The Tea Party May Think it Runs the Country, but They are Wrong

For me the turning point revealed itself at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Monday night, September 12, 2011 “Tea Party Republican Debate”. It was broadcast on CNN which co-sponsored the event with the Tea Party Express. The audience was basically made up of tea party members.

Wolf Blitzer had just asked Dr. Ron Paul what should be done in the hypothetical event that a previously healthy 30-year old had eschewed health insurance and had subsequently come down with a disease that could claim his life within six months. Paul said something about taking responsibility for your own actions. Blitzer followed with, “Are you saying society should just let him die?” Before Paul could respond, audience members hooted ‘Yeah’, ‘Yes’ and other outbursts in the affirmative and started enthusiastically hollering and applauding. It was a grotesquely pitiless indictment of that tea party audience.

The tea party reaction took me by surprise at the time, but it shouldn’t have. The contemporary core tea party value is indeed, “LET HIM (AND HER & THEM) DIE!” Proof is hardly elusive. It is estimated that well over 600,000 people have died of AIDS in this country. For most of our homophobic tea party citizenry, it’s “Let them die!” Innocent non-combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, including women, children and the elderly – “Let them die!” Even if it’s by the hundreds of thousands.

Amongst our own people, those poor and hungry in need of food stamps and other government help, again including women, children and the elderly plus minorities, our right-wing legislators have made it abundantly and repeatedly clear – “Let them die!” Historically, if we couldn’t kill the indigenous Native American population with weaponry when we came to ‘occupy’ their land, we’d introduce diseases into their population for which they’d built up no immunity. “Let them die!”

Being unable to rebut any of the points I’ve just made, the right will come back with the inevitable abortion argument. “But how about all those babies killed by abortions that you liberals so embrace?” That’s not a viable argument just as ‘babies’ are not viable in the first 22 to 23 weeks of enwombed existence. In other words, the fetus cannot live outside the womb until about week 23. Even then, it’s very dicey for a preemie born that early. Women who have undergone abortions must know they have not ‘killed’ anybody or anything if that abortion was performed before week 21. And you know what? 98.5% of abortions are performed by the 20th week. And the senseless opposition to contraception could eliminate most of those procedures. So, no, attacking pro-choice is not a rational refutation. There is no rational rebuttal to right-wing blood lust.

The tea party doesn’t seek political power in the classic sense. The party doesn’t want to be IN power, it wants to be THE power holding total dominion (as the thumpers describe it) over every citizen in the land. That’s what they want. They think the media; the NRA and the super-rich are going to help them get it. I’ve guided you through this little tripartite pact before, so by way of review…let me first reiterate how laughingly transparent the manipulators are to anyone with even a sliver of awareness. When you have radio talk shows hosted by right-wingers in most markets and there are no ‘left-wing’ (read moderate) counterparts anywhere to be heard on those market’s stations, that’s not entertainment or information; that’s propaganda. And when 95% of talk radio content is ultra conservative, that’s not fairness or equal time or reasonable discourse, that’s propaganda. And where you have propaganda, the raison d’etre is obvious. It’s a pathway to mold opinion in a certain way to clear the path for what the ‘molder’ wants.

The NRA is the second imperative in this agenda. Arm everybody. But the NRA and the political power boys know that everybody means every right-winger. Liberals do not have nearly the taste or inclination to weight themselves down with some kind of armament 24/7. Ergo, the predominate ownership profile is going to tilt strongly to the right. So that’s where the firepower will be in the event it all blows up. Last and certainly not least, is the true Monarchy of this agenda. People with great, great wealth. The political brokers who buy their way into eminence and who will be the end-game benefactors, not the tea party.

I can’t fathom anybody easier to purchase than right-wing republican legislators. Consider the secret giant money stuffed into their campaign coffers. It not only works to assure that a given candidate wins, it can also assure that the same candidate loses. If you play the game of compliance as most republicans and a few democrats do, you’ll be duly rewarded at the end of your ‘public service’ tenure. And if you’ve managed to make a big name for yourself, you’ll become filthy rich.

That’s because, like George H.W. Bush, you’ll join the handful of creepy, global rulers of America like the Koch Brothers and Halliburton which are household names. Their power elixir is composed of finances, oil and war. Lesser known than the Kochs and Halliburton but probably twice as powerful is The Carlyle Group, innocently labeled as a private equity firm. They own Washington and they own you. They acquired their unrivaled power through an insidious amalgum of former administration officials, an SEC head and the likes of the elder Bush, James Baker, Frank Carlucci and the world’s supreme opportunist, Colin Powell. One of their co-founders was a Marriott Executive. Mitt Romney is on the Marriott Board of Directors.

The Carlyle Group is big on defense and the Middle East with a special relationship with Saudi Arabia even though the Saudis contribute large sums of money to terrorists. Such is Carlyle’s Saudi influence that they once persuaded a Saudi prince to throw a nearly $600 million lifeline to a sinking Citibank just before it became Citigroup.We may vote by the tens of millions in the U.S. but I dare say only about 100 votes really matter and those votes are never cast inside a polling place. Instead, those votes created the tea party as the naïve enabler stacking congress through contrived social issues with bought and paid for takers. Their direction is driven by what most enriches them during and after their congressional service.

Here is the link to a wonderful 45 minute video presented on Dutch National Television that spells out what I’ve been saying… It’s entitled, “Exposed: The Carlyle Group”. It begins briefly in Dutch, but switches to English almost immediately. It’s the best definition of the power-elite extant.

And when that power-elite is fully in charge, the tea party with its silly name and sillier politics will be discarded like an old pair of smelly gym socks, never to be heard from again.

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  1. Well, no, they won’t be utterly discarded. They’ll be thrown sops in the form of draconian social legislation, and they’ll be the Myrmidons who are allowed to control the rest of us “little people” with unbridled violence. If they ever begin to demand more than that, though, they can expect another Night of Long Knives.

  2. I got the message when they showed tapes of republican’s cheering the US losing its bid to host the Olympics. They didn’t want the nation to succeed then and they don’t want it to succeed now. Their greed knows no bounds, nor does their hypocrisy.

  3. I had the idea then, and after bitter experience the firm conviction now, that a great deal of right-wing money and influence went into persuading the Olympic Committee not only to turn Chicago’s bid down, but to do it in a manner as publicly insulting to the President as possible.

  4. Sarkozy’s brother was also a member of The Carlyle Group. I did some research on them when I was reading Josh Kosman’s book The Buyout of America. It is a very good book and an easy read. To get a very good idea of how these groups work I recommend it.

    As for the Tea Party they are being used and will either be thrown away or if they pass the “loyal” test used as puppets by these people. By that time, a lot of them will already be trained to fill the position. When you don’t ask questions or research on your own, you are always more likely to become a puppet of a regime like these people want to set up.

  5. Wonder what they will do when the masses turn on them same as they eventually will against the 1%. Throughout our history it has happened. All it takes is a Triangle factory to go up in smoke with hundreds of women trapped inside for a full fledged revolt to take place.

    Perhaps that is why they have outsourced. A lot of Americans could not tell you where Iraq is let alone know what news is taking place in other countries.

  6. RE: the “let them die” comment heard at the TP debate in Florida.
    “ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee”!

  7. I also think the TP crowd needs a “Scrooge” experience.
    If its: “let them die” they might as well have *continued* with their line of thinking:
    If they are to die, then they had better get on with it, and decrease the surplus population”!

  8. The tea party doesn’t understand that that’s exactly what the GOP plans on letting them do. A great number of the tea party is on Social Security and Medicaid. The GOP wants both of those gone. In some perverse way, I suppose it’s okay that these people vote for their own eventual demise and betrayal by the GOP


  10. Right you are. Two things we know about Fascism. They kill, and they fail. Our task is to make the second happen first. ;)

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