Ousted Inspector General Was Investigating If Mike Pompeo Made Staffer Walk His Dog

Mike Pompeo made a State Department staffer walk his dog, according to new reports. The political appointee was also tasked with carrying out other personal errands.

State Department Inspector General Stephen Linick was reportedly investigating Pompeo before he was removed from his position . read more

Giuliani Tossed Under The Bus As Trump Impeachment Purge Begins

The State Department is calling Rudy Giuliani's claim that they asked him to go on a "mission" to Ukraine false as Trump's lawyer is being tossed under the bus.

Human Rights Report That Ted Cruz Demanded Reveals Republican Hypocrisy

In fact, the State Department could easily have substituted the name Republican Party for Islamic Republic of Iran, condemned the same practices, and no conscious American or citizen of any other foreign nation would have batted an eye or disagreed with the assertions in the report; America's human rights violations as of late are well known around the world.