Bernie Sanders Blasts MSNBC and Comcast For Canceling Ed Schultz


Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted MSNBC and Comcast for canceling Ed Schultz and removing one of the few voices for working Americans from television.

In a statement Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said:

We live in a time when much of the corporate media regards politics as a baseball game or a soap opera. Ed Schultz has treated the American people with respect by focusing on the most important issues impacting their lives. He has talked about income and wealth inequality, high unemployment, low wages, our disastrous trade policies and racism in America.

I am very disappointed that Comcast chose to remove Ed Schultz from its lineup. We need more people who talk about the real issues facing our country, not fewer.

At a time when a handful of large, multi-national corporations own our major media outlets, I hope they will allow voices to be heard from those who dissent from the corporate agenda.

It is rare to see a sitting U.S. Senator blast a network for a programming decision, but it is also rare that a network makes such a blatantly pro-corporate decision as the one that MSNBC has made. The cancelation of Ed Schultz means that one of the only populist voices for blue collar liberalism will be taken off the air. The decision to replace Schultz’s voice with that of NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd made MSNBC’s new direction obvious.

They don’t get much more corporate than Chuck Todd. MSNBC could have replaced Schultz with a wide variety of journalists, but the network intentionally chose to replace an anti-corporate voice with a man who owes his career to not rocking the boat and doing the bidding of his corporate bosses.

Who is going to stand up to the corporations and speak out for workers on television after Schultz is gone? Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are off doing their intellectual wonk thing that doesn’t pay much attention to the concerns of ordinary working people. The rest of the MSNBC lineup that isn’t named Joe Scarborough is rumored to up for cancelation. The voice of Ed Schultz is going by Chuck Todd and his band of Republican guests who spout Beltway talking points.

The real issues are going to get even less exposure as MSNBC has decided that corporate profits are more important than an honest media.

80 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Blasts MSNBC and Comcast For Canceling Ed Schultz”

  1. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for HRC to criticize the cancellation of Ed Schultz and being replaced with corporate Toadie.

  2. I rather get the feeling that the only opinion MSNBC cares about belongs to the Koch Brothers Crime Syndicate.

  3. I know that this is the most pressing issue for you to compare the candidates but quite frankly who gives a rats ass about an entertainment channel when there are more important issues to discuss

  4. Chuck Todd? The college music major dropout? Doesn’t he already have a show he is tanking? Is NBC trying to lose the few viewers who have remained? Toad won;t bring in anyone. We don;t watch Sunday AM because of him and his softball interviews with the GOP.

  5. I agree with you 100%. Thats not exactly the most important issue of today, or any day for that matter! Thats the sort of things repugs go after. I like Ed Schultz, but I think there are more important discussions to be had, than bitching when your favorite tv show gets canceled.

  6. Well you know that over at the Goebbels Channel they will be crowing this line of shit…”proof that even MSNBC the lone Liberal voice in news has finally realized that Liberalism is dead and that Conservative principals have won” I assume that Bill-o the Clown will be the one to try and float this turd. This kills the notion that MSNBC is was or has ever been “Liberal”

  7. Truly unbelievable that MSNBC promotes Todd, who admits he doesn’t correct any guests who make misstatements. Morrow and Cronkite must be wondering what has happened to having a responsible press.

  8. I was a faithful MSNBS viewer until I find out Ed’s show was going to be canceled. Morning Joe is the show that must be cancel if MSNBC wants viewers to return. Shame on Them. Never watching MSNBC again.

  9. Ed Schultz is one of the few voices that speak out for the working people of this country. Why would MSNBC replace Ed? And with Chuck Todd to say the least. This is a bad move for MSNBC. Their ratings will suffer. They’ve definitely lost me in that time slot.

  10. I agree that there are more important issues to talk about, but these types of shows are the way millions of people learn about the issues. Upon looking into this, I’ve found that this is just the beginning of the changes that MSNBC plans to make. Where will liberals be able to go to get news that they can trust?

  11. Millions of people? You must know something I don’t but if you’re learning about the issues from cable news then you are going about it the wrong way
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair.

  12. Oh, you mean the agenda to finally revive the beat up middle class and to remove the GOP’s shoe off our necks? To stop allowing the rich to rob us while we work longer hours for less pay? To end the ridiculous student debt that prohibits students from even thinking about owning a home and living the dream? Sounds like a crappy “agenda” to me, idiot.

