Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Emerges As The Republican Candidate To Fear Most


scott walker

The Iowa Freedom Summit marked the de facto start of the 2016 GOP presidential primaries. Some big names contenders were conspicuous by their absence, including Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, and Rand Paul. However, around ten prominent potential Republican presidential candidates attended the event. While the weekend will probably best be remembered for Sarah Palin’s incomprehensibly bizarre 35-minute rambling spiel, the most consequential speech of the weekend may have been Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s address to the crowd.

Scott Walker is a candidate the Democrats need to be concerned about. While hard-line conservatives may be drawn to right-wing firebrands like Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Sarah Palin, they are not viable candidates. Walker, on the other hand, has already proven his mettle, time and again, as a gubernatorial candidate in Wisconsin, a Midwest swing state. Walker’s policies are every bit as right wing as those proposed by the likes of Cruz and Palin. The problem for Democrats, however, is that unlike those carnival barkers, Walker cannot be easily dismissed. He doesn’t just talk about right-wing ideas, he enacts them. This makes him a dangerous candidate, rather than just an ideologically driven circus sideshow, like many of his competitors.

The Wisconsin Governor can point to his “successes” to impress Republican primary voters. He has been able to pass strict voter ID laws, defund Planned Parenthood, bust unions, and cut state taxes. These are the types of accomplishments that will gain him admiration from conservative voters. Unlike, many of the other candidates, Walker is capable of uniting the establishment wing and the tea party wing of the GOP. This fusion of the two competing GOP camps gives Walker the ability to forge a winning coalition during the Republican caucus and primary season.

Prior to the Iowa Freedom Summit, the one criticism of Walker as a candidate, was that he lacked the charisma to be an inspiring orator. That critique was quelled over the weekend. Scott Walker energized crowds with rhetorical flourishes like:

There’s a reason we take a day off to celebrate the 4th of July and not the 15th of April. Because in America we value our independence from the government, not our dependence on it!

Sure, what Walker said was hokey. But so were many of Ronald Reagan’s equally sentimental appeals to lowest common denominator patriotism during the 1980 and 1984 campaigns. Scott Walker emerged from the weekend as one of the winners at the Iowa Freedom Summit. While it is too early to project whether his success this weekend will translate into delegate support in 2016, it is not too early to pay attention to which candidates resonate with voters, and which ones fall flat on their faces. Walker resonates.

Walker has made a short career out of defeating Democrats, despite pushing polarizing policies that should alarm middle and working class voters. He is one candidate Democrats cannot afford to underestimate. He has crafted his message well enough to win three tough races in Wisconsin. He could be a threat to win nationally as well. Democrats should be working on opposition research, and finding ways to beat Scott Walker, should he become the GOP nominee. President Scott Walker would be a disaster for the country. Not just hypothetically, because it could actually happen if Democrats don’t take the threat seriously.

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  1. Isn’t he under investigation for corruption, like Christie and Kasich? How can these crooks get away with breaking the law?

    I think he’d get eaten alive by Hillary.

  2. He is under investigation but he has stacked the courts so look for the corruption charges to be thrown out

  3. Scott Walker and Paul Ryan. Two of the most dangerous men in America! And from the same state, Wisconsin!

  4. The bar is so low in the IMPRESS the GOP party department. The voters of the GOP are so misinformed that Donald Duck could blow a dog whistle to get their attention, and 45% of them would vote for him on name recognition only.

    GWB proved this when he said he could fool all of the people all of the time ….. or something like that, and then got all confused. LOL. He certainly fooled a lot of right wing ‘christian’ soldiers.

  5. Enough with the Ronald Reagan comparisons. Ronald Reagan was elected president, when the country was far whiter than it is, now. It’s getting harder for the GOPigs to win national elections. Ronald Reagan also ran as a moderate. Ronald Reagan was good at hiding his extremism, because he was a trained Hollywood actor. Scott Walker is not.

    Scott Walker beat democrats in low turnout midterm elections. The recall failed because not only was the turnout low, most Wisconsin voters opposed the recall. Plus, most recalls FAIL.

    The 2016 presidential race will not have low turnout like a recall election, or midterm election.

    If you think Tea Party nut Scott Walker is going to be able to make inroads with Latino voters, women, and young voters, you are incredibly naive.

