up and take notice.

    One does not need to like the individual that was elected by the people to serve as President, but there has always been some degree of respect and understanding that when you (and especially a public political figure) verbally trash the President of the United States, you are also trashing the American people. We would NEVER take that from anyone in another Country, why should we accept it as oki doki within the United States?

    I think it is extremely telling that a foreign entity, who has no investment in Ms Palin or her agenda, has such strong feelings about her attitude and behavior toward Americans. If those outside of America recognize her divisive nature, and how it is effecting our great Country .. why can’t we all see it?

    The answer to that question is simple and akin to why you can recognize that your sister’s boyfriend is gonna be trouble for her, but all she sees is the love of her life. We are too close and too involved …. they are standing outside looking in and one tends to see a bit more clearly from that advantage point.

  91. Don’t forget she is also a paid political speaker. Someone actually pays her to repeat ad nauseum talking points that are treasonous in nature.
    To hide behind privacy while making a living from being a public figure is the height of hypocrisy.

  92. This article is absolutely wonderful. It definately sums up what has appeared to be Sarah Palins intent and ambitions. I have lived in Wasilla, Alaska for over 30 years, and I am sick to my stomach every time her name is mentioned. She is a disgrace to America, Alaska and especially her hometown of Wasilla. Believe me when I tell you that us Alaskans are NOT all mama grizley’s “cubs”.

    I also found this amusing. It’s the f*ck Palin facebook page:

  93. Thanks Dee,

    I am just doing my part for us “Real American Patriots” Is anyone in the comment section in the military? (Palin’s opening line at every one of her speeches).

  94. It is Obama phobia. When you live in a world full of envy for either a person or a position, then everything you say and do revolves around that singular item.

  95. It’s been a long time since the rest of the world agreed with the Russians. Try as she might, Sarah Palin will never succeed in even impacting (much less destroying) the esteem in which the President of the United States – Barack Obama – is held internationally. Everything Mrs Palin does only makes President Obama look better.

  96. Question?

    Talking of traitors

    Were the Palins not members of Alaska Seccisionist Party in the past?………………just an innocent question……..i live in the U.K., the almost daily comedy value/feed the world enjoys off Mrs Palin is invalueable, probably close to the great ‘Dubya’ himself, who can forget that famous Katie Curic interview…..

  97. Yelm Washington, just do a google search. The similarities along with the uh hmm, how to say so as not to offend any twinkie’s fine sensibilities? …neck skin.. made it a worthy comparison. :)

  98. Jason it seems you just can’t handle someone disagreeing with your views, especially on something like this blog article you so richly seem to enjoy and be proud of. You feel the need to try to persuade people to come to your way of thinking. If they don’t then you feel the need to berate anyone, who shares a different point of view or disagrees on principle . Calling me a retard and such and praising other blogger for agreeing with you. You have even threatened to block me when I never once was derogatory or negative in any way. It seems you will say anything to protect your point of view and don’t want anyone on the blog to step out of your protectionist state of mind. Ms. Jones took my comments as an assault but they were not they were just my opinion on her blog article. If you can’t take an individual points of view at point value, then why put the article in a public opinion blog were you are always going to get all sides of an issue?

  99. I am a democrat who passionately supported Obama. (and still do) I also occasionally support republicans. I recently had the pleasure of writing in Lisa Murkowski’s name.
    Sarah Palin needs to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Most of my republican friends are totally embarrassed by her as are most Alaskans. She bailed on us so she could pocket some cash. (I actually supported her for governor) For the sake of late night television I would love to see her get the nomination.

  100. Obama a dictator??? Somebody needs to tell the Republicans quick. They think they are in charge.

  101. I am often puzzled as to why someone who so often speaks with disdain regarding our government would want a government job, let alone the highest one in the land. Only someone on a power trip would follow this path – it’s all about power with her and God help us all if she attains it.

  102. You’re not allowed to bring that up in the USA, per Sarah Palin. She’ll go all batsh*t on your a$$ if you do.

  103. Next time give some proof or add links to back up your point of view. Coming to a public forum and attacking the author isn’t polite or necessary. All Americans are granted the right to freedom of speech via the Constitution not just Sarah Palin, her bots and the GOP. What Palin is saying about our President is childish, immature and borders on treason.
    Don’t you remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks? Where is the outrage from the GOP this time?
    Also just because you have the freedom of speech doesn’t always mean you have to exercise it just to piss someone off.

  104. “May we always be happy and our enemies know it.” You just made the point of the whole article. Palin and her followers… i.e. you… believe that Americans are the “enemies.” And you want a president who believes that America is the enemy. You probably also follow Limbaugh who said of a president in war time “I hope he fails!’ To hell with what happens to the country if our president fails… at least his fat drugged up ass would “win” against the “enemies.” Enemies being the MAJORITY of America who voted Obama in.

  105. Rosetta Stone clean-up on aisle 10!!

    That’s “Ciao,” Shellena. It’s Italian. Not “chow” – which is typically associated with dog food.

  106. You aren’t seriously trying to pass off your failure to grasp facts as a different “opinion” are you?

    The only reason you think Jason made up facts is because you don’t UNDERSTAND the facts. Trust me you are making a fool of yourself. Sarah Jones didn’t assume you attacked her- she aksed you and you still haven’t answered, why you weren’t supporting her freedom of speech.

  107. That is it exactly! I”m SICK and TIRED of Sarah Palin inferring that I’m not an American and neither is our President.

    Sarah Palin, you are a TRAITOR to all American values.

  108. The people elected Obama. . .Your saying that is was a mistake is your folly. . .Your vote is worth the same as mine. If you don’t like the election results, vote again and see if your candidate wins. . .Your opinions are not the last word on this. . .

  109. Well… You are ‘ part ‘ right…. about that ‘ having NO Title ‘.

    That’s because…. SHE is a QUITTER… yu betcha!!

    And shouldn’t Piper be in School learning something.. instead of passing out Bookmarks. That Talent won’t get her very far in Life. just saying.
    I guess she could take up beating fish with a Club though. just saying.. Again.

  110. I couldn’t help but applaud the writer of this piece! Outstanding observation and analyzation of truth. Sarah Palin is the absolute worst thing to happen to politics.
    Thank God for truth.

  111. I am not afraid to voice my opinion and can not be held responsible for a individuals reaction to what I have to say, but I never expected this kind of personal attack. This is an opinion optioned blog and I am not part a flock of sheep moving to the Sheppard call. I will not agree with some thing that I can not agree with. Giving someones opinion is a healthy and productive thing to do and it shouldn’t bother anyone to that extreme. You may disagree with my opinion, just as I disagree with yours. Personal attacks are unfounded and uncalled for. I was not putting anything negative towards the article just voicing my opinion on the fact that some people believe that Sarah Palin’s should be stopped from voicing her opinions. I personally think that that is wrong and I believe that everyone has the right to be heard. The thing is you don’t have to listen to her, and calling her listeners weak and needy is just outlandish.

  112. I didn’t answer because I never once “didn’t” support her freedom of speech so why can’t she support mine?

  113. DC I didn’t answer because I never once “didn’t” support her freedom of speech so why can’t she support mine?

  114. DC I am not afraid to voice my opinion and can not be held responsible for a individuals reaction to what I have to say, but I never expected this kind of personal attack. This is an opinion optioned blog and I am not part a flock of sheep moving to the Sheppard call. I will not agree with some thing that I can not agree with. Giving someones opinion is a healthy and productive thing to do and it shouldn’t bother anyone to that extreme. You may disagree with my opinion, just as I disagree with yours. Personal attacks are unfounded and uncalled for. I was not putting anything negative towards the article just voicing my opinion on the fact that some people believe that Sarah Palin’s should be stopped from voicing her opinions. I personally think that that is wrong and I believe that everyone has the right to be heard. The thing is you don’t have to listen to her, and calling her listeners weak and needy is just outlandish.

  115. I’m an Army Veteran, German linguist in Intelligence, stationed in Berlin during the Cold War. My father is a retired Army Colonel, Army Intelligence. Both of my husbands are Air Force veterans, one of which was in AF Intelligence while on active duty, and then was the civilian manager for AF basic training. My son is on a full AF scholarship, with a pilot slot. Furthermore, I have spent almost my entire civilian career working on behalf of veterans at the federal level.

    Sarah Palin is a liar, a narcissist, most likely a sociopath, and definitely a seditionist. She and her supporters stand against everything I have ever stood for and defended.

  116. No one stopped you from speaking, as much as they might have wanted to. And again, you don’t seem to get free speech. You don’t have a right to comment here.

    This is a free market privately owned website.

    Commenting here is a privilege granted to you by the owner.

  117. Check out this website (sorry if this sounds like an advirtisement). It shows how Obama has gotten more accomplished than people realize (or will listen to). Republicans, I dare you to do it.

  118. You know what I think: Anyone who uses that much hair spray has got to have inhaled mega toxins, fried a few too many brain cells (inhailents destroy brain cells), we need to fell sorry for her and then IGNORE her!

  119. When I hear you rail against health care it winds me up. Sarah accuse’s the
    left of forming death panels.
    Sarah endorces Jan Brewer
    Jan Brewer executes first victim Nov. 31 2010
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  120. Let me help you out.

    NO ONE IS TRYING TO STOP SARAH PALIN FROM TALKING. They are commenting on what she says, which is their right.

    LEARN ABOUT YOUR GOVERNMENT BEFORE YOU TROLL. I am sick of your endless stupidity and refusal to deal with the facts. GO GOOGLE what it means to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press!!!!

  121. @idesign – “LOL”? Nice comeback, dimwit. Citing Pravda is either legit for both sides or for neither side — take your pick, but show some balls and some respect for the notion of reasonableness and choose a position on the question.

    No, you’ll impress us with your deafening, cowardly silence. Typical conservative. Take a cheap shot then run away, back under your rock to hide from the rational debate, which you’re guaranteed to lose. I would LOL, if there weren’t so damn many of you know-nothings out there ruining our democracy with your aversion to reasonable, fact-based debate.

  122. Same thing with al Jazeera. Cheney Administration used to praise it all the time for its truthfulness. When they reported truthfully on the invasion and occupation of Iraq, they became just another enemy of the administration.

  123. This article by Ms. Jones seems pretty well-reasoned and self-supporting. My qualms are with describing the self-serving, hypocritical and unpatriotic fear-mongering of Sarah Palin as “treason”. Treason in my understanding is acting to overthrow your own government or harm its ruler. While perhaps the term “treason” is not technically completely inappropriate, it opens the gates of hyperbole to an infestation of Republican masters of the art. The President of the United States is a very important member of the elected government but not a king or other sovereign who should not be insulted by pain of law. Are Palin’s oversimplifications, misstatements and exaggerations pandering to people’s fear and frustration in a way that is tragically detrimental to progress and close to sedition? Yes? Is it “treason” – No. Keep up the good work – no need to overstate your case.

  124. You have the right on this site to disagree, but if we try to go to Palins site C4P we are denied that right. The minute we do not praise the Queen, your opinion is scrubbed from the site, and you are banned. Talk about freedom of speech.

  125. When I hear you rail against health care it winds me up. Sarah accuse’s the
    left of forming death panels.
    Sarah endorces Jan Brewer
    Jan Brewer executes first victim Nov. 31 2010
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it

  126. The situation in AZ is awful and Jan Brewer and her tea bagging henchmen make me sick. Sarah Palin let people die in Alaska under death panels of her own. HYPOCRITES.


  128. Dunno why you give yourself credit for breaking up the love fest. Your hatred for democrats and Russians (who I’m sure you would have loved if you’d bothered to know anything about the publication when they were on “your side,) and any other race, religion, political group, skin color… hasn’t done a thing to mess with my love.

  129. Thanks for a great article. The russians are a great people. Their country has dealt with it’s share of problems, but their journalism just hits the mark. You cannot silence people willing to die, to bring you the news. Putin’s tried, a few times, and succeeded, but they keep writing the stories. I’m glad someone in the world was able to point out this woman’s a shameful example of what should represent America. No more pretenders! They really should make our politicians walk a plank across an active volcano to qualify for the position. It would rule out all but the bold and careful. We can no longer afford to place unqualified people in positions of power. Do the wealthy not see? There is nowhere in the world you can hide any longer. We can find you. “We” being us, all of us. The people who don’t have a castle, or a standing army. The pawns on the chess board, shall flip the board soon enough. Game over.

  130. Julian Assange cannot be accused by the U.S. of treason or of traitorous acts as he is not a citizen of this country. It’s probably too fine a distinction to be understood by Sarah Palin or her fans.

  131. @Shellena – No one is saying Palin CAN’T say what she wants; we’re angry because what she is saying is very often destructive to America’s best interests and deeply and truly unpatriotic. And we’re saying that she ought to be called out for that by the MSM and by the more reasonable people in her own party (if there are any left, which I’m beginning to doubt).

    Sorry, Shellena, you seem nice, but this kind of argument you’re making is a huge part of the reason that political debate in this country has become so dysfunctional. Conservatives are constantly using smoke and mirrors to try to make liberals look as if we’re doing something terrible when we aren’t, all so that conservative politicians can avoid having to answer the ACTUAL, difficult questions at hand.

    In this case, for example, Rush Limbaugh would try to deflect your attention from the troubling nature of Palin’s comments and how they’re being interpreted all over the world by instead fabricating a false issue about liberals trying to “censor” Sarah Palin (even though there is ZERO truth to that red herring). Please, Shellena, don’t listen to the rightwing spinmasters; keep your eye on the ball: The issue is the destructive and nasty nature of the statements Palin has been making about a legitimately elected American president to try to delegitimize him and his authority. Think about it: Bush was installed as President by a Supreme Court decision on party lines, 5-4, after a shady “win” in FL where his brother was the governor — AND YET, even under those circumstances, and with as much as liberals HATED virtually EVERY Bush policy, no prominent Democrat dared to attack Bush’s legitimacy as President or whether he had the country’s best interests at heart. Think about how much Sarah Palin has contributed to the lowering and coarsening of political debate in this country. You’;re ok with that, just because you’re a Republican and this President is a Democrat? Is this how you want the next Republican president treated? Is this good for America?

  132. Ms. Jones. Thank you for your article and casting a new and accuarte light on the behavior of Ms. Palin. She presents a real threat to this country and I hope that the Republicans and others will continue to call her on it and not rely on the international community to do their dirty work. Ugh.

  133. You’re not from the south, I guess:-) Down here, we live with the hatred Palin fuels and yeah, civil unrest, hatred, all kinds of crap is coming down. Feels like treason to me. But it can be debated but why can’t it be spoken?

  134. There’s a difference between opinion and reporting which obviates the accusation of “lie.” Apparently you don’t know the difference, again perhaps a distinction too fine to be understood.

  135. We have plenty to worry about. Ms. Palin’s constant public presence has nearly destroyed the ability of serious politicians to conduct election campaigns. She appeals to the very worst in human nature and creates public commotion in place of public debate. For me personally, this is the prime reason she should not participate in any campaign in 2012.

  136. DC, I read about both of those incidents, the one in Arizona and the ones in Alaksa. Isn’t and wasn’t it absolutely awful. It is terrible to think that we are citizens of a country who would let their own die rather than help them out.

  137. DC, I read about both of those incidents, the one in Arizona and the ones in Alaska. Isn’t and wasn’t it absolutely awful. It is terrible to think that we are citizens of a country who would let their own die rather than help them out.

  138. Freedom of speech does not mean that the speaker is free from criticism. This woman claims to speak for millions of Americans. I would like it noted for the record that she does not speak for me. I can’t help but wonder though . . . will she demand that our government hunt down the Russian journalist and prosecute him for treason? ;-)

  139. Sarah palin has been caught ignorant of the constitution. I have read more books than that woman by the third grade. I know more about the Constitution, and I’m just someone average, and I’m not claiming to run for the president of the U.S. I voted for Obama, and even I noticed, I didn’t get what I paid for. Democrats, Republicans, they’re just a different flavor of turd. You might view my vote for Obama as mistake, but if you voted for George Bush, you might as well drink drano, cause that’s the good you did for yourself and your loved ones. In the last 11 years, he attacked the environment, you know, your drinking water, the air you breathe, etc. You can also thank him for the inflation, keep voting with the rich guy, and you can soon pay them for the privilege to clean their toilets. You need to check your bullshit meter, cause you’re not seeing that Palin is an idiot, and making you look like one. Keep following the party line, they need someone to dig the shitter.

  140. This article speaks what I have been saying and I have been thinking since she started running for vice president. It is right on. The disrespect that Palin and the Republican party has shown to this president goes beyond words and in doing so has caused nothing but harm to our country. I was shocked that the Republicans came out and admitted right after the election that their goal was to “bring Obama down” and to “not compormise”. I guess enough said about that. Palin is in this for the money she could not even finish her term as governor and she can picks the stations she goes on so she does not have to answer any tough questions. She even managed to blow that one on that one far right station by stating our country is allies with North Korea. I guess she forgot to put that one on her hand.

  141. This is where you’re wrong, and consistently are making the same erroneous conclusion. Russian journalists get shot in the head multiple times and throw down steps, for attempting to expose corruption, and still these people work to get the truth out. Your racist comments just prove you’re searching for the “truth” you want to hear. Sarah Palin represents that psycho soccer mom out there who craves power. Unfortunately some folks just like to chase that power at any cost. Follow along, you can be their toady.

  142. Have you been there? Then shut up. It’s this superior attitude, that’s shared amongst all Sarah Palin fans, that they cannot be proven wrong. That they’re from better stuff. To quote my grandma, “Go shit in yer hat”.

  143. So then you clearly understand that Sarah Palin commenting on President Obama isn’t anywhere close to being traitorous, right?

  144. Wow – wild night here !

    MzQuitter has every right to speak – however, as a paid public persona with political influence she should remember, as difficult as it would be, the former half term “I DON’T NEED A TITLE” governor should attempt to be not only factual, but civil in her endless criticism of President Obama. The repeated harping of this …. uninformed mouthpiece for “taking our country back” should learn a bit of diplomacy in addition to fact-checking.

    Again, as MzQuitter has her right to speak – we as citizens have the right to critique her statements, actions and conduct. While fervently praying she finally shuts up. Just as we have the right to criticize the President, Senate, House or Supreme Court for their actions and conduct without resorting to personal attacks.

    One of the, many, palin problems is she not only rages without facts, but fails to provide a trace of an alternative “common sense” solution. She obviously believes that who shouts the loudest & longest wins. It is very tiresome, not only for Americans, but worldwide.

    “A loud voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it’s a whisper” Bary Neal Kaufman

  145. Yeah, as if basic human rights were ever on Sarah Palin’s list. Tell us, Shellena, why did Sarah Palin let Alaskan disabled and elderly DIE waiting for care?

  146. Well, she won’t shut up- she’s in all the papers, governing from Facebook like some drunken frousy monkey and she is on all kinds of tacky reality tv shows and fox news so she’s not exactly a private citizen. Oh, yeah and her two odes to money (books as she calls them). You claim she’s a private citizen? She’s as private as Britney SPears’ private parts.

  147. Loyal Miss Clueless Lemming, your pathetically ignorant idol is embarrassing on a global scale. That’a because a vast number of sane people the whole over are not dumbed down like you and your ilk! Miss Faux Politician is dumb as a fence post!

  148. You have every right to criticize Sarah Palin (or anyone, for that matter). You don’t recognize the hypocrisy in calling her a traitor for speaking her mind?

    It’s one thing to point out the stupidity in calling her political opponents unAmerican, but you lose credibility when you respond by calling YOURS traitors.

    I’ve yet to see a single champion of “civil discourse” actually engage in their definition of civil discourse. The reality is that American discourse, in general, is extremely civil. The rhetoric isn’t always polite because we’re not a polite society; we’re a free republic.

    Want to protest against war and compare Bush to Hitler? Fine.
    Want to protest Obama’s economic policy and compare him to Stalin? No problem. At least we don’t hit the streets with molotov cocktails.

  149. This is perfectly true and tells it so much like it really is. I wish everyone in the country could read this and get it. This woman Palin is a scary sociopath and is ruthless in her pursuit of money and fame, she is mean, vindictive and hateful. All in the name of God. If there ever was a hypocrite and evil force in politics, this is it.

  150. Right, it’s everyone else who isn’t being reasonable — Not Palin. And yet you say nothing about behavior that certainly is walking the line of treason. And who said it first anyway?> Oh, just other countries. BY all means, ignore it and blame everyone else in the name of “reason” and when Sarah Palin comes for you, and she will, dont’ come crying to us. See the people in Alaska – many of them Republicans- if you don’t believe it. And what is more traitorous than being a secessionist?

    You still think we should be “reasonable” and by reasonable you mean nice,not truthful.

  151. She does have a political title: Saint Sarah the Quitter Half-Governor of the Frozen Tundra and Pro-American Too Supporting the Troops There and Patriots Everywhere Also”

  152. Julian Assange is not a traitor because he is not a citizen of the United States. His hobby of obtaining and disseminating classified documents could very easily be considered espionage.

    The only thing saving Assange from the wrath of the CIA is a technicality. He isn’t (or doesn’t appear to be) working on behalf of a specific state. If he continues to toy with Russia, they will not grant him the same consideration.

  153. You’re just like your demented idol, in that you cannot and will never accept a highly intelligent black man in the WH. For some of you it’s rabid racism; for others, like Miss Doughhead, it’s a combination of racism and insane jealousy, for she wants all the good things the Obamas have in spades like intelligence, class, etc.

  154. Depends. I’m in a red state surrounded by some of the most under-educated, bubble headed, half-inch-deep thinkers anywhere. In 2008, moms at my son’s school would say idiotic things like, “I looooove Sarah, because she has KIDS, just like ME!”

    It would be a sad day for America, but maybe our country has been dumbed down so thoroughly that someone with intellectual limitations as severe as Palin’s *could* end up as a presidential nominee. She certainly would fit right in with what I see around me daily: hokey uber-patriotism, a microscopic worldview, perpetual Obama-bashing, and fear of any religion other than evangelical Bible-thumping Christian.

  155. The congressional budget office finds the health cars plan reduces the debt by a trillion over ten years but lime a typical right wing dummy .tberes no knowledge in your statement

  156. Sad days are these with people like brewer, palin and sanford telling their starving, sick, elderly and disabled tough crap — pray.

