Man Thrown Out Of Rally For Asking Donald Trump To Release His Tax Returns

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:18 pm

A man was thrown out of Donald Trump’s rally in Portland, ME after he told the Republican nominee to release his tax returns.

Ali Vitali of NBC News tweeted:

The bar for getting kicked out of a Trump rally continues to be lowered by the day. After the Republican nominee had tossed a crying baby out of his rally, Trump followed up his bad behavior by kicking out someone who urged him to release his tax returns.

Donald Trump is giving voters a preview of what they should expect if he wins the White House. Questioning of Trump will not be tolerated. Making requests of Trump that he does not agree with will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the presence of Donald Trump.

Trump doesn’t believe in free speech, or open discussion, and under no circumstances is anyone allowed to mention his tax returns.

America works for Trump. Donald J. Trump will never serve America.

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