    And, President Obama’s poll numbers have started to rebound. If President Obama’s job approval rating-rating is 50% or better in 2016, it won’t matter who republicans nominate. Hillary Clinton will crus…

  6. Yeah well, just wait til Walker is indicted. He’s the John Doe the Feds are looking at, hard. Wisconsin is also about to face a huge budget shortfall by the end of the year. Might have some ‘splainin’ to do about that too. He’s a fraud just like all the rest of them. The only shot the GOP has is to run out someone like Huntsman, you could listen to that guy. He was right center, which also means he has no chance. If your not a fascist, you’re out.

  7. The only thing required of any GOP loon is to say they hate President Obama and liberals. The one who says the most vile things gets them excited.

  8. I agree that demographics are different in 2016 than 1980 or 1984, and that a presidential year bodes well for Democratic candidates.

    However, Reagan in 1980 did run to the right of the other GOP primary candidates (George H.W Bush, John B. Anderson, Howard Baker, Bob Dole, John Connally, and Phil Crane). Reagan was conservative enough that the Carter people were actually hoping he would win the primary, because they thought he was more extreme than some of the others. Of course, Reagan was able to capitalize on economic malaise and the Iran hostage crisis to defeat Carter, but he wasn’t all that moderate.

    I hope Walker is easily dispatched, but I don’t underestimate his ability to hoodwink voters, even in a presidential year.

  9. Democrats were afraid of Mitt Romney in 2012, yet Mitt Romney lost the election to President Obama, during a “so-so” economy. The republicans’ best shot to win back the presidency was in 2012. If the economy continues to improve, and if President Obama’s job approval-ratings continue to rebound, it would even harder for republicans to win the presidency in 2016.

    If that happens, why it would be easier for Scott Walker to win in 2016 against a much better economy, than it was for Mitt Romney in 2012, when the economy was weaker?

    The democrats were told to fear Mitt Romney, because he’s a “moderate,” and a “businessman!” But, he turned out to be a weaker candidate than anybody thought. Democrats were also told to fear Chris Christie, because he was a “popular” GOP governor in a democratic state. Now, people think he’s a freaking disgrace!

    I’m sick of the concern-trolling. Democrats are taking 2016 seriously.

  10. This was a meeting of how many conservative activists? 1000? And they speak for all republicans? Far too much media attention and publicity for such a small self selected group. Unfortunately they’ve got the $$$$ behind them.

  11. Walker may appeal to the morons at Freedom Fest or whatever they called it, but nationally? All we have to do is point out that he dropped out of college, lied about it, and recently claimed he has a master’s degree. For starters. Then there is the union crushing, the lack of jobs coming into Wisconsin, and his total and absolute lack of anything resembling foreign policy experience (and no, seeing Canada from his back porch doesn’t count.)
    We were told today to fear Kasich too, another creep ruining a perfectly fine state. I fear theKoch’s billion dollars a lot more than these two clowns.

  12. “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”…FDR…take a tip from Obama’s 2012 Campaign…..define your opponent before he defines himself.

  13. This is a joke right? Democrats have nothing to fear about Scott Walker.

    1) He won his races for one reason and one reason only – weak Democrat opponents. His 2010 was a weak candidate so what do Democrats do for the recall election – nominate the weak candidate to run against Walker again. Such a boneheaded move. His 2014 opponent was also weak.

    Walker does not have the luxury of having a weak opponent if hew ins the GOP nomination.

    2) His record. Walker’s record is a disaster – lack of jobs, lack of healthcare, and a flailing economy. Voters of this country – even the lazy mid-term voters – would not want this disaster running the country.

    3) Of course Iowa loved Walker – he’s a midwesterner like they are. Let’s not forget that Michele Bachmann – from Minnesota – came in first place in the Iowa Straw Poll.

    Iowa does NOT reflect the rest of the country.

  14. Walker is a “bought and paid for” POS by the “Kock brothers”. He is a “stupid-dare I say retarded-looking” man in the first place so that might be good for him…appealing to the morons in the Rethuglican party who recognize one of their own. I don’t think he can get passed the fact that he took a fake phone call-on tape-from the supposed Kock brothers. Hahaha

  15. you are of course referring to the insane progressives that kept insisting on insolvent pensions that would bankrupt their state, right? RIGHT?

