Where Is The Shame That The World Sees Americans As Racist And Extremists?

One can hardly dispute the fact that after World War II and into the late 1970s, America was the envy of the world. In fact, Republican demigod Ronald Reagan used a biblical phrase, “shining city on a hill” to describe America’s appeal to the rest of the world; before he unleashed extremist Hell on the nation. It is ironic Reagan is forever linked to that phrase because it was his administration’s policies and his political party that transformed America into what it is today; a mean spirited and violent haven for the greedy rich, the religious, and the hate-filled conservative movement.

Everything bad about America that the rest of the world sees increasing, and Americans feel, is purely Republican and it is truly pathetic that instead of despair and shame for creating what this country has become, the right wing and the religious thrive on what the world knows is bad about America; it is a racist, violent and religious extremist nation that conservatives consider exceptional.

Most people have one relative they keep their distance from to avoid being humiliated, but it is impossible for Americans to distance themselves from, or avoid, this country’s national embarrassment any longer. Republicans will not go away and they are getting louder, more hateful, more extreme, more racist, and more violent as their base cheers wildly and the world watches in stunned amazement.  It is a sad commentary that every day there is a new, and more extreme, source of embarrassment for a so-called exceptional nation, and it is a wonder that any civilized person would ever want to come to a country full of hateful, greedy, and religious racists.

Last month after a Confederate racist gunned down nine African Americans in their place of worship, the world that already knew America was devolving into a religious conservative Hell-hole spoke out that Americans should be ashamed at the conditions in their country. For example, the people in communist China compared the United States to lawless Somalia and cited racism as fueling the level and frequency of violence. Claire Taylor of Gun Free South Africa said, “The USA is completely out of step with the rest of the world” in promoting the proliferation of guns in an angry, racist, and religiously extreme population. And a Mexico City newspaper, La Jornada, wrote that “the U.S. has become a structurally violent state where force is frequently used domestically and internationally to resolve differences. Such a phenomenon reflects the feeling of extensive sectors about the supposed legitimacy of violent methods;” such as Republicans rejecting diplomacy for war with Iran on Israel’s behalf.

In Britain, a  month after the Charleston massacre, a leading newspaper headline read, “Still A Racist Nation: American Bigotry On Full Display.” The story documented the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists protesting to preserved their cherished symbol of racism, the Confederate battle flag. One of the racists, an imperial wizard in the Trinity White Knights KKK chapter, boasted that he drove hundreds of miles from Kentucky – or as he put it, “Klantucky,” to defend white supremacy, and he echoed a sentiment popular among America’s bigots and evangelical extremists; “They’re taking our heritage from us. They’re taking the freedom out of America.”

What America’s main stream media did not report, but the world’s media did, was that while law enforcement looked on, more than 50 racists brandished Confederate flags and hurled racial epithets at minority onlookers. Some KKK members had planned to “hold a good old fashioned African American church burning” wearing their  Klan uniforms to demonstrate how angry they are at losing their freedoms. All the while, the racists enjoy ardent support from like-minded bigots from other KKK factions across the country, the white supremacist National Socialist Movement (NSM), and Christian fundamentalists. Christian fundamentalists (evangelicals) are inexorably tied to the Ku Klux Klan and the NSM by their bible-driven hatred of gays, people of color, the poor, and non-evangelicals.

All of this extremism and hatred began permeating main stream Republican politics when Barack Obama was first elected in 2008 and is now the purview of its leaders. That is what President Obama finally had to admit, during an official visit to Africa no less, after evangelical hero Mike Huckabee compared the U.N. P5+1 nuclear deal to the President “marching Israelis to the oven doors.” President Obama can make jokes about Republicans, but he knows that not only is Republican extremism not the least bit funny, they and their base are why there is very little to be proud of in America. There is no doubt that the only reason Republican leaders and politicians around the country have embraced extremism openly is because they represent extremists whether it is the 2nd Amendment crowd, the white supremacy movement, the theocratic crusade or the greedy perpetual war advocates.

