America Is Seriously Sick And There Is No Healing


A malady is a disease or disorder and although related, is different from an infirmity which is considered a physical or mental weakness. Regardless of the contextual meaning of each of those words, it is safe to say they denote sickness. After the events in a historic Charleston South Carolina church on Wednesday night, it is glaringly apparent that America is seriously sick; maybe mortally so.  Sadly, the malady afflicting this country is one being exacerbated by conservatives, particularly Republican-type conservatives, and their various hate-mongering media outlets. Racial animus toward African Americans is a cancer, and it is all the more deadly since, primarily, conservatives have worked tirelessly to put guns in the hands of racist Americans; racist law enforcement has guns by virtue of their job.

Everyone from President Obama to the mayor of Charleston has made a specific point of saying the aftermath of a racially-motivated gun massacre of nine innocent and unarmed African Americans is a time for healing. Although they said the right thing, everyone is certainly sincere and they mean well, and they truly hope to comfort the victims’ families, survivors, and distressed Americans suffering the same pain, disgust, outrage, and sadness they feel after every other senseless gun slaughter. However, there is no healing for this sick, violent, and racist nation, and everyone knows it.

The best any American can say at this juncture is “we hope it goes away;” because prayer has not, does not, and will not work, education and tolerance training has not worked, and integration has not worked or this issue would not keep rearing its head; the gun culture and racism are too entrenched in the population. There is little President Obama can do that will expedite changing the gun culture or relieve racism much less heal anything or anyone; he does not possess the  supernatural or legislative power to execute that kind of healing. Even addressing the African American population and assuring them they are victims of racism, or acknowledging that the killings were racially motivated will not change or heal anything. Every African American in this country knows what the problem is, but they also know it is not going away anytime soon; especially since it has persisted unabated for a century-and-a-half without pause.

The Confederate racist who killed the churchgoers is ultimately at fault in the legal sense, but reality informs that he is just the result of generations of racial animus toward, and perceived superiority over, all people of color, particularly African Americans and particularly in Confederate flag-flying South Carolina. As an aside,  in America there is no excuse for a state government, or anyone for that matter, to dare fly any flag higher than the Stars and Stripes; it is an abomination and insult to the entire nation and informs the underlying white supremacy mindset in the South.

The idea that white people are superior to African Americans is what drives the racism toward Blacks in America; it is indisputable and has continued long after the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement. This nation was nearly rent asunder, and over three-quarters-of-a-million American citizens perished, because the Confederacy was certain that white people were superior to dark-skinned slaves and they waged a war of rebellion to preserve ownership rights over “their property.”

As the nation has witnessed over the past six years, that white supremacy sentiment has never subsided. A disease like racial animus that persists, and was fed, over the course of 150 years while resisting every form of ‘healing’ intervention, law, and ‘cure’ is not going away; add in a cowardly mix of voters and Republicans panting for more guns, and it is truly remarkable that these massacres are not weekly occurrences. It is true that law enforcement is gunning down unarmed African Americans at a regular pace, and although they are usually single victims, the motivation behind the killings is always the same; racial animus toward African Americans being regularly stoked by conservative mainstream media.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson reported that white supremacist and conservative mouthpiece, Ann Coulter, demeaned immigrants (people of color) and warned Americans that they should “get used to your little girls being raped and impregnated” by “non-European” (read non-white) immigrants.” Coulter implied that non-whites were a bunch of “Third World” low-lifes and specifically warned that America was on pace to turn into Uganda if nothing was  done, and done soon. It is little wonder, then, that before the Confederate-proud racist gunned down 9 African Americans during a prayer meeting he said exactly what he has heard and learned over the course of years; “I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.” According to the shooters’ roommate, Dylann Roof was “big into segregation…he wanted to start a civil war;” the Confederate license plate holder on his vehicle bears out the roommates’ assertion.

That kind of hate-filled and racist sentiment is not innate, it is learned. It is just like there is nothing innate about carrying a firearm into a place of worship; that kind of thinking is also learned. It is that learning that has gone on since the Civil War that informs the nature of America’s incurable diseases; racism and gun addiction that permeates the Southern United States. It is not to say that there are not gun addicts and racists throughout the United States, there certainly are, but it is particularly prevalent across the lower half of this country and it is heavily promoted by the conservative movement because it brings in the dependable white supremacy and gun fanatic vote.

