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Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh Says He Lost His Radio Show Because He Doesn’t Support Trump

Speaking to CNN, former GOP congressman Joe Walsh, who served one term in the United States House of Representatives representing Illinois’s 8th congressional district, says he lost his conservative radio program because he doesn’t support former President Donald Trump. “The lesson here is if you want to be viable in conservative media, you can’t be anti-Trump,” Walsh said….


Anti-Trump Conservative Joe Walsh Wonders Why No RNC Speakers Talked About Trump as a Friend

Joe Walsh contrasted the Republican National Convention with its Democratic counterpart on Monday and highlighted that RNC speakers don’t seem to be humanizing Donald Trump. The conservative, who strongly opposes the President, drew a distinction between the personal stories offered about former Vice President Joe Biden and the apparent lack of similar sentiments about Trump….


Former Republican Rep. Justin Amash Teases Third Party Presidential Bid

Congressman Justin Amash may be seriously considering running for president in 2020. The former Republican’s recent tweets have fueled speculation about his intentions. The Michigan representative posted a tweet on Monday arguing that voters who believed like he did but he didn’t approve of President Donald Trump should look elsewhere. “Americans who believe in limited…


Self-Proclaimed Champion of Veterans Jeb Bush, Supported Switfboating John Kerry

Jeb Bush said yesterday in response to Donald Trump’s attack on John McCain that all veterans are deserving of respect: Enough with the slanderous attacks. @SenJohnMcCain and all our veterans – particularly POWs have earned our respect and admiration. — Jeb Bush (@JebBush) July 18, 2015 As Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman then pointedly asked,…

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