The President was likely embarrassed to tell Ethiopians a joke about a U.S. senator and presidential candidate, Rand Paul, taking a chainsaw to the I.R.S. tax code, the Republican chairman of the Senate Environment and Public works committee throwing a snowball in the Senate chambers to prove climate change is a hoax, or that indicted Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry wants even more guns in movie  theatres after another mass shooting in a movie theatre; there is nothing more extreme than a bunch of ‘wanna-be’ good guys opening fire in a dark, crowded theatre. The President knows the civilized world believes America is off-the-rails extreme, but he also has to know that joking about it is not going to change the world’s opinion of this country. It is true that the majority of people from around the world comprehend that some Americans are not greedy, racist bigots, or religious extremists, but they are also very well aware that conservatives and Republicans are leading a dangerous and hate-filled movement that cannot exist without being at war against everyone who is not religious, not hateful, not greedy and not racist; both domestically and internationally.

Although it made the world news, in America there was hardly any mention of the Confederate flag-waving protests against President Obama the person, not his policies, over the past two weeks. In fact, there were two rather large incidents where Confederate flag-waving white supremacist groups waited for the President in Oklahoma and Tennessee to send him, other Americans, and the world a message that a significant portion of the population is driven by racist hate and think Obama has “taken their freedoms out of America;” precisely what their Republican leaders have preached ad nauseum over the past six years.

It is telling, and abominable, that more Americans think they live in an exceptional nation because it is inherently greedy, racist, religious to the extreme, and avoids peace like it is plague. While the rest of the world marvels that the richest nation on Earth, the so-called “shining city on a hill,” refuses to provide healthcare for all its citizens, will not repair its crumbling infrastructure, criminalizes homelessness, fights against clean air and water, legislates according to religion, and allows the richest 1 percent to keep the rest of the nation living in poverty, Republicans and their base still claim America is exceptional and will be better yet if they have complete control of government.

There are some Americans who understand that everything the Republican Party, and conservative movement in general, represents and fights to perpetuate is not only humiliating and shameful, it is contrary to what a civilized society should aspire to. The rest of the world sees America as a prime example of institutionalized racism, religious fanaticism, oligarchical greed, and “structural violence.” Regardless how bad, or extreme it gets, Republicans and their base complain that their heritage and freedoms are being taken away. As an industry colleague in India noted this weekend that it is a bad, bad sign that due to recent events America is now regarded as a dangerous and extremist nation and the people and politicians are not ashamed.

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  1. …yeah, I’m ashamed…that a minority of American voters hijacked the political process…that so many voters gave up in disgust and stayed home…that this rabid minority elected those who didn’t intend to serve “We the People” but worked to destroy this country…that a handful of billionaires could buy politicians to further thier own Libertarian views, to try to install a pseudo-Christian Autocracy…that these anti-Americans worked to destroy our standing in the world…that Reich-Wing politicians would disown the President of our own country to give thier allegiance to the Reich-Wing Prime Minister of Israel…
    …I’m ashamed and disgusted…

  2. Pride.

    Americans Got Pride. Bucket loads of it. How many of these Republican Retards still chant that America is #1!?
    Despite the fact that she isn’t. Not anymore, assuming she was.

    The very self same pride that the Conservative Enablers allowed W. Bu$h to invade Iraq with impunity.

    And the very same pride that allows them to forgive themselves for the bullshit that they’re pulling right now.

    Shame- would be indicative of a soul. And we all know- Republicans sold theirs a long time ago.

  3. If you have billions of $$$, there is no shame and those gullible, uneducated followers that dream of wealth that never pans out need someplace for their hate to fester. They found it in the gopbag party.

  4. Pride doth cometh before the fall, however I doubt that even after such a fall that the Reich Wing will ever admit to any wrong. Their ego’s could not handle it, The Republicans and by extension the Conservatives and Tea Partiers are the essence of what are known as “Ugly Americans” Yet they claim victimhood and blame their faults on every one else. They are a disgrace to this nation and humanity.

  5. The gopers, theocrats, warmongers, – all of the fake conservative club are writhing in their death knoll. Yes, they will continue to damage this country and probably for a couple more election cycles. BUT… the 30 years and younger are watching. They may be too busy to vote next year, but as they move into the after-children life cycle, they will become the leaders and that will be the final nail in the fake conservative coffin.

    Some of us may not be here to witness the death of conservatism, but I’m convinced that it is steadily building the base of its own destruction.

    I wish I was just as convinced that the coming progressive movement will be any better.

  6. I think there is a general, international sense, that it is American Conservatives who are the repulsive cohort.

  7. Americans don’t do shame. It’s not in our genetics. Bloated pride, nationalism, arrogance, yes, but shame? Heck no.

  8. There was a period of time where the display of blatant racism was frowned on by society in this country.

    The election of President Obama has definitely increased the amount of racism, but even prior to that, the stigma of blatant racism had slowly been reomoved by the GOP.

    It is the GOP that made the reaching out to racists a major goal of their party. It started with Reagan, continued with Bysh Senior (Willie Horton) was exacerbated by Bush in 2000 (whisper campaign against McCain about fathering a black child) and became completely overt in 2008.

    Not a single GOPer criticized folks for showing up at McCain or Palin rallies with stuffed monkeys on their shoulder representing Obama.

    And when a behavior is not condemned, those that participate feel legitimized. The GOP owns this, lock, stock and barrel.

  9. Yes, we see it….Republicans are polluting the country with their extreme views. Crass and openly defiant to moral decency, they spew the hate that boils their soul. Significantly opposing this President at every turn, because….well because you know. What a shame. Disgusting words that comes forth from the mouths of the Republican “leaders”, pundits, radio & TV “hate” talk shows, and all the rabid, pitch fork and frothy mouths of the “Base” stepping up to the plate to defend their rights to be racist and destructive warmongers. No wonder the world sees the ugliness and attributes it to the REPUBLICANS !

  10. President Obama has been a wonderful president.

    Just imagine what more he could have accomplished if more democrats had supported him and taken a stand with him, or if the Republicans hadn’t decided to overthrow his presidency from day one.

    But, ultimately, it’s up to We The People to stop Republicans from turning America into a Third World nation. We can only do that when more citizens stop being sheep and become more informed and engaged.

  11. Read about this. I believe what SFB did was considered poaching.

    I would like to see Zimbabwe file charges against this creten and demand his extradition and tried in Zimbabwe courts.

    He may not be the worst example of the entitled class now attempting to run America, but he damn sure is right up there.

  12. Yes, Pride…Pride goeth before a fall… I think we are falling.

    And off topic for a moment, could we please figure out how to make the commenting system better, it really is a pain.

  13. There is no shame for racists and extremists, they are sociopaths, no conscience.

    The rest of us are ashamed of them, but they are not.

  14. Some Americans think they can take or do what they want.

    And, we know that it’s mostly some White people who have that mindset.

    After all, it’s in their DNA.

    American Indians, slavery, the Iraq war….

  15. DJ, when I read that article I was so angry. Beautiful creatures of nature, leave them ALONE.

    That is the sense of “entitlement” that Americans have developed.

  16. Its so sad they cant even order a cheesesteak
    Scott Walker gets a very Philadelphia welcome as he orders cheesesteak wrong

    Dan Callahan ‎@D_Callahan_

    If Scott Walker is dumb enough to cut a steak line in South Philly, do you really want him running the country? https://twitter.com/MattGelb/status/626083285433745408

    Ethan Booker ‎@Ethan_Booker

    Scott Walker cut in line at Geno’s to order a cheesesteak with American cheese and no onions. He’s not getting out of Philly alive.