Vice President Joe Biden called the massacre “the senseless actions of a coward,” but the Vice President either missed the point entirely which is unlikely, or he wisely decided to hold back from uttering the sick, sad truth about the malady plaguing America. The real cowards are all the Republicans, and more than a few cowardly Democrats, who are terrified of standing up to the National Rifle Association. However, those cowards would not be serving in Congress and state legislatures without the expressed consent and support from the biggest cowards of all; 95% of American voters who claim, after every bi-annual event featuring the “senseless actions of a coward,” that they want and support stricter gun laws. What is stunning, really, is that a major percentage of the 95% will then elect Republicans they know will support the NRA and block even the sanest gun laws; especially in South Carolina.

One of the victims, Reverend and state Senator Clementa Pinckney introduced legislation in 2013 mandating stricter background checks for gun purchases, but “it remained stuck in committee” while legislation allowing people to carry weapons in more and more places sailed through the South Carolina statehouse. Certainly a fair portion of the 95% of Americans who support background checks elected Republicans who blocked Senator Pinckney’s legislation due to fear of crossing the NRA.

Americans vote for ‘pro-armed population’ candidates because even those who do not own firearms are just as cowardly as Republicans serving the NRA; and they are racists whether they admit it or not. If a majority of Americans did not harbor racial animosity toward people of color, or really wanted sane gun laws, they would put an end to Republicans at the ballot box, crush the NRA’s influence, and use their remotes to end the racist conservative media that panders to white supremacy and racism.

The media certainly understands, just like Republicans, that racism is as deeply ingrained in American society as gun addiction is a cultural badge of honor, particularly in the former Confederacy. Combined, racism and gun addiction make up a disease that is not only never going away in America, it has gotten, and will continue to get, much, much worse. And since corporate media is prone to feed the people exactly what they want and will pay for, the nation will never heal from racism and gun addiction because it is precisely what conservatives and their wealthy master want more than anything; a diseased America with no cure.

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  1. This slaughter in the A.M.E church in Charleston was a deliberate attack on the Black community leaders. His rant about “They are taking over our country” was a direct reference to having a Biracial/black President in the White House .I blame this attack on the relentless rhetoric against minorities that the Faux Fux Fax Propaganda spreading hate and bigotry against minorities and liberals for the last seven years.

  2. Arrange for a population transfer between North and South: all sane people from the South are resettled up North, all racists, gun nuts and assholes are shipped down south; we build a border fence topped with plastic explosives, and then FOX News gets nuked.

    Problem solved.

  3. Just imagine what a powerful statement it would make in America and around the world, in the aftermath of this hate crime, if the people of SC, along with Governor Haley, Congressman James Clyburn and a host of South Carolina’s religious leaders and clergy were to tear down that Confederate flag!

  4. President Obama’s election has brought the anti-black racism that has always been with us to a full boil from a simmer. The police brutality that mainly targets black folks, the massacre of 9 people in the church, and the relentless racist attacks on the president and his family are significant manifestations of this. We are subjected to the daily drumbeat of misogyny, racism, religious bigotry, homophobia,and transphobia by media like FOX Noise. Outlets like them attract people who are resistant to the changing demographics in this country and who don’t want to give up their white privilege. To that end, they are willing to vote against their own economic interests because they have no compunction about hurting people of races they consider inferior and undeserving. The problem with that kind of thinking is that sooner or later, what happens in minority communities eventually spills out into the larger society.

  5. Combine Cross, flag, hate, and gun,
    and we have all that’s needed for armed civil war.

    The coup is under way.
    Rivers of blood will run by mid-summer.
    FOX will deny culpability.
    Charlton Heston’s cold dead hand shall rule.

    We are doomed.

  6. I just can’t accept the idea that there is no cure to the pervasive racism that exists in the US. Many Americans have friends of different racial backgrounds and interracial marriage is fairly common. It has to be making a positive difference. But it’s a long, hard slog.

  7. Ann Coulter is REALLY confused. She condemns the GOP for playing identity politics but then demands that the GOP play identity politics.

    Is Coulter promoting white supremacy?

    See “Adios, Ann: Diversity = White” at

  8. Anne, Sadly I think your analogy is correct. The racism has been there, under the surface. Since President Obama was elected, it has come up again with a vengeance.

  9. A truly superior person would not feel the need to enslave.

    White supremacists: Poster Children for Birth Control.

  10. After each of these slaughters, the politicians and the news media talk about “healing” and “the healing process”. And the time and outrage pass…til the next Newtown and Charleston happen. It’ll pass again…and again. What can we do to wake up our citizenry to demand action on gun control? Let’s start by showing pictures of either the bodies of those murdered…or at least, the scene after the bodies are removed. Will that wake up the masses? Maybe…it’s worth a try.

    We have to do something.

  11. Where are the real Christians in this mess?

    The real Christians walked with Rev. King in Selma, and went on to preach tolerance back in their communities.

    The real Christians stood with Cesar Chavez
    and stood with the people who needed help.

    The real Christians stood agains the war in Vietnam protesters?

    Where are the real christians?

  12. I can’t accept the idea that there’s no hope for improving race relations in America. I think interaction among people of different backgrounds has increased and will continue to do so. I’m very frustrated that the racist Republican dog whistles seem to work so often but I’m hopeful that Americans will eventually reject them.

  13. A child is not born a racist and I bring to question,was his upbringing related to his mental capacities because had he been Black,the media would have questioned his family’s history. Are his parents white supremacist too? & did they create this monster with the accessories of Fox News,Republicans,Glen Beck,Rush Limbum,Ann Coulter,Hannity,Olielly,etc. Racism in America is systemic & our SCOTUS has been bought to turn back the hands of history made.

  14. Do I think america is seriously SICK? LMFAO are YOU serious? I’ve been ranting like a wildman on this site for over 2 yrs about this! I’ll admit it! I’ve been venting! I’ve LITERALLY seen america go from JFK to MLK to Bobby Kennedy getting ASSASSINATED in this country! to what conservatism AKA WHITE PRIVILEGE has kept “jim crow” ALIVE! I understand where most of america’s problems come from! THE GOP! it’s a corporate RUN party! which means, they have NOTHING for the average american! So to get votes, the GOP uses FEAR!-HATE-RELIGION-RACE to divide us! THE GOP doesn’t offer ANYTHING of value! Now of course our LILY WHITE republicans who are so hopelessly BLIND, buys the GOP’s message COMPLETELY, SEE that’s the WHITE PRIVILEGE hook! but it’s not just WHITE PRIVILEGE, it’s WHITE ”MALE” PRIVILEGE! Now listen to ALL the republicans trying to sell us that massacre in SC was about christians, NO! THAT was about terrorizing BLACK PEOPLE!, WHITE PRIVILEGE is BLINDING YOU….

  15. There was no religious persecution involved in the terrorist attack on the AME church in Charleston. Ironically, the white supremacists who spawned this sick murderer claim to be fundamentalist Christians. It was all about hatred of black people in general. It was pure, unadulterated racism. We have to ask ourselves why Fox News is trying so hard to spin this attack as persecution of Christianity and not racism. The answer is that their audience wants to hear that spin because most of their viewers are old white racists who fraudulently call themselves Christians, even though they don’t follow the teachings of Christ.

  16. We need laws against hate speech. Hate is not “free”, it destroys the fabric of society. Misdemeanor fines for “code” for sneaky references and felony convictions for anything substantial and especially recommendations for violence. Like the supremes recently passed on the guy who terrorized his ex on facebook. It isnt free speech when it is terrorizing other people. And needless to say, nobody with this kind of conviction should be allowed near guns.

    We need to release all drug related, non-violent inmates to make way for people convicted of hate speech. It wont take long for news media to quit ginning up hate for fun and profit, it wont take long for parents to quit teaching their children hate if their kids are being fined and/or jailed.

    It is time for us to get past the idea that free speech means we can kill democracy, that we can kill society, that we can call on others to kill those we have been taught to hate.

  17. Last rant, I’ve also been screaming to the top of my lungs that america NEVER was “UNITED” NEVER!! I admired president Lincoln in “SOME” of his thinking but the civil war didn’t end with gen. robert e. lee! it didn’t end at the battle of Appromattic’s!! BULL$HIT!! the SOUTH hasn’t forgotten a DAMN THING!! the SOUTH for the most part has held this country back from the civilized WORLD! it’s the SOUTH that to this day still flies the confederate flag with pride! SC is a JOKE! GET REAL!! SC! you clinging to the confederate flag tells everybody exactly where YOU’RE coming from! BTW just look at TEXAS!! so RUBY RED SO CONSERVATIVE- SO christian!! NO! in reality, SO BACKWARDS, SO RACIST, SO HATEFUL! conservatism AKA WHITE PRIVILEGE is literally killing itself! look at the poorest states in america! mostly RED STATES! conservatism doesn’t work! if it did, most of the SOUTH wouldn’t look like Viet Nam pre 1960’s!! conservatism like REAGANISM, needs to DIE!!

  18. I hope they charge the relative who gave this hater a gun for his birthday with conspiracy to commit murder.

  19. Smith & Wesson nails what Obama did for gun sales in one sentence
    The irony of the gun control debate is that when it seems tighter gun control policy is coming, sales spike.

    “[W]e experienced strong consumer demand for our firearm products following a new administration taking office in Washington, D.C. in 2009,” said the management of gunmaker Smith & Wesson.
    Read More

  20. Compare Beauharnais v. Illinois with Terminiello v. Chicago. The guidelines are very strict, but I think we have reached the Beauharnais threshhold.

  21. The Wall Street Journal: Dylann Roof proves that institutional racism “no longer exists” in the South

    I shit you not. Wall Street Journal: Please ignore the Confederate flag on the South Carolina capitol — institutionalized racism “no longer exists” in the South

    Dylann Roof murdered nine black people not because of racism, but some “problem that defies explanation”

  22. We can do many things phoebes in Sant Fe. #1 REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!! #2 Abolish the NRA! 3# Hunt down and imprison all white supremacist groups and individuals who aspire to them. #4 Abolish ALEC, American Family Assoc. FOX NEWS, Liberty University etc. #5 Close all handgun factories and make sure ALL assault weapons GO ONLY to the military and domestic Law enforcement. #6 Life sentence for using a gun for ANY crime. #7 and MOST important…VOTE DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL!!!!

  23. …and so the violence continues, this time from you whom I normally respect.

    How does this help? Seriously? What benefit is there in demonizing yet ANOTHER set of exploited people who are, yes, ignorant and scared of far too much. Why won’t they change? Because we’re as nasty to them as they are to people of color. Why WOULD they change if this is how we see them?

    This is on us, all of us with white privilege, all who understand the larger world and the value of all people. You don’t fight racism with hate and declarations of violence. Rev. King, Jr. knew that. We have to reclaim that.

  24. For the white racists of this country, from the Bill of Rights and the original Constitution, all of the terrorism against African Blacks, Native Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, and Japanese demonstrates their racism is supreme over God, Jesus, Christianity, Democracy, Law, Nationalism, Economy, and humanity. In fact, God, Jesus, Christianity, Democracy, Law, Nationalism, Economy and the Media (Fox News, et al) are tools of their racism, nothing more.

  25. Because we’re as nasty to them as they are to people of color. Why WOULD they change if this is how we see them?
    Excuse me.

    But we’ve kept our mouths shut out of fear of ‘offending them’ for far too long. And they’ve not changed one whit.

    They take Pride in wearing the Confederate Flag, knowing damned full well what it is, and what it stood- and stands for.


  26. Mr/Ms/Mrs, (insert SC politician’s name here)
    Tear down that flag.

    Strange to allude to a statement by a president who tore down America’s healthcare system.

  27. I don’t agree; the racism has always been there but it is media coverage and tone, that is exciting people on both sides. It’s nothing but the old conquer and defeat strategy.

    The extra racism isn’t because we have a black President.

  28. Seriously?

    My comment may have been jaded and cynical, but that is quite obviously not an actual, realizable plan. Please do turn up your sarcasm detector a notch.

  29. I’m supposed to believe that knocking down the uninsured of America to single digits somehow ‘destroyed’ the American Medical System?

    You’re full of shit.

  30. great article, well written, inflammatory but factual. Good job. I honestly think we, as a country are not evolved enough to have guns and weapons of mass destruction … you only have to look at the biannual event of mass murder where some folks scratch their heads and say “i dunno why” to wonder what’s missing in their understanding and a minute more to realize that since nobody seems to be able to talk sense or listen to sense, it’s because this is what they want. sad, sad, sad.

  31. Screw “godwin”.
    If all of those in the camps during WWII had been black, does anyone really believe that the Nuremburg trials and subsequent “hunts” would have taken place?

  32. It IS time for healing; it’s long past time for healing of the whole country.

    But if there’s no effective action against the infection, risk of real disaster becomes ever greater…

  33. Dumbass the Nuremburg trial had little to nothing to do with the treatment of POWS. Such idiocy is why we have the problems we have today. Just STFU

  34. I think Legit is referring to Reagan’s statement to Gorbachev to “Take down that wall”, and his dismantling of mental health care. I’m guessing Legit is also referring to (if) blacks were Hitler’s victims rather than Jews, would the Nuremberg trials have taken place. I was upset at first too. I had to read it a couple of times because the two paragraphs didn’t make sense.

  35. Unfortunately, I think you’re right. America is in an undeclared civil war as we speak. Every year 30,000 Americans die in gun violence. Every two years the number of dead surpass the number killed in the Vietnam war. Every 20 years, that number surpasses the number killed in the civil war.

    It’s time to eliminate the second Amendment entirely. It was codified after the revolutionary war. It’s time to get rid of it.

    Maybe then will the U.S. truly heal from the blood soaked 239 years of its existence.

  36. LMFAO @Justadumbfireman, don’t put much stock in what @Churchlady is talking about, anyone who has read your post over the last yr or so, knows you were just venting! HELL I do it here EVERYDAY!! BTW @Churchlady, lighten up, because you’re the same person who thinks TAXING churches is avery bad idea! and YOU’RE the same person who jumped down my throat because I said david gregory (THEN MODERATOR) of MTP was a lying douchebag!! so your track record doesn’t look all that good, maybe you’d feel more at home at just sayin’

  37. Also close down the military bases in the south and transfer only the money they contributed to social security to their states. No longer will blue states subsidize the southern states.

    After building that big fence to keep them in prosecute those who come into the new America illegally and send them back. The Christo fascists gun humpers , no government and racists will devour themselves within 3 years.

  38. So Gundy,which story you gonna go with here? The truth that his Dad gave him the gun, your lame story, or Fox and their story that he stole the gun from his Mothers house, who also had a lot of racial videos, and hate crap in her house?

  39. Democratinny:
    Yes, they were @ church.

    I just hope that the OTHER churches & their members stand up against the violence as they did in before.

    I only see a huge wave of apathy from the local groups unless is for the anti-abortion demonstrations.

    is a PRO-LIFE ISSUE that all churches & members could wrap their arms around.

  40. Maranon, still waiting for a white evangelical “Christian” to take to the internet and condemn such Anti-Christ-Like behavior from this racist, to call it what it is…genocide.

    Of course, there will be a long wait for that to happen. The white evangelicals are cowards and imposters. They will not publicly condemn this slaughter.

  41. Legit? hahaha…define it. You are definitely brainwashed. ACA has helped millions of deserving Americans, it was President Obama who made it happen.

    As much as you want to downgrade him, you will never be 0.01% of the person he is.

    Go peddle your BS somewhere else. We are smarter than you, because we deal with facts.

  42. stop Teaching Racism In The Home, Under God We Are All Equal, And In Him I Will Put My Trust. Read YOur Bible” Matthew, Mark, Luke And John” Follow The Teaching Of Jesus . If U Do That, Than You May Have Chance To Go To Heaven. Otherwise,You Will Be Like “Some Of The People Of Israel Who Lost Their Life Because The Did Not Wholly Follow God Laws.

  43. For a long time I’ve been feeling that America is sick. It now seems that I am not the only person who thinks so. I agree, that there will never be any healing.

  44. Phoebes, nothing will get done until the extreme right in our government acknowledges there IS a problem.

    As long as they are in office, it will continue as is. There will be no healing.

  45. Judy, we cannot heal until the problem that exists is acknowledged.

    The GOPT does not acknowledge racism, they don’t acknowledge climate change, gosh they even ignored the Pope’s warning and advice on climate change.

    As long as the GOPT hold office, they will never, ever acknowledge the problem so that we can start healing. Evangelicalism is taking a very dangerous road in this country.

  46. Doris, you are totally correct. Racism is taught, it is learned. Babies are not born with racism in their heart.

    When each of my children were born, while still in the hospital, hours old, I held each one, looked into their little face and said..”I am the parent, you are the child. There are 2 things in our life that are NOT negotiable. One is racism, the other is lying.” Children learn that behavior, so the adult role models for this gun happy racist are to blame as much as if they pulled the trigger.

  47. Agree. Our ‘well-regulated militia’ are our police departments. Which didn’t exist when the Constitution was written.

    America will heal when it rejects the euro-christian tyranny which has plagued the world since the 1700s. Europe has outgrown its bloody past,and America is the last stages of barbarism.

    Homage to Asimov’s ‘Foundation.’ He ailed us.

    Education for all. For the asking. Guaranteed for everyone one under Brown v. BoE. Our best, last hope for freedom.

  48. “You rape our women and you are taking over our country”. And you have to go.” Closely resembles statements Donald trump made in his speech. 2 German descendants, one goal. Anarchy, government disenchantment, police violence on citizens, media misinformation & propaganda, drooling Republicans for more power and oppression on the American people especially less fortunate human beings. Baldfaced lying, forced birth, mainly on less fortunate women. And the worst threats to our Democracy: They distract the public and place more anarchy and discontent upon the people. Just like the white folk did leading up to world war 2 & Hitler’s unabated attempt to dominate the world. It’s repeating again. Kochs are striving for one goal and with Republicans in power, they already have a good start. It’s not the black man in the Whitehouse, he’s their distraction. This is what they want us all to believe while they destroy our system of governing. Texas, Kansas & Wisconsin are Koch examples. No v…

  49. @Clennis05, THANK YOU! knowledge is power, and it’s knowledge and truth that hopefully will turn this MESS called the usa AROUND!

  50. I recognized the sickness in this country a long time ago. Because I worked in the mental health field, I saw first hand that dysfunction is passed from one generation to the next. Now, it’s been brought to light by, I believe, the election of this president. I’m not saying that is the only reason, but this was the next to final nail in the coffin. What you’re seeing, and will continue to see, is not just the genocide of people of color but women as well. They may not do it with guns, but denial of health care is their big weapon. Obamacare helped to demolish that sacred cow as well. Believe me, it is going to get much, much worse. Especially, if and when a woman wins the White House…more so, if it’s Hillary. Because the right-wing will never allow a woman to be president. We are going straight back to the Dark Ages when burning witches was common. The fundamentalist religions propped up by the rich for their own purposes has led this country straight to facism.

  51. Just to follow up on my previous post with regard to whether or not this country can heal itself. I seriously doubt it. Healing does not come from the same level of thinking that created the problem. Humans are destroying not just themselves but innocent animals, and the planet. I am no longer invested in “saving” this country. It’s not going to happen because obviously people haven’t suffered enough. That’s the only motivation for real change. At this point, I have no problem with humans becoming extinct because they will unless they learn how to adapt as a species. I’m waiting for Mother Nature to do whatever it takes to save herself.

  52. And as MLK said:

    “But it’s not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society.

    These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions. And I must say tonight that A RIOT IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNHEARD.

    And what is it America has failed to hear? It’s failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it’s failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.”

    — MLK – “The Other America,” 1968

    And I will go further to state, that while violence can be counter-productive, it’s also the language of our enemy. It’s the only language they understand. Therefore, it has come down to us speaking their language.

  53. Dear Sir, I will say that I would be one of the FEW from down here in “REDNECK”-“REDDIRT” Georgia, that would be deserving a spot in the Great North. However, I have health issues that would make survival very difficult. My Old Bones don’t do well in cold weather. Any other solutions??!!:)

  54. I was raised in the south, NC. I am now middle aged. I am also white. I know, that the problem of racism is vastly more complex, and vast problem than most realize or maybe want to accept. My Dad was a hard man, but I thank God that he nor my mom passed on the generational disease; racism. It always starts with the parents. Oh, they may not be the in your face racist, but just one of the many carriers. See, most don’t say stuff in public because today that does carry a penalty. However, they do at home. The provocative comment here, or joke there. Publicly it sounds more like (Martin used drugs,wait to get all the facts about this police shooting). If a person always slants that way, even when obviously wrong… be assured they speak far worse in close company. So little JR, is going to be heavily imprinted. He is already on his way before he gets to school. I know, I pass, thinking I am like them I have heard the most terrible and sometime terrifying things.. Can we stop it?

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