Trump Reduced To Blubbering Witch Hunt As Cohen Goes To Prison

Trump melted down on Twitter, but the president has gotten to the point where he can do is blubber witch hunt in all caps as Robert Mueller closes in.

Trump claimed that the FBI is scaring people into making up stories:

NBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos knocked down Trump’s claim:

Trump then showed how bad his mental state really is by only tweeting his favorite two words:

Trump is running away from reporters, and not showing up for work

Trump has been reduced to screaming witch hunt and retreating back to watching TV because his lawyer is going to jail. His national security adviser during the campaign, transition, and first of his administration has apparently told all. Trump is such a mess that he isn’t even showing up for work, and when he did show up yesterday, he ran away from reporters as soon as they asked about Michael Cohen.
Trump is showing who he really is in this time of crisis, and what is being revealed is a man with a spine made of Jell-O who is utterly terrified that he will soon be impeached and end up in prison.

The end of the road has not arrived yet for Donald Trump, but if you look in the distance, one can see the end coming. Trump is out of defenses, so all he can do is blurt out witch hunt and hope to survive for another day.

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