Once Wasn’t Enough So Senate Democrats Humiliate Mitch McConnell Again By Blocking Iran Vote


Mitch McConnell tried to threaten Senate Democrats into supporting the resolution of disapproval of the Iran deal, and Democrats responded by handing the Senate Majority a second humiliating defeat.

Before the vote, Sen. McConnell a.k.a. The Great Obstructor demanded that Democrats stop blocking the Iran deal resolution of disapproval, “This debate should not be about a President, who will leave office in 16 months. It should be about where our country will be in 16 years….This is an important moment for the Democrat Party. But more importantly, it’s an important moment for our country. Let’s stand up for the people we represent. Let’s allow them a vote on one of the most consequential foreign policy issues of our age.”

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said that nothing is going to change. The Senate vote from last week was going to stand, “The outline he just gave has nothing to do with intellectual credibility. The agreement that was finalized last week dealt with one subject and one subject only. Whether or not Iran should have a nuclear weapon and the answer was resoundingly no.”

Mitch McConnell thinks that he is scoring political points by getting Democrats on the record as supporting the Iran deal, but the reality is that McConnell was grandstanding while the clock continues to tick towards a government shutdown. Democrats had shown no signs of division. No one was changing their mind.

McConnell’s second Iran disapproval resolution vote was a complete waste of time. The Senator from Kentucky could not muscle the resolution through the first time, and he only made Democratic support for the deal more resolute.

After McConnell had made his announcement, Harry Reid returned to the Senate floor and listed all of the times that McConnell required 60 votes for legislation to pass. Reid said that McConnell forced Democrats to file cloture more than 600 times by blocking final votes on legislation.

Sen. McConnell’s next move is going to be to file an amendment that would prohibit President Obama from removing sanctions until Iran recognizes Israel’s right to exist and releases American prisoners that are being held in Iran. While the nation has no budget, McConnell continues to worry more about saving his failing majority in 2016 than passing real legislation.

Democrats stood up to Mitch McConnell’s threats and sent a strong message that they will not be bullied by Senate Republicans.

20 Replies to “Once Wasn’t Enough So Senate Democrats Humiliate Mitch McConnell Again By Blocking Iran Vote”

  1. ummm… hey Mitch.. reality check here.. in 16 years you’ll actually be dead as will a large majority of the current players…

    stop pretending you actually care about the here and now…

  2. Well, I am guessing, based on the way they keep trying to destroy Obamacare, that they will try to vote on this issue at least 40 more times…

  3. Hey Mitch you said, ” Lets stand up for the people we represent”. Since when did you ever give a damn about the people you are supposed to represent not the rich and corporate slave masters. Payback is a bi$ch Mitch and it’s coming to get you all.

  4. They don’t care. They just want to beat President Obama that’s all.

    Little do they know..they have pea-sized brains, it will never happen. POTUS is wayyyyyyyy smarter than them.

    They keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result..they are insane and stupid.

  5. There are good reason that foreign Affairs are reserved to the Executive Branch.
    Sen. McConnell and his minions are a poster child example of why the constitution forbids them from matters beyond the borders.

  6. Can you imagine the chaos and destruction if a GOP candidate is elected to succeed Obama? Who wants to return to the debacle of corruption, lies, death and idiocy that was Bush/Cheney? Vote 2016!

  7. If Mitch actually ever stood up for the people he represented, and not his big donors, like the NRA, or coal, he would never see another term in office. That would require him to tell the truth, something he is incapable of.

  8. Wonder if Turtle is thinking back to the evening of Jan 20, 2009 — aka Karma’s a Bi$ch Mitch!! Here’s hoping he chokes on it! Couldn’t happen to a nicer Turtle!!

    Oh Jon Stewart — I miss you so!!!

  9. Useless lazy halfwit douchelord continues to be sh!tty at his job, film at 11pm. Wish I got paid half as much to be GOOD at what I do to work at a call centre.

  10. The political circus surrounding the Iran nuclear deal shouldn’t obscure the fact that President Obama won an enormous victory in negotiating the agreement and mustering the necessary congressional votes to sustain it. It’s the most determined, strategic success of his presidency.
    Republican presidential candidates have denounced the deal as a sellout by a weak, feckless Obama. And polls make clear that the public is wary about a deal painted by critics as a bargain with the devil.

    But Obama’s bet is endorsed by many leading strategists in the United States and abroad. Even in Israel, there’s grudging support from a growing share of the national-security establishment, who see the deal as preferable to any realistic alternative. The outliers are Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the U.S Republican leadership, who reject an agreement most nations endorse. The political reality is that Obama outfoxed them at nearly every turn.

  11. DJ I hope The pres. stays involved in politics and teaches future candidates some of this “out foxiness” to them. The Dem’s need to be way smarter then they have in the past. The thugs are masters at hiding their true intent. Dem’s seem to accept what is presented before them. Mainly I believe, because we believe in true freedom and that everyone has the right to express their opinion. With out condemnation. If, we didn’t, there would be
    someone everyday calling out the thugs and their lies. deceptions, false accusations.

  12. Having lost in Iran, again, McConnell sets up another Iran vote

    A peevish Mitch McConnell forced the Senate to vote Tuesday evening, again, to begin debate on the Iran disapproval resolution. He lost, again. But true to form, he promised there would be even more Iran votes and set one up for Thursday, this time a procedural vote—which again requires 60 votes—to prevent President Obama from lifting sanctions on Iran under the deal until Iran publicly supports Israel.

  13. Let me get my head around his reasoning here. He says let’s let the people vote on it when more than 50% are against it, without ever reading it mind you. Now take the vote for background checks and stuff that 98% of the people wanted, but it is screw the people, we want what we want?

  14. Remember how the right attacked the president when he won the Nobel Peace Prize a few months into his presidency? They were very upset because they didn’t see the promise of peace in him that the Nobel Cmte. did. I remember when he made his acceptance speech, he admitted that there was much work remaining in attaining a more peaceful world. The P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran is his payment on his goal. If GOP/TPers are able to “derail” the deal, you can well imagine that they’ll go back and ridicule him and the Nobel Cmte for bestowing the NPP on him. The failure of the GOP/TPers in Congress to derail the deal is the reason NC State Rep. Speciale created a Facebook post in which Bibi called PBO “An Islamic SOB.” Sore losers, all of them. McConnell is getting what he deserves because he hasn’t governed well since 2009, but now that he’s Senate Maj. Ldr, he wants everybody to come together and give him what he wants, and Senate dems are telling him, “Sorry, you’re sh*t outta luck!”

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