Obama: Mitt Romney is the Opposite of Robin Hood


The fuss over the Obama campaign’s attacks on Romney’s record at Bain Capital continued over the weekend and through Monday. Appearing on the Rachel Maddow show, Cory Booker tried to clarify his remarks made on Meet the Press, remarks he made in reaction to an Obama campaign ad that attacks Mitt Romney over his record at Bain.

On Monday, interviewed by MSNBC, David Axelrod, the president’s senior campaign strategist said of Booker, “In this particular instance, he was just wrong.”  The reasoning is as follows: since Romney himself references his private sector experience, the Obama campaign has every right to do likewise. In fact, Booker himself holds this position, as he made clear:

“Mitt Romney had made his business record a centerpiece of his campaign. He’s talked about himself as a job creator. And therefore, it is reasonable, and in fact I encourage it, for the Obama campaign to examine that record and discuss it. I have no problem with that.”

The GOP is feverishly trying to capitalize (an appropriate term) on Booker’s original remarks while Romney is claiming the Obama campaign is committing “character assassination” by pointing out that he is lying through his teeth. It’s easy to see why a Republican would feel the truth is character assassination; after all, if saying “no” to a Christian claiming it has sole rights to your womb is a war on Christianity, then saying “no” to a rich man is character assassination. In other words, Republicans have a right to lie but Democrats don’t have a right to say they’re lying. The Obama campaign’s response to this economic voodooism was the correct one: to press their strategy and release another critical web video.


Obama himself was unapologetic. At 4:28 in the afternoon, the Obama campaign tweeted:

And a few minutes later, at the NATO summit press conference, President Obama seemed to elaborate on this theme, saying that “This issue is not a quote ‘distraction,'”:

“My view of private equity is that it is, it is set up to maximize profits and that is a healthy part of the free market, of course. That’s part of the role of a lot of business people. That is not unique to private equity. My representatives have said repeatedly and I will say today, I think there are folks who do good work in that area and there are times where they identify the capacity for the economy to create new jobs or new industries. But understand their priority is to maximize profits, and that is not always going to be good for communities or businesses or workers. And the reason this is relevant to the campaign is that because my opponent, Gov. Romney, the main calling card for why he should be president is his business experience. He is not going out there touting his experience in Massachusetts, he is saying, ‘I am a business guy and I know how to fix it,’ and this is his business. And when you are president as opposed to the head of a private equity firm, then your job is not simply to maximize profits. Your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. … And so if your main argument for how to grow the economy is, ‘I knew how to make a lot of money for investors,’ then you are missing what this job is about.”

Romney is essentially saying to the rich and powerful, “Make me president and I will not only protect the wealth you already have, but make you richer.” To everyone else, Romney is saying, “Make rich people richer and you’ll be better off.”

Of course, they won’t be better off. After 8 years of the same economic policies Romney is touting, nobody in America was better off; in fact, the economy collapsed. After going on four years of Republican obstructionism, we are even worse off. But Republicans will continue to preach trickledown economics until they are forced to stop.

President Obama has called them out for this lie, exposed the fact that the government is not a corporation, that they have different goals, and that (attitudes of the Gilded Age to which Republicans want to return aside) maximizing profits for the rich isn’t what the United States is about. Again, Obama has stood up for the average American, reinforcing his idea that they too have a stake in this country and that it is about them every bit as much as it is about Romney and other wealthy Americans.

Though Obama has not called himself Robin Hood, according to the scenario created by Romney strategists, that is exactly who Obama is in this modern morality tale. By waging “class warfare” (their claim) and taking money from the rich to give to the poor, Obama is Robin Hood, because that is exactly what Robin Hood did. And it is Robin Hood who is the hero, not the rapacious Sheriff of Nottingham.

The money Robin Hood took from the rich belonged originally to the poor, creating yet another conjunction between the English folk hero and the President of the United States: Robin Hood only existed as a response to this top-down oppression that is the heart and soul of the Romney platform.

Mitt Romney can claim, as he did Monday, that “President Obama refuses to accept moral responsibility for his failed policies. My campaign is offering a positive agenda to help America get back to work,” but Romney himself is failing to accept moral responsibility for his “enrich Mitt Romney” campaign during his time at Bain, a campaign that significantly increased Romney’s assets while laying off average Americans and running companies into the ground for profit – just as the Obama campaign has demonstrated.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat, appearing on The Ed Show Monday put it best: “Why should Romney be able to escape responsibilty when he talks about, judge me on my business record — and it stinks?”

