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Unhinged Trump Attacks Disney’s ‘Frozen’ To Defend His Anti-Semitic Tweet

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:09 pm

In a tweet posted Wednesday night, a perpetually unhinged Donald Trump again tried defending his controversial ‘Star of David’ Twitter attack on Hillary Clinton. This time, though, Trump is using Disney’s ‘Frozen’ to help make his case.

Trump’s tweet:

The tweet comes as the presumptive GOP nominee continues to fend off criticism of a picture he posted on Twitter that features the ‘Star of David’, pictured on top of a pile of money, calling Hillary Clinton the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

His campaign has since deleted the post, but Trump hasn’t stopped publicly whining about the backlash he’s received since posting it. Today he even said that his campaign, which often operates separately from Trump, should have kept the initial tweet posted.

“Too bad, you should have left it up,” he said. “I would have rather defended it and say no that’s not a Star of David that’s just a star that talks about corrupt Hillary.”

Instead of letting it go, to borrow a line from the popular Disney flick, Trump can’t help himself and feels compelled to respond to every bit of criticism he ever receives, like a petulant child. 

Once again, Trump is proving just how immature and temperamentally unfit he is, especially when it comes to holding the most powerful office in the world. He’s a thin-skinned, spray-tanned man-child who has no business being president. Tweets like the one he posted Wednesday night are further proof of that fact.

This is not a guy who should be making important decisions from the Oval Office. 

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