Trump Is Trying To Get Barr To Investigate Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff said that Trump’s calls that he be investigated are demands for Attorney General William Barr to launch an investigation into Schiff.

Transcript of Schiff on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel:

KIMMEL: Who is ‘they’ that he wants to — wants to do an investigation of you? Would this be your fellow Congressmen?

REP. SCHIFF: Actually, no. It’s much more malicious than that. He wants the Justice Department, his hand-picked hack at the Attorney General’s office, Bill Barr, to investigate his political enemies.

KIMMEL: Shouldn’t everyone, regardless of their party, be very troubled by this?

REP. SCHIFF: Absolutely. And after Watergate, we tried to build a strong wall between the Oval Office and the Justice Department so that no president would seek to prosecute his enemies, abuse the Justice Department that way. And that wall has been so broken down by this president. He, as you know, intervened in the sentencing of one of his accomplices, Roger Stone.


When Trump calls Chairman Schiff a leaker and accuses him of leaking briefings, he is trying to pressure Barr to investigate a sitting member of Congress. Trump is using the powers of the Executive Branch of the government to attack a member of the co-equal Legislative Branch of the government.

This is not how democracies function.

Rep. Schiff is right. Trump’s constant calls for investigations of his political enemies would be funny if they didn’t represent such a serious threat to American freedoms.

Trump is trying to get Barr to investigate Adam Schiff.

The only way to end the threat is for voters to kick Trump to the curb in November.

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