    1:00 PM – 28 Jul 2015


  17. To Donald Trump, a woman needing to pump breast milk is ‘disgusting’

    The most shining example of Trump’s classy ways came in a suit over a failed real estate project in Florida:

    When the lawyer, Elizabeth Beck, asked for a medical break, Mr. Trump and his lawyers objected, demanding that the deposition continue. Ms. Beck said it was urgent — she needed to pump breast milk for her 3-month-old daughter, and she took the pump out to make her point.
    Mr. Trump erupted.

    “You’re disgusting,” he told Ms. Beck, in a remark that is not disputed by either side. He then walked out of the room, ending the testimony for the day.

  18. I can see hunting if you are going to eat the animal but just to kill for sport so you can mount a head in your den is just sickening.

  19. …I ‘hunted’ wolves in northern Wisconsin a couple of years ago…used a friends Nikon camera with a telephoto lens……still waiting for him to send me a copy of the ‘trophys’…
    THAT’S my hunting…unless I’m stranded in the wilderness in which case look out bunnies and squirrels!!!

  20. Why do you want to shut up someone who has a differing opinion? A great Quote, “the guilty take the truth to be hard” Nephi.

  21. Obama is considered one of the most respected international leaders by those outside the US. Unfortunately, you can’t impress the racist rednecks of the GOP with facts, diplomacy, or good deeds.

  22. I’ve got no problem with someone who has an honest differing opinion.

    But dealing with fools who like to parrot the same old tired and easily refuted bullshit- gets damned old.

  23. …I really wish that a ‘rapture’ would take all of the smug, self righteous pseudoChristians and other Reich-Wing extremists around the world…that’d give the rest of us time to repair the damage they’ve done…before the NEXT generation of evil matures…

  24. No, that is not true! There are many white folks that are not afflicted by the disease that eats at conservative souls. My ancestors were not of that mindset either and I have traced them to the founding of America with strong documentation that proves this fact. Don’t encourage another separation or division between those of us who are disgusted by the hate we witness daily. We must stand in unity or we will surely fail to stop this disease!

  25. It is sad to see such poor understanding of US history. This country was founded by extremely violent white Europeans who first exterminated 90% of the resident population as they moved westward and while doing that, kidnapped a few million folks from Africa to work for free. Those slaves built 60% of present-day US wealth. Another 30% or so came from the stolen land. And racism (more accurately white supremacy) has been a part of this culture from day one. Sundown towns and neighborhoods still exist all across the US, places where African Americans are not allowed to live, and violently ejected if they try. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue – this is a US cultural issue and we (meaning white US residents) need to start talking about it in meaningful terms and learning the history so we can stop perpetuating the horror that we are living.

  26. If we could clean up our own act, then perhaps we could do something about the extreme violence of the rest of the world.

  27. I’ve noticed there rich, that in every one of your posts, not once have you addressed anyone else’s queries.

    It’s almost as if you’re afraid of their opinion of the truth.

  28. shame. such a quaint family value. gone lo these many years. The only way to redeem this country is for every Democrat, every Independent, and every embarrassed limpuglicant to turn out to vote in every precinct in this country for every office from President to Dog catcher and in a watershed landslide bury them once and for all. We’ve done it before. Time to do it again. And this time the message has to be so loud that even the media gets the message.

  29. Yes I too believe in hunting when there is a reason like for food but trophy hunting those people are self centered morons. And what he did was not hunting it was bait and ambushing.

  30. Sadly the racism has always been there. It has been in our DNA since Plymouth Rock, it has never gone away. Now that’s a sad legacy.

  31. Hunting with a camera & a telephoto lens is the ideal hunting instrument. I am with you on this type of hunting for sport.

    If you are not hunting for the meat to eat don’t shoot the animals unless it is with a camera.

    There are few exceptions to the rule as most wild animals usually leave humans alone unless we insist on encroaching on their territory or fail to take the proper percautions when camping in the wild.

  32. Actually the GOP’s move to woo the racists started well before Reagan. Reagan was just the culmination of the built up frustration of not getting the rest of the country to go along with their idea of freedom and liberty.

