Joe Biden Gives America A Much Needed Smile With Obama Birthday Selfie

Former Vice President Joe Biden celebrated former President Barack Obama’s birthday on Saturday by giving America a much-needed smile.

In a tweet, Biden shared a selfie taken with his former boss during a visit the two took to a Dog Tag Bakery, a company that gives work experience to veterans, military spouses and caregivers.

Obama turned 57 on Saturday, and it’s been a hot topic on Twitter. At this hour, #ObamaDay and “Happy Birthday Mr. President” are trending.

The former veep tweeted out, “Our lunches together were a highlight of every week at the White House. Last week’s trip to Dog Tag Bakery was no different. Happy birthday to my brother, my friend, Barack Obama.”

Oh, how the world misses the Obama-Biden duo

With the corrupt and mentally unfit Trump doing great damage to U.S. institutions and credibility – and the overall morale of the American people – seeing the Obama-Biden duo was a breath of fresh air.

It’s also another reminder that Joe Biden is still not out of the political arena as his timeline of announcing his presidential intentions inches closer.

Barack Obama, who he calls his brother and friend, will likely be the former vice president’s best asset in the event that he decides to run for president in 2020.

A recent poll showed that voters think Obama was a better president than Trump has been – by a stunning 19-point margin. Clearly, the American people don’t just miss the stability of the Obama-Biden years. They miss having two men of character and dignity being the face of the U.S. government.

Each time voters get to see Barack Obama and Joe Biden, it’s a reminder of the disgrace who is currently sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The picture was originally posted to Joe Biden’s Twitter account