According to the Right, You Are Afraid of Ann Romney!

I learned today that I am afraid of Ann Romney. That’s what the Republicans are telling me. Honestly, I never gave two thoughts to the woman. I’m more interested in her useless excuse of a husband. If I would have realized I was supposed to be afraid of Ann Romney, I swear I would have tried harder.

But now, looking back, I can’t really find anything to be afraid of. After all, she’s not the one running for office.

Nevertheless, Teri Christoph and Suzanne Haik Terrell are co-chairwomen of ShePAC, a “movement to support, honor and elect conservative women” have written on CNN Election Center that the “left fears Ann Romney.” And apparently, Ann Romney is “every” woman, or so Christoph and Terrell would have us believe.

Maybe I should be afraid after all?

Nah, I know too many women and none of them are like Ann Romney, or, for that matter, like Christoph and Terrell, blatant propagandists that they are. Here’s their claim:

Recently, Romney made headlines when she said, “Women care about jobs. Women care about the economy, they care about their children, they care about their debt. They’re angry, they’re furious about the entitlement debt we’re leaving our children.” She is right.

Meanwhile, Democrats preen on about the phony “war on women” and are increasingly desperate to lure attention away from their disastrous policies. The women we know are smarter than this and realize this is merely a smokescreen meant to distract women voters from the true legacy of the Obama administration: failed economic policies that adversely affect women.

This makes for fascinating reading. You have to wonder what sorts of drugs you have to ingest to get something like this out. Entitlement debt? Never mind that the term “entitlement” is pure BS – we pay for it, thank you. Nobody is giving us anything. Since they can’t seem to understand that simple concept perhaps it’s unreasonable to think they would recognize that the war on women is far from phony, and that the “disastrous policies” they are talking about are Republican policies. It was on the Republican watch, after all, that the economy tanked.

And to actually claim that Obama’s economic policies “adversely affect women” is remarkable.

But while we’re on the subject of not understanding simple concepts, let’s try this one on for size: Christoph and Terrell claim that “Moms know how to make and maintain a budget and are left wondering why it has taken Harry Reid over 1,050 days to pass a budget in the male-dominated, Democrat-led U.S. Senate.”

The only problem with this is that it is the U.S. House that controls the federal purse strings and the U.S. House is controlled by the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party.

So much for the idea that managing a home budget tells you how the government budget is managed.

Unsurprisingly then they manage to come to this absurdist conclusion:

The left’s war on moms exposes their true feelings towards women — that we are the victims, the proverbial damsels in distress waiting for Washington to come riding in atop its white horse named bureaucracy to fix our families, prescribe our medications and send our children the bill.

My true feelings towards women is that they are victims? They are victims – victims of a misogynist worldview driven not only by religion but by political ideology, a worldview that strips women of the right to control their own bodies and puts the government in charge of their vaginas. These aren’t feelings – these are demonstrable facts. I suppose if Christoph and Terrell want to jump up and volunteer their reproductive systems to a Republican-controlled government that’s fine and they needn’t worry – I won’t be worrying about saving them.

There is so much wrong with what these two women say that it would take a book the size of War and Peace to dissect it all. It is nothing more than a collection of the same conservative talking points we’ve been hearing since this election cycle began, unsupported by fact and more a product of wishful thinking than anything else.

And only wishful thinking could create the idea that the so-called political left is afraid of Ann Romney.

20 Replies to “According to the Right, You Are Afraid of Ann Romney!”

  1. The women those two know are excited over trans-vaginal scans. Of the internal type.Pleas excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject, but I think we have uncovered a new fetish

    There is nothing anyone can say bad about Ann Romney, but the war on women is real.

  2. They would be more correct, if they said we were Jealous. I wish my middle class husband could purchase for me three home. Instead, I have to stick with a small modular home, with only three bedrooms. Which is not paid off yet?

  3. For us to be afraid of her, she has to be some sort of threat. I see no threat, in fact, while I despise her because she is so clueless and selfish, at the same time I pity her.

    I pity her because she just doesn’t have a clue and may never wake up to reality.

  4. -Tries to put “Sarah Palin” and “Smart” together in the same sentence… smoke starts coming out of ears and rising from hair, head starts steaming!