  13. Ed was the true voice for the middle class. No one else spoke out for us like he did. Todd is nothing more than a tool for the GOP. MSNBC must be out of its corporate mind to get rid of Ed. They will be dead to me.

  14. Once Andrea Mitchell was put on MSNBC, I knew it was not looking good for the future of a progressive leaning news station. I have watched the line up for a few years and was pleased for the most part that voices not normally heard much on mainstream shows were given good spaces in which to present views in depth. Ed has always impressed me as a working “man’s” advocate. I heard the viewb of labor and those opposed to big corporationss oytsourcing jobs and even their destructive plunder of our earth. I even witnessed him take a position in favor of the XL pipeline when he thought it was a done deal and not really so bad. At that time he still gave good time to consumer, environmental groups speaking of their opposition. He openly, honestly changed his position on that issue; showed growth and intelligence. With civil rights he has given good coverage to those on the front lines of the movements for social, racial justice….Todd is no pregressive, going backwards.

  15. Many will no longer watch MSNBC once ed is cancelled. They cannot force Chuck Todd down our throats. When ed go his audience goes he is the only one that addresses ordinary Americans issues. We like racheal however we Wii still leave all MSNBC shows.

  16. At least Ed Schultz stands for something. I watched him yesterday. First time in forever I watched MSNBC. He & Bernie Sanders talk bout inequality in wages & rancid Scott Walker.
    Ed still has a radio podcast on Raw Story. Who knows what Chuck Todd is for. He’s flip flopper depending on what day it is & who’s ass he’s kissing. Usually a Republican. Don’t watch meet the press. Hated GOP mouthbreather David Gregory & Chuck Todd is no better. He’s a boring cipher.

  17. Ed & Miss Racheal, my reason for watching. Morning Jolly, nahh. CNN has my attention as of late. I don’t like Joe period. Nothing but a loud mouthed Tasmanian jackass that just makes Meka look so stupid. And for what? He just gets louder, not just a jackass, just shows his disrespect for anyone, especially women. What message are you trying to give your audience MSNBC? They’ve become just like rasslin’, a B reality channel.

  18. Ifyou follow the money, it will lead you to the Koch brothers. Their goals since the last elections, was to buy all media. Control the media and you control and maybe
    even win the elections.

  19. Lee, Citizen United is destroying America!
    Hopefully Clear-Thinking Conservatives will realize what’s coming down.

  20. You’ll need a time machine for that.

    ‘Clear thinking conservatives’ ? Better luck hunting unicorns !

  21. Ed’s show is not entertainment. He is with the people who are the 99%. He takes his show to us and it is about us: many healthcare clinics for those without any insurance, fracking wars invading Native lands and family farms to name a few. He is very passionate and it’s good to hear that from SOMEONE with a microphone! Chuck Todd is milquetoast, just like Tim and David before him. Jake Tapper was good. Rachel or Chris Hayes would be good on MTP. Do not silence the ROAR that Ed represents! Or you will never see the Revolution coming!

  22. He is with the people? So when he told you people to stay home in 2010 giving the republicans power to gerrymander he was with the people? I swear you so call liberals never cease to amaze me with your bullshit

  23. Chuck Toady, huh? This is not good news, he is such a republican shill. I was hoping it would at least be Keith Olberman which has been rumored to come back to MSNBC. So much for how much of the media is all left leaning. This sucks!!

  24. I have been watching CNN in the morning. I guess i will trun to MSNBC after chuck racist Todd go off. He’s a Obama hater.

  25. What a sad commentary that someone like Ed’s program is being canceled…I am a devout MSNBC watcher especially for Ed, Rev. Al, Rachel, Larry, and Ballat!!!! Now, I watch Joe just to see that stupidity and ignorance is alive and well..I see his bobble heads on the show scared to put the real truth to all the untruths (which he claims is intelligence)…Mark Halpern who makes me almost upchuck–I can’t get over the statement he made about the president and the station gave him a slap and let him come back on. Barnacle provides some sensibility but always cut off at the past by mr. big head joe…what is with Griffin’s love for this emptiness and vacuous brain of joe? And, then there’s Mika–still trying to figure out her value. MSNBC was my listening sounding board, because I certainly wasn’t listening to the sleazy fox news. And, now we have chuck todd coming back like a bad one will watch that show..i don’t even watch Sunday show!

