Fair And Balanced Facade Blown To Bits As Trump Endorses Fox News As State TV

Donald Trump has endorsed Fox News from the Oval Office, which means that for the first time in history a member of the US press is now perceived as state-run media.

Trump tweeted his endorsement of Fox News over other networks:

It may come as a surprise to some, but there are some good professionals working at Fox News, but how can these people ever be taken seriously when the President Of The United States has deemed their employer his pet media outlet?

As Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine correctly pointed out:

Never before has a President Of The United States endorsed a media outlet while condemning another. It is not the job of the President to tell the American people where to get their news. Fox News was always the conservative news network, but thanks to Trump’s endorsement, they should now be formally viewed as the administration’s propaganda outlet.

Trump isn’t interested in the free press and objective media. The President wants fawning and flattering coverage, which Fox News provides more times than not.

The illusion that Fox News was fair and balanced has been blown to bits, as under Trump, Fox News is Trump cheerleading TV.