Andrew Gillum Will Spend $4 million to Destroy Trump in Florida

Andrew Gillum has nearly $4 million left over from his losing campaign last year to become Florida’s first African American governor. And he has a plan to use it to destroy Donald Trump’s chances of winning reelection in 2020. read more

Trump Continues Bogus Florida Fraud Claims, Says Recounts Should Stop

President Donald Trump declared that “an honest vote count is no longer possible” in the controversial Florida midterm elections for the state’s governor and U.S. Senate positions. The president is now claiming (with no evidence) that many of the ballots are “missing or forged.” read more

Racist Robocalls Are Targeting Oprah and Stacey Abrams in Georgia

Georgia Republican governor candidate Brian Kemp really didn’t need any outside help to make him appear racist. He was doing that very well all by himself.

However over the weekend Kemp got some help anyway, as a white supremacist group that targeted Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum with racist robocalls began targeting Kemp’s opponent, Georgia Democratic governor candidate Stacey Abrams. read more

Thousands Show Up For Obama In Florida As People Walk Out On Trump

Two days after people walked out on Trump while he was still talking, Obama came to Florida and drew a crowd of 4,000 who waited for hours to hear him speak.

Gillum Responds to Trump: ‘I’m Stealing Hearts and Minds’

It’s possible that Andrew Gillum is the biggest surprise of the 2018 midterm election season.

Very few people thought he could win a crowded Democratic primary for Florida’s governor, yet he did.

Very few people think that a true liberal progressive who endorses all of the positions of Bernie Sanders can be elected governor of a Deep South state, but he might. read more

Fears of Florida Defeats Bring Desperation to the White House

Recent polls show that Democrat Andrew Gillum has maintained a lead over Trump-endorsed rival Ron DeSantis in the race to become Florida’s next governor. As a result, President Donald Trump and his aides in the White House are getting very, very worried. read more

Andrew Gillum Under Racist Barrage In Florida As GOP Calls Him ‘Negro’ and ‘Monkey’

As Democrat Andrew Gillum is up 54 percent to Republican Ron DeSantis' 42 percent in Florida, the Democrat is being targeted by new racist robocall.

Andrew Gillum Has A 12 Point Lead As Democrats Surge In Florida

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has opened up a 12 point lead over Republican Ron DeSantis (54%-42%) as Florida women are backing Democrats.

Florida Democrats Ask For Voter Registration Extension Due to Hurricane

With Hurricane Michael on a path to devastate 300 miles of northwest Florida coastline tomorrow afternoon, Florida Democrats want the voter registration deadline extended.

Michael is bringing to Florida’s northern Gulf Coast its most serious hurricane threat in decades, and the National Hurricane Center has said the devastation caused by storm surges may be greater than anything residents there have ever seen before. The storm will make landfall Wednesday as a major category 3 hurricane. read more

Democrat Andrew Gillum Leads Ron DeSantis In Florida Governor’s Race By 6 Points

Andrew Gillum leads Republican Ron DeSantis by six points in a new poll of the Florida governor's race by Republican-leaning pollster Rassmussen.

Racist Republican Ron DeSantis Spoke at Extremist Gatherings For Years

The Washington Post reported Sunday that Florida’s GOP candidate for governor, Ron DeSantis, spoke four different times at a conference organized by an extreme right-wing activist and attended by controversial conservative figures. read more

DeSantis’ Running Mate said ‘Trump is the biggest con-man there is’

Ron DeSantis, who on August 28th won the Republican nomination for governor of Florida, is getting off to a rough start, much to the delight of his Democratic opponents in the Sunshine State. It turns out that his lieutenant governor running mate once tweeted that “Trump is the biggest conman there is,” according to Florida’s Sun-Sentinel newspapers. read more

Neo-Nazis Use Racist Robocalls to Attack Andrew Gillum

Racism is already tainting the Florida governor’s race after African American candidate Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Voters in Tallahassee are now receiving robocalls against Gillum that are being paid for by a neo-Nazi group in Idaho. read more

Dem Poll Has Gillum Leading DeSantis By 5 in Florida

Bernie Sanders-supported progressive Democrat Andrew Gillum, the thirty-something mayor of Tallahassee, is leading Trump-supported right-wing Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis (Fla.) by 5 points in the race for the Florida governor’s mansion, according to a new poll. Admittedly, the poll may be biased since it was commissioned by Democrats, but it is the first publicly released poll since Florida’s primary elections were held on Tuesday. read more

It Took Less Than 24 Hours For Ron DeSantis To Go Full Blown Racist On Andrew Gillum

Republican Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis needed less than 24 hours before he launched a Trump-style racist attack on his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum.

Gillum Made History and Now is Fighting With Trump on Twitter

In a shocking political upset yesterday in the Florida primary, a young African American mayor named Andrew Gillum beat a crowded field of wealthy establishment figures to win the Democratic nomination for governor of the Sunshine State. read more