  157. Outstanding post, Sarah Jones!

    From the very first, Mrs. Palin was groomed for a specific function which she herself described: a pitbull with lipstick. The GOP were more than happy to allow this foaming-at-the-mouth caricature wreak havoc upon PO and this country in last two years because it promoted their main goal of trying to undermine PO and destabilize the country.

    Now, the GOP pretend publicly as if they don’t know how to get rid of her … but they do … and they will. The party who could swing the 2000 and 2004 elections in favor of GWB will have no trouble dispensing with a jumped-up housewife from Alaska with an uncontrollable, nasty mouth when she’s no longer useful. It will be done behind the scenes … but it will be done … because Palin would be a big loser for the 2012 ticket. The GOP might not be too interested in actually governing, but they are intensely interested in winning at any cost.

  158. Thank you for this commentary and especially the links demonstrating how shameful and seditious Palin’s remarks are. She doesn’t have to agree with or even like our president, but she can certainly stop spreading her disrespectful, nasty, and divisive rhetoric from sea to shining sea. Money before morals, politics before true patriotism, foolishness before facts–that’s Palin.

    And Melangell, thank you so much for chiming in and for your family’s contributions. One of the things that offends me most is the way Palin shamelessly exploits the military while advocating the very tactics that damage all Americans.

  159. I can’t believe you people are so obsessed by Sarah Palin who doesn’t hold office and can’t pass laws that might change americas direction. What you should start looking at are the people (czars) who Obama surrounds himself with and you can’t tell me that these are the people you would hang out with unless you to are socialist. Sarah Palin will not run for president.

  160. Sarah Jones your post is outstanding! This is what I have been waiting to see for some time. Thank God there are people looking in to this nightmare that are not caught up in the ridiculous media hype of Sarah Palin. I thank you S Jones and Jason for the sanity you bring to the reality of the current political climate. I hope this post goes viral and is able to reach the hearts and minds of all rational Americans before it’s too late. What Sarah Palin and the GOP has done and are doing to this country is destructive, heartless, shameful, criminal and extremely cancerous. We need to unite and support our President in serving the people of the United States of America before this country is eaten alive from within.

  161. How many journalist have been murdered in Russia lately? Go ahead and use Pravda as a new source and while you are at it check out Copusa.

  162. I’m so excited to find you wonderful people! Well, everyone but that drunk Shellena… she’s shellacked.

    You are the best! It’s like I found a home! Thank you, thank you….

    G’nite ;~0

  163. I see a lot of truth in this article and it’s great to see someone showing how Sarah Palin’s behavior is affecting the larger picture. But I’m disturbed by the reaction people have had to Shellena. Sure, if you disagree say something but insulting her because you’re not liking what she’s saying? She wasn’t calling names, she wasn’t being nasty and she wasn’t saying that people shouldn’t be voicing their opinions (which honestly is the message that some of you basically gave to her), she simply said that she was concerned that what was being said about Palin was similar to what happened during the Bush era when speaking out against the war in Iraq could instantly label a person as a traitor (it happened to me at Country Kitchen in fact…not a pretty scenario let me tell you…). I didn’t get the feeling at all that Shellena was trying to troll, I got the feeling that she was trying to politely open up a topic of conversation. Isn’t that the point: to constantly question things? I know I certainly do. It’s possible to agree with the meat of something but to take issue with a part of the message. Weren’t the Bush years divisive enough without us folks on the other side doing the same thing? Sheesh, that’s what’s at the heart of this whole article, the “us against them” mentality is destroying this country and what’s going on in the comments section from members of both sides? The same thing.

    I’ll be honest, I agree with the message of this article but it does open up some questions. As other folks mentioned Sarah Palin has a responsibility as a celebrity and politician to as Sarah said “speak with some caution” and to put it bluntly not just randomly make up things. And it’s been very damaging, it still shocks me that people actually buy that phony, home-spun accent of hers and the ridiculous crap that comes out of her mouth. Does that make her a traitor? I’m not fully sure on that one, a slanderer for sure. So what do we do about it? For that matter what do we do about the republican majority making choices with the goal of discrediting our president with no concern for the effect it has on the country itself (which to me seems to be a more clear-cut example of traitorous behavior).

  164. Is this for real? None of you think that Jason is being a bully? You’re really applauding this?

    I’ve been saying for the past few years that I’m just as liberal as I’ve always been but that I’m ashamed to admit it. This discussion is a good example of why.

  165. Excellent article! Speaking as an independent who hails from a deeply conservative state, my mind continues to boggle as to how such hatemongers as Palin, Beck, and Rush are allowed to continue dominating our national attention and opinion while masquerading behind the guise of “Patriots.” To my mind they are more akin to the Nazi propaganda machine just prior to Hitler’s rise to power than are the liberal and moderates that they paint with that brush. It makes me shudder to think what will arise in their wake if the course of public debate in this country in not changed. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it, and really, which groups have been dabbling more in revisionist history and the dumbing down of the education system in this country than the conservatives?

    As for the commentary following, Shellena, there is a great quote that you should take to heart: “You’re entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.” This is something that should be made doubly accountable for any public figure.

    One of the great wrongs being committed in this country and largely perpetuated by the media is giving the same weight and veracity to opinion as fact holds. This is a dangerous and foolish course as people will continue to believe an opinion no matter how much factual evidence is presented to them that is contrary to that opinion. Such a wrongly held belief can delay progress at best, or it can lead a nation to utter ruin. When a people blindly believes the opinions that are fed to them over actual verifiable evidence and facts, their freedoms are forfeit because their reality and basis for freedom are then shaped on the beliefs and whims of another.

    You will probably ignore and discount this as well, Shellena, because it doesn’t jive with your own opinion, but you are the perfect example of what such an opinion-based belief system has wrought. I have looked carefully over every comment you have made here, and yet you could not provide one shred of evidence or fact to back your claims or positions. Your attacks against the author of this article likewise are no better and when confronted you change the focus or direction of your argument rather than standing up to it because in the end you have nothing better than opinion to back you.

    You only provide opinions in the face of all the facts of Sarah Palin being caught in lie after countless lie and her baseless claims and accusations against Obama. And every one of those opinions you proffer as your own are no more than the echoes and mouthings of the Conservative propaganda machine and Palin’s own ravings.

    You are exactly what they hope for, someone who claims to be free and independent of mind and thought when in reality everything coming out of you is what they put there and no amount of fact will dissuade “your opinion.” There is enough of that in my own state to know it when I see it.

    The best advise I can offer you is read up on your history and stop listening to the media, both sides of it. Look at the facts clearly without the filter or mouthpieces of either side telling you how to interpret it. Form your own true opinions and ideas from the facts and you’ll be a wiser and better informed person.

  166. The GOP appears to have forgotten what they did and said after the 2008 election because they are blaming President Obama for not reaching out to them for the last two years. He did reach out but possibly not as much as he would have considering they had already given him fair warning that they were not going to work with him. We should have fired all of them at that time. They were collecting a paycheck but not doing their job. Now they are talking about how the elections indicated the American people want them to make sure the tax cuts remain in place, that they repeal health care and apparently, they read into the results as if they said, “investigate the Obama administration.”

    Palin has badmouthed President Obama since March 2009, pretending that she was the one who had been running for President rather than V.P., in an attempt to remind people that they missed out on having her running the country and how much better it would have been. However, she has never once offered a policy that showed what she would do diffferently. She whines and pouts like a pre-teen who had her feelings hurt when the boy she had a crush on for the past month picked another girl to walk home from school.

    I’ve never seen a candidate who was defeated behave in such a childish manner, especially one who was running for the 2nd highest office in the country. Her obsession with the President is overwhelming. Her ‘bots on C4P make up stories of how President Obama is upset & frustrated with Palin’s popularity but I’m beginning to believe that she thinks these stories are true. His answer to Barbara Walters couldn’t have been a bigger F.U. to Sarah when he said “I don’t think about Sarah Palin”. In other words, I’m far too busy with the job of running the country to worry about a gnat flying about the room. Let somebody else swat it and kill it. That is apparently what is now being done. They’re going to get rid of that gnat!

  167. Were you as concerned about President Bush’s czars? His outnumbered President Obama’s. As for Palin, many of us find it highly hypocritical that someone who claims to be a patriot would repeatedly criticize and ridicule the POTUS simply because they are a jealous little girl who was defeated in an election. She’s also appeared to have become confused as to what office she was running for. If she was going to criticize her opponent, she should have gone after Vice President Biden. Her repeated attacks on President Obama are indicative of Palin’s thinking that it was she who would have been President, not McClain. Her attacks also show that she has no alternative policy to offer, just immature, catty remarks. Thanks, $arah, for reminding us almost daily that we dodged a bullet when you & McCain were defeated and soundly so.

  168. This really is an outstanding article. So refreshing! I look forward to seeing more articles by Sarah Jones. Fine job.

  169. Um…words have actual meanings. You obviously don’t know them. You shouldn’t open your mouth, not because you are sympathetic with a traitor and your speech should be limited, but because you are too willfully ignorant to actually take part in a conversation with people who have a greater than 80 IQ.

  170. But Sarah-bots sure are patriotic-y and flag wavey and all….which is how you can tell a “rill Amurikan”, you betcha!

    ~ wink! ~

  171. WOW! Many of us have suggested that her words and actions frequently border on sedition. You said it so clearly and so well I nearly clapped sitting here at my desk. I still might. For sure I am spreading the link and am so happy that one of your readers took the time to mention it in an HP thread comment. You know, the one of maybe eight running per day.

  172. Chinese!? That is the language that they are speaking of the country called North Korea, which is our valuable asset, there in Europe!

    *eats crunchwrap*

  173. @Sarah Jones.

    May I commend you for one of the most outstanding articles regarding Sarah Palin to date. It is puzzling to me how we sit back as Americans and daily watch her and her kind eviscerate our elected President. I am 59 and have never in my lifetime experienced such blatant disrespect for the office of the president. What we are allowing them to do is unconscionable! I vividly recall how ANY form of dissent was considered to be un-American and traitorous in a time of war. Why has that suddenly changed?

    Thank you for an amazing article, which must go viral. I got the link from a Huffpo poster, and I have now tweeted and facebooked it.

    Unlike Sarah Palin, her minions, the Republicans and Baggers, you are a true patriot. Please continue speaking out.

  174. Sarah Palin and belief in the constitution are two thoughts I would never have thought I would see together. Sarah Palin’s thoughts on the Constitution are very much the same as Bush 2. How was he put it? “Don’t tell me about the constitution! It’s just a GD piece of paper.” Yes, he said it, and yes, she follows it.

    I am constantly amazed at how many people think the constitution is only right for what they want to believe is right, and in every other case, it is not applicable. the phrase “If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t be worried” is NOT the right way to think when the principles of the Constitution are involved. The constitution was written PRECISELY to protect against that kind of thinking/action. If I have nothing to worry about, then it’s none of the Government’s or anyone else’s business who I call, email, or talk to. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty or security.” Ms Palin and her followers should try to remember that.

  175. Let’s just have a look at what Sarah did for her lovely state.

    “Alaska leads the nation in child abuse, suicide, rape, incest, teen pregnancy, STDees and alcoholism.”

    Alaska is the #1 welfare state in the nation.
    State of Dependency

    Drop out rate: Double US average

    Meth Capital of America

    Heating Oil Prices

  176. Sarah Palin is a boil on the body-politic which needs to be lanced. This Scotsman thanks you very much for your well-researched article.


  177. Oh really? And this from someone who lives in the heart of Socialist North America? Canada has one of the most socialist systems in the world. And yes, I know that for a fact, having lived there for the first 41 years of my life.

    You have a very distorted view of things, and the fact that you keep expressing those views, even though every time you do they are proven to be erroneous, proves only one thing: You “cannot see the forest for the trees”. Sometimes, even those people we agree with are wrong. But to read your posts, Sarah Palin can do no wrong. Well, yes she can, and does. Often. She lies. She spreads vicious and hateful lies about the things that most people are the most concerned about. I have seen others who do the same thing. You might remember one. His name was Brian Mulroney. He was Prime Minister of Canada during the worst economic recession Canada ever had. And he was elected based on lies, and re-elected based on other lies. After he left office, and people really looked at his record, nobody would admit they ever voted for him. Is that what it will take for you to see Palin for what she really is? That is a frightening thought.

  178. No one argues the “right to free speech” at all. But “free speech” does have a price tag beyond “our soldiers fighting to retain it for us.” It also carries the onus for responsible speech. Stating innuendo as fact is not responsible. Stating that the head of one’s nation is behaving traitorously, is not responsible. The deliberate characterization of someone as a slathering, mad dog agent of hate against the country he is head of, is not a responsible use of our right to free speech. It’s slander, at best.

    IF there is evidence for any of her statements against President Obama – hard, courtroom acceptable evidence, then present it. Either here, or in a courtroom. palin is not showing evidence of anything other than becoming a one-note melody in her incessant attacks on the President, attacks with either no foundation in fact, or with no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

    Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that much of what palin states can be found in her own background. Medicaid was administered so very poorly in Alaska during her aborted term of office, that more than 200 elderly died while waiting to be assessed or reassessed. The program was actually shut down in Alaska – by Federal officials -for a short period, to address that administrative failing. There’s yer death panel. One of ’em, anyway.

    Lately, she’s claimed that Obama was “not vetted properly.” This, from the woman whose vetting consisted of a couple of GOP guys, a computer and google. There’s the origin of the “lack of vetting.”

    Innuendo, projection, and pronouncements of rabid opinion is not responsible use of free speech. Instead, it is reprehensible, cowardly and despicable. And that is what many of us are taking issue with.

  179. My apoogies for the overuse of italics; I could have sworn I closed ’em after “any.”

    Sorry, y’all.

  180. Nice soundbite. Listen to the whole of the show sometime.

    Krugman’s sarcasm and humor are lost on you. And, yes, I’ve met him, and talked with him, and listened to him for more than a chopped soundbite. That you actually believe that a Nobel Prize winning economist would be serious about saying that, and, notably, your youtube link cuts off right after it, and in the middle of his commentary.

  181. Great article, Sarah. Also – there’s a typo in it. There should be an “of” in between blood and her in the following line:

    Ms Palin stands for a level of vitriolic, simmering revulsion so steeped in delusions of self-righteousness, it’s tough to swim to sanity once you’ve been washed in the blood her particular lamb.

    Again, I really thought the article was great.

  182. What a joke. She is accusing this administration of treason type activities and you have decided Obama and this admin is right and pure, and therefore she is the traitor because she doesn’t ‘agree’ with this treasonous type movement. You guys are amazing. You are getting your butt kicked by the truth so you start going back to the ‘American foundation’ to accuse someone who is trying to preserve just that, to justify your case.

    Its called a smoke screen. The bottom line is the truth is coming forward and Palin knows the truth. Time for you to try to hide behind the things that made America great until you are empowered (good luck), than start talking about all the things that are wrong with this same foundation. Its double talk.

    Unfortunately for you, God is done letting liberal people manipulate the Grace that he shed on us. He is calling the church of principle to come forth and its happening.

    First He woke us up as we saw a government that was disregarding the wishes of the majority of people blatantly and pompously(ie. pushing health care through) .

    I could go on but if you haven’t got the point by now, nothing I say will convince you.

    For all that agree. God bless you as the battle is the Lord’s. Do and say what He puts on your heart.

  183. In defense of Falkun: he said he liked the article. He is simply pointing out the fact that another poster disagreeing with you (saying that what Palin’s done is not bad enough to be traitorous), whether that poster is right or wrong, is not the same thing as trying to limit your freedom of speech/press. And also, there were typos. I saw them, too.

    And I 100% agree with you AND agree she is a @#$&ing traitor. Pointing out typos is not a form of Palin-worshiping subversion.

    I saw at least two, maybe three typos. One was “can” instead of “if” in one place, or perhaps an additional “can”: “can Sarah can”; I don’t remember the other one(s)–a misplaced or forgotten article, perhaps. It’s a long article and I’m not getting paid to proofread it. But I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless.

  184. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that you are at fault here, Sarah. I was replying to the other poster who thinks this guy is a Palinbot because he pointed out typos and had his own opinion about what constitutes a traitor (again, right or wrong).

    And someone pointed out another typo — the “of” missing from the blood of the lamb bit. That was the other one I remember seeing.

  185. LOL is not typically part of my standard working dictionary, but this really did make me LOL. You totally rock, Karen!

  186. I am sitting at my computer applauding Sarah Jones! FANTASTIC commentary!!!!!!!!
    Sarah Palin is an absolute embarrassment to this country and anyone that believes otherwise are also an embarrassment! Just sayin

  187. Unfornately, you’ll never win an argument with the Palin zealots, they are blind ,deaf and dumb. Palin is an excercise in hypocrisy, they are blind followers. I recall in HS writing a term paper on the holocaust, and trying to imagine how Hitler could ever have gotten so many to follow him or hide thier heads in the sand. To me it was unimaginble – but now I look at her supporters and the followers of people like Glenn Beck and understand how a vocal minority can take control. Its scary that such a minority can be so manipulted and lack reason or question any retoric or action as outrageous as thier rants. They support actions that are directly opposed to thier own interests.

  188. It is YOU who don’t know fully what you’re talking about when you state that, “but since High Schools don’t teach basic civics classes anymore, I wouldn’t expect you to know that.” Until I retired last year after 33 years in the classroom, I taught civics to 10th graders. Civics doesn’t cover the different political systems, but U.S. History, which I taught also, does. Civics focuses on the American political system to the exclusion of all others as its main purpose is to educate students on the Constitution, the three branches of government, the principles of democracy, and our economic system.

  189. I am so glad that you and I don’t seem to be reading the same Bible! Mine states that all leaders are chosen by God and should be respected. Nowhere in the NT of my Bible is Jesus portrayed as a lying, hypocritical shill for corporatists. In fact, Jesus has little respect for the rich and for those who use their belief in God in a public way to serve their own purposes, something Palin and many “conservatives” do, just as the Sadduccees and Pharisees Jesus rebuked did. Jesus also warned Christians about aligning themselves with these false prophets like Palin.

    It’s also quite obvious that what Jesus said about the heart and the mouth is true. What comes out of a person’s mouth is what is in his heart, and the fact that you would deny helping those who are less fortunate is clear from your comment about the ACA. Jesus was able to heal the sick. The ACA will help to do this and I fully support it because I am a Christian who takes the teachings of Jesus seriously. Jesus clearly stated that showing one’s Christianity through one’s actions is more pleasing in God’s sight than words which achieve nothing for anyone. It seems that with the type of Christianity you practice, Jesus would see many people who are sick and suffering and walk by them without saying one word or doing anything. Alexander is right. You should go and read your Bible again..

  190. I’ve lived in the south, too, DC (east TX…*shudder*). I can absolutely attest that Fox news, Rush, Beck, and Palin are absolutely revered in those parts. Fox news is in just about every establishment that has a TV. It’s a huge population of ultra conservative Christians. Some of them (usually the older ones) are still quite racists. I know this for a fact because I have heard the garbage out of their mouths and have relatives who live there that still use the *n* word. Very sad.

  191. Sarah is the vampire, and Pravda is Van Helsing who drove the wooden stake through her heart.

    That’s what brought you to the blog to defend her so vigorously.

    Everything Sarah wrote in her post is verifiable, but you’re in denial because you LIKE Palin, and nothing else matters to you. She is ignorant, and you like her because she’s just like YOU. You’re just as unpatriotic as she since you have chosen to join a cult of personality instead of doing what’s best for our country and its people.

  192. Palin is the biggest liar and retard in the USA right now. She needs to do the world a favor and jump into the Bering Sea never to be seen again.

  193. Fascism is right-wing. Socialism is left-wing. I know. I studied the history of fascism and Nazism at Penn State University.

    Obama’s version of healthcare, which I don’t think goes nearly far enough, is more like socialism than fascism. The U.S. is the only nation in the developed world which does not guarantee healthcare – I should know. I am one of the 1/6 of Americans who has no health care. I just racked up a $40,000 bill when I underwent a 3-day hospitalization for a heart attack last month, and there is no way I could afford to pay that bill. Most developed nations have single-payer healthcare, including Canada. I have Canadian friends who would move here in a heartbeat if we had a healthcare system nearly as good as theirs.

    If you re-read that definition of fascism, it closely resembled the Bush regime. Bush had more power than any previous president (he could have anyone arrested for any reason – or no reason at all – and have them declared an “enemy combatant” just on his whim, which would then remove them from having Constitutional rights); he had dissenting voices followed and investigated; he was completely in cahoots with industry and allowed them the loosest rein since before the Sherman Anti-Trust Act; and there was more flag-waving than in all of George M. Cohan’s works combined.

    Under the Bush administration, U.S. flags flew at half-staff longer than they had for all the previous administrations in my lifetime combined (even for foreign dignitaries including Pope John Paul II, which was never before allowed), and I was born in the early days of the LBJ administration.

    Racism wasn’t as big a factor as in Nazi Germany, but the tea party is rife with racists who can’t stand the fact that there is someone with African ancestry in the White House. The birthers can’t accept the fact that Obama was born to a natural-born U.S. citizen (his mother), which makes it completely irrelevant where the president was born, as he is a birthright U.S. citizen.
    Mark wrote:
    Actually…I do know what fascism is, and these aren’t talking points – they are bonafide opinions. We’re allowed to have differing opinions…but since High Schools don’t teach basic civics classes anymore, I wouldn’t expect you to know that.

    By the way…how exactly doesn’t the Healthcare debacle even remotely remind you of a facist state? The American people, for the most part, said “NO!” to what has become known as Obamacare, yet we’re still saddled with the untold debt it will surely bring.

    Here…read the definition of fascism: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

    Sounds pretty dead on to me, with the exception of “nationalism” of course…thus my comment that fascism is “on the rise”. Then again – I’m thinking with my head…not that place where all your warm and fuzzy feelings come from when Mr. Obama speaks.