    “…despite pushing polarizing policies that should alarm middle and working class voters.”

    well there’s a revelatory statement by the author. Walker pushed govt budget reduction and rectification of amok pension contracts. No rational person capable of caring for anything outside of their own skin should be alarmed by that. And it’s the “secret” of Walker’s broader appeal. Was the same for Reagan’s landslide win(s).

  16. In fact I presume labrat IS arguing that WI voters SHOULD have voted to line their own pockets in the short term, destroying the long term, ‘killing the goose that lays the golden eggs’.

    How far we’ve fallen as a nation since Kennedy’s voice rang out with “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

  17. …he dropped out of college, lied about it, and recently claimed he has a master’s degree.

    I didn’t know any of this.

  18. If he is the “one” to be feared the most, when in the HELL is the national media going to start digging in to the controversy that has followed this person since his days at Marquette University, his failed tenure at the County government level where he surrounded himself with questionable characters, and now at the State and National level?

  19. Voting against one’s best interest—- When mediocracy and irrelevancy becomes a cancer on an already insane mind. Best examples: Scott the Tot, Mitt the Spoiled Twit,Turtle Man Mit, Tan Man Bo and the insane of all the insane, the Tea Bagger Brew. Little corny but when one tries to put any objectivity to what has happen to this nation’s politics, being corny is mostly what is left for an inquiring mind to ponder. Politics these days has degenerated to a point where one finds themselves trying to explain a yet written intoxicated induced Greek tragedy.

  20. You wouldn’t be talking about the same media that said bush was someone you wanted to have a beer with other than his utter failure in everything he touched in life?

  21. Yep. As they say, a child’s hand is easily filled, and no one can deny that Republican voters, with their inability to walk and chew gum at the same time, are overgrown children.

  22. Scott Walker lackey, rayra, is a clear-cut example why the United States is considered the second most ignorant nation in the developed world. Thanks for nuthin’, rayra.

    Citing a progressive Democrat like our esteemed President Kennedy – a DEMOCRAT and civil rights leader – in order to support an anti-civil-rights, Koch-luvin’, Republican fascist like Scott Walker is as close to political blasphemy as a Teabagger can get – and they’re usually right smack in the middle of that ultra-rightwing cesspool.

    You used the wrong quote by this incredible president, rayra. In the case of corrupt Koch-lackey Walker, you should’ve used President Kennedy’s equally famous quote: A rising tide lifts ALL boats.

    Scott Walker doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades to beat a powerful politician like SoS Hillary Clinton. She would make minced-meat out of that sorry excuse for a governor.

  23. Yep. One and the same “librul” media that hasn’t been liberal since the glory days of Walter Cronkite and Edward Murrow.

    These days, U.S. media – in ALL her forms – have become the propaganda outlets for Corporate America, Inc., and the Party that benefits corporations and the wealthy and well-connected are “reported” only favorably while anyone opposed to corporate takeover of America is constantly attacked, mostly subtle but sometimes aggressively.

    The interwebs have become the go-to place to get informed for more and more Americans with more than half a working brain, hence the drive by the GOP to control the interwebs.

  24. You wingnuts always trot out that old canard WRT pensions.


    Taxpayers contribute nothing – NOTHING – to public employee pensions.

    You say you liked to see a source for this astounding FACT (which, as we all know, have a Liberal bias)? Sure, it’s none other than that magazine that promotes Repubican talking points – FORBES!


    But why don’t you share some of Walker’s other “secrets” – like how he cheated at Marquette which led to his dropping out which led to him not having a college degree?

    Or that other Walker “secret” about him surrounding himself with corrupt cronies?

    Or that “secret” of him thinking he’s making “secret” promises to the Koch brothers on the phone?

    Yep, Scotty boy has LOTS of THOSE kinds of “secrets”.

    And a…

  25. Correct JC. These states got what they asked for but, when these so called (leaders) come on to the national scene, and win, it’s all of us who pay.
    These (LEADERS) do the bidding of people like the Koch’s. Who have (one and only one aim in life), to destroy what freedom we still have. Money is not what they are after. THAT, they have more then enough of. The 889 million is small change to them. Imagine what they can do with owning the White house.
    If this does not scare the voters of our country, we then, deserve what we get. Scott, Ryan, Cruz any one will be a lackey used and owned by the Kock’s doing what they demand.