  26. Ed Schultz is a great commentator and is one of the few people that gave Bernie Sanders air time on cable television! Canceling The Ed Show fits perfectly into the narrative that corporate media is doing a black out on Bernie Sanders despite the tens of thousands of supporters that line up around block to see him. Comcast is making a big mistake taking Ed Schultz off of the air and they won’t get away with this outrageous behavior! Bernie Sanders’ supporters should rip that crappy cable box off their TVs and throw it into the garbage!

  27. Tim Russert was no Weakling!! Sorry! He didn’t HOST MTP for what 20 years? because he was anywhere near David or Chuck Toad! Ed Schultz was in the pocket of the UNIONS getting >$250K a year to give UNION Speeches and SUpport Union Talking Points – And he was Campaign Central For Bernie Sanders!! Sanders GOT FREE Campaign Airtime it was the Ed & Bernie SHow!! Ed was all about Ed – And he cost WI the Scott Walker Recall by putting himself in the action! Driving WI Voters to the polls to Vote for Walker – because an outsider – a MN outsider to boot – was coming in the State, doing his show in Madison to show what ED can DO!! That Bravado cost the Dems Big Time!!
    Ed is a HACK – and made people feel like he was their hope!! He helped GOP in 2010 by telling Dems to stay home and lately has been blasting PBO!!! SAD – and PAST HIS EXPIRATION DATE!! PS. His Tweets were ALL from the same 10 people!! Carefully Screened by #TeamEdShow – A complete SHAM!!Buh BYe!

  28. Taking Ed Schultz off for Chuck Todd –duh!!! You have gone completely GOP! No news on MSNBC–bought out were you–by which billionaire? Well, MSNBC is nothing now. I told friends that Rachel Maddow, ie–MSNBC–was supporting Scott (the Liar) Walker and they didn’t believe me. Rachel Maddow was complimenting the journalism of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which is totally “Tea Party GOP” and as biased as any GOP paper could be. They didn’t believe me. But they will now!!! Tell Chris Matthews that Reagan was one of our worst presidents; he doesn’t know that. Griffin doesn’t either–apparently. Chuck Todd is a wuss–I’m sorry to say. I’ve seen him melt so many times that it is disgusting. Too bad that MSNBC has turned belly up and has no integrity. People will leave you. They can’t watch both Fox and the new GOP MSNBC at the same time.

  29. I don’t watch MTP anymore because I can’t stand Todd. Looks like I don’t watch MSNBC during the Ed Show’s timeslot either. What has happened to factual journalism? Mr. Cronkite is turning over right now.

  30. what happened to the great Spike Lee promo…”lean forward”?…guess that never happened…maybe they can find a new promo…”goin backwards” such a shame..bye bye MSNBC…where is Rachel in all this? afraid to lose her job as well….

  31. This once faithful MSNBC watcher, the only place on TV for liberals and progressives is being destroyed by taking off Ed Schultz. You need to take off right-wing garbage such as Andrea Mitchell and Morning Joe but instead you add Chuck Todd? Chuck is a TERRIBLE newscaster (stated loosely). I’m not only disappointed but I’m majorly pissed off at your lack of or unwillingness to listen to your viewers. You started losing me and now, for sure, I’m gone.
    Seriously Comcast? Seriously?

  32. You need to slow your roll and take your pills. Your attitude, your constantly condescending tone is reminiscent of those right wings blowhards you love to decry.

    You need to face it. Some people, of the same political stripe you which presume yourself to be, will have differing ideas. And that’s okay.

    Say it with me now. Differing opinions are okay. They help to keep us honest.

    I wish that you felt the same. I had a great deal of respect for you and your previous comments over the past years, but you have jumped the shark lately.

    Please show a little more respect to the rest of us. Some of us do not and will never support a neo-liberal like HRC. And that’s okay. We aren’t stupid. We know what’s at stake. We will hold our nose and vote for her, if we must.

    But you need to chill. I’m delighted that you are passionate. But you seem to expect others to march in lockstep with your ideas. That reminds me of another party.