  194. Treason is commonly described as giving aid and assistance to our nation’s enemies. Palin has done this. She declared war on Islam over the construction of Park 51 after being told by Secretary Gates and other military officials that doing so would place our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq in more danger. She wasn’t concerned about them. Her only concern was keeping her name in the news. I wonder whether she would have been so cavalier had her son still been in one of these theaters. She waded willy nilly into the debate armed with little knowledge/information but with an intent to hurt the president by manipulating the emotions of those who believe her nonsense.

    Somewhere among the cells in your brain, you should have asked yourself how you would have felt had you had a loved one who Palin’s words could have caused to NOT return home to you.

    Your response and comments on freedom of speech indicate a lack of knowledge of what the words mean, or you’re deliberately distorting the meaning of freedom of speech to support and defend Palin. In either case, you’re an example of someone who needs to study our constitution and our nation’s history more intensively.

  195. I’ve read the full article (and LOVED IT!) and then read each and every one of the comments thus far.

    Arguing with the SP Defenders is like trying to catch a greased pig. Just when you get a grip on them with some inescapable rational logic, they squeal, squirm and run away oinking some other totally bogus BS lies wrapped in idiocy.

    Shellena is just one of many ignorant fools who have drunk from the cup of stupidity presented by a wholly divisive, uninformed spewer of wrongs, distortions and outright lies delivered with a wink.

    Sarah Palin is a pox on our democracy, just as many of the sitting GOP representatives are boils on the backside of our democracy. They exist for their own and their special interest masters, they do not give a whit about typical Americans. They do not give a damn about undoing the incredible harm 8 years of Bush did to our country. They only care about obstructing any success from that “black guy” in the White House.

    I would personally like to shake the hand of any sitting Republican elected official who has publicly come out against the divisive rhetoric of people like Palin, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Rove, Cheney, McConnell, Cantor, Boehneer (that’s MISTER Oompa Loompa to you, buddy!) and all the rest of them. They are behaving like petulant children at a playground, pissed off and whining because someone else is using the swings.

    To my brethren fighting the good fight against these ignorant fools parroting GOP talking points despite their easily demonstrated factual “challenges” I say Thank You. Thank you for standing up for our country and for what is right. Reason can and must eventually drown out the idiotic and hateful rhetoric of the Right (always hate that term for them, they are clearly the Wrong).

  196. You are a total and complete fool. No one is saying Obama is “pure,” but we are commenting on the ignorance and disrespect that comes from Palin on a daily basis. She is an ignorant fool who needs to go back to Alaska, because she has nothing of value to offer in politics. I would be willing to bet that if it had been GW disrespected in that way by a Democrat, you would be accusing that person of treason. People in foreign nations already see Palin as a sad joke, and she has proven to be a major international embarrassment. If she did what she does in countries like Iran, punishment would be swift and certain.

    As for invoking God, it’s ironic that you would invoke religion when defending someone who has violated at least one important commandment, which is not to bear false witness against one’s neighbors. Another one she has violated is the one about having no other gods before Him, and it’s plain that her god is money. I love how people like you try to invoke religion in order to bash liberals, when congressmembers of your own party are the ones kicking people who are already down. These same people you would label as having “family values”
    strain at the gnat of extending unemployment benefits for people who are on their last leg, while swallowing the camel of working to extend tax cuts to those who do not need them and are doing quite well under this administration.

    What it boils down to is that you have fallen for the okey doke from people who cynically use religion as a wedge issue, when they couldn’t care less about you unless you have money. They are a bunch of sick and twisted people, and Palin is a visible symptom of their warped thinking.

  197. If I were you, I’d hide my head in shame. The same “leftist principles” you are now debasing are the same ones our founding fathers fought and died for–representative government, majority rule, consent of the governed, limited government (the real one, not the popularized slogan used by today’s conservatives that has no connection to the true meaning of the term.)

    Had it been left up to the 18th Century conservatives (Tories,) we’d be known as the United States of Britain. Go back to school or embark on a course of independent study of American history and government to learn just what kind of people fought for America’s independence from Great Britain, please. Hint: it wasn’t the 18th Century conservatives living in North America at the time.

    It’s embarrassing that so many Americans don’t realize that America owes its independence to the very “leftists” that they demonize today.

    Someone like yourself would want to tar and feather Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Adams, Hamilton, Revere, Morris, and the other founding fathers if they lived today for being “too far to the left.”

  198. You hit the nail on the head! It is clear why John McCain lost the 2008 election, Sarah Palin. We also forget that when President Obama was handed the keys to the nation, the car was already up on blocks with half the wheels gone. Two years later, people are starting to call George W. Bush one of the best Presidents. I find it funny how people forget what just happened and revise history. I suppose it is all perception.

    I recently listened to a born-again Christian telling me that our nation needs to fail. He’s praying for us to fail because then we will finally turn towards God. Apparently we’ve become a Godless country. It left me scratching my head, realizing that religion and politics shouldn’t be mixed. It leads to extremism. It leads to suicide bombings. It leads to Sarah Palin in control.

    I fall into the Christian category, but do I really want one style of the faith to dictate what I believe as a nation? Look what religion did for violence in Ireland. They are both Christian religions and they still couldn’t see eye to eye.

    I guess if you want to put someone in power by willing the failure of your rival, you have to do it walking over the backs of your fellow citizens. Ultimately, we all fail. Personally, I want our nation to succeed. I don’t care what political party is in the White House at the time. To wish any differently is just petty.

  199. “Obama was a mistake from the begining(sp)!”

    The world in a nutshell, according to a Palinbot.

    Ask Palin. She’ll tell you that God doesn’t make mistakes.

    ******Snickering delightedly.******

  200. “Love feast,” what’s that?

    Now, love fest, I’ve heard of.

    In your world everyone has a certain label and there’s no allowing for individual character traits, is there?

    I say this because, according to your comment, everyone in Russia is exactly the same as the guy who wrote this article and therefore, are worthy of being discredited by you for the purpose of protecting St. Sarah, right?

    That’s like saying that I believe what you believe about Palin because we live in the same country, and nothing could be further from the truth!

    Thoughts should be orderly, connected and lead to a logical/reasonable conclusion.

    Philosophy 101, anyone?

  201. The US Constitution?


    You don’t know the first, or last, thing about it. It’s amazing that you even know how to spell it. I guarantee you that you’ve never studied it on your own or paid attention in High School when it was being taught.

    ‘The US Constitution’ is just a meaningless set of words coming from you.

  202. Jason,
    That’ll be a full time job. So many of the conservatives have been led by the members of their political parties to believe things about American history, the constitution, their fellow citizens, our government, etc, that have no real bases in reality.

    For example, many conservatives believe that limited government refers to the size of the government, passing laws they don’t like, or the amount of money the government spends, but it doesn’t. It refers to constraining the power of the government to abuse the rights of its citizens, something which the Bill of Rights covers.

    I don’t think any of us who know American history/government would ever have enough time to “correct” the mistakes which are the result of a thorough campaign of successful brainwashing by conservative leaders that folks like Shellena have bought into.

  203. With all due respect…

    If the majority of those polled in America were disappointed with the Healthcare bill, it was because a large portion wanted more, not less from it. Universal health care in a single payer system got scrapped off the bat, leading to significant grumbling.

    It might not be a bad idea if you did some serious research and provided facts re: the big “NO” said by “Americans,” and also if you explored in greater detail just what fascism is about. From my vantage point, President Obama is doing his best to rein in corporate greed, while Mrs. Palin doesn’t want any restrictions placed on corporations even if it means sacrificing the environment for yet one more dollar of profits (Exxon, BP, Pebble Mine…).

  204. It’s ciao bella, dear Shellena.

    Those of us who paid attention in class know the difference.

    As a retired schoolteacher and owner of multiple undergraduate and graduate college degrees, I fully endorse the suggestion given to you by several here to return to school.

    Nothing embarrasses me more than an American who memorializes his/her ignorance in perpetuity on the internet.

  205. I don’t think anyone should be silenced for what they say, including Sarah Palin. However, we pay too much attention to her outlandish statements. She says the ridiculous to give herself attention to set herself apart from others in the field. I plan on ignoring what she says because there isn’t anything in the constitution that tells me I have to listen to her ramblings.

    If the Republican party expects to win the 2012 election, they really should put up a decent candidate or they will get a repeat of 2008. New ideas would be great too. Tax cuts and reduced spending only goes so far. This is a country that has grown into instant gratification. We want everything “now” because technology has created the ability to get everything “now.” I’m not sure what worked 20 years ago will work today. I’d have respect for a Republican who could step up to the plate, work with the President, help him improve what he is working for instead of immediately trying to tear his work down. That’s the kind of politician I’d vote for.

  206. Nice summary Majii. I see Shellenas by the truckload where I live. If you ever do get a chance to really sit down and talk facts and then provide references, books, articles, everything–eventually they begin to question their indoctrination. It does literally takes a substantial amount of time and effort. It’s like trying to explain quantum physics to someone who doesn’t “get”algebra. I’m really not trying to be condescending either. There are many, many things that I am painfully ignorant about; however, I would like to think that I am bright enough to know when I am in over my head and need to seek out the advice of someone I trust to point me in the right direction. Furthermore, I would never argue with someone regarding an issue that I haven’t thoroughly researched. That is what irritates me the most.

  207. Response to Ann – You liberals only whine when you don’t have control, you dictate when you do have control and now that the Conservitive Wing has a voice, that is being heard, you don’t like it one bit!

    Look at how YOU and YOUR kind attacked George Bush, talk about treason, you have no right to even use the word! Sarah has and continues to enlighten the country as to what this administration is all about. Obama, notice how I didn’t say “President” hasn’t produced his birth certificate, what normal red blooded American wouldn’t show he was born on this soil, if they were being questioned? I believe he wasn’t born here and that’s why he won’t produce his true birth certificate, take that to the bank…

    Also, what sitting real President, do you know that has ever stood by another world leader and has critisized one of his countries states in defense of another country? When Obama stood next to the little tirant from Mexico and told him that Arizona was wrong for deporting his country men, who entered the country illegally by the way. Committed Treason and no one blinked, where’s your outrage here? If we continue to let illegals stay with no recourse, we end up with the potential of another yet larger scale attack within our boarders. It’s not just the people from the south, that we’re against, it’s anyone who enters illegally! Get this straight, the world is not your grandparents world, it may be more and yet at a higher scale, your great grandparents world, when it comes to our enemies. Boarders need to be secure, we need to know who is coming in and we need to protect YOU and the rest of the citizens of this country!

    We can turn our cheek and it won’t be justed slapped, it will be run over if you give the enemies of this country a chance. I say, don’t let this happen! Fight, just like your forefathers have done and keep America free!

  208. Yes, because Bush invading a nation based on a lie is the exact same thing as you people wishing you hadn’t lost an election. CLue: Bush didn’t put the invasion to a vote. He lied to congress and put a “if this then that” to the vote. The “If” he lied about.

    People who READ and PAY attention objected to this as did most of the world.

    That is not the same thing you clowns pretending Obama isn’t a citizen and that healthcare is socialism. See, you’re just flat out wrong and your opinion doesn’t change facts.

    It was patriotic to question what Bush did – and still, no lawmaker or Democratic leader stood up and called him a liar, un-american or someone who doesn’t love their country.

    Before Palin there were RULES about behavior. She is the drunken boor at a funeral and she wouldn’t know how to behave anywhere other than a reality tv show. Speaking of which, seeing her in her short short skirt at Memorial Day presentation brought this all home. She’s a clown and the only people who defend her are people like you.

  209. Sarah, you are preaching to the choir, but I don’t mind. I’m officially an Independent. I’m the guy that would vote for the right candidate. However… I’ve had to resort to voting for the candidate that least scares the hell out of me.

    I live by the more important rule that you can find versions in most religions: The Golden rule. “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”

    If we all lived by this rule, we wouldn’t let greed direct policy. Meanwhile, this middle-class guy needs to pay for my son’s 3/4 of a day visit to the hospital for a removed appendix that cost nearly $3,000. That is with insurance. I will get it paid off, but I’m left scratching my head, thinking, “What if I was unemployed and my insurance ran out?” That is me thinking about someone else instead of just myself.

    I know someone who is having $100 garnished from his checks until his latest hospital visit is paid off. I know of another person that will have to declare bankruptcy, and a lot of that is due to health care visits. So if someone thinks the Health Care and Health Insurance systems shouldn’t be worked on and continually adjusted, they are just fooling themselves. There will be a lot of bancruptcys on the horizon. I guess that will just make the lawyers rich… and aren’t they the ones who usually become politicians.

  210. Do you seriously think Palin and her “ilk” don’t want control?
    Why else do you think she lashes out when she is called out for the lies and stupidity she spouts? That ‘s also the reason she will only appear on Palin-friendly media. Yet she wants to be elected president.

    In addition, she has a well-earned reputation for being vindictive. As far as Bush was concerned, he lied us into a war. He and his henchmen did everything possible to squelch dissent against his destructive policies. If you think for one moment that only liberals have misgivings about Palin, you only have to read remarks on other forums as well as those of prominent conservatives like Barbara Bush and Joe Scarborough. Actually, I don’t feel sorry for the GOP, as it enabled this moron by giving her an inflated sense of her worth.

  211. Then why not just let Sarah Jones alone? If she is free to speak, why rail against what she said, especially since it can be proven true?

    The main difference between Sarah Palin and me, or you, or Sarah Jones for that matter, is that Mrs. Palin commands a national — nay, an international stage from which she spouts her untruths, her flames, her whines. If I could watch any so-called news program on TV and not hear her insufferable screeching voice, that would please me no end.

    But instead of fading into well-deserved obscurity post her failed run at VP, she insists on being so freaking outrageous and so “out there” every single day, that media in general can’t help but be fascinated by this slow-moving massive train wreck.

    Here’s a deal — you get her to get off the stage, even for a couple of months, and Sarah Jones (and I and many others) will stop pointing out her lies and her venomous attacks on our country’s duly-elected by-the-people representatives.

  212. OK DC, who told Bush and the rest of the world that those arms existed? Can you answer this? His move to invade was made based on foriegn input, not yours or mine but so called intelligence from good sources. I know you forgot and it hurts when you think too.

    You need to check your facts pal, Bush was challenged everyday for his war, as you call it. Kennedy, and many others were all over him, just because he’s dead doen’t mean he’s forgotten. If the war was so wrong, why is it the Obama hasn’t pulled the plug yet? Why has he increased our presence in Afganistan, while he’s been in office? Because you moron, he’s found out that Bush was right! He’s almost admitted so, on more than one occasion.

    As far as socialized medicine, I’m not for what this bill has in it. Your elitest government officials don’t even know what it covers, and they don’t want to be a part of it, so how good could it possibly be? Trust me, there has to be a better solution, not the Obama solution but one that the country can afford. You can’t tell me that they’ve read that bill, hell they didn’t even read the ten page law that Arizona passed and they didn’t know what that said, how can you believe anything they feed you?

    Get out from under your rock, smell the coffee and wake the hell up before you show your ignorance!

  213. All this is true. The other side did the same thing to Bush II, though. We got pissed off when they accused us of being seditious. Both sides act like Bonobo monkeys.

  214. Sarah, please do not stop telling it the way it is. We are in times now where we have to brush off the comments of naysayers and H8’rs in order to get a point that is real across. Sarah is very unpatriotic and so are her followers, because of a deep seated hate for a man of color whom they consider is defiling the “Whitehouse”. The scary is people believe a woman, just a woman without any other skills than to spew green juice out of her mouth and spray it all over twitter and facebook, go figure.

  215. Hello Mel!

    First of all, allow me to thank you for your service to your country. We civilians cannot say it ENOUGH.

    Secondly, you are frightfully accurate about Sarah Palin. Regardless of all the galactically STUPID people incapable of seeing through her “performance,” many of us are doing our best to raise awareness so as to keep such a hypocritical incompetetnt from occupying our White House. Her followers are an excercise in the unexplainable, particularly because of the mounting evidence and witnesses, including one CONVICTION of “Abuse of Power” while still Governor of Alaska and issued by a bi-partisan investigating comission.

    I recently wrote a comprehensive article in the form of an open letter to Mrs. Palin, inspired by her recent assault on First Lady, Michelle Obama. Basically, I told her to SHUT THE HELL UP! Here’s the link. Feel free to comment.

  216. I will not shy away from the label ‘treason’ because I have seen with my own eyes that Mrs. Palin has incited her followers to call for President Obama’s untimely death, on her Facebook page, which is how she interacts with said followers. Those comments remain for others to view, yet within minutes, any reasonably-worded comment that dares to question Mrs. Palin for anything is summarily removed.

    If calling for (or inciting the calling for) beheading our chief of state is not treason, then what is?

    By the way, this began with her VP run and continues to this day.

  217. If that were truly the case, why do I see her on my television daily? I don’t see any other private citizens on the television daily.

    If that were truly the case, why does she get notice by media outlets large and small, daily? Why does she have her own reality show? Howcome she is on “Fox News” as a contributor? Why do her cult followers continue to refer to her as Governor, even though Alaska has a Governor and his name isn’t Palin?

    She is very far from a private citizen. She and members of her family “grace” the covers of Time, People, Hollywood rags and National Enquirer alike. If my voice was heard and carried to as many people as hers is, I would not be a “private citizen” anymore. Gimme a break. Private citizens don’t have PACs, and they haven’t registered with the FEC as 2012 Presidential candidates.

    *tries to brush the cobwebs from your eyes*

  218. Thank you for saying that. Our schools desperately need to educate our children as to exactly what Socialism, Fascism,, Communism, etc ARE. And the media needs to educate the adults. The stupidity of the people who throw these words out as insults but have no idea what they mean, is overwhelming. And I’m a Communist Socialist Fascist for saying so!!

  219. That’s funny. First of all, we’re no longer at war with Russia. “Russian” is no longer a valid epithet (neither is “German,” nor “French,” since you probably cling to the idea that they are evil too). Secondly, as has been pointed out, the Right loves Pravda. Except–oops!– if it doesn’t agree with them. The point of this article is that the American media is too damn cowardly to report the fact that Palin often acts treasonous. They don’t even report that most of what she says is a lie. The point is that it takes a foreign press to be brave enough to point this out. And the point is that Palin prefers to divide rather than unite the country, and to throw idiotic criticisms at our President rather than use the bully pulpit she has to offer actual solutions. Pardon me for having three “the points.”

  220. “For example, many conservatives believe that limited government refers to the size of the government, passing laws they don’t like, or the amount of money the government spends, but it doesn’t. It refers to constraining the power of the government to abuse the rights of its citizens, something which the Bill of Rights covers.”

    Awesome summary. I never was able to put it so clearly. Thanks!

  221. Didn’t you read the earlier comments regarding those two forms of government? FASCISM IS ON THE RIGHT AND SOCIALISM IS ON THE LEFT. A government CANNOT be both Fascist and Socialist. Go back to middle school and learn something before you come back to comment here or on any political website. You are an embarrassment to the country.

  222. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us know to be true. I have felt so helpless watching this unfold…maybe we can somehow stem the tide and return us all to a more dignified… and patriotic… commonality.

  223. Hee hee hee hee who on earth is so ignorant as to not know how to spell ciao? I mean I find criticizing some one on a typo is off the point, but that’s no typo, Baby. I don’t think I have ever met someone who couldn’t spell that. Ciao is part of the English language now, but it comes from Italian and we don’t idioticize word spellings when we make them English. Oh jeez, that made me laugh my a** off!

  224. I believe that what Sarah Jones was trying to do was essentially to “use their guns against them”. The right used to believe that Pravda was this super awesome newspaper when they were anti – Obama, but now that they are anti – palin the right hates it. She was trying to show that even right wing people, especially foreign ones can see how bad palin is for America. I feel like she was trying to say, that if even right wing papers that american conservatives love (which are also Russian) think sarah palin is bad news then there must be something wrong with having her near any serious civil or political debate. Thats just my opinion tho, thats me using my free speech ;)

  225. Espionage Act states “To convey information with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the armed forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies. This was punishable by death or by imprisonment for not more than 30 years or both.
    To convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies when the United States is at war, to cause or attempt to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or to willfully obstruct the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States. This was punishable by a maximum fine of $10,000 fine or by imprisonment for not more than 20 years or both.”

    My reading of this blog tells me that Sarah Jones is saying that by Palin stating lies about this country and the president during a time of war, including military bases is a form a treason. Mocking our democratically elected leader to the armed forces overseas could legitimately be construed as falling within “to cause or attempt to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States”

    And its completely plausible considering the language of the Espionage Act. Calling her actions treasonous is not hyperbole at all.

  226. But Ms. Palin takes no responsibility for her actions. This is a woman who hooted at Hillary for tearing up in NH and made nasty comments about taking the heat. Yet can anyone forget hearing her whine about the press picking on her? Or how during her VP acceptance speech all she talked about was her husband, her kids, her being a hockey mom – no this is my political experience and what I have done. And later we heard her whining about the press following her and her family. She QUIT her job as governor. She has not shown any true adult responsibility since being in the limelight. NONE.

    Here is a woman who if she could rise above her own petty jealousy could actually do something good and worthwhile for the country she professes to love. But she doesn’t. She is like a comic book villain – she has potential to do great good and no will or self control to do it. She’s rather sad and pitful actually. But she’s so hateful and ridiculously nasty I don’t feel sorry for her.

  227. @iDesign: You DO know the difference between fact and opinion, right? There is no factual basis to your statement that “Obama was a mistake”; the fact is he was deliberately elected by an overwhelming majority of voters.

    Just because your side lost doesn’t make the winner “a mistake”.

  228. My thoughts exactly, idesign. BTW isn’t Sarah Palin married so therefore she would be a Mrs. not a Ms. Oh, and Ms. Jones, Ms. has a period after the s, just in case you didn’t know. Also Ms. Jones, while managing to complain nonstop about Sarah Palin and how she needs to stop bashing people, wouldn’t one assume you are also doing the same thing?

  229. I did not vote for Obama. Now I really wish I had. If Sarah Palin is not guilty of Treason, she certainly is guilty of Sedition. Unfortunately that is not the prosecutable but it certainly doesn’t get my vote. Pravda had it right, one clown short of a circus!

