A Trip to Crazy Town: CNN’s Dana Loesch Calls Liberals Fascists

Prepare yourself for a false equivalency ride heretofore unseen.

An angry, spewing Dana Loesch took to her radio show today to work herself into a lather where she accused Democrats of “using women as prostitutes for votes” but not sticking up for conservative women when the titular head of the Democratic Party, Bill Maher, calls Sarah Palin a slutty flight attendant but when Rush Limbaugh apologizes for saying something mean, a congressional hearing is called. And why? You must be asking yourself WHY such an injustice can be allowed to stand! Well, it’s because liberals are “latter day fascists.” Doh. Also, the unfairness! But liberals need to stop “waaa!”

Listen here courtesy of Media Matters if you haven’t eaten yet this morning:

Dana equated Bill Maher to Rush Limbaugh and then got angry that Michelle Obama appeared on David Letterman’s show, because you know, no one goes on David Letterman; he is a known Son of Satan who once made a very poor joke about Bristol Palin, who had been humiliating herself globally as an Abstinence Only spokeswoman whilst carrying around her adorable baby, and that was before she dressed in a gorilla suit for Dancing with the Stars and then chased the Palin family drug reality TV.

Then when liberal women like Sandra Fluke (notice how Dana puts her in the liberal camp just because she spoke up as a representative of young women in law school in regards to the expense of birth control? Keep up the big tent, conservatives!) gets called dirty names by Rush Limbaugh, the real Don of the Republican Party (I’ve never heard Bill Maher speak at a CPAC type function or call himself the titular head of the Democratic Party or force elected Democrats to apologize to him when they disagree with him), Dana thinks some congressional hearing was called by the liberal first amendment fascists.

All of this liberal vileness adds up to Democrats using women like prostitutes because Democrats don’t care about women at all, according to Dana. Poor Dana, she must not ever get out of her Hate Chamber and breathe the real air, wherein the rest of the world has access to this thing called facts and records. Oh, the sordid trail of facts tells quite a different story and maybe one day Dana can get a kind Democrat to sit down and read to her from the Republican Record of Legislation against Women, and maybe if that Democrat is super patient, they will explain to her what legislation is and why it is referred to as the party’s “actions” that speak much louder than Dana could ever scream.

The right wing nut jobs (aka: “pundits” and “political analysis” contributors) think if they whine loudly enough with their false equivalencies, no one will be able to hear the sound of the air going out of the Republican Party.

Dana is gainfully employed on CNN, where they chase tea crazy like it’s 2010. This sad little experiment has resulted in failure and a tainted reputation, but like all mainstream media outlets run by bottom line, fear-based thinking, this won’t sink in until they’ve franchised hate to every home in America in a desperate attempt to copy Fox News.

As for Dana’s logic, if she’s waiting for responsible people to condemn hate speech, she might be pleased to know that we share that value. We’re waiting for CNN to condemn Dana’s extremist and inaccurate depiction of all liberals and the Democratic Party, but we aren’t holding our breath, because unlike Dana, we’re used to it by now. CNN might wish to acquaint themselves with the moderate Democratic Party platform based upon equal opportunity for all and ask themselves the same question we’ve been dying to hear someone ask any Republican, “Can you define Fascism and give a specific example of an Obama policy that meets that description?”

Meanwhile, women are fleeing the Republican Party and supporting Obama in record numbers. And that little fact is exactly why you hear Dana Loesch freaking out on her radio show. This endless shrieking is the sound of conservatives realizing not only are they the minority, but they are now the fringe. Instead of facing themselves in the mirror, they are doing what all crazy people do; projecting their own faults onto others.

It was, after all, the Republican Party who tried to run a woman as a set of ovaries to ensnare real politician Hillary Clinton’s supporters. It was the Republican Party who put Michael Steele in charge of the RNC after Obama was elected, not because Steele was qualified to do the job (they couldn’t wait to get rid of him), but because he was African American. To the Republican Party, minorities are no different than the white male corporate whores they get to puppeteer for them. Just another gimmick to get you to vote against your own financial interest.

Every time you hear conservatives going nuts, and you’re going to hear it daily now, just remember this is their swan squeal. They’ve out-fringed themselves, out-teaed themselves, and undone the Republican Party. And now that they’re starting to realize it, just like a child, it’s everyone else’s fault. Cue the temper tantrums and projection.

Get your raincoats and ear plugs ready, you’re going to need them.

21 Replies to “A Trip to Crazy Town: CNN’s Dana Loesch Calls Liberals Fascists”

  1. Ms. Thing thinks women are just puppets that can be turned on and off?

    Tea Baggers may be, but not women who work, pay taxes and insurance premiums.

    She sounds like that might apply to her, but most of us are very good at thinking for ourselves.

    What was the phrase? ‘Capitalist running dogs’, I think.

  2. “The word fascist is sometimes used to denigrate people, institutions, or groups that would not describe themselves as ideologically fascist, and that may not fall within the formal definition of the word. The Fascist party that developed in Italy in the 1920s rigidly enforced conservative values and behavior norms during the Mussolini regime. As a political epithet, fascist was subsequently used in an anti-authoritarian sense to emphasize the common ideology of governmental suppression of individual freedom…In this sense, the word fascist is intended to mean “oppressive”, “intolerant”, “chauvinist”, “genocidal”, “dictatorial”, “racist”, or “aggressive” – all concepts that are allegedly inspired by the ideology of actual fascism, and pervasive through fascist states… ” “It would seem that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox hunting, bullfighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else.– George Orwell”

    Before one decides to label others with an incendiary misologic manner, one should at least know the definition and be willing to provide specific consistent facts to support same.