    PLEASE, don’t abuse my poor brain that way. That’s a google worse than a divide-by-zero infinite loop!!!

    Talk about dissonance!!!


  5. For crying out loud, where are these miscreants coming from? One can handle absurdity, but this rank stupidity and pathetic lying is just a bit much; even for conservatives.

  6. Afraid of her?! Oh please…Ms Thang was raised in a exclusive Michigan neighborhood, only child, and went to a private school with Mittens; the got engaged at the senior prom (awwwww…). He took off for France on a mission from gawd (I’m sure he always kept those fancy undies on) while she converted and was sent directly to BYU. They married and she started having babies while he attended Harvard (did not graduate). She had no sisters, raised only boys, has not one pay check stub to her name (she won’t qualify for SS if he’d dump her)and her hired “girls” are supposed to convince me to be scared of a Stepford wife??!!!

    I got “word” for you Anne, and it’s from an old 80’s song…

    “Uh, I had to leave my condo to come to this
    Well, I’m back, but this time I’m with my man, [Obama…]

    And I’m much, much unhappy about that…
    I’d hate to come down to their level [republicans] and become a BW, A basic woman, but if they don’t stop it’s gonna get scandalous…


    I’ve got a meeting a ladies room {I don’t need this}
    I’ll be back real soon {That’s what I get for being in the neighborhood}
    I’ve got a meeting a ladies room {Where’s my jewelry}
    I’ll be back real soon…”

    Bring it on Anne…

  7. It’s utterly disgusting to see any woman, anywhere, defend the GOP’s misogynistic policies in general and their sorry excuse for a prospective nominee in particular. That’s because the war on women is very real with very serious consquences. But the idea that we are afraid of Ann Romney is laughable. Actually, I also have a certain amount of pity for her because she’s married to a lying sociopath. The policies he and his party espouse are harmful to women and families, and his presenting Ann Romney to assist him with his problems with women doesn’t alter that fact.

  8. Where is the threat from Ann Romney? No way.

    In fact, seeing her today at the NRA up on the podium made me dislike her very much. She should in fact apologize for her husband The Mittster, for saying he would ban Planned Parenthood. I wonder what her thoughts are on that?

  9. Oh, puleeze!! I pity Ann Romney, imagine being married to Plastic Man. All the money in the world could not make up for THAT. He loves himself so very much, plus he does not seem to have any core values. I wonder how much he “loves his country” that he stashes his wealth in offshore accounts? Who wants a President who does that? Mrs. Romney is welcome to her 3 homes, 2 Cadillacs, stables of expensive horses and all that goes with that. What she missed out on is REAL LIFE. The woman lives in a bubble, protected from the real world that the rest of us inhabit.

  10. It is the same old tactic lie and run. That CNN posted such drivel confirms my belief that they are as clueless as the right.

  11. You’re talking about a woman who called her husband impotent in public! (When you unzip him, he’s not stiff at all.)

    My scream point is how they assume ALL women are ‘moms.’

    Could someone explain to them that a lot of us aren’t mothers, don’t want to be mothers and go to great lengths to ensure we never will be mothers?

  12. Ann Romney is VERY important… she’ll be driving the cadillac past the White House so Mitt can wave at Obama next year.. Remember… the only good Republican is an UNELECTED one.

  13. Now why in the world would we be afraid of this woman.
    I do not care what she stands for. She is a woman of privilage and has always been. She went to the best private girls schools, her father was a mayor, she always had what she wanted. Yes, and that is a good thing, but … tonight the real Romney’s surfaced…and that is NOT a good thing.
    The true colors have surfaced.

  14. Noone can say anything bad about her? How about being disingenuous? She serves herself up as this, stay at home mom, that just worked, and clawed, and fought to raise her 5 kids in this harsh cruel world. Noone ever threw a parade for my mother, and she raised her three kids and held down a job too. No nanny to get up with the kids at night. No chef to whip up something for the little shavers to eat. No stock options to pay for the tikes college educations. This woman is busy portraying herself as every woman, but truth is she had nowhere near the struggles that the ordinary American Mom has. The fact that she is wealthy and could afford to make her life raising her children easier is in itself not a crime. I call bullcrap whenever she and her right wing buddies try and martyr her.

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