United Airlines Dragged And Beat A Passenger And They Are Still More Popular Than Trump


Things are so bad for Donald Trump that United Airlines can bloody and drag and a passenger off of one of their planes and they are still more popular than Trump according to a new poll.

According to PPP, “One finding that may best sum it all up when it comes to how down voters are on Trump: by a 42/40 spread, they have a higher opinion of United Airlines than they do of him.”

Donald Trump is so hated that he is even less popular than an airline that had police brutally drag an innocent man off of a plane because they overbooked a flight and needed seats for their own employees.
Trump is already the least popular president since World War II, but the depth of his unpopularity is so severe that people would rather support an airline that has innocent people beaten than support the President Of The United States.


It is looking like Republicans might be better off announcing their support for United Airlines’ beatings than standing beside Donald Trump in 2018, because the president has taken politically toxic to an unimaginable level.