The Economy Adds More Jobs, But It Won’t Help Trump In 2020

Another good month of decent job growth looks good on paper but will do nothing to help Donald Trump's reelection chances in 2020

Off-The-Rails Trump Demands Credit As Obama’s Economy Continues To Boom

Trump seems to believe – or at least want you to believe – that this rosy economic picture came out of nowhere, thanks to him.

Trump Failure Hits The Economy As The US Loses Jobs For The First Time Since 2010

Even when factoring in the damage from the two major hurricanes that hit Florida and Texas, the Trump economy did worse than projected as the economy lost jobs for the first time since 2010.

Trump Supporter Shut Down For Trying To Give POTUS Credit For Obama’s Economy

AM Joy Obama economy

"It's like a guy built a house and sold it to someone, and that person walked in and turned the lights on is like, 'Look at the house I built.'"

Republicans Stunned Into Silence After Obama Economy Posts Massive Jobs Gains

President Obama addresses Illinois General Assembly

It was just a month ago that Republicans were telling voters that the economy is terrible, but after it was announced that the economy created 287,000 new jobs, the GOP reaction has been silence.

Job Destroyer Jack Welch Quits Fortune After His Jobs Conspiracy is Shot Down

Jack Welch quit Fortune magazine after even conservatives said his job numbers conspiracy theory wasn't substantiated by the economy.