Record Early Voter Turnout In Iowa Could Mean Good News For Democrat Bruce Braley

The Iowa Secretary of State reported that they had received over 455,000 absentee ballots for this election through Monday. That represents the strongest early voter turnout in a midterm election in Iowa history. A recent poll shows Braley leads by 20 points among early voters.

New Polls Show Democrats Storming Back In Alaska and Iowa Senate Races

New polls of Alaska and Iowa reveal that the Democratic candidates in each state are in a position to win two critical Senate races tomorrow.

Democrat Bruce Braley Up A Whopping 15 Points With Early Voters In Iowa Senate Race

In a poll released Wednesday by the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, Rep, Bruce Braley (D-IA) holds a commanding lead with early voters in Iowa's open US Senate race compared to his Republican opponent, Joni Ernst.

With 1 Week Until Election Day Democrat Bruce Braley Leads Joni Ernst In Iowa Senate Race

A new Loras College Poll of Iowa's Senate race reveals a very tight election with Democrat Bruce Braley leading Republican Joni Ernst 45%-44%.

Even Joe Scarborough Is Hammering GOPer Joni Ernst For Skipping Iowa Newspaper Meetings

During Monday morning's broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough took Joni Ernst to task for canceling meetings with the editorial boards of Iowa newspapers and local news stations.

Iowa GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Runs And Hides From Local Media As Election Day Nears

On Thursday, Rekha Basu, a columnist for the Des Moines Register took to her Facebook page to openly complain about Ernst canceling a scheduled meeting with the newspaper's editorial board.

Iraq War Hero Tammy Duckworth Says Iowa’s Bruce Braley Is ‘Real Deal’ On Veterans Issues

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) made her way to Iowa earlier this week to campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley and to take part in a round-table discussion on veterans issues.

Nurse Can’t Understand Joni Ernst’s Position Against Brutalized Sexual Assault Victims

Democrats hit Ernst today with an ad featuring Kim Tweedy, a Nurse Examiner on a West Des Moines Sexual Assault Response Team, who can't understand how Joni Ernst could want to outlaw abortion even for victims of rape and incest.

Joni Ernst’s Campaign Is Clueless As They Have Two-Time Loser Mitt Romney Stumping For Her

Two-time failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail for GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst in Iowa Sunday night.

The Support of Sarah Palin and the Koch Brothers Backfires and Brings Down Joni Ernst

By more than 2-1, the Koch Brothers affiliation hurts Joni Ernst with voters in Iowa. They are equally unimpressed by Sarah Palin's support for the Republican.

Conflict Of Interest: Iowa Democrats Hammer Joni Ernst Over Contracts Awarded To Her Father

Republican Senate Candidate Joni Ernst could be in some hot water over county public contracts awarded to her father's company when she served as the county's auditor. Ernst is running against Democrat Bruce Braley for Iowa's open US Senate seat.

Iowa Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Can’t Escape The Republican Anti-Woman Crusade

For a senatorial candidate from Iowa, the way to show support for a religious principle is voting for a constitutional amendment that effectively eliminates a woman's constitutional rights, and then claim the amendment really would not do anything at all.

Joni Ernst Says She’s Independent Then Recites Tea Party Talking Points on Every Issue

During a debate with her Democratic opponent, Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst told the audience she is an independent leader, then recited Tea Party talking points on everything from "personhood" amendments to privatization of Social Security.

Sarah Palin Clone Joni Ernst Trailing Democrat Bruce Braley In Iowa Senate Race

Republicans got some bad news on Monday as a poll in a key Senate race revealed that one of their 'rock stars' is quickly losing steam and is now trailing against her Democratic opponent.

Gun Crazed Republican Senate Candidate Calls UCSB Killings An ‘Unfortunate Accident’

Iowa Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Joni Ernst referred to the recent Isla Vista killings as an "unfortunate accident" in a primary debate.