Tea Party’s Joe Walsh Calls ‘Bullsh*t’ on Trump Decision to Hire Goldman Sachs Execs

Tea Party deadbeat dad and professional crybaby Joe Walsh, who once threatened armed rebellion if Trump lost, is a bit upset with his hero’s decision to hire Goldman Sachs’ Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary and his consideration of Goldman Sachs Group President and Chief Operating Officer Gary Cohn for energy secretary.

As Politico warns, Goldman Sachs is “poised for return to power” in a Trump administration. Walsh duly tweeted,

“Mr Trump, this is bullshit. Can you hire someone who doesn’t work for Goldman Sachs? What about that swamp? Huh?”

Just to make his point clear, in between bizarre tweets about penises and his sister and cakes for gays, Walsh tweeted

Apparently, it is not only the media that, as Corey Lewandowski accused, took Trump too literally. “The American people didn’t,” Lewandowski insisted. “They understood it.” Well…excluding Walsh.

More remarkably, however, this is an actual incidence of Joe Walsh having an actual, verifiable reason to complain about something. And more remarkable still, he’s actually right.

Well…except for the penis thing.