Why I Am Not Upset About Bernie Sanders Endorsing Hillary Clinton

The truth is, Bernie Sanders can’t do it alone. Neither can Hillary Clinton. They need us. They need us to stay active, involved, and keep engaging them on the issues that matter most to us. And if we do not like the current makeup of Congress, and we want more progressives elected, then you can’t opt out of the entire process. Support progressive candidates in local ticket races, donate, and make sure they get elected.

This Has Already Been A Very Bad Week For Republicans

Poor little-fingered Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans have had a very bad start to their week, starting with the furor over the anti-semitic tweet posted by Trump, and now with the recent news of the FBI recommending no charges for Senator Clinton with her email server, the Republicans are in a free-fall, and lashing out verbally to anyone willing to listen.

Elizabeth Warren Just Showed Why She’d Be An Amazing Veep

In her first appearance at a campaign rally with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, Elizabeth Warren showed exactly why she would be a wonderful Vice-President, and the right person to take down Donald Trump. In fact, any vice-presidential pick Donald Trump chooses to counter Elizabeth Warren would be a pitifully poor one, and no match at all for Warren’s wit, policy knowledge, and skills on the campaign stump.