The Republican Party Is Ripping Itself Apart As Conservatives Declare War On John McCain


Sarah Palin’s Tea Party is out to get her former top of the ticket running mate Senator John McCain again.

The Senate Conservative Fund is not impressed with Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who announced today that he will seek a 6th term in the Senate. They want to replace him with a “real” conservative, a “Constitutional” conservative, whatever that means, seeing as the people who espouse to be a Constitutional conservative show so little understanding of the actual Constitution.

Ken Cuccinelli (remember him? He wanted to ban oral sex as a Virginia gubernatorial candidate, which should give you a clue as to what the SCF means when they accuse someone of not being a “Constitutional” conservative), the President of the SCF, wants to recruit a new candidate to beat Senator McCain because he has allegedly dealt with Democrats. Not so much, but he did try to address our immigration problem in a somewhat reasonable fashion, and this won’t be forgiven by the far right.

From Mr. Cuccinelli of the SCF:

John McCain (R-AZ)There are few Republicans who have betrayed our conservative principles more than John McCain.

He wrote the McCain-Kennedy and “Gang of Eight” immigration bills that offered amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. He voted for the Wall Street bailout, to fund the implementation of Obamacare, for the $600 billion “fiscal cliff” tax hike, and to raise the debt limit 14 different times!

John McCain lost his way a long time ago and it’s time to replace him with a strong conservative leader who will support and defend the Constitution.

Of course money was involved in this play on emotions, as the SCF tells the reader that they need them to pledge financial support to McCain’s conservative challenger if only they can find one.

Doesn’t Tea Party “Queen” Sarah Palin have a house in Scottsdale, Arizona? Or she did at one time, back when Republicans and the press seriously thought she might run for President in 2012. If Senator McCain’s people think she’s above that, they haven’t been paying attention. Though to be fair, she’s made it clear she’s not here to work.

The SCF pledges to repeal Obamacare and claims to be pro-life while hilariously saying in the same breath that they exist to “defend the second amendment” (aka, are NRA stooges). Defend it from what? Oh, never mind reality. The SCF also wants to abolish the IRS, which big business would surely appreciate — that is, until the roads went to crap, but too many big business leaders don’t seem to think they should have to pay their part — that’s your job, according to Republicans. The people should fund big business and subsidize them, so that big business will keep donating to Republicans. And so it goes. The SCF was started by former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint in 2008.

Conservatives seem determined to hand the Senate back to the Democratic Party in 2016. We have seen the GOP’s circular firing squad sabotage the party before. Republicans are already in fine form, showing off their penchant for self-destruction. John McCain has got to go, but the answer is definitely not replacing him with a Jim DeMint approved “Constitutional conservative.”

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  1. Unless a person owns the company, where else would a man his age get a job, well paid, great pension plan and health benefits? Do very little, have aides who hand you scripts of what your opinion on anything is, go on TV EVERY Sunday, act as though you are involved in world affairs.Insult a man who won TWO elections for the WH. Lumpy little Johnny shot himself in the foot, choosing $carah Payme as his VP. How could he top THAT? He does not have to worry about Cindy (the c*nt, his pet name for her) living in the same house. They have what 6 or 7 homes. He is worried his military and medical records will be unsealed, and his HERO status blown apart.

  2. While I am not a fan of Mccain self absorbed antics, I am glad he is staying standing against even worse candidates.

  3. IIRC, in the 2010 senate primary, Sen McCain denied having run as a maverick in the 2008 presidential campaign. Will he be a maverick this primary? Will Half-Governor Palin endorse him?

  4. John McCain has been in the Senate long enough to remember that congress only works when bi-partisan compromise is reached. I used to live in Arizona & back in the 80’s & 90’s McCain wasn’t that bad of a GOP Senator. The old McCain has rarely shown itself since the Tea Party hijacked the GOP.

    Conservatives are so stupid. The cause of their ills is not from, not being conservative enough, their problems are caused by being too conservative for today’s modern world; as they try to take people back to a version of the America most people never experienced, wouldn’t recognize & most importantly wouldn’t want to live in.

    The GOP deserves everything they get & more. Too bad we have to suffer along with them.

  5. At one time, I sort of liked McCain, but I think losing to Obama made him crazy. He should have retired after losing. Instead, he makes a fool of himself. I’m so sick of him.

  6. He’ll be running even at the point he has to drive into the senate chamber on his hover-round scooter, having one tooth left in his head with a cheeto wraped around it.