  230. I believe that Sarah was quoting Putin. If not and she said it good for her. Truth should rule!

  231. Thanks for saying what I think every time one of these willfully ignorant goons open their mouth.

  232. I’m pleased that someone has pointed out the fact that Obama has let us all down. He appears to have switched parties. We thought we were getting a strong leader and all we get is very weak compromise. To extend the tax cut for the wealthy should be considered treasonous!

  233. Oh yeah, and the Republicans have such a big heart denying two million Americans an unemployment extension? I’ll just bet that is the position that palin is taking as well!

  234. She also has the right to be an idiot as well. A right that she practices at every opportunity!

  235. Good for you. You have chosen to wear a cloak of ignorance. Good luck, you may need it when you’re standing in a soup line!

  236. and the foreign civillians think she’s a laughing stock. That as president? Oh geez. Someone who would actually be worse than bush.
    The world is laughing.

  237. I find it funny that all you criticize this saying Palin had no right. But if you look at most of you talk about the President and never say anything out loud so that nothing ever happens. And for you grammar nazis that will blow this down because of punctuation and spelling piss off i am an American i can type how I F***ing want. All I have to say is that its about time stood up and started saying stuff about a President that has created money with nothing to back it. Or how bout the actual job creation. Who here has actually read that the unemployment percentage is going down. Last time I read anything about unemployment it was still climbing each month. What about Obama’s plan to revamp real estate like he said he was going to do during the race. Or what about the Obamacare that is failing and drawing millions of tax dollars to support and goes against everything that the constitution says within it. I can continue with things that have failed during the current presidents reign in office. But there would be no point in continuing because most of you will call me unpatriotic and a traitor just like Palin or maybe call me racist because Obama has failed in office and none of you want to see the truth that this democracy is failing and is slowly being turned into a socialist republic each day.

  238. She was on the national scene only 67 days before the November 4, 2008, election, while Obama was out there for 622 days before it. During that time, the media went up one side of him and down the other. Palin is in no position to talk about whether or not others were vetted properly. But that’s always the case when she badmouths Obama. She never knows what she’s talking about and something usually surfaces about her that’s much worse than what she criticizes him for. At any rate, she has been vetted for more than 2 years, before, during and after the election, and has been found seriously lacking.

  239. The bottom line is, no matter who is at fault, we are all so far down this crappy hole, that the logic now is that we have to keep digging to get to “the other side.” News is, there is no other side. Turns out that it has been our graves, and the graves of our future we have been digging this whole time. We are buried under seas of lies, greed and indifference. We are thoroughly screwed.

    I enjoyed the article.

    Be well.

  240. @Shellena,
    I have been reading your comments. You say Sarah Palin should be allowed to express her freedom of speech. It has been explained to you why she should not. I think you may need an example as to why people believe she should shut up. Remember Hitler? He should have been kept quiet. Look what happened there. Now, I’m not saying Palin will ever be that powerful but her words provoke the same type of emotion in people that Hitlers had on his people. Now, this is just how I see it. Many people have many points of view, but I believe that if Palin is allowed to keep publicly speaking, this country can go down the wrong path.

  241. “We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.” ~ Karl Popper

    Republicans are lackeys for Plutocrats and are seeking to destory the country and establish a Neo-Feudal State. Palin gladly spews whatever rhetoric they put in front of her because the pay her millions which seems like a fortune to her but is a pittance to her Moneyed Masters.

  242. i am glad to see that her seditious rhetoric is finally getting some play, this article and Joe Scarborough’s earlier this week.

    Love me the free speech, and loves even more some dissent. Sedition of the country that I served as a soldier? No. Even sedition against them fan-dangled obstructionist GOPers in the House and Senate gets a big no.

  243. The man thinks that everyone who has common sense enough to appreciate this article is a Lefty. This says volumes about the intellectual ability of the Right. Thanks for making this so clear, again. Lobotomized squirrels have more intelligence than you do.

  244. “You are entitled to your opinion of my writing, but what I choose to write is not up to you.”

    Let the fools cloaked in the safety of online anonymity say what they will. You have the brash fortitude to say what you will bearing name and all. Good for you.

  245. idesign,

    Unfortunately, the explanation will not be in crayon, so you might have trouble with it. Here it goes anyways: you triumph free speech when it is convenient for you, but try to shut it down by intimidation tactics, lies, and harassment on a forum where you are being schooled at every turn. Your motivation for this is not to inform, but to obstruct – clear and simple. So, go back to Fox news and leave the smart people to the reality that is Sarah Palin’s stupidity.

  246. You are a clown. Try reading higher level articles than your free republic and you will see that people do not use the period in the address. Geeze. You guys are so ignorant it’s hard to even talk to you.

  247. They’re just Breitbarting it up, it’s what they do. Lie, distort, harass, stalk, misquote and then whine when called out.

  248. This is how she behaved in AK. I think it’s ironic that the reason she gave for quitting the governorship after 2.5 years was that she couldn’t govern when she was being attacked so much (and being attacked in her mind was by the bi-partisan legislative committee who wanted her to hand over certain documents in an investigation against her, which she refused to do even though she campaigned on transparency in government.) So, does she think President Obama will take his toys and go home if she attacks him enough???

  249. Yes, she thinks everyone is as thin-skinned and lazy and full of crap as she is and I think that’s exactly why she’s doing this.

  250. Obama a dictator? I love how when you lose an election you think the other side is a Dictator because they are doing what you don’t want. I didn’t agree with a single thing either Bush did so does that make them dictators? It’s called LOSING. Your candidate LOST. You are the loser. For the previous 8 years, I was. And instead of letting 45 million people go without “evil” Health Care and die in the street, why not tax GE and Exxon a single dollar. Just one dollar? You sacrifice lives so they don’t have to pay a dollar. I know, I know, someday you will be that wealthy and you will want to hold on to all your dollars, I know, it’s almost your time. I love American Exceptionalism. Yes, hold out. You will be a billionaire too someday soon….If the “death panels” don’t get you first. Lord knows how deadly that end of life counseling previously covered by Medicare can be…

  251. I saw a Tea Party rally in San Juan Capistrano. They had huge picture of Lincoln up on banners. I asked why Lincoln since he instituted the Income Tax called the Revenue Act singed in 1861. Then to pay for the Civil War he instituted the tobacco and spirits tax. I asked why such tax hatin’ folk would love Lincoln and they said that he didn’t do all that. I explained actually that is history not opinion to which they all replied nu-uh, no way. Now how do you argue that? I didn’t know it was, “nu-uh, no way.” I stand corrected.

  252. Shellena,

    Please, just stop. Your attempts at defending Palin makes my eyes bleed.

    She is a opportunistic, self-serving Statist with not one iota of original thought. You want to reverse the tables and make it seem like this site is the bad guy and she’s just getting bullied by these damn libruls. She, and other political figureheads, need to rest her/their arguments on reason and facts, something she absolutely does not do. She and yourself rests her/your arguments on beliefs. If you do this you are ASKING to be called out, made a mockery of, and pointed out as a disappointment. (no offense my fellow Americans who are liberal… But Shellena makes my point for private schooling instead of public)

    Now that I’ve said that….

    Great post about what Sarah Palin is. Personally I’m ticked at SP because she turned the tea party from a more liberty based movement into your typical ‘Guns, God, and Ignorance’ Neo-Conservative movement. Fact is the movement was hi-jacked and let some of the most hate-filled, vile, persons in this country have a national stage to spew their bile. It has gotten so bad that now there are Neo-Cons masquerading and calling themselves Libertarians…. Almost have to invent a new title for those who are more or less liberty inclined since hacks like SP and Glen Beck have tarnished the title.

  253. She did steal the TP from the libertarians and turned it into a joke. And she sure as heck doesn’t stand for freedom or liberty. Hey, she brought this liberal and you(libertarian) together, so maybe she’s done something good after all. I’ve got respect for real libertarians. Might not agree with them, but I can respect them. I’d have to agree Shellena is argument for private school or that Bush did his job on the education system. But maybe Shellena is one of those Palin homeschooled results. The fundie nut case neo-cons are the enemy of this country – enemy of liberty, democracy and freedom. I’ll band together with you any day to fight off the evil of corporate agendas and we can hash out ideology after we’ve saved the country. I’d look forward to real debate with an intelligent sentient being. Who knows, we might all be better for it.

  254. The last thing this country needs to do right now is stand united with Barack Obama. That imbicile is leading this country down a very frightful path from which it will take generations to recover.

    The patriotic thing for Americans to do right now is to challenge every word he says and every move he makes, to ensure his endeavors are actually in the best interest of the free market capitalist system this country has prospered under. Then vote conservative in 2012.

    Palin is an idiot, to be sure, but she’s no traitor. At least not specifically for her unwillingness to unite with Obama and support him in his destructive crusade.

    “Republican Party’s … only goal is to destroy the President – not to lead, not to govern – but to destroy. At any cost necessary.”

    This is blatantly false – in fact, exactly the opposite of the truth. I’d even go as far as to call this statement far more unpatriotic than anything Palin has ever said in her entire life. Trying to decieve the voter into believing this hogwash is criminal, and should be convictable IMO.

    LIBERALS seek to destroy. LIBERALS are the enemy of America. From Obamacare to the GM bailouts to the extension of SSI and unemployment benefits, our democratically elected liberal democrat in office is seeking to destroy the capitalist free market system we’ve prospered under for so long, replacing it with a socialist nanny-state system where the government has too much control over a citizens life. And all it will cost that citizen is an enormous increase in income tax to pay for the endless expansion of government and entitlement programs. Is that a future you’d like to look forward to, Sarah Jones? Because it scares the daylights out of me!

  255. I’m all for it DC. We’ll probably disagree probably 95% of the time when it comes to economic divisions since Libertarians believe in a purely free-market enterprise. (ex: Banks writing bad checks – see bad loans – they should take the fall not government or taxpayers) But on most rights issues Libertarians and Liberals have a whole lot in common. Gay Marriage, repeal of DADT, Separation of Church and State, I probably could go on and on.

    I welcome any and all debate based on facts and reason with one of my fellow Americans but if were going to loony land of either the right or left style I’ll probably end up being snarky by the end of the so called debate.

  256. So here’s what I am reading so far.
    People that like our president, like the article. People that like what’s her name don’t. A bunch of name calling and insults later…. nothing is accomplished. Wow, I’m shocked.

    So if a foreign paper says something it’s trueth? The article reads like a teenagers facebook post about a fellow chearleader who is competing for the affections of the High School quarterback. Go ahead and put your political life blood behind this and I’d bet you think TMZ is good journalism.

    Both sides claim the other is stupid an uneducated for not thinking the same way they do. That’s awesome.

    Neither side is interested in helping us out of the hole we are in. They are only interested in pushing their own agendas and then crying foul when the other side doesn’t want to help support them. Yet most of you fall lock step in line behind your own ideologies and claim you are so well informed for reading crap like this.

    Raising taxes doesn’t increase productivity or employment.
    Cutting spending by cutting the low hanging fruit from the Government payrole is not going to accomplish much. (The lower paid workers.)
    Thinking the goverment is going to be able fix anything, let alone healthcare would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.
    s.p. couldn’t finish her job in Alaska when it became hard. Why would she do any different in the Washington?
    There are going to be death panels. Obama lied your grandma died.

  257. It is about time that someone has called Palin out for her special brand of bullcrap. If she dared to go beyond political sniping and anti-American rants, she would maybe understand how out of touch she is. However, she is so caught up in being Sarah that she couldn’t care less about the truth, facts, or common decency. It is folks like her who have dragged our political process down to the level of a junior high school student council election.

  258. Another Statist saying a different kind of Statist is bad.

    I’m all for genuinely questioning the POTUS. However, you put it succinctly that conservatives are challenging him on LITERALLY everything.

    He could say the sky was blue and you’d scream for his blood since the sky is green in your opinion. This isn’t even your opinion, you know your lying, but hey whatever it takes to make your group of statists look good and the other statists look bad, right?

    “This is blatantly false – in fact, exactly the opposite of the truth.” -Referring to the GOP’s only goal is to destroy the President.

    Then please site HOW this is not the truth. Even in the opening of your post you pretty much say it’s everyone’s patriotic duty to oppose any and every thing he would try to do, even if it were straight in line with St. Ronnie you’d oppose it….Oh wait, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

    Then again you can’t with a straight face say the GOP isn’t about nanny statism as much as your liberal counterparts.

    You can’t say the GOP isn’t about big government and big spending just like your liberal counterparts. Just look at the Bush Era and that tells you how serious the GOP is about “small government”. You spend just as badly as your counterparts and create well paying jobs for your GOP buddies by making a new department that does the same job as two other departments of the government.

    If your believing the GOP is going to not expand government and not make more entitlement programs, your delirious. Your ‘kettle calling the pot black’ rant is exactly the reason why I became a Libertarian. Thank you for the reminder.

  259. I remember reading about how he used censorship and bullying of his opponents to force his agenda thru even though only a small portion of Germany actually beleived what he was saying. Yet he censored out the majority of people so that only his voice was heard.

    Don’t cut down all the trees because you don’t like what’s in the woods.

  260. The behavior of the entire GOP is treasonous in my opinion. They are conspiratorially sabotaging every effort to restore the American economy so that Obama won’t get re-elected. Shame on these avaricious, power hungry, pseudo-patriots and anyone who doesn’t get their ass to the election both every time there is an opportunity to vote against them.

  261. THANK YOU! I am so sick of idiots spewing stupidity about the Freedom of Speech only when it suits their needs. Although I can’t say I am surprised since these are the same idiots who spew stupidity about Christianity and the Bible only when it suits their needs.

  262. The country coming together regardless of the fact that we are a free society and we have the right to criticize the President? Where were you, Ann, when Busch in the middle of a war was called “Hitler” by your friends? Maybe you conveniently forgot these times. I by the way am OK with this critic of Busch even though it was done very distastefully. I am at loss when an American writes for Pravda instead of submitting his rant to either NT or WP. This is an act of a traitor. Since when Pravda became the voice of Free? Your place is in the Soviet Union and not in America.

  263. It’s very important to note, for those of you who agree with this article without following up to check her sources: the “Pravda paper” Ms. Jones refers to is not actually ‘Pravda: the Newspaper’, which she leads one to believe she is quoting in her article – but “Pravda Online’, which is basically an online tabloid – they are actually not related – (check Wiki). Furthermore, this “article” that she quotes is not ACTUALLY an “article”, but a submission on the “Opinion Page” of the online site, submitted and written without usually expected journalist-worthy research or balanced reporting that an “article” would suggest an an “opinion piece” of course, would not. Shame on her for trying to smoke screen, and shame on this leftist website for tipping their hand by having a self-described feminist with a degree in Psychology and Latin (who doesn’t list the school she actually graduated from to show her “long history with politics” and journalism, or her “award winning” documentaries) to lampoon as the voice of the “international press” and “their” view of American politicos’

  264. The fact of publishing of an article by Pravda makes me cringe. Maybe it is time for all of you guys to go to Moscow and apply for jobs at Pravda? What a great place for all you Left thinking fact twisting “journalists.” Unfortunately you are not journalists anymore since instead of stating facts you are offering your pink opinions. Your “friends” in 1930’s were so obsessed with USSR that they went there to help to build a “prefect” society and ended up in Gulag. Journalists who tell truth in Russia today are getting killed by hired goons (FSB). Since when any American cannot criticize their President in good times or bad? The only thing is that this critic should be civilized. Most what I read in these comments are obscenities that are not worthy “educated high IQ” individuals. From your point of view all conservatives are idiots and all leftists are with IQ’s above 150. What a simplistic view of our political landscape! Grow up and stop your childish rants and try to tell the child in the White House to do the same. It is finally the time to grow up.

  265. Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.
    Theodore Roosevelt
    26th president of US (1858 – 1919)

    Presidential Criticism

    Recently several people have written to ask us about a viewpoint TR had on criticism of the presidency. This quote was part of an editorial he wrote for the “Kansas City Star” durning World War I.

    “The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else.”

    “Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star”, 149
    May 7, 1918

  266. I’m a Canadian citizen, married to an American (retired Marine Corps), and living here in the US, and quite frankly, that palin creature scares me. Like other posters here, I refuse to capitalize the names of those I consider unworthy of my respect.
    For the record, most of the world was overjoyed to see President Obama take office, and had very high hopes for America under his leadership. Sadly, he’s faced obstructionism at every turn. My personal opinion (go ahead, trolls, jump on me for having one) is that if Mr Obama had – shall we say – less of a natural tan, he wouldn’t face nearly as much opposition as he’s currently enduring. Consider the disaster America was left in after the Bush presidencies; and yet, even during their presidencies, when they were quite obviously hurting America and her people with their ‘old boy network’ thinking, they didn’t face the opposition Mr Obama does.
    And now he’s facing a potential challenger for his office, who, even by Russian standards, is a detriment and embarrassment to America. And yet, there are still the trolls who defend palin’s actions and poisonous rhetoric with the ol’ freedom of speech defense. It’s glaringly obvious that she enjoys freedom of speech, as she traipses through her days, denigrating the man who was duly elected by the American people, and who has (ready for it?) actually fulfilled many of his campaign promises. Granted, not in as grand a fashion as he’d originally hoped, I’m sure, but given the opposition he’s faced at every turn, the fact that he’s been able to fulfill any of his promises at all should be used as proof of his ability to lead America into a better, stronger, and brighter future.
    Someone else here – Dusty, I believe – made mention of the Dixie Chicks, and the uproar that their comment caused. They weren’t welcomed in their own country, because of a comment made about Bush. In point of fact, they received death threats for voicing an opinion … and they’re a music group, not political figures. Yet, here’s that revolting harpy palin, trashing Mr Obama not only in America, but on foreign soil as well. And people are okay with this?
    To all the teabaggers reading this blog and frothing at the mouth at our ‘disrespect’ of palin and her cronies; please, please, I beg you – LOOK at what Mr Obama’s detractors are really doing to this country.
    Be part of the solution, not another voice of the problem.

  267. I was blown away by all this!! So many intelligent, articulate contributors…But you are basically “preaching to the choir”. HOW do we get the message OUT THERE where it matters? HOW do we get to their minds, if they have any, and let Mr. Obama and his supporters get the job done? HOW do we not let the rightist idiots ooze into places of power, via our wonderful democratic system of the people voting? HOW do we influence those who see it all wrong? That seems to me to be the question.

  268. Dear Natasha. If you went to a middle school in the USA than it is no wonder you call “Fascism is on the right”. Just remember that National Socialists in Germany were Nazis. Fascism actually could be on both sides of a political spectrum. For fascists to be worthy the title they first nationalize the industry and have a dictator who controls the lives of all citizenry. Please read this before going back to school:
    What constitutes a definition of fascism and fascist governments is a highly disputed subject that has proved complicated and contentious. Historians, political scientists, and other scholars have engaged in long and furious debates concerning the exact nature of fascism and its core tenets.

    Most scholars agree that a “fascist regime” is foremost an authoritarian form of government, although not all authoritarian regimes are fascist. Authoritarianism is thus a defining characteristic, but most scholars will say that more distinguishing traits are needed to make an authoritarian regime fascist.

    Similarly, fascism as an ideology is also hard to define. Originally, “fascism” referred to a political movement that was linked with Sindicalist-Corporativism that existed in a single country (Italy) for less than 30 years and ruled the country from 1922 to 1943 under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. Clearly, if the definition is restricted to the original Italian Fascism, then “fascism” has little significance outside of Italian politics. Most scholars prefer to use the word “fascism” in a more general sense, to refer to an ideology (or group of ideologies) that was influential in many countries at many different times. For this purpose, they have sought to identify a “fascist minimum” – that is, the minimum conditions that a certain political group must meet in order to be considered fascist. Several scholars have inspected the apocalyptic, millennial and millenarian aspects of fascism. According to most scholars of fascism, there are both left and right influences on fascism as a social movement, and fascism, especially once in power, has historically attacked communism, conservatism and parliamentary liberalism, attracting support primarily from the “far right” or “extreme right.

    So, please be careful oversimplifying a term that is not that simple and stop labeling something that does not have anything to do with the term “fascism”.

  269. who is the dummy the Moron who has Palin-loving glasses on or the one who sees the truth. Your sort of patriotism belongs in communist russia of the 1950=60’s if you dissagree you denegrate the person who disagrees with you. The republicans are not FOR anything but the repealing of Obama’s attempt to solve our problems. Instead of suggesting a solution of their own they just so fear and discord instead of showing some intelligence. If we did not live in a democracy palin would be up against a wall with a blindfold and a cigarette…..hmmm maybe a good idea.

  270. @falkun
    it seems your on the same slopey as MRS. Jones. yOUR stating that she is just a private citizen is a bit flawed. She is leader of a political($%#@)party. She is also aparentlly planning a run on the WH (God forbid). that makes her a political figure.

    She is also an author writing seditious(IMHO) books full of sound and fury but no Intelligence. That makes her a PUBLIC figure subject to the same crap that she spouts and any opportunity.

  271. oh and by the way gramatical/spelling errors mostly intentional(we can not be expected to be perfect)!

  272. @ alexxx
    Isnt it funny how Morons result in swearing at you when they cannot argue with any intelligence. How facinating do you head up your states Tea(bagger) party?

  273. I may not like Obama’s cutting off the military increase but he is by no means incompetent when it comes down to what is right for our soldiers. I’d like to hear why it is she thinks she is so right about how we should run this country when she hasn’t served a day in the uniform. Her idiotic rantings just shows how ignorant she is in the first place. The day we would even consider electing her into office is the day the USA is going to die. We don’t need her psychotic thoughts in a place of power we need to be standing united and she obviously has no idea what that term means.

  274. I do not think you go far enough Natasha. Schools should also talk about theocrasy also. If we do what the Tea(bagger) party wants we would end up saying goodbye to Democrasy and hello to the Cristian States of America.

  275. All Palin needs to do is charge into the Senate and beat John Kerry with a cane and her image will be complete.

    She’s Tea Partying like it’s 1859.

  276. that is horse sh** shellena. She is on the tv saying she is thinking of running for PRESIDENT(shudder/me moving to russia if she makes it) that makes her Political….. And as i have pointed out before she wrote(had ghost written) several books on the subject so that makes her a PUBLIC entity not private.