  33. So Barmy Frank who as a liberal who accomplished things while in the house wrote what I think is a great article is jumping the shark? I don’t expect anyone to be in lockstep with my ideas. But you’re right lets not vote for a neo-liberal like Clinton even though her voting record is on par with Sanders because we must have revolution.

  34. As long as they have Rachel, Chris, Rev. Al, and Lawrence O’Donnell I’ll continue to watch in the evening, but not at 5pm.

  35. How many times have you gleefully posted that Barney Frank article?

    And go ahead and compare HRC and Sanders voting records in Congress. That should be very instructive for all of us, as you seem to be implying that their time in Congress is in any way comparable, in either substance or time spent serving the American people.

    It’s tiring to constantly fight the same enemies, but our enemy is the same. Is it possible that you’ve been staring into the abyss so long, that you missed where you became a troll? I used to be like you but then I was taught that a disagreement is an opportunity to educate. Perhaps you can try a convincing argument, instead of attempting to shame or insult those who hold different opinions? I’d hate to think that any progressive or liberal or democratic voter was falling prey to the GOP’s constant divide and conquer strategy.

    Keep your eye on our real political enemy. Hint: They probably aren’t on this site.

  36. Ed Shultz is not “a favorite TV show”.
    Corporate media has been systematically pulling liberal voices off the air for some time now.
    This is despotism at it’s best.

  37. Well I guess I can now just go straight to streaming, the only reason I didn’t before is because of MSNBC, they just cancelled the main reason I watched, and I can’t STAND CHUCK TODD, That’s why I don’t watch MTP anymore, shame on them, they are becoming FOX LIGHT..they must think only stupid people watch the news…. well that’s who will be left to watch now.

  38. if msnbc thought it lost viewership when example, Keith Olberman left, watch us go when Ed is gone and Al Sharpton is gone along with the cycle. BAD DECISION. BAD! Hello CNN or better yet Liberal talk radio. I supported this station for many years even through the no programming on friday after rachel goes off and sat and sunday after 1:00 pm. central time. This is very sad.

  39. MSNBC is pandering to corporate American and big dollars if they take Ed Schultz off the air. He is a voice for liberal and progressive working class people and I won’t watch Chuck Todd on this channel. MSNBC was a light in the dark with its news coverage and commentary but no more.

  40. MSNBC, you just lost another viewer…and I’m also calling my cable company to have MSNBC removed from my list of channels…
    Looks like the Kocks#@%$!!& Bros have taken over yet another liberal mouth-piece. I loved to watch Ed…now I’ll just listen to him on Raw Story… F**** YOU COMCAST…..

  41. Guess what, I give a huge rat’s ass. Ed Show is the only one I DVR to make sure I don’t miss him. Where the hell are we going to get the truth–can’t get it from Faux Noise and you know CNN hasn’t been the same since Ted Turner sold it off. I am sick over this news. This country is screwed and going to hell in a handbasket.

  42. Did you DVR the time he told Democrats to stay home in 2010?

    Where can we get the truth? I don’t know but I remember this quaint thing called reading

  43. I am a progressive BIG CITY DEMOCRAT. I am also pragmatic. See people can rant and rave against the so called system but then when ask their plans you get crickets or the condescending answer by the power of his words the country will change.

    I am sorry I took civics and whatever you want to do have to at least do it through Congress. Ed Shultz broke that trust with me when even if he didn’t know it and even though he don’t have that power he told people not to vote because he didn’t get his shiny unicorn. So in effect he stabbed the President in the back. Now look at where we are at because so many purity emo progs stayed home.

    In closing I really don’t have to explain myself to you all I know is when you people don’t get your way, LOOK OUT because a shit storm is a coming

  44. No big surprise that MSNBComcast would silence the one remaining populist liberal on their network. Let Joe and Mika go off to a Koch brothers’ get-together at the Kochs’ expense, while silencing a voice against the legislation written by ALEC for its long-time corporate member–Comcast.

    Fortunately, I can watch AJAM and DemocracyNow on my cable system.

  45. Where is Rachel? On her way to the bank to deposit her giant paycheck. She’s been bought with a high salary and a lot of on-air promotion.

  46. whatever happened to the so-called “liberal media” that conservatives like to rail on and on about? Now all we have is more of the conservative echo chamber, repeating their daily mantra of conservative support.

