Real Patriots Vote Blue: 6 Of The 10 Most Patriotic States Voted For Joe Biden

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:33 pm

The 2021 study of America’s most patriotic states found that six of the ten most patriotic states voted for Joe Biden.

WalletHub compiled the report, and here are the top twenty most patriotic states:

1. Montana 11. Utah
2. Alaska 12. Idaho
3. Maryland 13. Wisconsin
4. Vermont 14. Washington
5. New Hampshire 15. Arizona
6. North Dakota 16. Iowa
7. Wyoming 17. Kentucky
8. Minnesota 18. Missouri
9. Oregon 19. South Carolina
10. Virginia 20. Colorado

The top twenty is split evenly between states that went for Biden and states that went for Trump, but Biden holds a six to four advantage in the top ten.

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Patriotism is a human characteristic that can be shown in different individual ways, so it is difficult to say with scientific certainty what patriotism is, but WalletHub measured thirteen indicators across every state and consulted with a panel of experts to compile the data.

The idea that Republicans are substantially more patriotic than Democrats is a myth. There are patriots in both parties, and patriotic intensity was only .34% higher in Republicans than Democrats.

Biden’s Appeals To Patriotism Are Effective

President Biden doesn’t run around hugging flags like the previous guy, but he delivers a sincere and patriotic message almost every time he publicly speaks. Biden honors veterans, American ideals, and expresses an unabashed and sincere love for his country.

One of the keys to the president’s underlying popularity is that patriotism cuts across party lines. It is a unifying message, and Biden is the master of sounding patriotic without cynical flag-waving.

In this context, the majority of the top ten states voting for Joe Biden in 2020 can be viewed as an act of patriotism. Voting Democratic, especially given the 1/6 attack on the Capitol, and the Republican attacks on democracy through voter suppression legislation, is an act of patriotism.


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