Colin Powell Guts Republicans By Supporting And Praising Obama’s Iran Deal

Colin Powell, screen capture NBC
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Colin Powell, screen capture NBC

Republican Colin Powell called the Iran Deal a “good deal” this morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, saying that the Iranians “have been on a superhighway for the last ten years to create a nuclear weapon or nuclear weapons program with no speed limit.”

The former Secretary of State strongly supported the Iran Deal, saying the agreement limits Iran’s centrifuges and stockpiles. Powell called these “remarkable” changes, saying “We have stopped this highway race” the Iranians were on.

“It’s a pretty good deal… I know there are objections to it, but here’s why I think it’s a good deal,” the former Secretary of State said. He continued, “One of the great concerns that the opposition has that we are leaving open a ‘lane’ for the Iranians to go back to creating a nuclear weapon in 10-15 years are forgetting the reality that they have been on a superhighway for the last ten years to create a nuclear weapon or nuclear weapons program with no speed limit.”

“In the last ten years they’ve gone from 136 centrifuges up to something like 19,000 centrifuges.” That is something Republicans never talk about. Powell pointed out, “This agreement will take them down to 5,000 cent all of this will be under IAEA supervision and I think this is a good outcome.”

“They had stockpiled something in the neighborhood of 12,000 kilograms of uranium. This deal will bring it down to 300 kilograms,” Powell said. “It’s a remarkable reduction. I’m amazed that they would do this this but they have done it.”

Putting a finely honed knife to the back of Republican fearmongering about the Iran deal, Powell said, “These are remarkable changes. We have stopped this highway race that they were going down and I think this is very, very important.”

For the finishing blow, Powell took out the Republican argument that we just gave them everything and got nothing, “Will they comply with it? Well, they get nothing until they comply and that’s the important part of the arrangement.”

Powell served under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, during the Iraq war debacle. During his military career, has also served as National Security Advisor and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In other words, his opinion is worth more than many in the Republican party, whose first job it has been to avoid military service while sending others to fight for them.

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39 Replies to “Colin Powell Guts Republicans By Supporting And Praising Obama’s Iran Deal”

  1. How in the wide wide world of sports did Powell get involved with the Bush – Cheney – Rice – Rummy cartel?

    He could have been a contender.

  2. A family member who worked with Powell was very much a fan of his despite the difference of party. After decades at state (retired before Hillary) he thought most highly of Powell and he worked with them all over his decades in top notch positions there. (btw, he now is a huge Hillary supporter but was for Obama in 08.)

  3. Powell is a soldier so he would never go against the Commander in Chief. That is his greatest asset and his weakness. He will be remember as a flim flam artist for that bogus UN presentation

  4. I think she had a gut-wrenching decision to make. I don’t think it was made due to pressure from her constituents or from the WH or the press.

    There are times when a vote (AUMF) can be gut-wrenching and difficult with horrific implications if the wrong vote is cast.

    So many good intentions, so many votes by the majority of Dems believing they were doing the best thing – didn’t work as planned.

    In 10 years from now I sure hope nobody has any regrets and it turns out to be the totally right decision. God help us!

  5. You so right, I’m thinking VP Biden tripped to Florida and his little meeting with DWS (excuse my pun) slapped some truth on AIPAC a**..

  6. …Former SecState and US Army General Colin Powell is the ONLY Bush Regime official I have respect for…his C-in-C gave him an order, and he carried it out to the best o’ his ability…
    Now he’s free, and can talk freely and honestly…
    …look out Teatards, this General ain’t on YOUR side!!!

  7. How naive can the present administration be? Iran does not respect pacts or international agreements. Have they forgotten the embassy ordeal?

  8. What country has Iran invaded in the past 150 years? When your brain is drain from bullshit then come back with a real argument

  9. Oh, the Shakespearean irony of it all!

    How sad and tragic is it that Colin Powell threw away his whole brilliant military career to dance to the Devil’s tune?

  10. You swallowed those lies hook, line and sinker, didn’t you?
    Iran has nothing to do with ISIS, ISIL, 9/11 or evangelical Islam. you are thinking of Saudi Arabia.

