What You Need To Know For the Elizabeth Colbert Busch/ Mark Sanford Debate

This evening at the Citadel, the two candidates for the SC District 1 Congressional seat, will debate for an hour and fifteen minutes. Here is what you need to know.

Could Obama’s Best Climate Change Strategy Be Thwarted by Religious Fundamentalism?

Fossil fuel barons need to join the efforts to stem climate change, but their religious beliefs may be an unrecognized barrier to progress.

Historical or hysterical? What to make of Tim Scott replacing whack-job DeMint

South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley has made history in appointing a black Republican, but was the move historical or hysterical?

Republicans Are Embarrassingly Wrong About Climate Change and We’re Paying the Price

Agriculture is being threatened by the worst drought in memory. Ranchers are selling their herds and still no effective climate change bills are being passed.

In the Name of Big Oil the Republican House is Savaging Regulations and the Environment

There are a spate of new bills in the house that were probably written by the oil companies. Everything Exxon wants, Exxon gets

Painting President Obama as a Culture Warrior

Ross Douthat, in an op-ed for the New York Times, paints President Obama as a culture warrior who ignores the economy to his own detriment

The Dirty Thirty – Occupy May Day Edition

Look at all the things wrong in America right now and then look at the GOP solutions since 2010. You will see they have no intention of fixing any real problems

President Obama Needs You to Call for End to Big Oil Subsidies

The President is calling on you to write your representative and ask them to stand with you against big oil. He wants to end the 4 billion in subsidies the oil companies are getting as they make record profits. read more

Ten Things You’ll Be Voting Against if You Vote Republican

Today is the day we go to vote in the 2010 midterm elections. The results of this election will reverberate far beyond our localities; they will affect the entire country and indeed, the entire world.

The GOP Wants a Return to the Gilded Age. Do You?

Unregulated capitalism gave us the evils of the Gilded Age. Unregulated capitalism gave us the crash of 2008 that has left not just America, but much of the world, reeling.

Left Behind: The Obama Appreciation Gap

Obama Visits Green Energy Manufactuing Plant

Your President spent a day in Real America to visit a smart energy grid manufacturing facility that is putting to use 1.3 million dollars in Recovery Act money. While your President was supporting green energy, he also supported keeping manufacturing jobs here in America. Does it never end?

Palin’s Phantom Pipeline Steals $500 Million from Taxpayers

On August 27, 2008, Palin signed AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act) into law awarding TransCanada 500 million dollars and a license to build and operate the $26-billion pipeline to transport natural gas from the North Slope. A license. That's all. The state will issued a license to Canadian energy company, TransCanada, and will pay it up to $500 million as an incentive to someday build this project. If the project isn't built, the state could be beholden to TransCanada for treble damages.

Gasland: Dick Cheney Poisons Your Drinking Water Too

Just in case you thought Dick Cheney's culpability for environmental destruction was limited to offshore drilling and the Gulf oil spill, here is Watergate II. Only this time, it's literally about water, specifically how Dick Cheney and Halliburton poisoned our drinking water.

The Gulf Oil Spill is Obama’s Chance to Bring Real Change

While the Right howls that Obama is using the Gulf oil spill for political gain they forget that, in 1989, after the Exxon Valdez President G.H. Bush used that disaster to pass the Clean Air Act. The lesson being that it takes a disaster in order to get Americans and their politicians to take the environment seriously.

Change Has Come: Environmental Protection Now Has Public Support

Change: Protecting the Environment Finally Gets Approval

It seems that the worst environmental disaster in US history was all it took for Americans to get serious about protecting the environment. According to the latest Society for Human Resource Management/National Journal Congressional Connection survey, 56% of those asked said, that "protecting the environment" should be the more important priority for U.S. energy policy over "keeping energy prices low."

Sarah Palin Greeted by Environmental Big Oil Protesters in Vegas

Sarah Palin was speaking last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, headlining the annual shopping center convention. But it was the environmental protesters dismayed by Palin's continued support of off -shore drilling lined up outside of the convention hall where Palin was speaking that drew the attention.

The Left Carrying Water for the GOP: Why isn’t Obama Fixing the Oil Spill?!?

Oil Spill Tragedy

Everywhere I go, Liberals are griping about the President, carrying water for the GOP again. Liberals want Obama to “FIX” the BP spill. He should have “taken over”, he should have “done more”. Beware the lazy intellectualism of the pseudo elite liberal, because it's much more cool to reproach scornfully from above than it is to tell the nerdy truth. The nerdy truth is that the law prevents the government from just taking over. The nerdy truth is this sucks and there is no way to fix it now.

Arizona Strikes Out with Threat to Cut Off Power to Los Angeles

Arizona swung wildly at Los Angeles after the City of Angels signed a resolution to boycott Arizona over the Papers Please law. Wounded by the perceived threat to their dwindling tourism business (due to similar boycotts around the country), Arizona punched back yesterday with a threat befitting an impotent schoolyard bully. Because, you know, instead of taking another look at the law, the thing to do is escalate the authoritarian power grab at the very root of the trouble.

Dick Cheney’s Deregulation to Blame for “Obama’s Katrina”

The evidence is in: Halliburton, Dick Cheney, secret energy task force meetings and massive Republican deregulation has once again led to tragedy. The April 20, 2010. Gulf oils spill is yet another story of careless, reckless deregulation and corruption under the Bush administration which has led to loss of life, destruction of wildlife and the environment, loss of income, and more. The full impact of the oil sill is still unknown.