Kellyanne Conway Hits A New Level Of Crazy And Desperate To Give Trump Undeserved Credit

After his Muslim ban twice denied visas to an all girls robotics team from competing in the US, Trump reversed himself and let the girls in. Kellyanne Conway then tried to give Trump credit for the decision.

Trump Has Been Losing So Much That Republicans Are Celebrating A Partial Win On His Muslim Ban

Trump has been losing so much so often during his presidency that even a partial Supreme Court win on his Muslim ban has become a cause for celebration for a party that has seen a president do nothing but watch Fox News, play golf, and lose.

Trump Doesn’t Know How His Own Government Works As He Blames DOJ For Executive Order

A raging Trump took to social media to blame the Department of Justice for a presidential executive order that he signed, which proves that Trump has no idea how the government that he is supposed to be running really works.

Trump Just Killed His Own Muslim Ban With One Crazy Screwed Up Tweet

The ACLU pounced after Trump screwed up and destroyed his own administration's argument that the Muslim ban is not a ban.

A Democratic Congressman Has The Perfect Nickname For The Trump Administration

While discussing the court blocking of the Trump administration's second attempt at a Muslim ban, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) called White House, "the gang that couldn't shoot straight."

Anne Frank Center Blasts Trump’s New Muslim Ban As Racist And Unconstitutional

After President Trump had signed the new version of his Muslim ban, the Executive Director of the Anne Frank Center described Trump's ban as racist and unconstitutional.

Trump Wants You to Believe Lie About a Massacre in Sweden Wasn’t About a Massacre

"Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!"

Washington Attorney General Says Trump is ‘A Bully and Can’t Take Defeat Like a Man’

Ferguson pointed out that the president's actions are not above challenge: "That is not the law and frankly, it cannot be the law in our country.”

The Economist’s Editors Calls Donald Trump ‘An Insurgent in the White House’

"The bleak cadence of last month’s inauguration was still in the air when Donald Trump lobbed the first Molotov cocktail of policies and executive orders"

Opinion: Lock Him Up – Virginia Seeks Contempt of Court Charge Against Trump

"When federal judges rule, government officials – up to and including the president – are supposed to obey or risk being held in contempt of court.”

Incompetent Trump Accidentally Shuts Down All Tourism With Executive Order

Immigration lawyers are warning that in his rush to ban Muslims. President Donald Trump's Executive Order also contained language that shut down all tourism to the United States.

Trump Busted In Big Lie As Government Admits In Court 100,000+ Impacted By Muslim Ban

The Trump White House was lying when they claimed that a few people or hundreds were impacted by President Trump Executive Order Muslim ban. The government admitted in court that the real number of visas that have been revoked is 100,000+.

Trump Voter Shocked When Her Syrian Family Members Were Deported For No Reason

Trump supporters

One of the president's supporters was left in disbelief after a handful of her Syrian relatives were deported.

A Flustered Trump Gives Up: ‘Call it What You Want’ it Keeps ‘Bad People’ Out!

"Everybody is arguing whether or not it is a BAN. Call it what you want, it is about keeping bad people (with bad intentions) out of country!"

Mark Cuban Hilariously Trolls Sean Hannity’s Airport Protest Conspiracy Theories

"It's me Sean. I had the TriLateral commission pitch in, then i went to the Illuminati. They were really cheap, so Stewie covered the rest"

Opinion: Pope Francis Called it: Trump and His Supporters Are Un-Christian Hypocrites

Pope Francis said “It’s hypocrisy [and un-Christian] to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee or toss out someone who is in need of help."

White House Claims Trump Muslim Ban Protects America From Imaginary Child Terrorists

When asked about the detention of a five-year-old US citizen with an Iranian mother, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke about the potential threat posed by terrorist children who may try to infiltrate America.

CNN Destroys Republican Who Tries To Blame Obama For Trump Muslim Ban

CNN took apart Trump's attempt to blame Obama for his Muslim ban, as anchor Brianna Keilar came prepared with facts when confronted with Trump talking points.

Washington State Attorney General Sues Trump To Overturn Unconstitutional Muslim Ban

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that he is filing a lawsuit to declare unconstitutional key provisions of President Donald Trump’s Immigration Executive Order.