Gallup: 7 Out of 10 Women Have Unfavorable View of Trump

So 9 out of 10 things Donald Trump says are lies; he is being sued for assault and battery as his violent rhetoric comes home to roost. He is as popular as head lice. It’s hard for a Republican candidate to aspire to more, isn’t it?

Yet it also turns out, according to Gallup, that 7 out of 10 women have an unfavorable opinion of him, and almost 6 out of 10 men.

How do you win a presidential election when the majority of people have an unfavorable opinion of you? And doesn’t that fact alone disprove all this talk of Trump being a voice for the “silent majority”? About the only majority Trump speaks for is Republican men (61% favorable, 36% unfavorable).


According to Gallup,

Since last year, Trump’s net favorable rating (% favorable minus % unfavorable) among all adults nationally has worsened, to -35 in March from -17 in August. But despite a nearly constant string of controversies that raise questions about Trump’s attitudes toward and treatment of women, the decline in his image among men has been similar to that among women.

Gallup suggests one explanation for this gap being that more women identifying as Democrats than men, but points out that “attitudes toward Republican candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich belie this partisan explanation,” because Cruz is disliked equally by men and women and Kasich seen favorably by both.

Sounds as if the Silent Majority has spoken, and it’s not saying good things about one Donald Trump. In fact, only 23 percent of women have a favorable view of Trump, according to Gallup.

CNN commentator Mel Roberts, a woman, has a new column asking women who love Trump to dump him, saying she liked him at first too, because (and you wonder what she saw the rest of us didn’t) she said, “He was so exciting, refreshing and fun.”

But as we got to know him, and he started saying some pretty offensive things about just about everyone he didn’t like, it got kinda old — kinda fast. And when other people came to your defense saying they were worried about how he treated other women, well, he attacked them. And it’s only gotten worse, Jane.

As has been pointed out, if Trump is trying to lose the election, he is going about it the right way. He needs more than Fox News’ “white Christian Republicans” to win a national election. And he’s done his best to piss those demographics off. If women to Trump are “bimbos,” “fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs,” “disgusting animals” and “total losers,” these other demographics don’t come off any better, as witnessed by his characterization of Mexicans as rapists.

Gallup points out that even before Trump’s abortion remarks the other day that “fewer than one in four women viewed him favorably, suggesting he may already be down to a core of rock-hard supporters whose opinions aren’t likely to change.” We won’t know this is true, of course, until the race has run its course. He has plenty of time to piss people off still, after all.

No one demographic is going to win it all for a candidate on Election Day, but given Trump’s propensity to champion only white males, and how he is losing to Hillary in virtually every national poll, if 7 out of 10 women vote against this misogynista, I wouldn’t bet on Trump.