A Majority Of Americans Want Trump Convicted And Removed

A new poll found that 51% of Americans want the Senate to convict Donald Trump and remove him from office.

CNN reported on their own new poll:

About half of Americans say the Senate should vote to convict President Donald Trump and remove him from office in the upcoming impeachment trial (51%), according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, while 45% say the Senate should vote against conviction and removal.

Nearly seven in 10 (69%) say that upcoming trial should feature testimony from new witnesses who did not testify in the House impeachment inquiry. And as Democrats in the Senate seek to persuade at least four Republican senators to join them on votes over allowing witnesses in the trial, the Republican rank and file are divided on the question: 48% say they want new witnesses, while 44% say they do not.

Fifty-one percent is not “about half” as CNN suggested. It’s a majority. Elsewhere in the poll, 57% believe it’s true that Trump abused his power, and 58% think it’s true that Trump obstructed the House.

The poll is a ton of bad news for Trump and Senate Republicans. While Trump is trying to get Senate trial canceled, a majority of Americans believe that he is guilty on both articles of impeachment.

More Republicans want new witnesses than do not.

Given the results of this poll, it is easy to see why Mitch McConnell is trying to blackout media coverage and rush through Trump’s trial. Nothing good will come out of this trial for Trump and the Republican Party. Senate Republicans are going to be stained by their votes not to convict Trump.

The impeachment trial isn’t a victory for Trump. It is a march of the cliff to 2020 defeat.

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