  7. The sole survivor of the Keating 5. Saint Ronnie never had the Teflon that John “Crash” McCain has.

    A Constitutional Candidate is one who does what the Koch Brothers tell him/her what to do.

  8. I have said for years that Republicans eat their young. I guess they are now eating their old ones too.

  9. pre ’08 McCain was ok then the ignorant tea bag vortex got him, Falin Palin was the token stooge.

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of president Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

  10. Living in Arizona this makes me rejoice. Maybe finally we can get a Democrat Senator instead of this state embarrassment. God help us though if all the dumb voters in this state vote for the replacement Repug candidate. Oh and don’t worry about his financial situation, he has a very rich second wife. He’ll do just fine without the senate income. And he’ll probably still appear on the talk shows to continue to show how stupid he is. I mean what else would he do?

  11. I wouldn’t worry about $arah. She’s got her new MOH prop Dakota, and a quickie marriage to plan. She’ll show up when he runs for office in Kentucky; for darn sure she’s not running for the Oval. Too much work.

  12. He’s gone the way of Ronny RayGun. He obviously has Alzheimer’s. He had a breakdown after losing the election, and has been raving ever since. Haven’t you noticed?

  13. if we do not reign in these whacko bird conservatives and republicans in the next election cycle, if may be the point of no return for this country. I know it seems so far away but start think about the elections next year. find out what you need in order to vote. check and find out if there are any voter id laws in place. check early. be informed. know what you need to vote- and please, for the love of god and country, vote these republican clowns out of office next year.

  14. His schtick in 2010 was to walk around with Pinal County Sheriff Jon Babeau and pretend to be very, very, very concerned about the U.S./Mexico border not being secured. I remember him saying at the end of the campaign ad, “Fix the dang fence!” He thought he was sending a message to the president, who doesn’t give two sh*ts about anything he has to say. Many AZ voters bought his little scam because he was reelected. I expect him to run against PBO again this time. It’s all he has. If I were to ever meet him on the street, it would take all of my power to refrain from giving him the good cursing out he has long deserved. He’s an odious tool who isn’t the least bit interested in performing actual public service. He’s an ego-driven, despicable, lying, vindictive, war-mongering POS who has used his military service to advance his career while voting against our veterans and military members. For this alone, he should lose his seat in 2016.

  15. Wow I agree with SCF! Wellll, only this far: “John McCain lost his way a long time ago and it’s time to replace him “

  16. I hear President Obama isn’t a fan of ol’ ‘bomb bomb bomb Iran’ either. Not sure it’s that strange to see far left/right ally against authoritarian middle.

  17. john mccain use to be a DECENT senator (FOR A- REPUBLICAN) but after OBAMA took his A$S to the woodshed, and palin blamed him for the 2008 BEAT DOWN, he’s lost his mind!! he’s turned into a bitter chickhawk DRAG QUEEN voyeur!! NO, I don’t think he was dating LINDSEY, just fantasizing about the mint julep slipping senator. If john mccain would have been smart, he would have become a democrat after his first presidential pearl harbor, because the GOP ripped him a NEW ONE!! remember when the GOP accused him of fathering a BLACK BABY?? WOW! the GOP are hardcore!

  18. It’s great that they want to fight among themselves. It does America absolutely no good unless we get out and vote the best person for the job!! Hopefully Arizona can put up a good democrat or independent that can be elected instead of just choosing the lesser of these two evils.

  19. All Sarah Palin is going to do is dish out some random word salad, lean on the podium sipping “soft drink” from a Big Gulp, then wink her looney-tune ass off stage.

    McCain has shown that when you sell your soul, you can never get back to that sweet spot of relevancy and respect. All he will have is broken dreams and some bitter memories.

    Cuccinelli was sent packing by Virginia voters and with this ‘constitutional conservative’ rhetoric, he may be stuffed even further down a manhole of irrelevance, desperation, and shattered expectations.

  20. Every arrogant, insolent, as well as traitorous signer of
    Tommy Cotton’s letter to Iran should be facing a Dem.
    sponsored Senate unAmerican activities inquiry panel!
    Why doesn’t the minority in the Senate put turkeys like
    McCain over a little heat?

  21. Jim DeMint, The idiot calls himself a “Religious Conservative”?? Isn’t he the one that hid in South America somewhere with his mistress, while having his aides say he was “hiking in the mountains” HAAAA! Anyway, these guys sound like a bunch of spoiled kids, “If you don’t play my way I will take my toys and go home and play with myself”. Every time they open their mouths they show just how ignorant and hypocritical they truly are.

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