Hillary Clinton Tells Republicans To Get Out Of Congress If They Can’t Take The Heat

Hillary Clinton had a message for Republicans in Congress. On Twitter, Clinton linked to an editorial about Republicans canceling town halls and wrote above it that if Republicans can’t stand the heat, they need to get out of Congress.

Clinton tweeted:

Clinton linked to a Kansas City Star editorial that called out local Republicans for avoiding town halls, “But members of Congress signed up for this when they ran for office. They were elected to serve. And not just to adoring crowds, kissing cute babies and shaking the hands of veterans for touching photo ops. Representing the people means showing up, even when the exchange may not be among friends.”

The 2016 Democratic nominee is 100% correct. Clinton was a Senator. She understands the responsibilities of members of Congress. Those who are elected to serve don’t get to pick and choose who they are going to speak to. Members of Congress don’t get to dictate the terms for their town halls.

The problem that Republicans are facing is that the first time since they won the majority that they have faced any heat from their constituents. Republicans in Congress had it easy during the Obama years. They could criticize and oppose everything, but now that they are the majority with a Republican president, their actions matter, and the public is ready to hold them accountable.

Any Republican who avoids or cancels a town hall needs to follow Hillary Clinton’s advice and get out of Congress.

The American people deserve better than a Congressional majority that hides when faced with criticism.