Bernie Sanders Smashes Fundraising Record Less Than 18 Hours After Winning New Hampshire

In less than 18 hours after winning New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders has set a new fundraising record by raising $5.2 million.

According to the Sanders campaign, “In the 18 hours since the polls closed in the Granite State, his campaign has raised more than $5.2 million, shattering the campaign’s previous record for money raised in less than a day. The average donation since Sanders’ speech is $34.”

This is exactly what Hillary Clinton’s supporters feared the most. Bernie Sanders has immediately converted his New Hampshire victory into a massive outpouring of financial support that will allow him to compete in every state on Super Tuesday.

During his victory speech in New Hampshire, Sanders asked his supporters to donate, “I’m going to hold a fundraiser right here, right now, across America. My request is please go to and contribute. Please help us raise the funds we need, whether it’s $10 bucks, $20 bucks, or $50 bucks. Help up us raise the money we need to take the fight to Nevada, South Carolina, and the states on Super Tuesday.”

The money that ordinary Americans across the country are donating is going directly into building the kind of organization that is needed to get out the vote and win the Democratic nomination. Unlike Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders has real grassroots support. While Trump continues to refuse to build a get out the vote organization, the Sanders campaign is successfully converting small donor dollars to voters.

What Bernie Sanders and his supporters are doing is showing the billionaires that people power can defeat individual wealth. Millions of people are standing with Sanders. They have his back, and now the political revolution has the funds to carry out a national campaign.