Trump’s Fake Emergency Headed For Defeat As Another GOP Senator Vows To Block It

Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration took another blow on Monday as Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina vowed to vote against it “if and when it comes before the Senate.”

In an op-ed in The Washington Post, the GOP senator wrote, “Although Trump certainly has legitimate grievances over congressional Democrats’ obstruction of border-security funding, his national emergency declaration on Feb. 15 was not the right answer.”

More from Tillis’ editorial:

It is my responsibility to be a steward of the Article I branch, to preserve the separation of powers and to curb the kind of executive overreach that Congress has allowed to fester for the better part of the past century. I stood by that principle during the Obama administration, and I stand by it now.

Conservatives rightfully cried foul when President Barack Obama used executive action to completely bypass Congress and unilaterally provide deferred action to undocumented adults who had knowingly violated the nation’s immigration laws. Some prominent Republicans went so far as to proclaim that Obama was acting more like an “emperor” or “king” than a president.

There is no intellectual honesty in now turning around and arguing that there’s an imaginary asterisk attached to executive overreach — that it’s acceptable for my party but not thy party.

These are the reasons I would vote in favor of the resolution disapproving of the president’s national-emergency declaration, if and when it comes before the Senate.

Trump’s emergency is headed for defeat

With Tillis announcing he will side with the Democrats, Donald Trump’s fake national emergency is inching toward defeat in the U.S. Senate.

As I wrote last week, GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said she would vote to block Trump‘s fake emergency if it came to a “clean” vote in the Senate.

The Hill also reported on Monday that Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is likely to side with Democrats in blocking the president’s declaration.

“If all 47 Democrats vote for the resolution they would need to flip four Republican senators in order for the resolution to pass the Senate,” the report noted.

Right now, at least three Republican senators appear ready to block Trump‘s phony national emergency. More have publicly announced concern over the move.

Trump‘s emergency is already headed toward defeat in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. As more Republicans come out against the declaration, it looks like the GOP-controlled Senate will follow suit.

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