    History from WWII to Reagan shows how the Democratic party was trying to shed the DixieCrats (today’s Tea Party Patriots) & how the Republican party was trying to court the Southern votes. Nixon was the first to deploy the Southern Strategy to win a national election based on race. Reagan just built a sturdier foundation of dysfunction for the White Supremists.

  33. I am a 63 year old white male, married, almost wealthy, lifelong liberal democrat who thinks his taxes are way too low and workers taxes too high but I know what you mean. American exceptionalism is a huge not funny joke. my family members have gone for Tea Party Patriots and I feel real bad about that. My own sister and Mom told my wife and I to cancel our new health care policy. my own family for gods sake. I hate this republican madness. this country is an embarrassment to me. it is all a great lie. We are exceptionally mediocre in my opinion. it is a great sadness to me to see the USA turning into whatever freakish thing conservatives want. They are evil is the problem. they find glory in any vile war and war is their heaven. why don’t they just say, Yes, we believe we must go to war with Iran to save our country. I do not believe that Iranians want to see their children die in a nuclear or nukular (for republicans) war.

  34. the thought of killing something as magnificent as a wild grey wolf or Lion is totally alien to me. “Hey, there’s a magnificent, beautiful animal over there. Let’s Kill it.” “Yes, I’m a big strong republican American hero with very red blood let’s prove that by killing unarmed creatures with our powerful and Manly weapons that we purchased from WallyMart.” “Yes we WILL kill these dreadfully dangerous animals so our little ladies will know how brave we are to shoot wolves from our helicopters.” “What brave men we are and really not gay at all”. “yes, and when they change the laws we will be able to take our guns to church and shop at Krogers with them.” “Aren’t we fine little republican sportsmen”. lots of guns. A great many guns. And what could be the problem with that? I’m sorry. These people are just so stupid and evil.

  35. yes Shadowolf. I agree with all you say. this hateful new Christianity and all. RMuse wrote quite a peice here. I felt a bit jealous reading a couple of his sections that I did not write it. keep it up RMuse. You said it very well and I appreciate that.

  36. Hallelujah!!! This is extremely sad but a great and truthful read. Thanks for sharing the reality Rmuse! I wish the sane people of the US would now stand up for what’s right and stop this extremist, greedy, racist, bigotry once and for all. Get the GOP out of office everywhere so we can have reasonable gun laws, a middle-class, climate awareness, energy efficiency, compassion for our women, children and elders, responsible caring for our veterans, progressive policies, healthcare for all, etc. These extremists will spin billions to make us a third world country that only a few can survive in. WAKE UP!

  37. In the dark of night, Confederate flags placed around Atlanta’s Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church

    Early Thursday morning, at least four Confederate flags were placed around Atlanta’s Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, home of Dr. Martin Luther King and one of the most important monuments to the civil rights movement in the nation. Early reports are that two people have been seen on surveillance video.

  38. Hey! you did not get a “No way” point from the “No-name” cretin (assuming this creature with fingers that type…maybe toes…).


    Awwww…don’t be sad; “No-name” will be back like a feral hissing at you, across the street from a neighbors’ yard.

    Somebody is “feeding it” or it wouldn’t hang around.

    I digress…Fact is, they want war, more specifically, a grudge-match of the Civil War, especially with the first black president. Read yer bible! It’s in there!

  39. Why We Have to Keep God Out of Government

    The Founding Fathers were geniuses.

    They knew enough to put religion into the Constitution at the very beginning of this republic and told the government to keep its hands off. They were absolutely prophetic; it’s as if they knew the current version of the Republican Party would come along and try to force everyone into accepting a certain version of “god” in the public square, so they banned the practice outright.
    Read More

  40. Republican women’s group apologizes for posting photo of a lynched black man hanging from a tree

    The notion that anyone thinks it is acceptable to use an image of a lynched black man hanging from a tree to make a point about politics is sick. And to compare lynching to welfare is about as ignorant as it gets.

