Trump Makes It Clear That He’s Running For President To Avoid Prison

Donald Trump learned from his last term in the White House that being the President Of The United States is a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Trump’s lawyers wrote in a legal filing:

Furthermore, careful consideration will need to be given to the ability to seat an impartial jury under the current circumstances. Proceeding to trial during the pendency of a Presidential election cycle wherein opposing candidates are effectively (if not literally) directly adverse to one another in this action will create extraordinary challenges in the jury selection process and limit the Defendants’ ability to secure a fair and impartial adjudication. These considerations are relevant to any continuance determination under 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(7)(A) & (B)(ii) & (iv). See e.g., Coleman v. Kemp, 778 F.2d 1487, 1489 (11th Cir. 1985) (where a court is “unable to seat an impartial jury because of pretrial publicity or an inflamed community atmosphere” then “due process requires the trial court to grant . . . a continuance.” (citing Sheppard v. Maxwell. 384 U.S. 333, 362–63 (“where there is reasonable likelihood that prejudicial news
prior to trial will prevent a fair trial, the judge should continue the case until the threat abates”)).

Indeed, even Department of Justice policy cautions against taking prosecutorial action for the purpose of affecting an election or helping a candidate or party. See U.S. Dep’t of Just., Just. Manual § 9-85.500 (2022). Here, there is simply no question any trial of this action during the pendency of a Presidential election will impact both the outcome of that election and, importantly, the ability of the Defendants to obtain a fair trial.

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For the above reason and others listed in the filing, Trump is trying to get the trial postponed until after the 2024 election.

Trump is running for president because it is the only way to avoid conviction for the crimes that he is alleged to have committed. The former president then argues to the court that can’t possibly be put on trial because doing so might create a prejudicial impact on the electorate.

It is a neat trick, but behind it all is the reality that Donald Trump is running for president to avoid prison.

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