Trump Accidentally Admits That His Campaign Coordinated With Russia In Disastrous Tweet

Trump was so intent on distracting and defending himself on Twitter that he didn’t realize that he accidentally admitted that a federal judge found that his campaign was coordinating with Russia.

Trump tweeted:

The problem here is that for there to have been surveillance of Trump or his campaign; a federal judge would have had to have granted an order permitting the surveillance. If there was no federal order or FISA warrant that means that the Trump campaign was caught talking to Russia because they were coordinating with the target of the surveillance.

Either way, this does not bode well for Donald Trump. If there is legal electronic surveillance, Trump’s tweet was an admission a judge found enough evidence that his campaign was breaking the law to approve the surveillance. The idea that there was illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign has been debunked in all circles, except for the White House, so it comes down to either the Trump campaign met the legal standard for surveillance because they were potentially engaged in criminal activity, or they were talking to someone who was an enemy of America.

Rep. Adam Schiff revealed on Sunday that investigators are paying attention to what Trump is saying on Twitter. Trump’s tweets are a disaster for the White House. The more Trump tweets, deeper he digs the hole for himself.

Donald Trump is building a path to impeachment one tweet at a time.