Thousands Gather At Parkland Vigil To Tell The NRA To ‘Stop Killing Our Kids’

The NRA-owned president and Congress may not want to talk about guns in the aftermath of yet another mass shooting, but those in Parkland, Florida are demanding immediate action from lawmakers.

At a vigil on Thursday night in Parkland, the latest city to endure a mass shooting, thousands gathered to tell the NRA to “stop killing our kids.”

As the tone-deaf president and his allies in Congress refuse to raise the issue of gun violence reform, those most impacted by Wednesday’s tragedy – a high school shooting that left 17 innocent people dead – are ready to start having the discussion immediately.

The thousands in attendance at the vigil could be heard chanting, “No more guns!”

As those in attendance at Thursday’s event appropriately pointed out, now is the time to discuss the common denominator in all of these tragedies: easy access to high-powered weaponry. If now isn’t an appropriate time to be talking about preventing future mass killings, then when can we?

It is long overdue for Congress to take action to ensure that the United States of America is no longer the only civilized country on the planet that puts up with this level of gun violence on a regular basis. That starts with the President of the United States and his spineless Republican allies in Congress deciding to put American lives over NRA campaign contributions.

The people of Parkland, Florida spoke for the vast majority of America on Thursday night.