Adam Schiff Just Turned The Tables And Used Trump’s Fake Obamagate Against Him

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is demanding that the Trump administration publicly release the transcripts of Mike Flynn’s calls with Russia.

Rep. Schiff tweeted his letter:

Chairman Schiff said that the administration’s release of the list of Executive Branch officials that was compiled and then revised at the request of the Acting DNI was an overt political act during a pandemic to try to get the Mike Flynn unmasking bogus scandal off the ground.

Rep. Schiff is requesting that all transcripts or intelligence reports related to Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador be declassified and made public.

Read Schiff’s full letter below:


Trump opened this door with the since debunked Obamagate scandal involving the unmasking of Mike Flynn that never happened.

There could be a whole lot of trouble waiting for Trump on the other side if the transcripts and intelligence reports on Flynn’s conversations with Russia ever see the light of day.

Donald Trump was trying to use Flynn to discredit the Russia scandal, but instead, he has raised new questions and reenergized the investigation with his bumbling and ham-handed efforts at a cover-up.

Trump is the corrupt gift that keeps on giving to Chairman Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee.

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