    (LOUD BUZZER) Thank you for playing try again

  277. and to you sir. You have chosen to wear a cloak of ignorance. Good luck, you may need it when your kneeling in your state approved house of worship.

  278. Yes, I agree. Let’s put people in prison for criticizing Obama. That kind of offensive speech should never be tolerated. We need an extensive series of Gulags to house all of these traitorous dissenters.

  279. Here is a search for Pravda on the American Thinker website:

    From what I see it is nothing but scorn. Pravda is the mouthpiece of the Russian government. If Pravda approves of Obama and criticizes Palin then Putin prefers to have Obama as president.

  280. Sarah Palin is a traitor for verbally attacking and undermining the President? The fact that Pravda brings attention to this validates the position that she is a traitor? The fact that conservative publications have quoted Pravda validates its credibility as a news publication?
    I would be loathe to see Palin as president of this country, but the fact that you are attacking her right to exercise free speech and be critical of the President “in a time of crisis” as grounds to call her a traitor is a testament to your ignorance.
    The fact that you use a Russian news source to lend credibility to your argument, in fact, weakens it. So what if conservative publications have quoted Pravda? That makes your referencing the publication credible? I lived in Russia for four years and have been witness first-hand to what they consider democracy. They often lock people up for opposing their one-party government. Your implication is that we should do the same.
    America is all about being free to discuss issues, and yes, be critical. Sure Sarah Palin has shown the many flaws of her character in her actions. But to classify her as a traitor is ridiculous. Just shut up.

  281. I think you have annoyed everyone on this website, not for your personal views but because what you are saying is so completely retarded. I am not calling you a retard but you must know that once people read your posts on this site, they will absolutely think there is something mentally wrong with you. Your posts make no sense and you are repeating the same ignorant remarks over and over and over again. Intelligent people would never do what you are doing. Several times on here, people have intelligently explained to you that your remarks make no sense. I have to wonder if you have a brain at all. It makes me really sad that people as ignorant as you exist in this world. If you have something to say, then please go get an education before commenting. If you could use actual facts to support your claims, or knew anything at all, then maybe someone would actually be willing to hear your opinions. When you spew nonsense, no one is going to take you seriously. Why even waste your time posting absolute garbage over and over again? Is your life that boring, sad and empty that you attempt to make social contact via the internet by stating your unworthy opinions on a site where almost every single person has successfully told you off? I don’t understand what goes on in your mind, if anything does at all. Get a life or an education. You are not qualified to post on any blog for any reason until you learn how to use your brain.

  282. Yeah i guess when the state funded rag of a MOBOCRACY gets on your case you must be doing something wrong/RIGHT….As the people of GEORGIA how it like to be overrun by a MOB MILITARY…but you are probably too stupid to know the likes of who you are agreeing with….MORON

  283. Your genius has TRIPLED the federal debt hun….we ALL READY are headed into the toliet dumbass

  284. Thank you Sarah Jones – You hit the nail on the head about 10X harder than I had on my own little known blog yesterday. All I can say is keep it coming–you can disagree with the decisions of our political leaders–but I give more people credit who do so by owning their words with real names, not handles. I am not anonymous and I suspect that anyone who wants to maintain an ounce of credibility to their name would not follow suit.

  285. Wrong again JACKASS….the Whole world GUARENTEES Health COVERAGE- that is true….You just DIE waiting for it or get a killer staph infection from the deplorable conditions…Hopefully that will be your fate if you get your WISH….THE USA is the ONLY country people fly in from ALL OVER THE WORLD for critical treatments, genius…

  286. @TheRagingModerate – That could not have been put more accurately or eloquently. As a czech/canadian living abroad, I am amazed at both the level of frustration I feel when reading comments from people such as idesign, and how appalled I am that the bar set for clear-thinking and independent thought is low enough for a small child to step over. Is ~half of the US population really that far gone? I’m reminded of some quote I heard ages ago that theorized what would happen to our classification system if the number of people labelled as ‘insane’ outnumbered those labelled ‘sane’…I am starting to become a little worried that this no longer just some abstract hypothesis. Seriously people, are there really some of you out there that are on board with this knuckle-dragging, cave-dwelling, bi-partisan hate-mongering? I really don’t get it…

  287. Mark – you say: By the way…how exactly doesn’t the Healthcare debacle even remotely remind you of a facist state? The American people, for the most part, said “NO!” to what has become known as Obamacare, yet we’re still saddled with the untold debt it will surely bring.

    The only way to know this would have been to put it to a vote. It was not, and the only reason you think that was the media car being driven by Palin and her cronies dominated the news cycle. The country was in fact, as most polls show, fairly evenly split on the matter. And when asked about specifics in the bill, support increased. This is just one citation, but you can take a look for yourself: AND the congressional budget office says that: CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate that enacting both pieces of legislation will produce a net reduction in federal deficits of $143 billion over the 2010-2019 period. About $124 billion of that savings stems from provisions dealing with health care and federal revenues; the other $19 billion results from the education provisions. But again, you can read for yourself:

    Here…read the definition of fascism: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”
    Barack Obama is a democratically elected President, not a dictator. He doesn’t have complete power, evident in too many instances I can’t cite in this reply, but if you try to affirm this I can provide them in plenty. He obviously does not suppress opposition because if he did, we wouldn’t be here debating the merits of Sarah Palin and her opposition and criticism of him and the rest of this country. It’s true Democrats do favor regulating industry more than the Republicans, but hey, if you want to have it that way–the rest of us will be happy to let you find a special little place in the corner of America and try to dig yourself out of the de-regulated industrial quagmire the Republicans got us in in the first place.

  288. Thank you. The writer of the opinion piece, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, is a Brit. Not that it makes a difference. The argument for Palin being a traitor is intellectually bereft.

  289. Let me begin by saying that when Pravda says it is snowing in Moscow, it is a legitimate report. When it analyzes American patriotism maybe it should be viewed with skepticism. The binary “We can quote from them if you can quote from them!” argument only works if Pravda is equally truthful or equally mendacious in all of its stories. This isn’t the case.

    Also important is the nature of Pravda’s analysis. I don’t know much about democracy in Russia (though I’ve ready analysts that refer to it alternately as a “Kleptocracy” or “Mafia-run government”). Certainly I don’t know enough to comment on what the Russian concept of patriotism is. Assuming foreign insight into the American psyche has any weight at all is a cognitive leap that I’m unwilling to make. To insult leadership in Russia is no doubt seditious and dangerous (more to the one making the insult, if the number of dead news reporters in Moscow is any indication). In America it just means that it’s an election year. The American experience and our love affair with free speech are baffling to the rest of the rest of the world.

    This is an opinion piece, which ultimately makes its vitriolic tone and indifference to the obvious counterarguments irrelevant. As a reader, linked to this story through a friend of a friend, I certainly learned nothing new other than the author hates Sarah Palin and is willing to forget 6 years of posters with “Bu$hitler!” written across them.

    The voices in the crowd, the Sarah Palins and the Rupert Murdochs of the world aren’t the people that Ms. Jones ought to be leveling her fury at. At the end of the day the unelected can talk and fume and make outrageous claims about birth certificates. Smoke and mirrors may distract the crowd and cause future election losses, and that’s a real problem that shouldn’t be ignored. It is not, however, where the real fight was lost.

    The president was elected to the highest electable office in America, and was handed a majority in the Congress. Together they had the power but lacked the will. President Obama failed to lead despite adversity. Congress failed to act because they were cowards, jealously guarding congressional fiefdoms rather than acting in the best interests of America.

    Sarah Palin (and those like her) have the ear of a large population right now because, despite all of the craziness she may speak, when she says President Obama is a poor leader, and the Democrats were cowards, she is fundamentally right. And the left hates her for that.

  290. Eh. I’m no Sarah Palin fan, but this article makes the same arguments that Bush supporters used to shout down his opponents after 9/11.

    It is eminently American to criticize the president at any time, regardless of politics.

    We can disagree with Sarah Palin and dismiss her arguments as simple and misguided, but we should not discount her speech for being inappropriate or ill-timed.

  291. Really? Speaking out against your leader may make you a traitor in The Soviet… er… Russia. In this country, we call it Democracy.

  292. German museums are filled with the propaganda used that prevented ordinary Germans from knowing what was really going on with the Jews and the Christians and the mentally handicapped that went before them.

    Much of the propaganda that was used is extremely reminiscent of what is going on at the WH today – compartmentalization. Fortunately, we have a lot of alternate media out there who have told us the truth about the New World Order. As for whether Palin is a part of the NWO, I really don’t know. I do know that she called Henry Kissinger – evil incarnate – a great man, and for that I am very wary. However, don’t you think calling Palin a traitor for a mild criticism about Wikileaks is a bit over the top?

    What I would say is that any government entity – let’s say, the Federal Reserve, for example – that sells out the American people to the Chinese, are larger wholesale traitors than MRS. Palin could ever dream of being. Obama is merely a puppet in the grand scheme of things, just as Bush and Clinton were.

    It irritates me that you keep on saying that Obama was democratically-elected. So were all our other presidents, but I am quite certain MS. Jones-ski, you weren’t as solid a defender of their good names.

    As for MRS. Palin being unpatriotic, I read part of her newest book yesterday, and it was incredibly complimentary of the people of this country and the people who have fought and died for it – the very essence of patriotic thought.


  293. I really enjoyed all the loving comments for Shellena. It’s so sweet to see a difference in opinion generate the most hyperbolic abuse I’ve ever seen.

    Shellena writes: “In a true democratic society and with the power of freedom of speech we are all allowed our views and beliefs to be heard. To call someone a traitor for speaking against someone, who you don’t believe is doing a good job, is far from treason. That kind of mind set reminds me of the Bush Jr. regime. If anyone was against the war in Iraq they were traitors too, and many people were bullied in to silence. To squelch Sara Palin would be the same as not allowing anyone else to voice their views. In Russia this may be a common place practice but thank goodness it is not in the U.S.A.”

    Ther is absolutely nothing in this statement that is wrong. Unless you are Sarah Jones who writes: “Freedom of speech does not exempt one from criticism or consequences of her actions. ” Good point! And Shellena no doubt agrees and never said otherwise.

    “Why aren’t you supporting my freedom of speech to say whatever the heck I want (and I backed it up with proof) about Sarah Palin?” Um, when did she not support your freedom of speech? Are you reading the same thing I am?

    “Your logic is that it’s OK for her to make up things about the President, but no one should say anything about her.” Huh? No, that was not expressed anywhere. She said disagreeing with the president is not treason. Remember disagreeing with Bush? And how it wasn’t treason? Yeah, the same thing applies here.

    “She can call him unAmerican but I can’t call her a traitor and then you use freedom of speech to back this up?” She certainly can call him unamerican and you certainly can call her a traitor and she never said either thing couldn’t or shouldn’t happen. She said disagreeing with the president is not a treasonous act. I would add, falsely believing Obama to be Kenyan is also not a treasonous act. It’s just a stupid one.

    I could go on criticizing you long, stupid statement but there is so much more to move on too.

    Shellena replies: I am not a follower of anyone but a believer in the power of freedom of speech. I don’t believe in stopping anyone, including you, from voicing their opinion. But you cant have it both ways. You can’t say what ever you like and then not allow the other person their say on the matter. If you don’t like what she has to say then don’t listen, but there are people who do listen to her and do like what she has to say. To each their own.

    What Shellena has done here is taken you at your word and assumed you actually believe the words you write and that Sarah Palin has committed treason. If you think someone has committed treason, it can reasonably be assumed you think they should be stopped. But Shellena happens to think that speaking ones mind does not constitute treason. Call me old fashioned but that sounds about right.

    Let’s take a look at the reasoned response she recieves: “You’ve missed the point and you’ve missed what the entire world can see. Sarah Palin is not doing this country one bit of good when she attacks the President over things she knows nothing about and is wrong about 90 percent of the time.” Whether Shellena missed this point or not, I can’t say, because she never addressed this point.

    “You still haven’t addressed the inherent hypocrisy of your calling me out for calling her a traitor and using free speech to do it.” This doesn’t even make sense as a statement.

    “Sarah Palin is a political leader.” She has no elected position.

    ” Believe it or not, that comes with some responsibility to speak with some caution (or it used to) for a reason.” There have been demagogues forever.

    “Riots, secession, civil unrest– these are the things Palin incites with her lies.” Yes and we have all been horrified by the recent secession. HA HA HA!

    ” I’ll not sit by while she does so. She’s a public figure and she needs to be held accountable for her words. Accountable is not the same thing as saying she can’t speak. I never said that, did I.” Yes, you are certainly the only thing standing between us and a Sarah Palin armageddon. But your complete lack of modesty aside, you have asked a good question. When you accuse someone of treason do you still think they should be able to travel the world and speak freely. If so, you are very lenient on treason. Perhaps you were being ridiculously hyperbolic?

    Jason then steps in to make the following revelation: “Sarah Palin is in fact not a private citizen.” Say what?

    “Her paying jobs at FOX NEWS and HER TLC reality show mean that she is in fact a celebrity and thus according to the US Supreme Court is not entitled to all of all of the protections that a private citizen enjoys.” Ok, but she does not work for the government, right?

    ” As a public figure her statements are part of the public domain and are thus part of the public dialogue, which Palin happily profits from to the tune of millions of dollars.” Good to know. Nobody said otherwise.

    “Private citizens also don’t have political action committees, so your Palin is a private citizen babble does not fly.” Am I the only person who thinks of a private citizen as somebody who does not work for the government?

    ” Her standing as a former public official means that she is and always will be a political figure.” Yeah, so the same thing applies to Jerry Springer.

    “Please shut up until you have learned the meanings of the words that you type, or I will have to waste my evening correcting your incoherant nonsense.” Sheesh, that seems uncalled for.
    So having reminded everyone that Sarah Palin is a public figure and a public official he then goes on to say that actually nobody is trying to stop Sarah Palin from saying anything and proceeds to say lots of loving, liberal things to Shellena such as: “You are a babbling idiot.” So Sarah Palin is a treasonous public official who nobody is trying to silence. What are we arguing about again?

    Shellena then says she thinks you people are attributing much more credit to Sarah Palin then she deserves and for this modest comment recieves some more liberal love from our protectors of free speech: “What is wrong with you Shellena? Please stop posting, or I will have to ban you for your own good.” Wow, how heroic!

    ” I am asking you nicely to make your self humiliation stop.” Yes, you really have been so sweet.

    “Please seek out a therapist or some good meds. You are not smart, nor do you have any idea what you are talking about.” I think this was the original title for the movie Waiting for “Superman.”

    ” Sarah Palin would be proud of your Real American comments.” Um, she said she was American.

    “All dogs may go to heaven, but idiots like you will go to hell.” I don’t even know what that means. Sounds like a statement from the Christian Right, though. Good job, liberals!

    The abuse continues on from there. Outrageously hostile abuse to somebody who never said anything bad. Lot’s of scurrilous and hurtful comments from the type of people who whine so readily about “cyberbullying.” I guess that just applies to liberals and gays. I do so love it when people who think so highly of themselves show there true faces. Write long impassioned articles in defense of liberalism, like they are such good people and completely tear down one of the three people on the site who kind of disagree. And while I hope you feel shame about how you behave on the internet or off it, I kind of doubt it. Trying to uphold liberal values but really being a petulant brats. The cognitive dissonance must drive you people insane.

  294. If this thread turns into slack-jawed and erroneous stereotyping of Canada and its people I will be equal parts amused and greatly disappointed. @Shellena, I am astonished that you are Canadian, and would be really interested to know what you’ve based your opinions on.

  295. Lincoln was actually probably the worst president we have ever had – and not because he “freed the slaves”, which is just drivel. It’s because of Reconstruction, interment of confederate “spies”, removal of habeus corpus, and a litany of other things that I won’t get into.

    It’s amazing what a little bit of research can do for you – it can turn you into an enemy of the state almost overnight! Five years ago I was under the delusion that Abe Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents. I have a silver-coated paperweight that my parents brought me from DC of the Lincoln Memorial in my house. But yeah, he pretty much sucked.

  296. Goes to show you how much you know. It’s really a complex plot using Dancing with the Stars to pass on the world dictator baton to Bristol. You guys think you know everything…lol.

  297. @Shellena – The reason people are laughing at you right now, is that fascism and socialism are at opposite ends of the ‘classical view’ political spectrum, thus making your comment absurd.

  298. You may wish to look up your facts. There are plenty of places in Europe where Americans go for operations as well. America is hardly the only country people come to for operations.

    Staff infections?
    “It is estimated that each year 2 million Americans become infected during hospital stays, and at least 90,000 of them die. MRSA is a leading cause of hospital-borne infections.”

    Quoting tired old GOP talking points is just so unbecoming nowadays

  299. While I think this is well written as a blatent rhetoric piece, there is a serious lack of citation and I question your journalistic ethics.

    But then, I suppose you didn’t write this for anyone who wouldn’t just agree with it at face value. This is one of those “preaching to the choir” op-eds.

    I’d like to see a more rational, educated approach to the “Palin problem.”

  300. How is this any different than the criticisms of President Bush? There is nothing unpatriotic about not agreeing with the current President’s decisions or lack thereof. Foreign press doesn’t understand American Politics and apparently neither do a lot of the people leaving comments. We have freedom here, you were free to criticize past Presidents as much as current ones, relax and be thankful.

  301. Hey DesertSnowbird:

    There is so much opposition to the current administration because they have forced policies on the United States that many Americans oppose.

    As for the opinion of canadians (purposely not capitalized due to my lack of respect for them) we in The United States are not interested.

  302. Like what? The majority are upset about healthcare becuase it didnt go far enough.

    Tell us what policys

    BTW, we do care about Canadians.

  303. At best, I think saying that the right “loves” Pravda is errant, at best. It is a laughable publication – regardless of whose “side” it takes. Don’t you guys know that propaganda is used as a tool to divide and conquer? And look, you’re playing into their hands.

    When did the American media defend Palin again? When was that, exactly? Links, dates, writers…something, would be nice.

  304. thanks tawd, who helped you write your little rant? same one that wrote bristle’s fakebook using the word “canard”? lol, like we believe bristle can string together two sentences without using profanity or hate speech.

  305. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we extend unemployment, we’re just printing more money and creating inflation – California can only pay people in IOUs anymore because their debt is such a saddle sore.

    However, if we DON’T extend unemployment, then that will collapse the economy even more quickly than if we do.

    I am convinced that ripping the band-aid off, collapsing the debt bubble, might cause us ALL great pain short-term, but it will end up being a big boost long-term.

  306. This article seems just as politically misguided as Palin’s antics. When has dissent (even vitriolic dissent) been unpatriotic? It is entirely American to rail against a “sitting president,” a policy, an administration during times of war, crisis, peace, prosperity or any other time. Being wrong, misguided and self-righteous doesn’t make one a traitor. If it did, we’d all be traitors. This article illustrates just as much, if not more, self-righteousness as Palin or her Facebook page has. Does that make Sarah Jones a traitor?

  307. ::: staring :::

    You are either stoned out of this Universe, or terminally stupid.

    I’m betting both.

  308. Right you are. Not above criticism, to be sure, but neither is the one that she is criticizing. We all have our own little sacred cows, but really, if you’re going to go after Sarah Palin for criticism of Obama for something he did or didn’t do, then I’m really not understanding the chagrin here. In the words of the Joker, why so serious?

    I believe MRS. Palin to be correct in her assertion that for the most part, Mr. Obama has been incredibly, unbearably passive and even paralyzed when he’s been faced with a crisis. This went for the oil spill, the alleged Chinese “missile”, the overreach (literally) by the TSA, and everything that has come out in regards to WikiLeaks. WH insiders that are with him on a daily basis say that he spends more time watching sports than he does anything else, and even when he’s in meetings he’s not very engaged. Now, I am a girl who fancies a good game on TV, but if I were president, I’m not so sure that would take precedent over the security of the country as a whole.

    Now, Pravda – I’m certain – would report this if they thought Mother Russia could benefit, and I am sure they will at some point.

  309. Bonus points if you can say the name of the current Alaska governor without Googling.

    BTW, it also starts with a “P”.

  310. So Sarah Palin is a greater threat to security than the Federal Reserve, the TSA, New World Order, and Big Sis combined?

    Hmm. Perhaps we should all read our posts out loud to ourselves before posting them.

  311. The Republicans aren’t listening to anyone who isn’t inside the Beltway anymore and neither are the Dums…errrr…Dems. Two sides of the same coin. Palin is the Republican Party’s greatest nightmare because she gets people they don’t like elected, but then again they have an R next to their name and can be corrupted, so then they’re okay with it.

    I just hate the way she insists on defending John McCain. McLame is really more of a liberal than I will ever be.

  312. If you play all her speeches backwards, you can hear “kill all the darkies” and a great recipe for elk.

  313. Honestly, I don’t see the esteem that you cite for Barack Obama. He has gotten slammed at Copenhagen, the Olympic Committee meeting in Spain, by the Indian press, and by the Germans. Here lately he actually sent ERIC HOLDER to the World Cup committee, for games that won’t be held until 2021. Seriously?? The head of the Department of Justice is going to be an ambassador for the World Cup?

    And need I give you this little comedic nugget to see what China thinks of us:

  314. Death panels are a little bit different than the death PENALTY.

    Woo-wee. What a world – what we lack in logic, we make up for in creativity.

  315. This is fundamentally an echo chamber. The reason everything seems intelligent and insightful is because no one is pointing out the obvious flaws in Ms. Jones’ argument- If we adopt Pravda and Ms. Jones’ understanding of treason then there are an awful lot of people on the right and left who are treasonous. Pravda, and indeed the rest of the world, does not understand why we let people engage in outlandish political speech here in America. No other country has as liberal speech laws as America (save those countries which don’t really have laws to speak of).

    It’s not treason, it’s an election year.

  316. The republicans will happily drive America into economic ruin if it keeps getting them elected. They are party before country.

  317. Beautifully written and well-thought out, as usual! Keep speaking the truth, and at least a handful of people will open their eyes.

  318. I think it’s hilarious that you’re criticizing her for something you are completely guilty of as well. I’m pretty sure she knows what “Fascism” is, seeing how she explains what it is in her other works. You, however, making simple “LOL u r retarded!” claims are a typical trait of behavior for those who are either angered, or nervous by what others say… therefore, your criticisms are not to be taken seriously.

