The Wheel of Justice is Catching Up To Bundy Anti-Government Supporters

Justice Denied
The idea of justice, as it relates to someone getting what they deserve whether it is reward or punishment, seems to be a rare commodity in America lately. There is a saying that “the wheel of justice grinds exceedingly slow, but it grinds exceedingly fine,” that loosely means “justice delayed is not justice denied, it is just delayed; there will be justice.” Many Americans would take issue with the idea that there will ever be justice in this nation for a large segment of the population due to their racial makeup or economic situation regardless what side of the law they find themselves.

There certainly has been no justice for victims as of late when law enforcement is allowed to gun down unarmed African Americans with impunity while racists praise them and conservative media defends them. There has been little justice as well for the overwhelming number of Republican governors under investigation for a plethora of violations, or bankers that helped create the Great Recession, or the Bush-Cheney administration’s confessed war crimes and they likely never will get what they deserve. Many Americans wondered loudly why seditionist rancher Cliven Bundy never faced immediate, or any,  justice for violating several federal court orders and marshalling revolution-minded armed militias to confront federal agents doing their job.  Even though months after the infamous standoff Bundy is still free, there have been announcements and reports that Nevada and federal officials are actively investigating the incident and promise Bundy will face justice for breaking the law, but they missed their opportunity to stave off more anti-government mischief.

Last week, the Bureau of Land Management finally took action against another group of anti-government activists who blatantly trespassed on federal land because like Bundy, they do not believe the federal government has a right to own land or that federal law applies to them. The issue was a so-called “protest” over the Bureau of Land Management’s policies for public land that resulted in five people being charged for trespassing and riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) into and over a protected Utah canyon last May. In 2007 the BLM closed off Recapture Canyon to motorized vehicles to keep archaeological sites protected from careless idiots driving over ancient burial sites. After seven years and the Bundy standoff precedent, about 50 riders decided they too could violate the federal government restriction with impunity as a means of condemning what they regard as “gross overreach of federal authority.” It is the same claim made by Cliven Bundy, Republicans, conservative media, and armed militias who believe the federal government has no right to manage its own land or protect archaeological heritage sites.

It is noteworthy that the Utah ATV ride was about one month after the federal government ran away from armed seditionists who warned state and federal law enforcement officials if they did not call off the roundup of Bundy’s cattle illegally grazing on federal land, there would be violence. Bundy and his armed militias refuse to acknowledge the federal government has jurisdiction over federal land. The resulting standoff and federal defeat was the beginning of a series of actions by extremist anti-government thugs who are not going to tolerate any restrictions on federal land in the West; the Utah ATV ride was just one anti-government Republican action intended to bring an end to federal land ownership and regulatory policies.

Instead of charging all 50 trespassers, including one of Cliven Bundy’s sons, the government charged the organizers, including a San Juan County commissioner who was the primary instigator, and four others with conspiring to operate ATVs on closed and protected federal lands. They were also charged with actually carrying out the conspiracy by leading the other riders on those protected public lands and over the federally-protected archaeological sites. If they are convicted, and one desperately hopes they are, each defendant faces up to a year in jail and $100,000 in fines. The U.S. Attorney handling the case, Carlie Christensen, said in a prepared statement that “We respect the fact that the citizens of this State have differing and deeply held views regarding the management and use of Recapture Canyon, and recognize that they have the right to express those opinions freely. Nevertheless, those rights must be exercised in a lawful manner and when individuals choose to violate the law, rather than engage in lawful protest, we will seek to hold those individuals accountable under the law.”

That the federal government is holding the anti-government malcontents accountable to the law is encouraging news for Americans who believe no-one is above the law, but likely bad news for the federal government that faces a growing and angry anti-government Republican movement on a crusade to seize federally-owned land for their fossil fuel industry campaign donors. In several western states such as Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada to name a few, Republicans are actively campaigning for office with a promise to develop a strategy to seize federal land, including national parks, waterways, and historic sites in their states to give to the oil, mining, and logging industry as recompense for funding their campaigns. The dirty energy and logging industry want the land in their private hands to avoid environmental regulations.

There is also the issue of the government waiting too long to hold lawbreakers accountable for their actions; specifically seditionist Cliven Bundy and his armed militias. The restriction against motorized vehicles being driven in Recapture Canyon and over protected archaeological sites had been in effect for seven years (since 2007), but Utah Republicans did not decide to break the law until after the federal government allowed the Bundy seditionists to chase them off of federal land. It is exactly why allowing the “wheel of justice to grind exceedingly slow” is not always the wisest course of action. If Bundy and his vigilantes had been arrested immediately, it would have sent a powerful message that the federal government is exercising its constitutional authority in managing and owning federal land. A constitutional provision that Republicans now believe is in question and dependent on how many armed seditionists show up to confront the federal government that none of them recognize or fear because they have not been held accountable for violating the law.

What is curious is why the U.S. Attorney is just now charging 5 Utah anti-government activists for a violation that occurred in May, and why on Earth have they not charged Cliven Bundy and his band of armed thugs for their obvious crimes that incited the Utah violators to action? It is not as if there is a lack of evidence that Bundy’s gang leveled loaded assault weapons at federal agents, or that Bundy was in contempt of two federal court orders and owed the government over a million dollars in fines, grazing fees, and penalties. The federal government and the state of Nevada have no excuse for allowing Bundy to marshal Republicans, conservative media, and armed anti-government militias into his war against the government owning land. Now because the government failed to act in a timely manner, it is not just one anti-government rancher and armed vigilantes against the federal government owning land,  it is the entirety of western state Republicans and their fossil fuel industry money machine.


