Rep. Eric Swalwell Exposes GOP Effort To Give Trump The Keys To Mueller’s ‘Evidence Locker’

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California called out his Republican colleagues for seeking to fix the investigation for Donald Trump, saying their behavior borders on obstruction of justice.

In an interview with Ari Melber, the Democratic lawmaker said the GOP is acting as Trump protectors by pushing the Department of Justice to release a memo that would essentially show the president where Mueller’s investigation is heading.

As both Melber and Rep. Swalwell noted, it is unheard of to reveal such information to the very same people who are currently the subject of an active investigation.

“You would never give suspects or subjects in an investigation the keys to the evidence locker at the FBI,” the Democrat said, claiming Republicans are trying to do just that.


Republicans are trying to give Trump an opening to fire Rod Rosenstein

As Rep. Swalwell said on Thursday, this GOP effort is about one thing: Discrediting Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, thus giving Donald Trump an opening to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The Justice Department initially rejected these requests, with Rosenstein saying that he “is not going to be extorted.”

Republicans have since taken a more aggressive stance toward the GOP deputy attorney general, asking him to step aside and even drafting articles of impeachment against him. 

Ultimately, what’s happening here is clear.

Republicans want something tangible to point to that might suggest Mueller’s investigation has gone past the so-called red line, even though it hasn’t. A memo showing what the special counsel is looking at would give the GOP and Trump all they need to cast more doubt on the probe. 

This would then lay the groundwork for the firing of Rod Rosenstein, which could derail the Russia investigation as we know it.