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  1. In fact, after their conquest of England, what the Normans did was strip the natives of their rank, their holdings, their status of freemen-all-and distribute what had been theirs to be held, under a tenurial system, by Norman overlords. The inhabitants belonged to the land, but the land no longer belonged to them; they changed hands with it. Centuries later, the descendants of Normans and Saxons alike were to do worse on this continent to its natives. The wheel may be about to turn again.

    It’s no exaggeration to say the country we thought we knew may be about to change beneath our feet. This election, I think, may be the most crucial we have had since Lincoln/Breckenridge, and it is likely to bedirtier.

  2. the president is not attacking private equity or the free-market. To try to make that argument is absolutely silly. He is talking about one group within those entities who is being used by the candidate mitt Romney as his basis for the candidacy. And Romney thinks he can get away with saying the president is committing character assassination every time he mentions Bain Capital or Romney. that’s not how it works. Sorry Mr. Romney but you can get away with whining every time your name is mentioned. Grown-ups see the difference

    Romney has made a career for the last year of assassinating Obama’s character. It was clear during the debates that was exactly what he was doing. And now he whines like a little bitch if his name is brought up. It’s hilarious

  3. I wish people would quit using “bitch” for people like Mitt Romney. I have owned any number of bitches whose courage, character, and intelligence were stellar compared to his (well, technically, two were “brachs”, the term properly applied to female hounds and upland game dogs; I have heard a female water dog, such as a female water spaniel, Chesapeake Bay, or tolling dog, is a “gyp”).

  4. Exactly, and its use for people like Mitt Romney, who kept his poor son of a bitch tied to the roof, slanders dogs (though Seamus, an Irish setter, was technically a son of a brach)

  5. “Mitt Romney can claim, as he did Monday,that ‘President Obama refuses to accept moral responsibility for his failed policies.'”

    Wait a tick, I thought the auto bailout was Romney’s idea.

    And the ACA was based on legislation that Romney enacted while governor of Massachusetts.

    As for the Recovery Act, I believe that a big chunk of it was composed of tax cuts for over 90% of Americans, and tax credits for companies. Aren’t those good things, according to Mr. Romney?

    And from what I have gathered, the Act helped stabilize the economy, which has led to a recovery, albeit a slow one, over the past three years.

    So what “failed policies” is Romney talking about? The ones that Obama couldn’t get past GOP-Blue Dog obstruction?

  6. I think that’s why spelling it “biotch” was coined, to differentiate between man’s best friend and useless blow-holes. ;)

  7. RomHood is the opposite Robin Hood & his teathug masters have but one agenda , make this president fail and by any means necessary,RomHood is for the rich & the rich only and is out of touch with middleclass & poor people, what makes me shudder is the thought that they have brainwashed ordinary tro//s who would vote against their best interests as they watch the party of he// no each day brainwashing them and they don’t realize they will be included in his so-called safety net…sad so sad that they would rather jump out of the skillet(the skillet the obstructionist)gave us into their frying pan.I don’t know what this world is coming to because sometime I have to wonder am I in America with these unpatriotic traitors.

  8. I would say their agenda is to offer an alternative to the failed policies of the current administration. And I fail to see how republicans are against the best interests of ordinary people. What exactly is it about republicans that is against the average American? If you want to talk about unpatriotic traitors, how about 5 trillion in debt, not a net job produced, and a broke social security system? Thank the administration for these and more failed attempts at doing anything useful for the nation.

  9. I think comparing Romney to Breckinridge is unfair, since Romney isn’t running on a pro-slavery platform. Obama and Romney are both more centrist than either of their constituencies want, and I foresee an apathetic voting public on both sides come November.

    Our country has always been divided, but we are not on the verge of another Civil War. There’s no need for hyperbole.

  10. Mitt Romney’s idea is to feed the rich,starve the poor & middle class and this is the whole teapub agenda,I think Americans had better wake up before its too late,because if they win,all except the 1% will be scratching their heads and wondering what happened. Save our Country,OBAMA 2012′

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