Senate Democrats Tell Government Contractors They Must Pay Their Employees A Living Wage

Democratic Senators sent a letter to the Rules Committee requesting that contractors who do business with the Senate pay a living wage.

Detroit Flop City: Jeb Bush Pretends To Care About Poor People In First Speech

Jeb Bush is marketing himself as a different kind of conservative, but his ideas support the same GOP policies that have failed before.

Common Sense: Washington State Voters Approve Expanded Background Checks On Gun Sales

Voters in Washington overwhelmingly passed an initiative that would expand the state's background check laws. Initiative 594 calls for background checks to be performed on all gun purchases in the state, not just those through licensed dealers.

Red State Secession Would Be a Dream Come True for the Rest of America

Don't tell me that some little part of you would not just like to say to Texas, or to another Southern state of your choice, 'Fine. Go. We admit it. 1861 was a mistake and we are undoing it now.'

Pepco: Deregulation + Greed + Corruption = Suffering for Hundreds of Thousands

Pepco spent years ignoring aging equipment and tree-trimming and focused instead of increasing profits leaving a million people to suffer in record heat

Will Paul Ryan Really Be Mitt Romney’s Choice For VP?

Who will Romney pick as his running mate? He seemed to warm up to budget nut Wisconsin Representative, Paul Ryan while in Wisconsin. Sincere or just a ploy to get Ryan's local support?