  319. WOW. Everything I have been saying. I now call her AND FOX news “Domestic terrorists” They are trying to dismantle our country and begin a war – why NOT call them terrorists. WONDERFUL article.

  320. If this argument is correct, then wouldn’t the argument made by whacky right-wingers that many liberals were traitors for criticizing Bush in a time of war also be correct?

  321. Great work! I totally agree with every one of your points. She is a terrible human being and is really against America’s best interests. She only cares about her interests.

  322. This piece should be required printing in every newspaper, required to be read on every TV station and required reading in every school.

  323. If your not going to read it, why did you bother to reply to it? If you watch Fox News, you have to call Pravda valid

  324. I agree that Sarah Palin is a pretty sad person and basically makes a mockery of our political system. It is embarrassing we even allow such people to even get to the spot light. However, I’ve been reading Pravda off and on for 10 years. It isn’t really a reliable source of information. I once read on that site that Russian fisherman caught an alien fish (from outer space) and ate it. I’ve read many ridiculous stories on Pravda. It is like an entertaining version of Fox news for Russians. Pravda was right in it’s assessment of Sarah Palin. However, please don’t even quote or say that Pravda is credible or reliable. I read it to get a good laugh.

  325. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” As you can see, the only protection we get for our speech is that congress shall pass no law abridging it. You can say what you want. I can say what I want. I can try and stop you from saying it all I want and our laws can do nothing about it. That is, as long as I break no other law in doing so. I’m not sure if Miss Jones would agree, but I think the point is more about hypocrisy in a person screaming patriotism while espousing ideas that hurt citizens in real economic terms.

  326. I found your article interesting, especially as I hadn’t known about any Russian opinions regarding Palin, or any other U.S. political leaders, come to that. As an aside, I sincerely doubt that they have a very high opinion of any of our politicians, but I could be wrong. Sadly your article was too full of invective and personal bias to be considered true journalism, and your bellicose tone weakened your arguments, in my opinion. Facts are facts ~ let them speak for themselves. You don’t like Sarah Palin and the Russian article you referenced seems to join you in your dislike. Enough said. Calling someone a traitor for sharing publicly how she feels the issues this country is facing have been handled (or mishandled, depending on your preference), does not seem to fit the crime. Perhaps, just perhaps, the opinions of the Russian who wrote the article you referenced have been shaped by his own experience and knowledge of Russian history, politics and extremely colorful political leaders, the sum of which has skewed his perception of U.S. and the concept of freedom of speech. Just food for thought….

  327. I’ve read a lot of articals about Sarah Palin, and I got to say, this is definitely the best one. I don’t think Sarah has had it given to her this hard since “Nailin Palin.” :)

  328. Everybody please stop and take a breath, then read back over this discussion thread. You are unbelieveable on both sides. Fantastic claims and accusations, hyperbole, undiluted vitriol. It takes one’s breath away.

    The truth is that neither side is going to convince anyone of anything; not with comments such as these. Another truth is that none of you is discussing the article. It has merely served as a focal point for you to come together like dropping a bone in the midst of a pack of starving dogs.

    The headline itself is a red flag; “Sarah Palin is a traitor.” Has she committed treason? Of course not. Has she betrayed her cause or her country? No. What then is she guilty of? Expressing an opinion or series of opinions that finds great favor with some and is extremely disagreeable to others.

    Now, maybe some citizens of other nations do not understand this concept, but we Americans are a rowdy group, frequently disagreeing, very noisily. I can understand that this concept is very foreign to someone living in Russia. Until recently, the expression of opinions could have gotten you killed or sent to the gulag. And, criticizing the “supreme leader?” Yeah, try that with someone like Joseph Stalin.

    I know that some will say, “Hey, those days are behind us,” and you’re correct. However, recent polls show that there are still a significant number of people in Russia who pine for those days.

    So, here’s a suggestion; deal with it. Calm down. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish when you post a comment, and then don’t.

  329. She does NOT speak for me, or my values and hopes as a woman living in this country in 2010.
    And shame on her hate mongering, and talent for distorting and downright misrepresenting the truth .
    And yet, she has millions of supporters in this country.
    Something sadly wrong with that picture.

  330. Congratulations! This is about the only comment in this discussion thread that makes any sense. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with you, but at least you make an observation without blowing a gasket.

  331. With Roosevelt’s words taken to heart, I don’t believe the President deserves the kind of criticized madness that Sarah Palin (and those like her) spew forth from the anus that is so rightfully situated under their noses

  332. Dan- your statement seems a touch misguided. I’ve been in the health system in several countries that provide healthcare for their citizens.

    1. My wait in emergency rooms was on average about 8 hours less than waiting in American emergency rooms.
    2. As a foreigner, I had to pay my bills in full. They were reasonable- unlike the $2000 bill I received recently from a routine check-up here in the States.
    3. The facilities that I visited were extremely clean- even in poorer countries. Absolutely not deplorable.
    4. People travel to the States for some treatments, true. But. America is not the only country that people visit for medical treatment. Travel for critical treatment is often dictated by the institutes’ and hospitals’ expertise. Also, let us not forget the many doctors and dentists offices that are on the Mexican borders that are tailored for Americans who are seeking reasonably priced treatment.

    I know that I have given you ripe reason to tear into me. I am writing this, not to upset you- but to give you a perspective from someone who has traveled through the healthcare system in other countries. To be absolutely blunt, I prefer others’ systems exponentially more than ours. Especially now, since I cannot afford health insurance, therefore am facing crippling debt if anything happens to me.

  333. During the Bush years, conservatives and republicans screamed, “My president, right or wrong!” Whatever happened to this sentiment when Obama was elected? If you claim to love your president, even when he makes tough choices to get the country back on track or to honor the promises of previous administrations (the bailout was Bush’s idea), then you should be supporting Obama even if you don’t agree with him 100%.

    Idesign, you need to quit parroting the sh*t you hear on TV and start thinking for your own sake. Our country is in serious trouble and it sure as heel isn’t Obama’s fault. That man has been struggling since the day he took office. He has had nothing but crisis after crisis to deal with. Bush had a cakewalk until 9/11 and even then he had people telling him what to do.

    Wake up, reality is much worse than the fake nightmare vision of Obamaland you have been led to believe in.

  334. If Palin is a traitor because she criticizes the president, does that mean that everyone who criticized Bush during his administration is a traitor? Just how does Palin show herself to be unpatriotic? Does she refuse to pay respect when the National Anthem is played? Does she tell people that she was never proud of her country until she came on the scene? Does she attend a church where the Pastor preaches “G*D Damn America”?

  335. Palin needs to just drop dead before she converts anyone else to her stupidity. She is a true scum that needs to go to the bottom of the pond before she scums the top of the pond.

  336. Amen, I am no longer proud to be an American. We are over trod by corporate scum and health care only exits for the wealthy, insurance is a joke. I live for the day I can move to a real country that will provide health care regardless of your income. It sure as heck is not America where only the wealthy will survive.

  337. Yes, it only says what the bulk of America has been saying, she is the true armpit of the stink of America.

  338. I only hope that you have to live in the world that Palin wants us to live in, then maybe you can see what she is truly about. It’s not about you, it is totally about her and what she can rape from the American public for herself. Anyone that will exploit her own children for the almighty buck and not admit any error on her on part is only in it for the fame and $$$$$$$$$. If you are stupid enough to think she has anything else in her sight then carry on but grease up your rear end and bend over and grab your ankles.

  339. She did have a witch doctor pray over her, who has a reputation for harrassing Kenyan women as witches and in some cases driving them out of their hometowns. She also has a husband who belonged to the secessionist Alaska Independence Party, and she herself is alleged to have spoken at one of their meetings as recently as 2008. Again, when people defend her attacks against Obama, they seem to conveniently overlook even more unflattering facts about Ms. Palin.

    As far as “free speech” is concerned, it goes hand in hand with responsibility for the words that one chooses to speak. Since 2008, Palin has made a large number of ill-informed and inflammatory statements that she has not been held accountable for. She not only has high unfavorable ratings in the United States, but she also has a horrible reputation amng foreign countries. This bad reputation is a direct result of her reckless and irresponsible spewing of remarks on various subjects that are just as stupid as they are malicious. No one is saying she doesn’t have the right to say what she wants, but that she has to be prepared to take the resulting flak. If she does run for president, all of these things will be dredged up to be used against her. And she will have only herself to blame.

  340. I suppose criticizing Sarah Palin is unpatriotic. The woman is a mean spirited liar and does not respect the office of the President. She is unpatriotic and is helping to weaken the United States. You cannot deny her misuse of freedom of speech. You cannot deny that she adds nothing to solving national problems. She is a part of the unholy cabal that is willing to bring down the country so that they get elected. She hides behind good laws to do do evil work. Make no mistake about that. Her venom and distaste for the typical American is self evident. They are there to spend money on her bullshit.

  341. I find this article quite one-sided and hilariously shrill. I don’t recall the press saying anything quite like this to those that bad mouthed Republican presidents. The POTUS does not equal the American people. His agenda is not good for America. A patriot loves his country not the President. Standing by and name calling people that point out the un-American destructive actions of a globalist who happens to occupy the office of POTUS doesn’t make one a traitor. It’s the freedom that we Americans have that allows us to stand on our principles and say what we will…even if we point out the un-American actions of a President. Most foreigners don’t understand that kind of freedom. Lord help us if we ever lose that. The moment it becomes traitorous for us to stand up and speak our mind is when the thought police come and take us away. That’s when freedom dies and the totalitarian State exerts it dominance over us. Many Americans think we are already marching towards that point. Many are fearful that we are following the failed models that Europeans have so eagerly adopted at the loss of their freedoms. I prefer to think free and die free. Name calling is a sure sign of losing a debate on the merits of ideas. It’s a sure sign one has no real value to their side. I won’t call those who want to call Sarah Palin any names. I’m not here to defend her. I happen to think she speaks the voice of many fed up Americans that are tired of seeing their freedoms being slowly stripped away and their country they love slowly marching to a point of oblivion by a delugged ideological and factually void president that feels using his party to impose his will against the American people and the ideals of freedom …. quite bold and refreshing. The left leaning socialists in the media obviously think he’s marching America towards the dream of utopia. In actuality, he is dismantling the proud and benevolent country of the United States of America. Our current president is not standing on the founding principles that made our country great, he is standing on the principles that have historically led to the lose of freedom and whole sale subjugation and slaughter of peoples across the globe. Socialism leads to totalitarianism. Compassion is lost. Humanity is lost. I don’t think pointing this out makes one an idiot. I think it makes one compassionate. The recent US election was a complete smack down and rebuke of our current president and his un-American policies. It doesn’t seem like he’s gotten the message when he continues to use alternate channels and abuse the privilege of his powers to circumvent and install policies that are destructive to the American people. As long as this happens there will be patriots who realize their love of country is greater than one powerful man’s destructive capabilities. These patriots will stand and say no more. Be clear in understanding that patriotism does not equate to rebellion. Americans can peaceably alter their government through elections when their leaders no longer heed their cries of foul play and oppression. It is only when those peaceable means are removed will Americans resort to more extreme measures. When the press turns on its people in favor of a totalitarian state those options become more viable. Funny thing about the press here in the US, they’ve lost their credibility and power. They know it and so do the statists and elites. Hence, they are starting to push for extreme measures to shut down the voice of the American people. Fairness doctrine is a misnomer. Can’t get the Congress to enact it… how about just having the FCC impose it by fiat. Tamping down the voices of those that speak out is a sure sign of losing the debate and the desire to shut down dissent. Totalitarianism is on the march. I put my faith in the nobleness and compassion of the American people and the patriots that stand against the surmounting evil forces to point out injustices. Call Sarah Palin what you will, put her down, suppress her voice. It won’t matter because another and another and another will stand up to take her place. Freedom is not free. Liberals think everything should be free but won’t pay the price for it. They prefer to pass the buck on that. Eventually, you reach the end of the line when you run out of spending other people’s money. Historically, the result is war. That’s not compassion that’s horrific. Freedom is the only compassion that exists. God gave us our intelligence and our ability to reason. He never forced us to worship Him. Despots and dictators must do that. But the compassion of freedom means that some will make poor choices. We don’t have to force our will in their prevent their mistakes. But, if we don’t stand up to say anything at all what are we. All it takes for evil to prevail is for none to speak out against it.

  342. Hey Mod apparently simply disagreeing with you makes me mentally Incompetent but oh no I have a Photographic Memory how about that I can’t believe you would let such a trashy article such as this up did you even see the link Cliff made where he was showing a article from this Russian Tabloid this is based on Where they thought we had something called a HAARP in Alaska that was capable of controlling the weather and apparently causing an earthquake in Haiti they claimed They said it was Obamas project I got all that from one reading If you and the author wish to go to Russia go

  343. Don’t let it get to you since its pretty obvious Jason likes to sink pretty low over an article that was clearly part of a Russian Tabloid he does not like to see reality of any kind posted here he thinks that he is clearly a God Moderator and sees no reason to listen to other people

  344. Wow you must feel so good inside for completely bullying Shellana and others completely reasonable disagreement with the Opinion Article from the Russia Tabloid and like a child would you felt it necessary to insult the intelligence of those who disagree with you unfortunately that ridiculous tactic does not work on someone who has a photographic memory.

  345. No it seems you must understand something this is not Russia in anyway if you want to live in a place where you are imprisoned for freedom of Speech move there now you are the least intelligent person on the planet if you buy a Russian Tabloids Opinion Piece

  346. Exactly, I agree with every word. They care not for this country and it’s people, but for getting in power at any cost and their own selfish gain.

  347. Wow I will let you know that is completely not true I believe the only true race is the Human one I just did not buy Obama s Glamor unlike all of you did because I am not weak minded enough to fall to such petty tricks I mean really Obama has not fulfilled any of his campaign promises he has yet to do anything about the don’t ask don’t tell policy or anything about Gay Marriage or put Cameras in the congress to make sure the Health Care Bill in Congress would not be behind closed doors if anything he is just as corrupt as every other political candidate you now why it would affect his image among the Congress if he did such a thing.

  348. Man for some reason every “Reasonable person” here has missed this question which several wise people have posted

  349. And yet you are the one trolling apparently if someone has a good reason to disagree with you you take it as trolling The definition of a Troll is someone who was frozen in development as 12 year old because mommy and daddy physically or sexually abused you and all they do is act immature which is what you and the Mod are doing simply because you can’t take the truth they also because of the void inside them have to bully others if anybody needs a trip to an asylum it is you and the Mod.

  350. From Stan If Palin is a traitor because she criticizes the president, does that mean that everyone who criticized Bush during his administration is a traitor? Just how does Palin show herself to be unpatriotic? Does she refuse to pay respect when the National Anthem is played? Does she tell people that she was never proud of her country until she came on the scene? Does she attend a church where the Pastor preaches “G*D Damn America”?

  351. And yes even though I do live in Texas I believe that it is not mine or any ones business whether Homosexuals marry.

  352. Well, I agree with her”opinion” and the “opinion” of the person who wrote these “opinions” on Pravda Online. I have been saying the same about the GOP and Sarah Palin from day one of Obama’s presidency. A traitor is a traitor is a traitor.

  353. Agree. … and this writer is clearly a capitalist parading as a socialist, trying to make a name for the sake of a dirty dollar or two!!

    I also agree with the next comment:
    Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president. (Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of US, 1858 – 1919)

  354. Yes, never mind that the charges against Palin are absolutely correct. She is tearing at the President at EVERY opportunity instead of working collaboratively to help fix the massive problems that we have in our country. And she doesn’t give a flying crap about this country, she only cares about Palin. She doesn’t even care about her children. Enjoy the cesspool of a country we become if she ever gets near the presidency.

  355. Very good opinion here. I like reading the Opinion columns in my local Paper in North Eastern, Md. Funny thing I just read from a local Rightwing Tea Party type who puts in his Opinion weekly. This week he so praises Sarah Palin regarding her reality show “Palins Alaska”, who believes it shows the real Sarah and her love of Alaska and America and how wonderful her husband and children are, and with that hes says she is like so many people of Cecil County, Md. I will give this example and I think it can make sense when it comes to TV/Movies. In 07/08 I did a seven day Charity Bicyle ride for AIDs services in California. One day I was talking with a rider and got into a discussion of “Porn Movies”. Stay with me. This guy had done Porn for awhile. I said “Wow, and I must ask – was it fun?” with a slight laugh. He replied. “No not really.” Why I asked. He said “Its not real sex.” I think the same applies with some much entertainment and so many of us sucked into it, that we have to remind ourselves of the realities. Hope this makes sense.

  356. Umbra, that HAARP site in Alaska was there long before Obama came into office. Alex Jones top bloggers talk of Continuous Conspiracy Theories of future Government Control of the People. Russian Media “RTv” I think it’s called entertains those reports. So it’s not surprising that a Russian Tabloid would run that. Also Jesse Ventura’s new Series “Conspiracy Theories” which runs on TrueTV has shown that.

  357. And so, what is your point? The issues, comments and observations made are still 100 percent true. Palin IS an ignoramus failure with nothing but a publicity stunt tactic to get her useless antagonistic TEAdiot party point across.

  358. I agree – the GOP is the worst enemy America has. Why worry about foreign terrorists when you’ve got your own power-mongering countrymen to worry about?

  359. My favorite part of this page are the responses from people saying this article is garbage because Sarah Jones mixed up Pravdas or doesn’t know what treason means. I’m not delving into those two things but even if you are correct on those accounts, this does not discount the brunt of this article nor what she is saying.

    Palin has never provided any useful information or constructive ideas in any speech or interview she has ever given. She only attacks people. If she is given a challenging question, she attacks the interviewer or ends the interview or says an overused sound bite on how she thinks the American people deserve better.

    She has never said anything positive about the President. She acts like the world is her high school and she’s constantly running for student body president. She should take a cue from the military. They vote for Presidents and even if they voted for a different president, they don’t publicly criticize the one elected nor do they refuse orders (although some “birthers” did which is a whole other hilarious topic).

    I am amazed how our country has conducted itself recently. Republicans refusing to pass ANY more legislation until certain other ones are passed… it’s like elementary school. These are supposed to be grown men and women doing what is best for the country but instead are just arguing, backstabbing, and insulting each other. And all the time the members of Congress speak after a vote and say they didn’t pass a bill because “it didn’t go far enough.” HELLO? How about passing the bill anyway so that at least some little things start helping America and then you can try to do larger amendments later. No, instead you don’t pass them at all so the American people don’t get any benefits from the bill while you spend the next several years yelling at each other trying to forge a perfect bill.

    Sorry, I’m off topic. Reread the article above. The brunt of the article, including Palin’s actions, cannot be refuted. She is doing everything she can to become popular and get into power but cannot help but spew evil. And she is trying to control the media. Refusing interviews if they challenge her or question her. Wanting to “clean up the mainstream media.” Everything about her screams dictator.

  360. Sure Dan, people fly to the US for medical treatment, people with money that is. Isn’t it wonderful that we have a medical system here in the US that is eager to serve anyone from another country with money but not it’s own citizens?

  361. If you did not read that tabloid in full it explains how they some “Among those who have written about HAARP related projects, is Zbigniew Brzezinski, former security adviser to former President Jimmy Carter, who is related to the political tendency within the American system of power that is Barack Obama. Brzezinski noted the existing alternatives for changes in the thinking of humans and in the ecological war. He said that despite the inconveniences that could be created in certain sectors, the use of technology such as HAARP was inevitable.”

  362. The debt was tripled under Bush. Many of his legislations (edict’s) impact didn’t occur until after he left office. After inheriting a huge surplus, he chose to give the rich a big tax break and push the cost to next administration. Government under Bush expanded more than CLinton, Bush 1 and Carter combined.

  363. Oh, I get it. When a single party communitst state makes a criticism of Sarah Palin, we are all supposed to get on the bandwagon, however, when American Democrats living in the greatest nation the world has ever known challenge the partiotism of Republicans, it’s just fine: ·

    “John Ashcroft is not a patriot.”—Howard Dean
    · “[In the Bush administration, there is] a group of people around the President whose main allegiance is to each other and their ideology rather than to the United States.”—Howard Dean
    · “We hear them in the cries of the false patriots who bully dissenters into silence and submission”.—Ted Kennedy
    · “I don’t think it’s patriotic to put on a flight suit and prance around on the deck of an aircraft carrier looking for a photo op.” — Gen. Wesley Clark
    · “The policy that the administration is following in Iraq is … anti-patriotic at the core…” — Sen. Bob Graham
    “[Some Southern Senators] unpatriotically blocked a bill…” — Rep. Dingell
    “”It is unacceptable for this un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators…” — Gov. Jennifer Granholm
    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  364. What happened when Bush was criticized?… Yeah, look at the Dixie Chicks, look at the people trying their “free speech” at Bush meetings, hauled away for disrupting him. He demanded protesters be kept far away from where he was. Anyone criticizing was branded totally unpatriotic. What hypocrisy! You had to be invited to any Bush (townhall) or other meeting. If, not your outta here!
    If you leaders don’t start to work together, we are all going down the tube. After attending some GOP meetings, the focus was “how to defeat the Dems and regain control”. Attending Democratic meeting, they were focusing on issues that would help American citizens.

  365. Well, why was it SO different when you spoke out against Bush! Horrors, you were labeled unpatriotic at the very least, or hauled off by some thugs if you were using your “free speech” at at Bush gathering.

  366. Once again the fascist tendencies of the leftards are revealed.
    They don’t know that press critics of Putin have been murdered?
    They don’t know the Pravda has always been the lap dog of the Russian leaders?
    They don’t know the Constitutional provision on free speech?
    “PALIN IS AN IDIOT” with no actual proof ever offered.

    The left is defending the nude scanners and molestations of the TSA but they screamed bloody murder about the Patriot act . OH but they never bring up Obama’s failing to curtail it as he promised. And they certainly never bring up his expanding it. He gives away all our money to fat cats on wall street and foreign banks and nations and it’s ignored. You libs are pathetic and I hope you keep it up for 2 more yrs so we can see you lose everything. Clearly many of you (including BO) learned nothing from the last election…..