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  1. Boehner, these are your lazy, good for nothing bums right here! Its been about six months since they arrived at Bundy’s ranch, and not a one has worked, instead, they mooched of of donations, handouts. These able bodied freaks have been free loading off of others!

  2. Ahh..finally, some good news! I hope the Obama administration is thinking ahead of these states that are trying to get around the law of federally owned lands for greedy purposes. The sensitive areas could be deeded over and managed by the nature Conservancy!

  3. I think the Justice Dept. and the local sheriff’s dept. where Bundy’s ranch is located are still working on bringing Bundy to justice. I read that the local sheriff is making sure that all of his I’s are dotted before he brings charges against CB. The sheriff was extremely pissed about Bundy’s militia buddies pointing weapons at his officers. Federal prosecutors want to be sure that they have an airtight case against Bundy before they haul his *ss into federal court again. AG Holder and his prosecutors tend to get their man, and they make darn sure that they have the evidence before they file a suit against them. This is why GOPTPers like D’Souza and the ones in Congress like Issa hate AG Holder’s guts. They know that if he and Justice Dept. lawyers file charges against someone, they have the goods on him/her. It’s why D’Souza spent so much time lying before asking for the mercy of the court before the jury was even seated. D’Souza knew Preet Bharara had the goods on him.

  4. The sooner they arrest Cliven Bundy and his terrorist cohorts, the better. They might consider some at Faux News as well for inciting.

  5. “White Privilege Syndrome” (WPS). Sadly our nation has allowed these sick white people to get away with violating the law just because they are white and they think that they are truly entitled. They are allowed to continue to pour their vile salt of racism in the wound they opened in all our constitutional rights. If the Bundys and Faux News types of “our” nation are allowed to continue their Gestapo type mentalities, the evil that were employed by Hilter during his time, with his use of his Brown Shirts to come to power, will spread though out “we the people” nation…

  6. Well if Bundy believes the state has rights then maybe the federal government should charge the state for not holding Bundy accountable. Let the state put him in jail.

  7. ABOUT TIME! It seems like if you are white and far right you are above the law. I hope the Govt. starts to treat Bundy, the racist welfare rancher like he should be treated:LIKE A CRIMINAL!

  8. I was raised to respect the Govt. And when using Govt. Land to keep it pristine for others. Suddenly, we have let certain fragments of society get away with disrespecting what we value. They aren’t smart enough to see that some just want to use and abuse this land of ours for profit. What a horrid legacy they want to leave to their children. The right has no respect for people,laws or even the land. They need to be cut off at the knees and made to accept the laws that are the foundation of our society. Time for the Federal Govt. To step up and make the Bundys of the world pay their fair share.

  9. In 1791, concern that a national standing army might pose a threat to the security of the separate states led to the adoption of the 2nd Amendment, which provides that “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a “FREE STATE”, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” How free is Nevada if the federal government owns 87% of the state?
    The prosecutors, know Bundy and the militia were just exercising their 2nd Amendment right, doing what was necessary to the security of a free state, ridding the State of Nevada of a national standing army, armed BLM agents. I don’t believe the militia members supporting Cliven Bundy or Cliven Bundy will ever be prosecuted. Or why else have the 2nd Amendment?

  10. Read what you just wrote, ” a well REGULATED militia”. And just who do you think regulates a militia- now known as the National Guard- the U.S. government.
    Your argument has absolutely no merit.
    Do you really think the coward on the bridge with his assault rifle aimed at a federal marshal should not be held accountable?

  11. Bundy should be put in Federal Prison for his actions and the people that held guns on law enforcement should be imprisoned and fined the max allowed. The people that rode their ATV on posted grounds should be sent to prison and fined the max. ASAP It is at a serious point now, so I think action should be taken now

  12. Deport all these sovereign citizens who say they are really not citizens of our country and do not let them back in; identifying them as the terrorists they are.

  13. If the States in 1791, were concerned that a national standing army might pose a threat to the security of the separate states, then why would the militia be regulated by the national government? Your argument makes no sense! And,the federal marshalls were aiming their guns at the militia. One even lost his job for bragging about it. The U.S. Courts have twisted the Constitution to their benefit. There are over 1700 federal judges, how many would be loosing their jobs if the States got possession of the millions of acres the feds unconstitutionally own? They don’t care about what’s constitutional, they are just concerned about their own ass, just like Congress.

  14. Nice post except for one thing

    ” And,the federal marshalls were aiming their guns at the militia.”

    There was no militia present. just a bunch of out of work hoodlums

  15. my thought all along has been that Bundy won’t get indicted until after the Nov. election. Giving the Right high-profile martyrs before the election might rally too many of the wrong kind of voters to the polls.

  16. Constitution leaves the State with the right to a well regulated militia ……not individual citizens. The Thugs on the bridge were not connected with Nevada state Militia (in modern times it is the National Guard). Lawless citizens must face the rule of law and justice or we have a lawless society …..not a good thing!

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