    This is not a sports rivalry with bullets. grow TF up.

  11. Netanyahu is planning on a trip to London this month, they already have 100,000
    signatures in London to arrest him as a war criminal.
    For the slaughter of innocent people and the children of the Palestinians.

  12. Respects pacts or agreements?

    You are aware we funded a coup that toppled their democratically elected prime minister and foisted an autocratic dictator in his place? Are you really going to go there?

    Great display of your 4 November 1979 mentality.

  13. I don’t think it’s gut wrenching at all. It’s simple; ANY choice may have consequences and we can’t predict the future. But in this case, the choice was either to try diplomacy and move Iran in a positive direction and try to bring them back into the international community, or to bomb them to death knowing that many, many innocents WILL die and that, if history has taught us anything, will simply swell the ranks of religious extremists convinced that all out war against us is their only option.

    Not really a difficult choice unless you’re putting the potential impact on your political career ahead of human decency.

  14. “How naive can the present administration be? Iran does not respect pacts or international agreements.”

    …and if we were simply going to take their word for it without verification, your concern would actually mean something.

  15. More idiocy. Saddam invaded Iran in 1979 and with our help use chemical weapons against Iran. After 8 years of war a cease fire was declared. Iraq borrowed billions from the gulf states and when they wanted their money back Iraq refused. Then Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing their oil according to them that’s when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Are you people really this stupid?

  16. Boscoe, I think we’re evolving!
    This photo inspired that thought:

    Japan Surrenders: 1945

    We are finally using our Words…
    *Before* going into Battle!

    That is what Democrats should be telling America that we value!

  17. Powell is a soldier and an Eisenhower Republican. When the Axis of Evil asked him to serve, he stepped up to serve his country. Don’t you remember it was Powell that told the Bush Jr administration that with Iran “if you break it you bought it”? He was SOOOOOOO against what the Bush administration was doing he resigned rather than serve another term as Secretary of State – that’s when Rice became Secretary of State.

  18. Is a deal with an irrational country really a deal? How did it work with N Korea and Iraq? How has any deal with the Iranians gone? When, not if the deal sours, what then?

  19. Are you stupid? With North Korea Clinton made a deal with them to not developed nukes. It was working till Bush came in and nix the deal. We never had any deal with Iraq other than inspections which Bush shut down because he wanted war

  20. I agree as well. It was a time you were labeled a commie terrorist sympathizer if you resisted the stampede to war.
    Blair admitted that Bush was “going to war, and only looking for something to justify it” in the Downing street memo.
    It was obvious to even most on the street,but, being served a steady diet of pro war propaganda they supported the commander in chief, to give a united front and the strength that projects. (something Obama has never been granted by the GOP)

  21. Dear Colin Powell,
    I am imploring for you to vote no for the Iran deal. Americans are scared. I have spoken to many who just had children born and frankly 15 years for all the Billions they are receiving is not long enough. Some of the babies that were born will sure experience a nuclear attack prior . I’m sure that Iran will not honor the agreement since they still refer to US as the Big Satan and burn our flag and Israel saying death to America and they want to wipe Israel of the map. Before they unfreeze the money to Iran, the administration should demand that Israel not be attacked and thousands of dollars to all the service men who were previously prisoners of Iran and the current 4 prisoners that were there for months back in 1970 and those current also money should be sent to the thousands of service men who were injured and to the families whose servicemen were killed in Iran. They killed thousands of Americans, this should be a priority before sending money to Iran.

  22. Arf. I’m not trying to insult you, but your post is amazingly obtuse.

    FOX Propaganda and the morons in the Republican Party have absolutely dined on your brain.

  23. As they have with so many in this country. This us against them mentality is ridiculous. It has gone too far when treason is preferred to losing political battles.

  24. You’re forgetting that Secy Powell called his lying to the American people, congress, and the UN “his greatest shame”.

  25. Later emails from the white house showed that Powel was purposefully kept in the dark and even lied to about things in order to get him to go along. AT least one of the emails talked about how they worried Powel would blow his stack if he was to find out the truth. He appears to be a man of great honor who trusted the president and vice president to be the same.

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