  367. you’re not getting it,shellena.she is going to army bases,and telling them not to respect their commander in chief.she is an american,blaming our president for everything that happens.this is unpatriotic.and in the first case,treasonous.she can say whatever she wants.but if it amounts to calling our troops to ignore their commander,that should not be tolerated.

  368. Hey Sinbaby: It took 42 Presidents to run the debt up to 5 trillion. When GW left office, it was over 10. He doubled it. It’s now above 13, so check your math….

  369. We seemed to forget that “freedoms” like freedom of speech, comes with RESPONSIBILITY. Just as it is irresponsible to shout FIRE or GUNMAN in a crowded room and people get trampled to death, it is irresponsible to create hate and animosity by shouting lies and promoting riots. The extreme partisanship created by wingers talk show are irresponsible and “a house divided WILL fall” and we are falling fast. Other countries, like China, are laughing at our stupidity of parties fighting each other instead of working for their constituents.

  370. At least these statements were made by people with some credibility and experience and know of what they speak.

  371. Hey Rex. You win the prize for the longest sentence, with NO punctuation. Except the period that ends your blather.

  372. it was BUSH with the first bailout and big oil had taken over the last administration…hence we got Gulf oil spill. What did we expect with 2 oil men in the white house… slap BP’s wrist when they reject safety measures.

  373. Yeah, I gave the TP’ers a list of their “big government” benefits when they say “get out of my life”, and they respond the same way. No way. They don’t have a clue. In fact two of them said they were paid to carry a sign and make a lot of noise.

  374. Can you imagine what the response would be by Palin if Obama had said “we have to stand with our allies in North Korea”. And she got away with it, just saying it was slip of the tongue.

  375. I think the main beef that any rational critics have with Sarah Palin’s rhetoric is not her ability under our democratic republic to redress grievances with her government or criticize a sitting president, but her active subversion of our president’s authority and her open encouragement for the violent overthrow of the government and the assassination of our president. This goes far beyond even the most vitriolic attacks voiced by political candidates through the media against any previous sitting president. It does rise to the level of treasonous action. The day we begin falsely equivocating the freedom to criticize with the freedom to actively subvert our government is the day we welcome perpetual civil war. I am all for freedom of speech, but a large portion of the people represented by Sarah Palin, and her irresponsible and dangerous actions, are actually planning to assassinate the president and members of the legislative branch of government if they don’t believe they are getting what they want. What scares is that people who make the arguments that you make will continue to hinder our ability as a nation to recognize the difference between bombastic vitriol and open threats, leading to a situation where the only time any kind of majority in this country will be able to recognize and agree to any threat will be the moment our president is assassinated. I have the feeling even then that the rhetoric will continue, even worsening. When people cross a line, real or perceived, and there are no consequences, they begin to test every line, and press every boundary. This is the aspect that reasonable members of either party or political ideology recognize and fear about Sarah Palin and people like her. That is the main point that the article attempts to make, although I will agree that it does not make the point concisely or logically…

  376. Our country had a surplus (NO DEBT) until G.W. Bush was elected. He put our country in the toilet… NOT Obama, you ignorant idiot!

  377. Sarah Bonehead Palin is disgracing the United States of America. Duct tape anyone? The most ignorant woman on the planet.

  378. I think you are missing the point of this article… which is that Sarah Palin is a complete idiot. So much of an idiot, in fact, that the rest of the world views America as complete morons for giving her such a big voice.

  379. Bush never added the cost of both wars to the budget, which Obama quickly corrected. Check your facts.

  380. Keep in mind, our very own president called us enemies:

    In a last-ditch effort to salvage the Democratic majority, President Obama is encouraging Hispanic voters to remain inspired by stalled immigration “reform” to vote against Republicans on Election Day. More importantly, President Obama is inspiring his constituents to “punish our enemies and reward our friends,” encouraging a similar kind of “thugocracy” we have seen with labor unions.

  381. I wonder if you look at the opinion pieces of the person who wrote this article say 4 years ago if they were supporting there president then. This is a joke the way you people so blindly follow your party and won’t even respect the other peoples opinion or views. This to me is what is wrong with America a divide of morons who listen to propganda spiewed by people with agendas, form your own opinion but at least have enough class to respect others. HATERS.

  382. What I take away from this hit piece and many of the vitriol comments is absolute fear disguised with punditry toward a political figure who threatens the progressive agenda in both parties. With liberals totaling just 20% of Americans,conservatives and independentst at 40% respectively, Obama’s approval numbers in the 30s, Kenysian economics failing spectacularly, and the sleeping giant awakened as the November midterm elections proved… it is no wonder that the assaults on Palin now accuse her of sedition.

  383. i think sarah palin is good for mom not for president.she should populate the country with children not running politics in the white house.she can participate with dancing with the stars.i think any fool will dance with her.i wish her all the the way we do watch dancing with the stars so we will know if she is there.

  384. While it is our right as Americans to criticize the President, it is something far different to call for his death. It seems we are becoming too unsensitized by our habitual cries to defend our freedom of speech (which, by the way, needs little defense in this country) to wake up and see how bad this is getting.

    Is it really okay to talk about killing the Commander in Chief and, as elected government officials, block all progress in our country in the name of competition?

    When did politics become college football? This is a dangerous game you two parties are playing (oh, excuse me Tea Party… didn’t see you there on the shoulders of the GOP) with the rest of our lives. We Moderates are getting tired of the tantrums our tax dollars support.

  385. Enough with the bs… Point to specific quotes where Palin calls for assassination. This is nothing more than a desperate pathetic hail mary pass at trying to discredit her (again) because your biggest fear is now realized. Polls have Palin tied with Obama for 2012. Marginalize and destroy no longer works…

  386. From Wiki: “The new Pravda newspaper and Pravda Online are not related in any way. The paper Pravda tends to analyze events from a leftist point of view, while the web-based, tabloid-style newspaper often takes a nationalist and sensationalist approach.”

    Yeah, so OK. Where does this negate the value of what was written? The fact that this is NOT from a “leftist” source strengthens the author’s argument, IMO.

  387. Heh-heh, another clueless one…Probably someone who has never been out of the country and gets their information from Fox exclusively…

    Oh well, there’s one born every minute.

  388. Palin is too ignorant to be a traitor.
    Obama is a traitor…look at his cabinet…a who’s who of banking interests and military industrial murderers.

  389. While this is a good piece to keep in mind, and it definitely counteracts statements that Palin’s words might be treasonous, do bear in mind that if you accept these statements as true (and you probably should for all intents and purposes) then we must question what “truth” Palin speaks. I personally think she is not qualified to speak on “true” matters as it comes to evaluating the president. There is great debate within Political Science as to whether the ideal of an American public servant is to do what’s “right” or to do what the people want.

    But even this confusion does not seem to defend Palin’s vitriolic speech: if she is evaluating if the president is doing what is “right” then she has no ability to judge this as she is uneducated in matters of ethics, social and political philosophy, of the mechanics of American Politics or International Relations, or even of basic matters of geography, history, or national civics; her knowledge at best encompasses the anecdotal “school of hard knocks” belief that living the life of one American allows you to know what’s best for all of them–which usually leads to the overvaluation of emotions over rationality (as I say, if a scientific breakthrough could save the lives of 1 million adults at the cost of the life of one infant, this world would be one infant stronger). On the other hand, if you’re evaluating what the people want…well, then you do not need to speak for them, they should speak for you. I mean, think about it, by screaming out against the left, is she representing the views of the right, or is she telling them that these are the views they should assume? She is a figure of leadership to right-wing populists–how should they feel about her, applying Mr. Roosevelt’s principles to her instead of Obama, when she speaks her mind out and says “this is what MY PEOPLE want.” To this day, many republicans still shiver when they think of how she has come to symbolize their party. But even worse, she seems to think she represents the American people as a whole, preferring to treat the people who voted in the president as a majority who seeks to tear down the country out of blatant disdain for national principles. In all ways, she shows complete misunderstanding for every foundation of American Politics, of leadership, and of anything else that she dares to stick her nose into; criticizing leaders is not to be abhorred when it is just, but let us not fear criticizing our smaller leaders when their actions towards larger ones show how poorly they are doing their own jobs.

  390. I disagree, Boehner, he has fair reason to believe as he does. I mean, I wouldn’t agree with him necessarily, but he’s not saying that Obama’s platform is wrong so much as it is unrealistic.

    Of course, Rex, you did say that gay rights was a campaign promise, and Obama has gone on record as not supporting gay marriage since his campaign.

  391. What an absolutely true and well written article! Not only is Palin out to line her pockets at the expense of this country, alongside her are rogues like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and too many others. The two things that bother me most about this situation are: 1) The fact that the Republican “party of no,” aptly named, is totally corrupt; and 2) That far too many Americans are uneducated and ignorant enough to be misled by these propagandists (a nice word for them). Of all times when the U.S. needs to pull together to solve the massive problems we have, most of which were created during the eight years of the Bush reign of terror, it is now!

  392. And what makes her fundamentally right? Because she said it? She’s totally wrong, annoying and seditious and should be put in jail for her treason.

  393. Next to the last sentence of the article you quote is the pertinent thing “Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him”

    perhaps palin should learn this bit of sophistry

    “Before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful. If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid.”

  394. I just find it interesting that the international press wasn’t making a stink when democrats were calling GWBush an assortment of horrible names and questioning his competency.

    Frankly, unless America is doing something truly heinous, other countries don’t need to butt in to our political process. One of the great things about this country is that you can say what you think without fear of being jailed. Everyone pretending to get along doesn’t solve anything. Discourse does.

  395. Good points made by T.R., and those of us on the left need to remember that the right wing provided plenty of criticism of our patriotism when we accused G.W. Bush of destroying our great Nation. We still believe that he did, but we must also allow the other side to say their piece. That’s how we want to be treated.

    “If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!”

  396. John S Dwyer – Every word you wrote is true. The obstructionist republicans who voted en block against every bit of legislation designed to help the middle class are treasonous and self-serving. I think there may be a special place for them in the hereafter.

  397. So you discount her entire argument based on one source that wasn’t false, just merely misleading. The author used multiple sources throughout her article not just the one and the arguments she derives from those sources is well founded.
    You Then go on to point fingers at the author because the school she graduated from wasn’t listed? What does it matter where she came from? Are you saying that sound arguments don’t matter if you don’t graduate from the appropriate (and from what you say, appropriate should be read “republican”) schools. Sure background gives a sense of credibility to an author but it is not as though her views are unfounded, like I said she has plenty of supporting evidence. There are plenty of prominent figures (Sarah Palin?) that hide behind their background so that people will believe them and then spout unfounded nonsense to the waiting masses.

  398. So….

    If Palin, who doesn’t hold an office and is by proxy a political commentator, is traitorous….

    What would that make Keith Olbermann, during the Bush administration?

  399. Oure stupidity. Remeber when dissent – making the eeevvviiilll Bu$h look like a monkey, telling us that the war is lost, saying Bush and crew made/let 9/11 happen, calling on troops to kill officers, hanging outside Walter Reed telling the wounded soldiers to dessert, saying Bu$h lied and people died, telling the world the Bush was not your President, apologizing to the world for Bush, saying all manner of vile lies about Bush, recall when that was patriotic and that we should not DARE to question your patriotism for vocally disagreeing with s President? Remember? Oh, yeah, right, that was before; before the Promised One, and his teleprompter and crew of buffoons and screw-ups stumbled into office based on fairy tales and lies. You people are blinkered by your own choosing. Pathetic.

  400. I myself think that Palin is a self-centered person looking for a payday, that couldn’t make it in Politics. I was hoping that I would see a post
    of all of the things that she has done for her country, for the good.. I can’t seem to find any. Anybody?? I do know that all her trash
    talking is not doing a dam bit of good but make her rich!

  401. Can anyone discuss without name calling? Name calling and sarcasm do not prove a more logical point is being made. I am not surprised to see a bunch of name calling disguised as valid arguments, given that the article above is based on an excerp from a Russian paper which uses the example of farting at a State Party as a metaphor for Palin’s behavior.

    To Pravda and to the commentator on this site, I think if we really want to arrive at any kind of well thought out conclusion, we should leave emotional attacks out of it.

    Criticizing one’s political system is not unpatriotic. Not at all. Wanting the best policy and leadership for your country and the world is as patriotic as it gets. Misleading the public in order to further one’s agenda is definitely unpatriotic. This is what I have a problem with. In this way, I would say many of our talking heads from media and politics (in every party) are not shining examples of patriotism.

  402. I’m not sure what having a photographic memory has to do with anyone’s opinions, or who you’re suggesting has a photographic memory. If it’s you that has the photographic memory, it’s clear that it’s done nothing to help your grammar, or you’re ability to present your thoughts in any sort of orderly fashion. Maybe you should take that memory and read a few books on proper writing before you go around wasting everybody’s time.

  403. This reads exactly like something Ann Coulter would have written several years ago. It was dishonest when she did it and it is still dishonest. That said, Sarah Palin is a buffoon.

  404. I question your fact…and your math.
    Or are you suggesting that the “40 percent” conservatives elected Obama?
    Or were they simply sleeping in 2008 when he beat McCain?
    If they were truly a. conservative, and b, a majority they would have voted, and Obama would never have won.

    So get over the loss, and adjust to having the first minority president.
    We have more things to worry about thanks to Bush.

  405. I agree: the world’s nations should stay entirely out of each other’s hair. But this was a Russian publication for the people of Russia. Do American journalists comment upon the political events in other countries for an American audience? The answer to that question is resoundingly yes.

    I find your statement that other nations don’t need to ‘butt in’ interesting in conjunction with your final statement that ‘discourse’ solves problems. You assert that the Russian critique of our domestic politics is unhelpful, but aren’t opposing view points valid under your assertion that discussion is a valid vehicle for resolving issues? They do, after all, make a valid point. Palin’s criticisms of Obama are not making matters any better for our nation. They angering much of the population, either at the Obama administration or on its behalf. Is this thought not valid in the political discourse of our nation?

    I also agree that discourse is crucial to a democratic government. But when discourse on either side is aggressive and self-promoting, it becomes more of a hinderance than a help. Unfortunately, it seems as though such ‘discourse’ is the result of partisanship.

    Do I know how to fix this problem? Not at all. I just think it is important to remember that, while ‘pretending to get along’ doesn’t solve anything, it is potentially more beneficial than what ‘discourse’ in our nation has become.

  406. agreed – this is a shit article that wouldnt pass muster for a high school paper on basic political science. how does this trash get published and disseminated as news? right, pravda, the russian government-sponsored paper, is who US citizens should really be turning to. RUBBISH

  407. yeah? palin is more dangerous than fox news? palin speaks to her constituents, hun. no one outside of the far right pays her ANY attention.

  408. It never said she called for any “assassinations,” just that her “heavily moderated Facebook page was just months ago full of comments calling for the death of our President, sedition, and the overthrowing of the Obama administration as being God’s will.” Those comments, I would take a guess, are from other users, not her. But her words are feeding them.

  409. Palin is sick and dangerous. This is serious she has to be stopped. Her ratings are low so I assume people are realizing just what she is.

  410. Thank you for making that point. It’s something that has been on my mind for some time but never seemed to be mentioned by anyone! It doesn’t seem fair that the same people who were bashing Bush ALL THE TIME are now getting so upset and not understanding why people would be bashing Obama. It’s because people have differing opinions about how things should/are run.

  411. I hate to say it Sarah J (cause you’re heart is clearly in the right place) but you’re fanning the very flames you’d apparently like to put out. Other than the casual TLC fan, Sarah Palins traction is with a small part of the GOPs ultra right base. She’s a walking political suicide and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before the crash and burn. She’s simply unelectable. That she regularly has an extremely difficult time expressing thoughts coherently is just one reason why. But the more press and blogging she gets the longer the death march goes on. She needs to be ignored, not excoriated (deserved as it may be).

  412. There are differences. When Bush was president he had the support of his country and the world after 9/11. He squandered it. We gave him the benefit of the doubt on Iraq. Turned out he was wrong. Bush’s presidency was so filled with failure, that I was praying that he would have at least one success for the good of the country. Not one liberal commentator ever said, “We need him to fail, so that he doesn’t get reelected”. Rush Limbaugh has said that about Obama. And he said it very early on at a time when the country was hurting and needed the president to succeed. That is treason. It is very real that a lot of people share that view. Bush started out with a budget surplus and we all know that he did leave the country with huge deficits. In fact, he did leave the country in shambles. You cannot change that, it already happened and it is history. Try as you may, nobody can ever change history. Even physicist will tell you that it may be possible to travel to the future, but it is impossible to travel to the past. With Obama, the positive results of his policy changes are apparent already. That is a fact. Unless you want to blind yourself to them. Obama is succeeding where Bush failed, that is the difference. The evidence is overwhelming. People from other countrys have an outside perspective. It is hard for them to comprehend people who favor failed polices over policies that are working. They see through the Republican hogwash. No name calling here. Just calling hogwash what it is. Pure unadulterated hogwash. Some people are so full of it, it overflows. If Republican hogwash were money, it could pay off the national debt! LOL

  413. Bashing Bush for incompetence and lies is not the same as bashing Obama for pay. Bashing health care reform for mythical ‘death panels’ that NEVER EXISTED so instead of universal care we still have insurance companies running real death panels and denying coverage, yeah, it’s all equal.

  414. Sarah also seems to forget that her illegal Yahoo account which was used to circumvent the use of the publicly owned State email account was also hacked.

    The person who hacked into stated that he just started answering the password questions like “where did you go on your first date” because Sarah had blabbed so much about her personal life.

    This is a woman who blames Obama for Wikileaks yet wont admit how easy she made it for her email to be hacked.

  415. Very well said. Everything written in this article is a sad fact abou this ridiculous character. All who deny who and what she is, condone her lack of wisdom and support her greedy, discourteous and inhospitable politics. Good news is all the denials don’t weaken the truth about her in any manner, they only strengthen every Americans shame when her name is even mentioned.

  416. It would make Keith a hero. Besides the democrats did no,t and does not look to Keith Oberman for real answers to our democracy like the republicans do to Palin, Limbaugh, Fixed News etc.

  417. Thanks for this article… I simply loved it. Funny, smart, articulate, alarming, deeply satisfying. All the Republican/Teabaggers writing on this post are freaking out, which is even more delicious. I’ve forwarded this to dozens of friends and family, who will all agree and enjoy this article.

    For all you ‘baggers out there, spout off all you like. You only think you’re in the majority because you don’t bother to educate yourselves, turn off Fox News, listen and learn. Thankfully, you’re in an ever-expanding minority. Your power is fading as quickly as the looks on your conservative goddess. The bone-deep ugly that her hateful personal and political philosophy represents is becoming more and more shrill, marginalizing you and her. We cannot wait for you all to open your eyes, know the truth, and join the human race.

  418. Sweetie, that’s because during Bush’s regime, he took us to war on lies. He ignored “Bin Laden determined to attack on US soil” and thousands died. He dismantled relationships with our foreign allies. His cabinet and himself were wholly corrupt and incompetent, and all the while they were lining their own pockets and full of self-congratulatory back-slapping. Heck of a job, Brownie.

    Here’s the deal. President Obama is not being criticized by foreign press because he’s largely competent, intelligent, has no hidden agenda and is conciliatory. Bush deserved MUCH MORE criticism than he garnered. If you all had joined us Dems in criticizing Bush more, we probably wouldn’t have been cowed into two wars. But you all were okay with this. Bush and you deserve all the sunlight that we can possible shine on you. Even after the fact. We have GOT to learn from our mistakes. Too bad – pathetic, actually – that you are still denying that Bush made any.

  419. missed that part where she says palin is more dangerous than fox news. sarah palin has NO constituents. in order to have constituents, you have to be an elected official. and the last time she was elected to ANYTHING, she quit before her term was over.

    and she didn’t say that we should be reading pravada. she was merely pointing out that even they think she’s a “screaming, unrefined oaf” with “the tact of a boorish drunkard bawling obscenities at a funeral.” which sounds about right.

  420. First of all, thank you theButterFly for saying it in few words and Ronnie for saying it all, or at least most of it. We all can find more screw ups of Bush if we try. And for Rickvid in Seattle, are you brain dead? Seriously, Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, and many more lied about Iraq and got very rich. This is a fact! When The Dixie Chicks criticized Bush before going in to Iraq, and they were on foreign soil, (even though this soil was one of our biggest allies soil), the country wanted to shoot them for treason. How is what Palin does any less? She is supposed to be a politician not a rock star, (though I think she believes she is one). How about being married to a man who wants his state to suceed from the nation! In case you did not know Todd Palin was a seperatist until Mrs. P. started looking to Washington! Why do I never hear any tea baggers mention this little fact? Is this not treason? If Mrs. Obama said this Palin would plead for her imprisonment or death! This country is very complicated and electing people who really love it and have educated themselves on our constitution and want to conserve its spirit is a god thing! Even if you hate our president we are in a bad way. If you want to try and act like Obama got us in this mess you flunk US history 101. If it walks like an idiot and talks like an idiot, it’s an idiot, (even in Seattle)! I really hope in 2012 enough people are not blinded by the rhetoric of a bunch of self righteous fools who named their group after a type of sexual act usually performed by gay men, (no offense intended towards gay men), or we will go back in the hole that George W. and company put us in! On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan I would just like to say that I owned my own small business during his administration and I watched trickle down economics destroy one small business after another. I have never seen so many businesses go bancrupt in my 50 some years alive! It doesn’t work. The richer you are the more taxes you should pay, period! The oppurtunities of this countrfy is why you got rich so why are you so against giving back to help the nation that helped you get rich? Most of us work hard. Some just find ways to get rich while others toil just to survive. When I had my business I paid heavy taxes but I also lived a fine life! Taxes are as american as apple pie. I just believe our country runs better when the rich pay their fair share! Quit bitchin about President Obama unless you are ready to also admit the mistakes of our past presidents. If you don’t think Bush and Reagan, and Nixon made their share you are really ignorant! That is a fact! Peace!