  26. What in the hell are you talking about? It is not progressive policies that hurt the poor but regressive policies. What is this about pensions? Do you know anything about state pensions? I work for our county the pay is not great, at all and we put money into our pensions and it is matched by the county. You have no idea what you are talking about and have been watching and listening to too much rightwing “news.” I am so so sick of you people spreading your misinformation and lies. You would rather be owned by the Koch brothers than help the poor, the working class or the middle class. It is sickening and sad.

  27. The billion dollars is much to be feared.
    The fact Scott lies seems to be no problem for the billion backing either. The Koch’s do not mind backing a liar it’s just what they need and want.
    Please American voters do not ignore these people. They are very dangerous.

  28. I recent wrote the same thing about IOWA and Michele Bachman,two peas in a pod that will wilt and fade away once they have to make rational comments on the big national issues. It was reported that Walker said the GOP candidate had to go “big and bold” what can he add to any of the big issues. I also remember T. Pawlenty.

  29. Walker fooled the voters of Wisconsin and he’s now out to fool the nation. After he was relected, it came out that the state was $2.2 billion in debt. Walker won by only 73,000 votes on a very very low turnout.

  30. If that happens, why it would be easier for Scott Walker to win in 2016 against a much better economy, than it was for Mitt Romney in 2012, when the economy was weaker?

    Let’s not forget the lessons learned in 2000.

    The economy was good, 22 million jobs added to the economy, no wars, and a generally good feeling in this country.

    Then G.W. Bush was able to “win” the election.

    How on Earth was that possible??

    Easy. The American people got lazy, believing that Al Gore would be a “shoe-in” so…why get out the vote?

    Also, in that Clinton milieu, too many on the Left and ultra-Left decided to vote for corporate-backed Nader because they thought it was safe since, well, Al Gore was a “shoe-in” right?

    So between that laissez-faire attitude and the inevitability of a Gore presidency propagated by M$M, Bush’s henchmen were able to bring the elections so close, it was easy to steal.

    Now they want a repeat.

  31. If I recall walker had at least one friend who voted more than once and got away with it because it was discovered too late to change the elections.

  32. No – we’re not going to fear him. He needs to be called out CONTINUALLY NAD MERCILESSLY on his record of sleaze, lies, incompetence, and stupidity from high school onwards. The election scandal at Marquette U. The fact that he doesn’t even have ONE degree. The fact that he was punked with a fake phone call from the Kochs and kowtowed to them. The fact that former staff members of his have been tried and convicted of misuse of government time and property for campaign purposes. The fact that emails from him have proven that he knew what was going on. The fact that he has proven totally inept at (or perhaps more correctly: totally apathetic about) creating good jobs, strengthening
    Wisconsin’s economy, and improving the well-being of the average worker. But most of all, the fact that HE’S SO G0DDAMNED STUPID!!!!!!!!

  33. LBJ: “I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you. ”

    (Said in 1960 in response to racist signs held by Johnson’s motorcade in Tennessee. Recounted by Bill Moyers, then a member of Johnson’s staff, in Bill Moyers: “What a Real President Was Like; To Lyndon Johnson, the Great Society Meant Hope and Dignity,” The Washington Post, Nov. 13, 1988).

    The following is attributed to Jimmy Carter, but he may not have said it. Nevertheless, somebody needs to:

    “If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying that you want a country based on Christian values. Because you don’t!”

  34. Why they vote against their own best interests:

    LBJ: “I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you. ”

    (Said in 1960 in response to racist signs held by Johnson’s motorcade in Tennessee. Recounted by Bill Moyers, then a member of Johnson’s staff, in Bill Moyers: “What a Real President Was Like; To Lyndon Johnson, the Great Society Meant Hope and Dignity,” The Washington Post, Nov. 13, 1988).

    The following is attributed to Jimmy Carter, but he may not have said it. Nevertheless, somebody needs to:

    “If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying that you want a country based on Christian values. Because you don’t!”

