Matt Gaetz Blasts “Fake” Republican Cowboy Running For a Texas House Seat

This year saw both Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene were elected to congress. Prior to that, Republican voters had elected people like Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar and Marsha Blackburn to office.

So one can forgive Dan Rodimer for deciding that GOP voters will vote for pretty much anyone as long as they have an R next to their name. The former pro-wrestler has been seeking election to the House of Representatives for years.

Rodimer was able to win the Republican nomination for a Nevada congressional race in 2020 where he lost. Undeterred by his loss, the Republican recently announced that he would seeking the nomination for Texas‘ 6th District.

The Republican made the announcement with a ridiculous video where he cosplayed a cowboy. He captioned the ad, “Are you sick of the BULL coming out of DC? Texas has BIG Problems – we need to send a BIG FIGHTER to Congress to solve them. Send BIG DAN to Congress to put an END to Nancy Pelosi’s BULL!”

The video drew immediate mockery from Democrats and Republicans alike. Even Florida congressman Matt Gaetz couldn’t resist taking a shot at his. Gaetz wrote, “Fake Texan makes fake video of fake bull ride. We already have enough phonies in congress. Texans, please send this Nevada man back to his true home state (where he lost two prior elections). Texas shouldn’t import its congressmen. Big Dan is all hat, no cattle.”

Watch Rodimer’s video below, courtesy of Twitter: