President Obama Shows Republicans What Real Family Values Are All About


Speaking to a room full of activists who cheered and often clapped, President Obama fired up the crowd today at the Working Families Summit in DC to advocate support and flexibility for working families. You know, real family values.

“Parents who work full time should earn enough to pay the bills,” President Obama reiterated to the maxed out crowd in the Regency Ballroom at the Omni Hotel.

“Even if Republicans in Congress refuse to budge on this issue this year, everyone knows America deserves a raise,” the President thundered. He explained a few of the things he’s done without Congress, for example, “Since I asked Congress to raise the minimum wage last year, 13 states have taken steps to raise it on their own.”

Republicans scoffed when President Obama vowed to make this a year of action in spite of their legendary obstruction, but now he’s showing them exactly what he meant at the first ever Working Family Summit in DC, finally giving hard working families a voice in DC. In his 30 minute speech, the President talked about the importance of family friendly policies and how they can work in corporate America.

The summit was designed to support working families while also boosting businesses’ bottom lines — proving that a profitable business and valuing assets like people are not incompatible.

Here’s a video by Center for American Progress, “Good for the family, good for business”:

In addition to the working families summit, President Obama is working toward economic security for working families in this country by issuing a Presidential memorandum that directs agencies under the purview of the federal government to expand access to flexible work schedules and gives employees the right to request them.

The President based his memorandum on a report “Nine Facts About American Families and Work.”

Obama has already taken action like raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, expanding retirement opportunities, strengthening overtime protections, and signing an Executive Order that protects workers from being retaliated against by their boss if they discuss their wages.

While the President can make a change from the executive office for those workers whose jobs fall under the executive branch purview, only Congress can change the laws for the rest of the country. So the President is calling on Congress to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, among other bills to benefit workers.

This is why elections matter, because our current Congress refuses to do anything other than shut down the government and pass fake Obamacare repeal votes.

President Obama just hijacked family values from Republicans. Only he’s not using the slogan as a bumper sticker, but rather guidance for policy, action, and aspiration. This is real change, even in the face of historical obstruction.

10 Replies to “President Obama Shows Republicans What Real Family Values Are All About”

  1. Very inspiring speech. President Obama has walked the walk. His mother had to rely on food stamps at one time.

    But unlike Paul Ryan, who went to college on social security benefits, it turned the President into a compassionate man, not one who wants to saw off the rungs of the ladder once he’s climbed it.

  2. There are no republican family values except hate the gays, have one of your kids shoot the other and protest against their own self well being. I think thats called the self hate value

  3. The summit was a wake-up for all working families, single men/women, Latinos, Blacks, Whites, Arab, etc. who care abt. gun violence, HC, min. wage, war & peace, climate change, education, trade, etc..

    Need to get out and vote like your livelihood depended on it, because it does.

  4. I commend the president on this action. My question is that why aren’t these same rules also available for Veterans in work programs? And why are Veterans work programs not at least paying minimum wage?

    Kindest regards,
    Jeffrey A. Williams USMC Ret.

  5. …judging strictly by what they do, not say…Conservative “Family’s Values” make the Addams Family look like Ozzy and Harriet…

  6. I work in predominant red state and a red private industry. I came to our president’s defense one day because I had enough of the lies and hatred being spewed. He asked you didn’t vote for him did you? I said yes I did……from that day forward, he gave me poor performance reviews and tried his best to get rid of me….my work prevailed, and his hatred was his downfall! They do not know or recognize family values because all they see is hate!

  7. I am very dissapointed in the harsh judgements and unbelieve many have tolerated for many years. Own modern day slavery & human trafficing for the cause of not wanting people to work with them. Inconsiderately, it has damaged generations and could possibly cripple future achievers if they dont stop being malicious.

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