  47. She may…but I’d like to say, I could make Chuck Todd cry like a baby in about 5 minutes.

    Did you hear? There are plans to connect some cables to the rapidly spinning Tim Russert…it is expected the current generated could power a city of 1 million people.

    I turned my ex-republican mom on to Rachel Maddow, who she likes, & Ed who she thought a bit bombastic, but liked as well. Then I switched over to Fox, & we determined she should never watch Fox….she laughed so hard I thought she would have a heart-attack…all in about 2 minutes.

  48. Think @MSNBC!!

    It is not Ed Shultz who is the problem… It’s the @EdShow FoxNews powers that be!!!

    Fire those choosing topics and guests pushing Ed to bash fellow Democrats!!

  49. Think @MSNBC!!

    It is not Ed Shultz who is the problem…

    It’s the @EdShow FoxNews like powers that be!!!

    Fire those choosing topics and guests pushing Ed to bash fellow Democrats!!

  50. So what? I and many other progressives believe the Bernie asks the right questions and has answers. MSNBC is obviously more interested in ratings and the corporate message than presenting a truthful message. I’m about ready to abandon MSNBC. I challenge the right to reinstate the fairness doctrine and end the pravda like reign of Fox so called news. It is obvious they made the correct calculation that the American public is brain dead and can be manipulated to their agenda.

  51. I will continue to support Bernie as the only candidate that has a progressive agenda. Hillery has some baggage that makes her questionable in my mind. No, it’s not Whitewater or Bengazi. It’s her ties to wall street and her dependence on their money for her campaign….wall street is not going to want a return on her investment??? Come on; I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. Secondly, I’m equally luke warm about Bill…. he passed NAFTA…. A DELIBERATE ATTACK BY THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY ON THE MIDDLE CLASS ON THIS COUNTRY. Berine is right: regulate wall street and break up the big banks. And offer the right a chance to secede and mean it. Call their bluff. They need us more than we need them. If we were two countries, no more huge military budget, reregualtion of wall street, no more imperial America. Seems all good to me.

  52. Come on Dems….. man up. Offer the conservatives the option of secession AND MEAN IT. We were never a “United States” and it’s time to end the fiction. Let conservatives have their racist, evangelical, oligarchy. THEY NEED US MORE THAN WE NEED THEM. ADIOS, MORONS.

  53. How will he regulate wall streets and break up the big banks? I don’t ask these questions out of malice but on a need to know before I make any decision

  54. Let’s start having a serious conversation about consrvative/corporate secession. We can give them 5 or 6 southern states, Trump can bulid his wall around it, and we can end all economic ties with them.
    They could call it the Asylum state of America. Any inmates who leave would need a passport and an ankle bracelet.

  55. MSNBC, a subsiderary of NBC, and owned by Comcast is not interested in truth, or progressive issues. It is interested in profit, and profit only, just as republicans are interested in capitalism and not democracy. Want to prove your more than a glorified version of Pravada, NBC??? Take the “news” division out of the “entertainment” division, and stop caring about ratings.

  56. If your ratings suck then your show gets cancelled, that’s how it goes. I know Bernie hates it because Ed was really a Bernie Sander’s guy and he showed it everyday. Bernie is ok but I can’t see him beating a Republican to become President. Everything he wants to do would never ever pass a Republican controlled house and senate. With all the things he wants to do then why didn’t he get any of these things passed in congress because he’s been a member of congress for years and only had 1 major bill passed.

  57. In order to accomplish much Sanders, if he does get elected, will need to exhibit the brashness of Teddy Roosevelt at the turn of the last century when he managed to break up the corporate trusts of his time. If it can happen once, it can happen again. We just need one with the balls to do it, and that has been in short supply.

  58. QUESTION MSNBC—how do you expect your ratings to go up when you are taking off our favorite shows and people?!! We, the libs that watch and defend–ed MSNBC are very disappointed in your decisions!! Ed was such a down to earth, strong fighter for the middle class and the country. He CARES. Shame on you for removing him—again. WTH?? Then Chuck Todd or UP Chuck Todd to replace him?? Are you taking him off his MTP so you need to find him a spot? Put Ed on MTP. He’ll ask the tough questions and stand up for what is right. He’s not a pansy like so many are.

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