Trump Will Kill Americans With New Coronavirus Classification System

In a letter to the nation’s governors, Trump announced that he was changing the social distancing classifications by county, which will increase the epidemic.

Here is Trump’s letter to the governors:

Trump Doesn’t Have The Power To Lift State Social Distancing Orders

The classification by county system is flawed because the US still lacks adequate testing, and viruses do not respect borders. Most importantly, Trump’s new guidelines are useless because he doesn’t have the legal authority to impose them. Donald Trump can’t overrule mayors and governors.

If a system like Trump’s were implemented nationwide, the virus would spread even faster, because it will eventually reach even the president’s social distancing “low risk” areas.

Experts have warned that Trump’s system will only make the economy worse by easing the spread of the virus and expanding the domestic crisis.

The good news for the country is that the state and local governments have the power. Trump can tantrum, and whine, and hold press conferences, but he can’t force states to lift public health measures, because he sees his reelection campaign as heading for the dustbin of political history.

Trump is full of bad ideas, but his social distancing classification system is one of his deadliest yet.