  421. Fox keeps talking about all of the Bush bashing just like you do. Obviously we know where you are getting your news “fact”. Since I am an engaged listener of political news and don’t recall anything near as bad or vitrolic or as fabricated as I have seen against Obama, I was curious and asked FOX News (twice) to present a program showing clips of these events. Surely, a truly “fair and balanced” true news organization would have loads of footage and would love to show this to the public. I haven’t seen anything yet. You can create statements out of your rear end all day long, but actual film footage is a whole lot harder. Apparently, though, some of you folks don’t need much to convince you of what you already want to believe.

  422. Read Raw Story tonight. Bush just canceled a trip to Switzerland because there are some there that want him arrested lol

  423. Apparently, you don’t recall that these Wall Street guys, and the “mess” they were a part of, were in W’s cabinet and carried over by President Obama for continuity. Why do you think Paulson was so intense about getting TARP money to bailout his friends…he had money in Abacus hedge fund that he was about to loose…in the billions.

  424. No one was calling for someone to take him out or shilling an angry mob into sedition. Palin and the TPs are .

  425. Thank you for this article. Well said and it is about time someone said it. THANK YOU !
    I have never understood the appeal Sarah Palin has had that she is called upon to give speeches without substance, full of division, hate and bigotry and not a word towards real solutions to problems this country and the world faces. Yet people go to these events and pay her for these speeches. I do not get it! Have we stooped that low in this country-frightening? Have we lost the ability to think and revere those who are like us, uneducated non-thinkers? She does not think Fulbright scholars, Nobel Prize winners, Rhodes scholars are superior to her “common sense” thinking. How sad! While our President is leading us towards educational excellence, she does not see the point of such leadership. She and her followers are dangerous for this country, because they do not see that she is a sad joke.

  426. Sarah Palin is the fast food of politics – fast, cheap, and totally lacking in nutrition. She feeds her supporters who crave for something greasy and well packaged at the expense of their own health and wellbeing. It defies logic…. but then again, look at how overweight our nation is.

  427. There is a difference between calling names and questioning competency, and invoking “2nd Amendment remedies.” Furthermore, and this is perhaps more important, I as a citizen can say anything I want about the President. It is however, extremely bad form for a contender for a leadership position, in this country, to do so.

    At a Baseball game, I as a fan, can call the umpire a bum. I can boo when a heavy hitter for the other team comes up to bat. That’s participating in the game as a spectator. If the pitcher does so, he’s viewed as a classless bad sport. In this country, WE are the bosses. We can say whatever we want. They are the players. They cannot. They should offer clear cut examples of where their counterparts are in error, and what they would do differently, as ways of dealing with the issues – not resort to baseless name calling and threats.

    When Natalie Maines made a simple comment that she was embarrassed by George Bush – on the eve of an illegal, immoral, and wrongheaded war, she was literally pilloried by the Right. Ms. Maines was NOT running for office. Ms. Palin is. The Right’s response, in the Maines case? Death threats. You guys are all about your misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment, but you seem to constantly deride the 1st.

    You mention discourse. This is not discourse. It’s hateful and vile name calling, accompanied by threats and actual violence. The Right DOES hate America, and so does Palin. When you love something, you want to see it thrive and succeed, and you’re willing to make compromises so that it will. When you hate something, you do nothing positive for it, and only heap derision upon it.

    An example would be your position on taxation. It seems to me, that a true Patriot would not only be willingly taxed, but would, in fact, see it as an opportunity to provide support to that nation he or she so loved. An honor, bestowed upon us as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. You love this country, yet you would let it starve for want of support by its citizenry?

  428. Yeah, but here’s the difference between GWB criticism and Obama criticism.

    On Sept 12 2001, GWB had the support of not just practically every American, but the entire world. On 9/12/01, there weren’t Republicans and Democrats anymore, there were just Americans. And over the next five years we all agonizingly watched while that unity and single-mindedness was chipped away. We were all manipulated and turned against each other until we became the playground of squabbling fourth-graders that we are now. And it took a disastrous war, unfunded spending, Hurricane Katrina and God knows how many other messes for GWB to piss away the political capital that he had.

    Obama, on the other hand, has had people like Palin, Limbaugh, Savage and their ilk gunning for him since his name first came up. So don’t give me that business about an equivalency between GWB hate and Obama hate, because it doesn’t wash.

  429. Polls do not have Palin tied with Obama. In fact, he is shown to have over 54% vs Palin, which is the largest lead he has compared to Romney, Huckabee or Gringrich. You’d be amazed the facts you’d learn if you just turned off Fox. Go to They’ve got some interesting polls on Palin, Obama and the elections. Most people are not drinking the kool-aid despite what you seem to believe. In fact, as of November, she’s at a 52% disapproval rating. Guess Obama’s 45% ain’t looking too bad huh?

  430. she may be ‘fast’ & totally lacking, but she’s not ‘cheap’ (just ask Todd – LOL) – she’s very high-priced indeed.

    As for freedom of speech – there are boundaries and SP & others have often approached & crossed those boundaries. It is perfectly fine to disagree with our political representatives over many issues – policy, tactics, statements, hairstyles. The line has been crossed when violence is advocated – targets on a poster naming sitting congress-folk, comments like ‘reload’, ‘2nd amendment remedies’ and the like, and even the extreme political labels like ‘fascist’, ‘socialist’ & ‘communist’ {note – fascism & socialism are opposed to each other}.

    Just as we can’t yell ‘fire’ without cause in a crowded arena, calling for violence against government official is a crime & needs to be prosecuted as such.

    During the previous admin, we were admonished to respect the office regardless of the occupant. While I support anyone’s right to disagree with this or any admin, I still agree that we must support, honor & respect the offices of our government and refrain from extremist political statements.

  431. Stefan,

    Although I disagreed with Bush Jr., I respected the office, and wouldn’t give time to those who suggested unfounded and ridiculous assertions about his administration, like the 911 truther movement, or the suggestion that he wished harm to the african americans in New Orleans. And I would denounce anyone who would say that these ideas are valid criticisms.

    But what about the birthers? What about socialism? What about Death Panels? Do you consider this to be “rhetoric”? Is this part of a genuine discourse?

    Did you believe that calling others “morons” was a show of respect? What is your “agenda”, Stefan? Because it clearly isn’t “respect of others opinions”…

  432. pravda in russian means the “truth” “Izvestia, the other russian paper means “the news”. the russians usesd to put the two paper’s names in a sentence that translated to the following: There is no news in the truth and there is no truth in the news”
    Viva Palin and viva the Tea Party.

  433. True patriotism = Pro liberal democracy, pro republicanism (that’s right GOP! That is the essence of republicanism, eg respect the man in office, respect public elections), pro-pluralism, pro-religious freedom (WHICH includes atheism). In one aspect, to be an American “conservative” is to be a liberal. As the founding fathers of 1776 WERE liberals. They were an inspiration for the French revolution of 1779 which declared freedom for all, equality for all and citizenship for all.

    Most of the GOPS, Tea-Baggers appear contradictorily, they are also digressive, corporatist and separatists. If it were 1776 they would have been Loyalists.

  434. Okay, really? How dumb do you people think everyone is? Do you really not think that one would have to produce a birth certificate prior to running for president seeing as two of the requirements for the afore mentioned are being a US citizen and being over the age of 35? A birth certificate would prove both quite easily.

    And by the way, it’s TYRANT not tirant

  435. Isnt it funny that with republicans in charge of the people who vet people for the office of president, republicans still wont believe them? Pure hate

  436. First, let me tell you that I don’t give a rat’s behind about Palin’s family life, especially not Bristol’s DWTS stint. The issue is Palin’s block-headed stupidity and narcissism which drive her to run off at the mouth when silence would be a much wiser choice. No one has to do anything to this fool, because every time she opens her mouth to speak publicly, she inserts a foot in it. The bottom line is that she lacks the intelligence, class, dignity, or maturity to be considered as a serious candidate for a political position, especially that of president.

  437. Dude, your comments sound rather fanatical. Rather scary if you ask me. Your pushing of beliefs on others attitude is the method of many cult leaders and tyrants. But back to the point:
    1) She just needs a clown nose to go with her red outfit, (Does she own any other clothes?)
    2) Anyone with just a fist full of wisdom can see that she argues for the sake of argument. Her tactics are similar antagonism to what you would see on the Jerry Springer Show.
    3) Just stop and listen to the words coming out of her mouth. I know that common sense rarely is seen in politics, but damn, she is border-line retarded!

    If you can’t see this, then like the previous comment, go keep reading your bible.

  438. Palin is also an idiot, but she has been packaged for the morons with that down homey feel, like fresh bread. She is, and would be a puppet, a marketing ploy ~ packaged for general consumption. I would love to watch her try to match wits with Hillary, or anyone really. She would be found sorely lacking.
    If you put a Private in charge of a Army Division tomorrow, the Private would look up and ask “What am I supposed to do?” The power behind the pulpit would be right there to guide and steer. That would be Palin, it was also Bush for the first few years. Crony-capitalism Banking, Big Oil, military industrial complex, Wall Street, and the agenda is globalist.

  439. Bradley, I think you should stop watching Fox. They set her up with a camera and everyday she makes nasty remarks about the President. She reminds me of a big black spider. She’s just as poisonous.

  440. Little bit of then unknown, but now publicly admitted truth, about all the “intelligence” Bush and more specifically Cheney, based their call to arms upon.

    Only ONE! Just one source at the time was pushing the WMD argument. The rest of us, who had actually BEEN THERE said, no, no such things existed, after the first round of inspections, and subsequent destruction of everything found.

    Less than one month ago, that “source’s: Control Officer admitted his doubts about the truthfullness of his informant. A week after that, the “source” himself admitted in the foreign press, that he lied, and falsified evidence, to push his own personal agenda against Saddam Hussein.

    The entire war was a lie, and all of the relavent people were aware that the information was unverified, and possibly false. The Bush administration decided to advance the lie, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Now you know the truth, but it won’t make you happy, or set you free.

  441. It’s a fallacy to believe that the distaste for Palin only comes from liberals. A growing number of conservatives have also come to the conclusion that she is anything but presidential. For those who think her right to free speech is being attacked, she can say whatever she wants. She should also be mindful of the inevitable consequences of seditious comments that are as stupid as they are malicious. That is the gist of all the comments criticizing her, and all the vitriol aimed at those who post truthful observations of her character doesn’t alter the truth of those observations. Facts operate independently of personal likes or dislikes, and it just so happens that facts are not friendly to the likes of Sarah Palin. All Pravda Online has done is to confirm that the unfavorable opinion of so many Americans toward her is shared by most foreigners and for exactly the same reasons.

  442. No matter where or who this article comes from..It is very sad but very true..BUT palin is not alone in her disloyality and anti-American rants..Let us not leave out her founding fathers..of course the great voice of the fair and balanced Murdock of FOX and Friends..the lies, the disrespect, the daily ongoing bashing of the President of the United States is commonplace and relished by each of the palin barbie doll hosts and overpaid, self rigtheous, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it and they will believe, the way..the man that has created this anti-American media..WAS NOT BORN IN THE USA..maybe that is why we have to rely on media info from another country….

  443. Not only that, but there is also the fact that if you are born in a foreign country, but are a child of a US citizen, you are automatically a US citizen. Didn’t anyone else hear about that in history class?

  444. Jake, I think it’s just that the insane portion of our population is a lot noisier than us “thinkers”. That and they definitely have the megaphone that our Corporatocracy has so generously offered to them. No sane person in America can get a word in edgewise these days. Thanks for worrying about us, though.

  445. Those “foreign sources” of intelligence….by that you mean “Curve Ball”, the iraqi informant that was just interviewed on 60 minutes, the same man who admitted that he made it all up just to get Sadaam out of power???

    By the way, the French and the Germans and The Russians firmly denied there were WMD and fought against Bush wanting to go to war… who’s showing their ignorance?

  446. As a 52 year old American, I now wonder if my memories of the United States putting a man on the moon were only a youthful hallucination. Looking back through today’s lens, I don’t think we were smart enough to do that. [Of course there are a bunch of idiots who would rather believe the Hollywood version portrayed in the film Capricorn 1, which relates to my point.}

    Has our country — which could truly and rightfully claim its place among nations as No. 1 in education, medical care, science, technology, etc. during the 1960s — fallen this far, that the only No. 1 ranking of ours that remains is unbridled ignorance?

    I haven’t much use for either of the modern versions of the Democratic (brains but no balls) or Republican (balls but no brains) political parties. Where the hell is Dwight Eisenhower when we need him? Today he would be branded a pinko leftist, because his party believed that collective bargaining is a fundamental right, and that America can not prosper unless all Americans prosper (from 1956 Republican platform). That’s now heresy.

    We’ve fallen and we can’t get up, so it would seem. I find it extremely ironic that Tricky Dick Nixon — the guy who said “I am not a crook!” but was — had more integrity in his graft-stained fingers than most modern political figures of all stripes.

    I remember the factual history of the United States over the past 40 years — I don’t have the convenience of an Orwellian memory hole on which to base an ideology.

    Sarah Palin is a gauge of infinite scale useful for probing the abysmal depth of the tank of ignorance our country has become, no more, no less.

  447. In response to Mikes response to Ann. You right wingers and especially teaparty jackals are about the most thoughtless people ever. You use no intelligence when you vote. You have no souls and not a shred of common decency for your fellow man. We really should put you all on a barge with Khadfi, the Iranian government, Sarah Pain in the ass (I mean Palin, Mitch McConnell, Glen Beck etc., and hope you all settle on an island far from us.

  448. “If anything is a threat to the national security of the United States of America, it is this screaming, unrefined oaf with as much class as a searing release of flatulence followed by hysterical giggling at a state banquet.” Ah- hahahaha!!! I have never quite found just the right words to describe this sad, pathetic, money grubbing woman, but this is perfect! LOL!!!

  449. You represent neither Christ nor God’s Word. You are a blemish to the faith. You represent FOX and make a good parrot. YOU are a traitor, like Palin, not just to this country but to the Christian faith. Please just go away and stop pretending to possess an intellect.

  450. You do realize you sound like a schizophrenic,right?

    Are you kidding me? The illegal immigrants we have coming across our borders are all actually plotting to overthrow our government and kill all us “redblooded Americans?”

    Gee, you’re so right. They couldn’t possibly be coming into our country because we have so many more rights, opportunities, and overall better conditions of living. They couldn’t possibly be coming to the good ole’ U.S. of A. because they were unhappy in their home countries. They couldn’t possibly only be illegal immigrants because it’s so difficult to become an actual U.S. Citizen, they’d be stuck in their homelands for years in turmoil until they had the one in a million chance of being allowed legal access to the United States.

    Gasp! They are actually plotting to kill us all.

    Please, I know it’s difficult to use your teeny little conservative redneck brain, but try to think about your words before you speak them. And then just shut up anyway.

  451. I dream of the day that we all can quit worrying about the likes of the Koch brothers owning every Rethuglican part of our government (Local, State, and Federal- including the House, Senate, and Supreme Court. This is why I have stopped using Koch brothers products and stopped shopping at Walmart. Return the power to the people.
    Boycott Koch, Walmart, and the like. The way to get through them is through their pockets.

  452. I don’t go to church anymore , but I believe in God .I always remember a verse “be ye kind one to another”. I also believe that what goes around , comes around . Palin and her handlers can only keep this charade going as long as she can muster up an audience willing to listen to her insane , callous , lies ! If she somehow becomes the next President , I will move to Australia !

  453. Since the days of George Bush’s embarrassing Presidency, in which I remained respectful and quiet, I have been watching and wonderng when the American Media would stop publicizing every word this woman spoke as if her ignorant shrill meant more then a reminder of the disaster this country almost had, if she had been elected.. With the purchase of most media in America by the conservatove right republicans, we have had to sit by and endure and listen as this woman who didn’t have the character or intelligence to even finish one term as Governor, pollutes the news. I haven’t heard her offer one solution, she hasn’t any solutions. Palin has been a puppet for the GOP and many of us have watched them destroy our country and fight amoung each other while they rob us blind and dismantle Unions, take over states by removing collective bargaining and steal rights Americans have already fought for and won decades ago. The media has been complicit in it’s destruction of American with it’s silent agreement with this parties agreement with Corporate America and the firing of journalist who have enough integrity to ask questions no one else will.Obama is so busy repairing a mess that left us almost in a depression, thanks to the GOP and Bush, and yet they never mention Bush or what he did. They never dare question who is responsible for the shape this country is in exce[pt to remarkably blame Obama for not fixing what they fight to keep broken. The GOP has shown they will destroy this country rather then allow anyone but themselves to fix it. They have shown they are for sale to the highest bidder and that bidder is corporate America and they are the true traitors here. All the GOP can do is question the elected President who works day and night to fix America as best he can, while having no help from the House and not much from it’s too silent population.Why are we allowing our President to put up with more disrespect then any President in my life has from the likes of Bill OReilly, Rush Linbagh and Glenn Becxk, all of Fox News and the GOP who helped break this country and briong to to it’s knees? The Republicans men and women, who dare to call themselves Congressmen or Senators, and yet have nothing sane to say just insults that shame us all and attacks on womens rights and cuts in education in a country that is clearly showing what happens when enough education is taken away. America has become lazy and stupid and if they allow this woman to continue to be the negative shrill with nothing t offer and her hand out, for a party that would just as soon se us fail then step up and stop her, then we deserve what we get. Shame on people who aren’t screaming in the streets, but then this would require then to get off of their fat butts and stand up for this country and it’s President, and silence p[eople like Palin and the GOP..

  454. You stated “First He woke us up as we saw a government that was disregarding the wishes of the majority of people blatantly and pompously” And you are right, it all started when the majority of people in the country voted for Al Gore, and not George Bush. But I am sure that your quote only applies to what you want it to be counted towards.

  455. God does not condone political wars. God does not condone petty games. God does not condone most of what goes on in His name. most of the people Claiming Gods hand at work in the political arena are beyond wrong and misinformed. re-read scriptures without trying to put your OWN spin on how you Want them to fit. just read em. you will see that God does not give 2 shits about what bill gets passed or what political scandal is happening this week.
    God is probably thoroughly disgusted with so many people claiming their own agendas in His name. :(

  456. I wonder if the Canadian immigrants are also plotting to kill all the “redblooded Americans”…
    I’m a Canadian immigrant and I have yet to receive the memo on that..I should probably go check it out lol

  457. Whenever I hear the term, “red-blooded American” that is a code word for “White American”. As a Black, or African-American male, I’ve never heard the term used in reference to any other race. You just demonstrated you are a racist, and all your objections to Obama has racism at it’s root. It’s not his policies, or birth certificate, or anything else. Bottom line: he’s black, and that you cannot tolerate.

  458. That’s all she has. She has no real substance to offer with her rhetoric. She has one line zingers. That’s it! Can you imagine what Rethuglicans would have said if a Democrat would have gone overseas during the Bush administration and denigrated the President and his policies? What a bunch of hypocrites they are!

  459. It is time to look in the mirror and try to remember the last time you heard that our president had been on yet another international trip and said something positive about this great exceptional country that Sarah Palin just happens to be proud of.

  460. As Obama said a couple of years ago, the Democrats and Liberals won. Now take a hard look at the size of the national debt and the spending habits of Liberals and you will then see what and who is taking this great country into bankruptcy. What Americans fought for is freedom and liberty and we need to respect those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy liberty. It is time for everyone to sacrifice, even the Unions.

  461. Then you missed his speeches in Brazil and other S American countrys. Sorry, talking points from Beck dont cut it

    BTW, you might ask why sarah spends so much time slamming people in this country and never says anything positive herself.

  462. God has nothing to do with it. Palin is an ignorant vitriolic woman who is actually proud of being dumb and who hates anyone, especially the President, who is educated and intelligent. She cannot even speak the English language correctly and her incoherence is exceeded only by her narcissism. And keep god out of politics!

  463. You people have an unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin. If she is so stupid why do you spend so much psychic energy on her? I don’t get it. I don’t spend one bit of time on people I don’t respect. Maybe I am missing something but it seems that she owns an awful lot of real estate in your heads. It is amusing to read through these comments. It might be interesting to analyze this obsession. Maybe another time ;)

  464. And you have an unearthly obsession to defend her. Are you a quitter with no knowledge of anything as well?

  465. It’s too funny. In the late summer of 2008 when candidate John McCain announced his curious choice of a running mate, I immediately ran to the computer to do a google-search of the name, “Sarah Palin”. I knew next-to-nothing about the woman other than the fact that she was the governor of Alaska. The first thing in her paper-thin biography that stood out for me was the date of her birth: February 11, 1964. I remember that day – distinctly! That was the day my beloved grandma, Loretta Doran Clements, died in South Bend, Indiana at the age of sixty-eight.

    But other than that interesting coincidence there was not a heck of a lot in her biography that really stood out. Truth be told, I was more than a little puzzled as to why the GOP would think her an asset to the ticket. The moment she opened her mouth at her first campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio, I could only think of one thing:

    Sally Field as “Gidget”.

    When someone like Sarah Palin can make it as far as she has, it can mean only one thing and it’s not a particularly good sign: We are living in a culture that has been custom-tailored for idiots. When a person who can barely put two coherent sentences together without the aid of a teleprompter becomes one of the best-selling non-fiction authors of the decade, that’s usually a pretty good indicator that society is spiraling downward at a fairly decent clip. Fasten your seat belts, kiddies!

    Tom Degan

  466. You have said a mouthful. However, I would go farther to say that it is a VERY BAD sign that someone like Palin can make it as far as she has. That says as much about this culture and about Americans in general as it does her.

  467. I work for a component of the American Press and called ALL of the naysayers in America out! Did you read my article “Shame On You America” in The Atlanta Inquirer Newspaper that was published several minths ago?

  468. Anne, your paragraph is absolutely the best analysis and truest statement about S. Palin. If she ever gets elected to any high government office this country will suffer terribly and since I have a home in another country I will retire there.

  469. Mike, You are as ignorant as the two marionettes, G.W. Bush and S. Palin. Bush-2 was clearly the least intelligent president in the history of the U.S. If Obama really had a birth certificate problem what was wrong with the GOP for not preventing his candidacy, nomination and election? Bush’s IQ score should have been made public. He was such a terrible businessman that he ran four companies into the ground. Don’t forget who gave him more capital each time to start the next company – the bin Laden family.