‘There Is No Acting President’: MSNBC Takes Down Trump For Allowing Fox News To Run The Country

MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin and his guest, Share Blue senior writer Eric Boehlert, took down Fox News on Thursday, blasting the propaganda network for creating an alternative reality that guides the president’s actions and rhetoric.

The network played a short montage outlining how Fox News spews propaganda on a daily basis, only to be echoed by the president when he defends himself against growing legal questions.

“There is no acting president. The West Wing is essentially vacant,” Boehlert said. ‘Fox News is generating these narratives, these storylines, and then there’s just a feedback loop.”


The Fox News bubble will not save Trump

Donald Trump and his supporters may feel at peace in their Fox News safe space, but pretend time doesn’t apply in the courtroom. That’s where storytime ends. Crackpot conspiracies lose to hard evidence every day, and they can’t keep you out of prison.

Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are about to learn that the hard way. Trump himself may soon follow.

Because despite what Trump sycophants Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson tell the president before he goes to bed each night, laws are laws. He isn’t above them, and the criminal behavior in which Trump has been implicated is unprecedented and serious.

No number of phony TV lawyers and absurd Jeanine Pirro monologues will protect this corrupt president. The presidency may be safe from accountability inside the Fox News bubble, but crimes have consequences in the real world.

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