President Obama Admonishes Media For Irresponsible Election Coverage

The electorate would be better served if billions in free media came with accountability when politicians make promises they can't keep

Friday Fox Follies – Atheists In A Fox Hole

According to a new Poll: Fox News Most Trusted Source for ‘News or Commentary’, a finding that makes intelligent people shake their heads. Yet, the same poll has Donald Trump leading all other GOP contenders, which speaks to the innate stupidity of those polled. However, according to the cheeky reportage at AdWeek: ‘Undecided’ Toppled as Most Trusted Source of News, Commentary: read more

Bernie Sanders Blasts The Media For Not Covering The Real Issues Of The Campaign

Bernie Sanders media issues New Hampshire

At a series of campaign events across New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders slammed the media for not covering the issues that matter in the campaign.

The Media Is Catering To Republicans By Excusing The Racism Behind Charleston Church Shooting

The media's attempt to deny the discussion about hate being directed at black people jumped the shark today when a CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (who used to be co-anchor for ABC's 20/20) tweeted that we can't be sure the shooter and mass murderer is white. He could be in disguise.

MSNBC Elevates Rachel Maddow To News Anchor

Viewers' dreams of Rachel Maddow someday hosting Meet The Press took another step forward as new MSNBC advertising refers to as a news anchor.

Democrats Fight Back as President Obama Tears Apart The Media’s Lazy Reporting

At a fundraiser in Chicago, President Obama called out the media's lazy and cowardly both sides do it style of reporting.

It’s All Too Easy to Relate To The Documentary ‘The Brainwashing of My Dad’

An upcoming documentary, "The Brainwashing of My Dad" traces how right wing media morphed a mild-mannered Democrat into a racist Republican. It happens all the time.