  35. I don’t see walker as presidential material. He is dull and has a kind of white bread thing about. Even Rmoney had more excitement . I don’t see walker appealing to the vast populations on two coasts. The guy has some skeletons that will be sniffed out by liberal bloggers.

  36. Simple. The pension plan is the direct result of deferred compensation- money that employees would have been paid as cash salary but choose, instead, to have placed in the state operated pension fund where the money can be professionally invested (at a lower cost of management) for the future.

    So, who pays the compensation to begin with? I think that would be the taxpayers.

  37. If you think the “taxpayers” would get it back when the funds are wiped out, I recommend you learn more about mushrooms before frying any more of ’em.

  38. So, who pays the compensation to begin with? I think that would be the taxpayers.

    Myth: The State of California and taxpayers pay the total cost of public pensions.

    Investment earnings pay the majority of the costs of public pensions. For every dollar paid in pensions, 67 cents comes from CalPERS investments.

    Public employees who are CalPERS members pay a part of their pensions as well. Each month they contribute a percentage of their paychecks toward their pensions. Through collective bargaining agreements negotiated in recent years, public employees pay more toward their pensions – some up to 15.25 percent of each monthly paycheck. This has saved California taxpayers an estimated $400 million per year. In addition, more than 175 local governments have decreased pensions for new hires.

  39. Is it Walker the Weird who has the IQ deficit or those who would subscribe to his extreme philosophy and give him the privilege of their vote? He is yet another example of what makes the ReThugliClown party far too extreme to elicit the vote of someone such as myself.

  40. Every thing you bring up is true Fireman, never the less this AFS child won Wis, won a recall, he lies, cheats yet, he seems to be in no distress.
    Unless the Dem’s keep his record in the spot light continually, he will be in no danger. The a KOCH’S WILL SEE TO THAT. Cruz seems to be laying very low for now, And then we have lying Ryan. All, are not so cheap whores for the Koch’s. None of us should take for granted the coming election.

  41. I hope you’re correct on Walker but as progressives he is a legitimate threat to our ideals. This guy scares the hell out of me, he has a Teflon Don type of aura about him. He appeals to independents which is bad news for democratic opponents of his.

  42. Watching Scotty Blow, Cont’d
    I like this part: I don’t expect miracles but, if the elite political press is really going to pump Scott Walker for president of the United States, they should at least mention from time to time that he never has held a political office that was not infested with cheap cronyism, criminal and otherwise, and that he never has run a campaign that was not shot through with cheap corruption, criminal and otherwise. The cronies are expected to take the fall when, as it inevitably does, the law comes calling. This should be something of a drawback for him as a candidate. It likely will not be.
    Read the whole thing

  43. “President Scott Walker would be a disaster for the country.”You mean Scott Walker would be a disaster for the liberal socialist left, correct? Because balancing the budget by trimming away unneeded and unwanted government waste is a disaster, right? Because being 18 trillion in debt is exactly what the current administration wanted for us, right? I guess when the current administration keeps its blind followers so dumbed down with lie after lie, scandal after scandal and broken promise after promise, Scott Walker would seem like a disaster for their cause. Scott Walker is exactly what this country needs to get us back to sanity!

  44. The man is a dipshit just like his followers. After gutting K-12 funding he is now proposing a 13% reduction in funding for the UW college system. Does this moron know how much revenue the university brings into this state? If you lose your researchers you lose federal funding of that research. Scatty wants to be Kansas north. He and Brownback are cut from the same shit stained cloth.

  45. Very true – one should never be complacent. However, the good news is that Wisconsin is not the nation as a whole.

  46. YOU DOCKER are the voter we all are worried about.
    The information is out there.
    And please disregard anything coming from FOX NEWS

  47. How is Walker even remotely electable? This is a man who is so deeply prejudiced that he tried to get the state’s domestic partnership registry overturned. If it were up to him, gay couples would have no legal rights at all, because he literally despises us. He is a bad, bad man, with no sense of compassion.

  48. Just what we need. A college drop-out, Koch-funded, fully owned, teabagging president who lies fluidly and fluently even when the truth wouldn’t hurt him, and who has screwed up his State’s budget three ways to Sunday.

    He’s a sociopath. And an idiot.

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