    The fact of the matter here is that because people do not value black bodies, dead or alive, using this image in a political ad made sense to them. This is not simply a technical or design error, but reveals a deeper pathology in how lynching and black pain/misery are seen by others.

  41. You all can fix this problem of Hate!, Vote in 2016, President,Senate, States, ballot.They are all up for election, just don’t do like was done in 2010, Vote Democrat!!

  42. The GOP has taken away, and will continue to do so, our fought and died for liberties! They court favor from lobbyists who dump millions in their pockets every election..Outsourcing , giving subsidies to US owned companies with sattelites all over the world,Walmart has 17 such “companies” …..Reducing IRS budget to protect tax evasion “off shore accounts.”Bailing out BIG BANKS,and kissing wallstreet’s rings. GOP GET OUR PROFITS. Les’leave office as multimillionaires with great benefits, which they classify as mooching for the 99% of us.

  43. Pseudo-Conservatives have no shame. They are Shameless…to feel shame one must first & foremost have empathy; THEY HAVE NO EMPATHY.

    They are, in fact, inhuman. They are animals.

  44. Greedy Opposition Party has been completely subsumed by Pseudo-Conservatives, who appear to be sociopathic psychotics. We need basic mandatory psych evaluations for ANYONE running for public office, & we need it NOW.
    My ancestors fought in the War for Independence & the Civil War & I’m related to Churchill..
    I’m a Moderate Democrat. My family were all Republicans. Now Dems are ‘Libruls’, & Republicans are rightwinger lunatics.
    I’ve got Stuart freaking Varnish yalling about America.
    I’ve got 1st & at best 2nd generation [deleted], PIKERS on Brer-Fox yelling about America, where if they had grown up in Ireland would be dead or in prison.
    America Rocks, but the Corporations & ALEC have spent 40 or 50 years destroying this country. The Great American Star-Spangled Cash Register! Labor fills it up, & the rich & powerful empty it. Bernie Sanders is the only incorruptible solution. He should tap Lewis Black as his VP. [WINK]

  45. Mr. Burnam, you are among a very small minority of nearly wealthy. I thank you for you consideration, something MOST rich do not have. Most rich feel, I’ve got mine, what’s your trouble and continue to grab all they can.

  46. well rethugs have no problem killing people in wars, so why think they would be any difference in killing animals for sport? Your right, these people are evil.

  47. The more I see of you the better I like your posts. It may be because we think so much alike.
    Be afraid, very afraid. I will die broke and hungry but still yelling about what the monsters have done to my country. [WINK]

  48. I do and I will until I croak. My habit is to go for early voting as soon as possible. I don’t want to take any more chances than I have to. But living in NC and seeing what the carpetbaggers have done so far I know there is NOTHING the republicans won’t do to steal an election and nullify my vote. But even that knowledge is not enough to keep me from trying.

  49. Please, please, please…do not compare these criminals and thugs to animals! Animals are way more civilized than humans. The fact that these sociopaths are deliberately destroying America says it all. I was ashamed and embarrassed the whole time W was occupying the White House illegally. I am disgusted that he and Cheney were not prosecuted for war crimes. However, these are humans willfully breaking the law for their own profit and gain. In no way are they like the beautiful creatures who are God’s greatest gift to this planet.

  50. I just read a letter that Tom Cotton wrote when he was in service, in Iraq to NYTimes.(I believe) OMG.Now he thought he found out conflicting info on the Iran Deal with the IEAE, he’s another ISSA,Ayotte,Mccain, Graham, his info had been shown to all that had the qualification and proper credit to read, which he does not.
    He is a VERY scarry little man with a little bit of power, you saw in school, in your town, with your police..it goes around like a plague..”power disease”.I hope those that voted for him are happy with their results. Now Vote Vets has got to take care of their own, and muster unto him,
    He’s trying to belittle our President and bring down our country…to Tommy’s level.

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