Georgia’s Real Mama Grizzlies Stand Up Against Nathan Deal

In Georgia, Real Women – more than 20,000 of them - are Real Mad about Nathan Deal’s history of failing to vote to protect women. In politics, the tide can turn quickly, and you never know what might cause the change. Given the state’s red hue, the Governor’s race is Georgia should have been easy pickings for Republicans. Instead, it’s proving to be a tough slog as an ethically-challenged former congressman, Nathan Deal (R), takes on a well-funded former governor, Roy Barnes.

Grifter Nathan Deal is Georgia’s Sarah Palin

Carpetbagger Nathan Deal

Nathan Deal doesn’t want to disclose his tax returns to y’all….now why would that be? Maybe because in 2006 and 2007 he paid a scant 1% in taxes. According to the Associated Press: “In 2006: Deal paid 2.95 percent or $5,575 in federal taxes on $188,904 in adjusted gross income. In 2007: Deal paid 1 percent or $2,068 on $205,433 in income.”