  3. Great article! (“Out-teaed”? I woulda gone with “teabagged themselves” since they insisted on that term without knowing its meaning.)

    Illiteracy seems to be a big sticking point for them, right up there with history, science, and political theory. While calling someone a “liberal fascist” makes for great ratings, it’s nonetheless impossible. I’ve never heard of a government sending troops into its own cities to ensure its citizens have access to quality education, legal justice, or medical care. It’s a good idea for an alternate earth scifi story, but until I get off my ass and write it, maybe Dana should pull out her encyclopedia and discover what liberalism and fascism are.

    That is, if she can find one that wasn’t written by egghead ivory tower elitists who hold advanced degrees. Oh, wait- there is one and it’s called Conservapedia. Wikipedia for people who think education is a bad thing.

  4. Ignorant, hateful women such as the half term governor, Coulter, Loesch, and others whose looks appeal to old white bible thumper racists have discovered they can become rich and famous by spouting hateful nonsense. It is now part of our political discourse and CNN and FOX know it will bring in viewers.

  5. Your post makes sense, but you assume the GOP is interested in facts and history. They are not. They are interested in denigrating anyone who doesn’t agree with them, scaring the crap out of their uneducated masses, and regaining the WH at any cost. Rush overplayed his hand and is reaping the results. Loesch may be next. I have been disgusted with the GOp ver since Palin’s first national speech, where she spent her entire time lying about her record, and lying about and trying to shame the Democratic nominee. It was all about hate, and still is. And the GOP, that great defender of women (according to them) thought that all females would fall right in line and vote GOP because Palin was Everywoman. Or something. Meanwhile, their agenda has grown more and more anti-woman, anti-everything except corporations and the very very wealthy white guys. This time they will try to get Romney to take on a black man, thinking that that will get them the black votes they need. Good luck with that. West got thrown out of the military for torture, and while the GOP still thinks that’s plenty American, the rest of us are appalled.

  6. Yeah, I’d say it’s their way of stirring up the gonads of mean old white panty-sniffing men.

  7. Ha! Great piece!I nave never laughed or clapped so hard while reading an article. My wife came in from the other room and said, “what the hell are you whooping and clapping at?” Then she read the article and broke out into guffaws herself.

    The victim card that these right wing social conservative goons is just downright annoying. The liberal media, waa waa, secular society, waa waa, The war on Christmas, waa waa, we’re oppressed!! Shheesh and they say Dems and liberals play the victim?

    This Dana idiot is actually trying to float the idea that the majority of American women are under a collective delusion and that they don’t know what’s good for them. Sure that’s it!It’s just a figment of your imagination, you silly hens: vote republican! Yeah, right!

  8. Since Dana Loesch is an advocate for the 1st Amendment I’ll say this: She is an ignorant, racist, pot stirring slut for the right wing nut jobs. The only type of jobs she should be doing should have the word “Blow” in front of them. It’s truly a shame that any female would prostitute herself this way but it is legal and apparently profitable. Dana, do the world a favor and STFU.

  9. When I think of fascism … I relate it to something that actually happened. Such as Mussolini, or even Hitler.

    I don’t know if tying the word to some abstract idea that may be different from what has already happened in reality, is a good idea. Because although it might work for some, not everybody is capable of thinking that way.

    Concrete thoughts are easier for everybody to process and will reach more people. And that’s kind of the whole point isn’t it ?

  10. Maybe you just discovered a solution. Maybe we DO need to send troops out to occupy certain areas and force education, food, and healthcare on people !! Many places in America are sorely lacking all 3.

    Obama is afterall in charge of the military.

    Once Mississippi, Alabama, etc … get a taste of some liberalism, maybe they’ll snap out of the dark ages.

  11. Rush Limbaugh gets slammed for his hate and this little twit thinks she won’t get slammed, too? I’ve never met this little bimbo, but I am nobody’s slut. I will vote for anyone but a Republican because the Republican party wants to take away women’s rights, voter rights, AND healthcare for everyone.

    Republicans think they can legally rape a woman with an ultrasound device and not have to answer for it. Or take birth control pills away from my daughter who suffers from PCOS and call her a slut. Do they think as her Mom, I won’t be seriously pissed off?

    This female, and I use that term loosely, is the prostitute. And she can bite me.

  12. I love it when a person doesn’t understand something at all … yet decides to go on the radio and talk about it anyway.

    Even better yet, I love the people who listen to that radio and believe every word they hear. Unfortunately they’re allowed to vote too. We should do something about that.

  13. Mr. or Ms. Moore:
    Elegantly put as your comment was, it avoids a rather direct and simple truth… the word fascist is NOT meaningless. It has a precise and definate meaning and those who use it inaptly are either themselves ignorant or believe their listeners to be ignorant.

  14. Fascist? Let’s see what the father of fascism has to say about being a fascist:

    “Fascism, which was not afraid to call itself reactionary…does not hesitate to call itself illiberal and anti-liberal.”
    Benito Mussolini

    Hmmm. What party did all the Nazi war criminals join after right wingers smuggled them into the U.S.? How many Republican presidents honored their group known as the Republican Heritage Groups Counsil ? 3 What party was Reagan when he honored fall Waffen SS soldiers at Bitberg in May of 1985?

  15. This nimrod dropped out of two community colleges after barely getting her high school diploma. I don’t think she even knows what a fascist is.

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